The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 771

Chapter 771 Abducting An All Creation Expert

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Su Yu was obviously safer here since an All Creation Old Monster was protecting him.


As the young girl pointed her finger at him, a wisp of Disastrous Flame invaded his body, then turned into a destructive raging flame, which swallowed his whole body. After that, his whole body started burning, transforming him into a man of flames.

The corners of Su Yu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch due to the pain that the raging flames were inflicting on his body. It was an extremely wretched experience!

However, Su Yu’s mind was still sober, and his mental acuteness wasn’t affected by it at all. Besides, he had already suffered an equally great pain when his body was reborn when he reconstructed his Dantian.

In fact, that experience was many times more intense than this current one. Even though the Disastrous Flame was burning his whole body, after focusing his mind energy to withstand the intensity, he didn’t find it too painful at all.

The young girl blinked her round eyes and said, “Wow! It seems that your mind’s tolerance is indeed powerful!”

She found it slightly unbelievable, as many All Creation Old Monsters were so pained when they passed the fire tribulation that they almost wished for death, and most of them even fainted in the process. Yet, this Fairy had managed to grit his teeth and suffer through it. It was really baffling!

“It’s better like this…” the young girl said, while she controlled the Disastrous Flame to spread to every part of Su Yu’s body.

As a crackling sound echoed from his clothes, he looked down to see that they had just been burned into ashes. His white hair and all of his flesh were affected by the Disastrous Flame’s intense heat. His flesh was being destroyed, but would then be regenerated quickly, and this same cycle continued over and over again.

Su Yu gritted his teeth and became more spirited. Slowly, he felt his body becoming more powerful. The whole process lasted for just enough time to drink a cup of tea, and when the Disastrous Flame was extinguished, Su Yu’s body looked like burnt charcoal!

He slightly shook his body, managing to slough off its burnt surface of skin and revealing the supple skin beneath it. Although this skin was still aged, it had a faint red luster to it, which was the exact same color as the Disastrous Flame.

When Su Yu observed himself more carefully, he found that this newly uncovered skin, his internal blood energy channels, his bones,and his whole body had taken on the Disastrous Flame’s aura. Su Yu mulled this over for a moment before he thrust his fist forward.

Immediately, a raging flame suddenly appeared on his fist. It wasn’t as powerful as the Disastrous Flame, but it was still many times more intense than ordinary flames.

“After the Disastrous Flame burned your body, a part of it fused with it, thus infusing your body with its fire attribute. Now, when you choose a cultivation technique in the future or try to comprehend concepts, you must try to walk down the fire attribute road. In this way, you will be more likely to obtain higher achievements in the future,” the young girl said.

Su Yu nodded. He could feel that his fleshly body’s power had rise by a whole level. It had just four Elephants’ power before, but now, it had reached four and a half Elephants’ power, maybe even five Elephants’ power!

“There is still a wisp of Disastrous Flame left, and you must use it to temper your soul. It will be useful for strengthening your soul. This an opportunity that you are lucky to get, and it won’t come easily again.” The young girl looked at the last wisp of Disastrous Flame as she spoke.

There were very few ways to temper one’s soul in the Jiuzhou World, and most of them had already disappeared in ancient times. Thus, getting the chance to do so while making a breakthrough at the same time was extremely rare!

Su Yu nodded, and then the young girl imbued the Disastrous Flame into him through his forehead. After it entered his forward, it went directly into his soul.

His soul was vastly superior to people’s at the same realm as him, and this was especially the case since his soul was protected by the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron. Luckily for him, the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron greatly lessened the pain that he had suffered from the wisp of Disastrous Flame when it burned his body.

As such, Su Yu didn’t furrow even his brows. He just felt a faint burning sensation in his head.

Upon seeing this, the young girl became even more curious about him, and she wondered… What’s wrong with this old man?

After the time that it would take to drink a cup of tea, the Disastrous Flame dissipated. As Su Yu opened his eyes, he felt quite rejuvenated. His soul’s power has also risen another level, thus reaching the Level Three Fairy Realm.

If most of the Disastrous Flame hadn’t scattered, his soul’s power would have risen even more drastically, but it was a pity that he had only two wisps of it left now.

“Can you tell me now… Where did this person go?” the young girl asked Su Yu as she pointed at Su Yu’s picture that depicted the other version of himself.

Su Yu replied, “The Red Blood Palace.”

The Red Blood Palace? The young girl raised her brows, then said, “That is quite likely, as he surely knew that it would be difficult for him to escape after killing my Uncle Blood Emperor, so it would make sense for him to try to hide in the Red Blood Palace.”

“Senior, do you plan to attack the Red Blood Palace?” Su Yu asked.

Upon hearing his question, the young girl was taken aback. Then, she shook her head and replied, “I mustn’t expose my identity.”

She had kept the Central Prefecture’s King in the dark, escaping to take revenge against Su Yu. So, if she exposed herself, the Central Prefecture’s King would surely send people after her to bring her back, and then she wouldn’t get to kill Su Yu!

“Since that is the case, why don’t you follow me and sneak into the Red Blood Palace, then look for him secretly?” Su Yu’s eyes flickered as he voiced his suggestion.

After all, the young girl was an All Creation Expert, and as Su Yu was worried that he would expose himself by mistake if he was not careful, thus allowing the young girl to see through him to the truth, he figured that he needed to keep a close eye on her. Besides, Su Yu still didn’t know how much she knew about him besides his physical appearance.

“Sneak into it and hide there? That seems like it might be a reasonable plan.” The young girl considered it seriously before finally finding the plan feasible. It seemed like she was still pretty inexperienced and a bit naive.

“Okay, bring me with you. Let’s infiltrate the Red Blood Palace before looking for that person. If you can find his trail, I will surely reward you generously,” the young girl said. “Okay, lead me into the Red Blood Palace!”

The corners of Su Yu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch as he pointed at the top of her head and asked, “Does the Red Blood Palace dare to take in an All Creation Old Monster as an outer sanctum’s disciple?”

The young girl was startled, and while face became slightly flushed, she glared at Su Yu and said, “I know… You don’t need to remind me.”

As she spoke, the crown atop the young girl’s head disappeared, and as she restrained her cultivation, she revealed her cultivation level to be just at the Level Two Fairy Realm. This seemed surprisingly average!

Can you still read my mind now? Su Yu wondered as he looked at the young girl.

As she saw the strange expression that was now on his face, the young girl furrowed her brows and asked Su Yu, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Su Yu heaved a sigh of relief inwardly. It seemed like even her mind-reading technique had been constrained along with her cultivation. Otherwise, he would be in grave danger if she could read his true thoughts at this moment.

Su Yu started to examine the young girl. She had round, blue eyes, pretty eyebrows, and long eyelashes, which were like thin fans. She also had fair and rosy cheeks. In fact, she was quite adorable and lovely!

She had a tall and curvy body, and the purple dress that she wore couldn’t hide her impressive body’s charm. If Su Yu wasn’t already aware of the fact, it would be difficult for him to believe that this young girl was an All Creation Old Monster.

Wait! Su Yu suddenly recalled something while he looked at her long, purple dress. He remembered that Xia Jingyu had once said that something purple would appear in his path, and if he could get ahold of it, it would probably solve his crisis and alter his fate.

He had assumed at the time that she was talking about a specific object. He never expected that it would be a person! It turned out that it was this young girl who erased the imprint, extinguished the Disastrous Flame, and saved Su Yu from such a crisis! It seemed like he didn’t make a mistake by choosing to keep her by his side, and he knew now more than ever that he must surely keep her close!

“I’m Su Yuxian, and you are?” Su Yu asked.

The young girl replied, “Call me Han Xuan for now. I want to change my name, but I don’t know what should I choose…”

Su Yu looked at her lovely purple dress and smiled as he suggested, “How about Zi Xuan?”

Zi Xuan? The young girl looked at her purple dress and revealed a faint smile as she replied, “Okay. I do love purple, so it can be just be Zi Xuan from now on then.”

Early the next morning, beneath the dawn sky.

Madame Situ furrowed her refined brows slightly. The night had already passed, yet Su Yu still didn’t hadn’t back. This displeased her.

“Yingying, did your companion inform you about why he left?” Madame Situ asked.

Yuan Yingying shook her head and looked out at the distant river. She hadn’t slept the whole night, so her eyes were slightly bloodshot.

Elder Li furrowed his brows and said, “Madame Situ, we can’t wait any longer. Your family has already been waiting for three days for those two additional people, and we are quite pressed for time. If we don’t reach the Red Blood Palace by noon, we won’t make in time to apply for the test!”

Madame Situ became anxious when she heard this. She had barely managed, with great difficulty, to find two suitable people for Yan’er, yet such a problem had now appeared! She was frustrated as she wondered… Did he really flee just before the start of everything?

Madame Situ and Elder Li looked at the horizon at the same time. There, they witnessed two people flying through the air, approaching them from the end of the lake.

One of them was a Level Two Fairy, while the other was a Level One Fairy. When the pair neared them, the anger on Madame Situ’s face disappeared and delight replaced it.

Su Yu had unexpectedly reached the Fairy Realm in just a single night! However, she had to wonder… Who is that purple dressed woman he brought with him?

When they landed on the ground, Su Yu cupped his fists in apology and said, “Madame Situ, Elder Li, I’m sorry for making you wait for so long. I went to meet my friend, and along the way, I went through a Heavenly Tribulation. This is the reason that I have returned so late.”

Elder Li looked at Zi Xuan, examined her slightly, then looked at Madame Situ and said, “Madame, I can’t just add another quota at will.”

Madame Situ smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, as I left three quotas for Su Yuxian, and a single quota remains from those three. Hence, it can be given to this young girl.”

At first, they were only allowed to bring two people with them, but as Su Yu had brought only a single person, and a single quota had been left vacant. Other people assumed that Su Yu went out just to meet with his friend, and it was only Yuan Yingying who knew otherwise.

Who is this delicate and lovely girl? Yuan Yingying was lost in her thoughts and felt a faint sense of crisis at the moment.

“Brother Su, I was worried about you.” Yuan Yingying strode forward and hugged Su Yu intimately.

Zi Xuan looked at the pair calmly, then asked Su Yu, “Why is she calling you ‘Brother?'”

Su Yu explained calmly, “I ran into an issue while I was cultivating, which caused my outward appearance to appear old, while in fact, I’m just eighteen.”

Zi Xuan nodded to express her understanding. Her calm demeanor revealed that she didn’t take it too seriously. After all, she had heard about similar conditions many times before.

“Since you are all here, let’s set off.” Elder Li didn’t hesitate any further before he activated the bird puppet and headed toward the Red Blood Palace.

After half a day, in the Red Blood Palace’s territory, in a fort that was situated among a boundless wilderness.

When they arrived at a fort in the Red Blood Palace’s territory, they were impressed. This fort didn’t have just a powerful formation, it was also overseen and protected by countless experts. Also, Su Yu detected that there were no less than ten Divine Masters’ auras within it.

“This is the Red Blood Palace’s outer sanctum, which is situated all by itself outside of the Fairy Confining Forest,” Elder Li said. “It’s only after you become an inner sanctum’s disciple one day that you can then go to the inner sanctum. Before you do that, you will only be allowed to train and cultivate in the outer sanctum.”

Su Yu then asked Yan’er, “What’s the Fairy Confining Forest?”

Yan’er blinked her eyes and asked in surprise, “Brother Su, have you really never heard about it before? The Fairy Confining Forest is a primitive forest, which spans across most of the nine prefectures. It is boundless and endless, and even an All Creation Old Monster may not manage to reach its end.”

She took a breath, then continued with wide eyes, “There are many powerful demonic beasts within it, and the deeper one ventures into it, the more powerful the beasts the he runs into become. Even All Creation Realm demonic beasts are there, and it’s even recorded in ancient books that there was once a Demon Emperor there, whose cultivation surpassed the All Creation Realm!”

A Demon Emperor above the All Creation Realm? Su Yu’s heart slightly shuddered at just the thought of it. He could scarcely believe that there was really a higher realm then the All Creation Realm!

“The Red Blood Palace’s outer palace is situated at the edge of the Fairy Confining Forest, while the inner palace is located at its depths. However, such a deep place is still considered to be just at the periphery of the Fairy Confining Forest.”

Su Yu nodded. Then, after the puppet landed, they all converged onto a stone pillar.

As Su Yu swept the surroundings with his gaze, he discovered that there were ten stone pillars outside of the palace, each which had a radius of several thousand meters. There were people on all of the other nine pillars, and Su Yu even saw people he recognized on one of the pillars.

These people were the Shangguan Family’s Master and his family’s juniors, as well as Zhang Fan and the Shangguan family’s brother and sister. They were also looking in Su Yu’s direction at the moment, but as Su Yu and Yuan Yingying had already changed their appearances, they didn’t recognize them.

“Well, Madame Situ, I hope that you have been well since we last met.” A warm voice drifted over from a nearby pillar.

After Su Yu heard it, he looked over and saw a blue-robed, middle-aged man, who was holding a jade fan. He had a majestic appearance and an outstanding bearing, but his eyes were restless and were looking frequently at Madame Situ’s most intimate parts. Those eyes even stared at her plump chest for a long while!