The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 772

Chapter 772 Arrogant And Overbearing

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Although Madame Situ was already middle-aged, she was still beautiful and charming. In her youth, she was a breathtaking woman.

In fact, she was a goddess, who was admired by many. Shortly after she married into the Situ Family, her husband died while he was on an expedition. Ever since then, she has managed the Situ Family all by herself.

To this day, men still lusted after her because of her beauty. Fortunately, she was extremely powerful, so average men wouldn’t dare to have presumptuous thoughts about her.

But, the man before them was an exception. He was the Shao Family’s Master, Shao Yueming.

In the past, he was an outer sanctum disciple of the Red Blood Palace like Madame Situ. He had admired her in his youth and still coveted her now. However, Shao Yueming was scheming and treacherous, so he had never managed to get her love in return.

Madame Situ wore a warm look as she said, “You don’t need to worry about us.”

Shao Yueming revealed a faint smile as he said, “Madame Situ, it seems to me like your Situ Family’s juniors aren’t strong at all. In fact, I heard that you spent a large sum in order to look for some talented people to escort and protect your family’s juniors. Since you were willing to ask for help from outsiders, why didn’t you ask me? I would surely have helped you because of our past friendship.”

Madame Situ sneered. She figured that, if she had really asked for his help, he would probably have had some presumptuous requests of her. She then replied, “There is no need for you to help. You should just take care of your own family’s juniors.”

After she finished speaking, displeasure appeared on Madame Situ’s face. However, as Shao Yueming was focused on observing the Situ Family’s juniors, he didn’t notice her displeasure, and after he looked at Situ Yan, his gaze fell upon the two people beside her, who wore bamboo hats.

He then asked calmly, “Are they the people you are relying upon? They seem too weak, so why don’t you let my family’s juniors take Yan’er with them and protect her? After all, I know how much you love her.”

His words had a threatening insinuation to them, which made Madame Situ’s expression instantly turn ice-cold. She then said, “Shao Yueming, don’t go overboard.”

As she swept the Shao Family’s juniors with her ice-cold daze, her heart couldn’t help but shudder. They had around twenty people, the weakest of whom was a Level One Fairy. The rest of the group consisted of five or six Level Two Fairies, as well as two Level Three Fairies and one Level Four Fairy, which was now the greatest genius of the Shao Family.

However, what truly shocked her was that they had a Level Five Fairy woman! She had a longbow at her back and had a cold and aloof demeanor.

“Hehe, I forget to introduce her to you. She’s one of my family’s branch disciples. Shao Li, why don’t you greet Madame Situ?” Shao Yueming revealed a faint smile.

Shao Li wore a cold look as she nodded calmly at Madame Situ. She didn’t show the least bit of respect to her, while a playful expression even appeared on her face as she looked at Situ Yan.

Madame Situ’s expression changed to one of gravity, as it was obvious that Shao Li had set her eyes on Situ Yan and wanted to kill her because she was the last descendant of the Situ Family’s main bloodline.

“Shao Yueming, how dare you?” Madame Situ’s eyes revealed a murderous aura.

Shao Yueming wore a mocking smile and said, “I didn’t say anything, so why are you this agitated?”

He took a last look at Su Yu and Yuan Yingying, then said, “You should properly protect the Situ Family’s eldest miss.”

After he spoke, he turned around and left, while still wearing a satisfied smile. However, he suddenly heard a calm voice from behind him, “You don’t need to worry about her. Instead, you should watch your Shao Family’s juniors.”

The people from the other factions and families, who were on the pillar, all looked at them coldly, none of them intervening. Even the Shangguan’s Family just watched as the Situ Family was bullied. They didn’t condemn them because the Shao Family was ranked higher than them.

If they excluded the eighteen great factions, then the Shangguan Yunque would be ranked second, while the Shao Family would be ranked first. As such, even though they couldn’t bear to observe such a sight, they still didn’t dare to condemn them. After all, if the Shao Family’s came to resent them because of any intervention on their part, then they would be in great troubles if their juniors who participated in the test were beaten by them.

Many factions were angered by them, but they still didn’t dare criticize them. But, this one reckless guy still dared to talk back to them!

They all looked at him with gazes that were filled with shock and astonishment. Then, all of the people looked at the man who wore a bamboo hat, who was standing beside Situ Yan.

Shao Yueming didn’t expect that there would be someone here who dared to talk back to him. As he looked back at him, Su Yu, who wore a bamboo hat, revealed a faint smile.

He then said, “Hehe, you seem quite confident about your ability to protect Yan’er. Since we still have enough time on our hands, then why don’t you have some matches against my Shao Family’s juniors? It would be surely of help to you in the test, and may let you even have a greater chance of surviving.”

Madame Situ had a cold look on her face as she asked, “Shao Yueming, why are you quarreling with such a kid? Do you still care about your reputation at all?”

Shao Yueming clearly didn’t care about it as he replied, “Madame, you think too much about it. After all, they will just have some quick, harmless and friendly matches. Shao Hu, why don’t you have a fight against their expert? But, you should still remember to go easy on him… Don’t beat him to death!”


A youngster with a tough and stocky build strode forward from among the crowd. Each step he took made the ground shake.

He was a Level Two Fairy, but from the inner strength that his body was emitting, it was obvious that he possessed a fleshly body that was no less powerful than two Elephants and a half. As such, few Level Two Fairies could face his fists head-on.

“Is this still considered a friendly match, since his opponent’s cultivation is higher than his by a whole level?” Madame Situ asked through clenched teeth.

While she spoke, hate welled up in her heart. Shao Yueming clearly wanted to humiliate the Situ Family, while also venting his past resentment from failing to attain her affections.

Shao Yueming said with a smile, “I’m doing this just because I’m worried about Yan’er. If he can’t confront such an opponent, then how could he properly protect Yan’er?”

He understood, just as Madame Situ did, that Shao Yueming just wanted to seize this opportunity to have a clear look at Su Yu’s true power, so that they wouldn’t end up falling by accident, while trying to kill Situ Yan.

Elder Li spoke calmly, “Shao Family’s Master, the test will start soon, so you will need to leave all of the matches and fights until the end of the test.”

Elder Li was the Situ Family’s envoy, and he surely didn’t want to see them being bullied by someone. Madame Situ looked at him with a gaze that was filled with gratitude.

However, when he finished speaking, an old man, who wore snake’s scales and was wearing a silver robe, chuckled as he spoke, “Elder Li, holding such matches before the start of the test would let only make them more spirited, so it would be beneficial to them while they were trying to pass the test. Hence, why do you need to stop them?”

Elder Li’s expression became gloomy as he looked at that man who had just spoken. He was the Shao Family’s envoy, Elder Tong. His ranking in the outer sanctum was higher than his, so he didn’t dare refute him.

As Su Yu saw that they were in an awkward altercation, he strode forward and revealed a faint smile. “This elder isn’t mistaken, as it isn’t really bad at all to exercise slightly before the start of the test. Madame, I will go there.”


Su Yu tapped the ground with the tip of his foot, then streaked across the air and landed gracefully on the Shao Family’s pillar. The fact that he went to them courageously instead of cowering back astonished everyone.

“He’s bold and valiant! All youngsters should be like this.” An elder on another pillar, who was on Madame Situ’s side, couldn’t help but praise him.

It should have been the Shao Family that was challenging them, yet now, it seemed like it was now the Situ Family doing it. Shao Yueming looked at Su Yu calmly as he waved his hand and said, “Shao Hu, he seems quite strong, so you don’t need to go easy on him. You may fight him with you full power!”

Shao Hu grinned. “Understood.”

As he spoke, he strode forward and looked at Su Yu. “I will defeat you in one move.”

He then shouted, “Iron Dragon Diving in the Sea!”

Shao Hu revolved his whole body’s Vital Energy into his fists and concentrated his whole power, which equaled two Elephants and a half, within them. His attack would leave even Level Two Fairies injured if it struck them, let alone a Level One Fairy!

Madame Situ clenched her fair hands. Although she believed in Su Yu’s choice, she had never once seen him fight, so she couldn’t help but worry about him. It was only now that she would get to witness him fighting.

As Shao Hu thrust his fists at him, Su Yu felt strong air currents blowing at his white hair. But, his eyes, which were hidden behind his bamboo hat, remained calm.

His left feet strode forward one step as he revolved his Vital Energy in his right hand, then thrust it at him. One of the two contenders was a man with a stocky build, while the other one was a thin and aged old man. As such, there should have been a great disparity between their physical powers.


When they collided, a scene that greatly surprised the crowd appeared. A cracking sound echoed from the arms of Shao Hu, who possessed peerless power, while his stocky body stumbled back. At that moment, he almost fell out of the pillar!


Although he managed to stop himself from falling out of the pillar, he still stumbled and fell on his butt. He was in a pitiful and distressed state. Su Yu, on the other hand, was still calmly standing motionlessly on his place. In fact, it seemed like Shao Hu’s power didn’t affect him in the slightest bit!

Su Yu took back his right hand slowly as he lowered his bamboo hat and spoke calmly, “It really ended in one move! I defeated you in one move!”

Delight appeared on Madame Situ’s face. Su Yu was more powerful than she had expected! Shao Hu’s fist’s power almost rivaled a Level Three Fairy’s, yet Su Yu had still managed to easily defeat him. Hence, it was obvious that he wasn’t any weaker than a Level Three Fairy!

Elder Li let out a breath, while a faint smile appeared on his cold face. He felt quite comfortable as he swept his gaze over Elder Tong, whose expression was unsightly.

The faint smile that was plastered on Shao Yueming’s face instantly disappeared as he looked at Shao Hu in disappointment. He then asked, “Didn’t you attack him too ruthlessly?”

Shao Yueming looked at Su Yu, as he clasped his hands behind his back, then slowly engulfed Su Yu within his formless pressure. However, Su Yu didn’t fear it, only retreated quickly by several steps to avoid such a wave of pressure.

Su Yu then asked calmly, “Shao Family’s Master, shouldn’t you thank me for sparing him? Unless you are blind, you should be clear about the fact that I stopped mid-way. Otherwise, your family’s junior wouldn’t have ended up with just his arms being fractured.”

The Divine Masters all nodded at the same time. Perhaps Fairies couldn’t have noticed it, but they certainly had! At such a crucial juncture, Su Yu had only used half of his power. If he hadn’t held back, Shao Hu’s life might have been in real danger!

Shao Yueming pretended that he didn’t notice it, but instead blamed him. It was really somewhat too disgraceful of him!

Shao Yueming became somewhat angered as he felt all of the people looking at him. But, he still put on a gentle look as he asked, “Junior, you are really powerful, so may I know whether you are still interested in continuing to fight?”

When Madame Situ was just about to stop him, Su Yu spoke, “Let’s do it. All of you Shao’s juniors, who feel like you are talented enough, can step forward to fight me. It’s only in this way that you can have a clear look at your own power and know which people in the test you can offend… And which ones you can’t!”

Everyone couldn’t help but smack their lips and comment when they heard such arrogant words…

“Isn’t this guy too arrogant? Even if he looked down upon the Shao Family’s juniors, shouldn’t he, at very least, show some respect to Shao Yueming?”

“Tsk, tsk, it’s fine that he’s arrogant. In fact, he’s quite to my taste! It seems like he’s just a helper that was invited by the Situ Family, yet he still braced himself and stood for them when they were being bullied. He really has a good character.”

All of the Shao Family’s juniors were angered, and they all glared at Su Yu. They couldn’t believe that he dared to look down upon them!

“Aren’t you too conceited?” A Level Three Fairy young girl, whose expression was gloomy, stood out for them and asked.