The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 773

Chapter 773 Beating The Shao Family Viciously

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Su Yu looked at the young girl, then shook his head. “I’m not arrogant. I’m just warning you. If you don’t want an accident to occur, which will make it so that you never get to come out again, then you better not cause trouble for me after entering the testing grounds. I’m saving your lives, after all!”

Upon hearing Su Yu’s brazen words the Shao family’s juniors were infuriated.

“Well then, let’s see about that!” the young girl yelled back, while looking at Su Yu coldly. Since the Shao family had just been insulted in front of everybody, she and her family were obliged to attack Su Yu and subdue him.

“Waves Rise Without Wind!” the young girl yelled as she weaved hand signs, unexpectedly using a magical ability.

At that moment, a formless cold wind appeared and surrounded the young girl’s body. Then, as she tapped the ground with the tips of her feet, she started drifting erratically about, like dust in the wind. Her movement technique was extremely fast.

As she was doing this, Su Yu just stayed in his place, sweeping his gaze over the surroundings. He then pointed his finger suddenly in the direction of a palace that was just beside him.


At that moment, a soft noise echoed out, followed by a muffled groan. In that instant, the young girl, who possessed an extremely fast movement technique, was spinning around at a very high speed, which had caused her to stumble and fall down.

As blood seeped out of the corners of her mouth, her pretty face became ice-cold. “This still isn’t over yet!”

She then yelled, “Wind Controlling Finger!”

The young girl didn’t retreat, but attacked instead. While wind revolved around her fingertip, her fingertip became as sharp as a needle.

All the while, the wind still continued whirling beneath her feet, causing her to flicker around like a ghost. In this way, she reached Su Yu in just the twinkling of an eye.

Her sharp fingertip was just a meter from Su Yu. However, the latter thrust his fist forward at this moment, igniting several wisps of flames inside his body, which immediately engulfed his fist.


As a crisp sound echoed out, the young girl’s index finger was completely fractured. Then, the powerful strength spread to her whole arm through her finger, fracturing all of her arm bones!

The young girl screamed miserably, while her face turned pale and she stumbled backward continuously. However, things didn’t end there, as the flame in Su Yu’s palm also spread to her body and started to burn her dress!

Although the woman revolved her Vital Energy quickly, trying to extinguish the flame, this particular flame was quite strange, so her Vital Energy could only obstruct it reluctantly, while half of her body continued to burn!

Upon seeing this, Shao Yueming’s gaze became ice-cold. He waved his palm at the young girl, causing a Divine Master Realm’s power to engulf her and extinguish the flames.

Many spots on her body were burned until they had become scarlet, while half of her dress was also burned. Her chest, which was hidden by her clothes before, was now slightly shivering, as it was exposed and bathed in the sunlight now.

“Ah!” the woman cried out sharply. She was ashamed and resentful, and she crouched down as she tried to cover her body.

As Su Yu took back his fist, the flames that were on it disappeared. He then said calmly, “It’s obvious that I’m capable of causing you all to suffer an accident, and if anyone is unconvinced of this fact, he can step forward now.”

Everyone was astounded to hear him say such a thing. They were already shocked by the fact that he had managed to defeat a Level Two Fairy with just a single punch, so seeing him defeat even a Level Three Fairy with a single punch was mind-boggling!

Everyone looked at Su Yu in shock, while wagging their tongues about him…

“Where did Madame Situ manage to find such an expert? His fighting prowess is probably at the peak of the Level Three Fairy Realm!”

“The Situ family is really lucky. Such young experts usually have their own ways for getting a recommendation, so how could he still need to accept a mission of protecting the Situ family’s juniors?”

As the Shao family had now lost two times in a row, it was utterly disgraced.

“What? No challengers?” Su Yu swept his gaze over the Shao family’s remaining four Level Three Fairies, as well as the one Level Four Fairy and the callous young girl, who was at the Level Five Fairy Realm. It seemed to the Shao family’s experts like his gaze was a provocation.

“I will face him!” a Level Three Fairy shouted, unwilling to accept it Su Yu’s bullying any longer.

“Ah!” However, just when they had started fighting, that Level Three Fairy was sent flying by a single punch!

“Count me in, too!… Ah!”

“Me too…”

“Ah! I still didn’t finish my speech!”

The crowd then witnessed all of the Shao family’s Level Three Fairies, who each stepped forward and challenged Su Yu before being sent flying by just a single punch! Su Yu’s oppressive might made the crowd realize just how powerful Su Yu really was.

Upon seeing this scene, Madame Situ’s eyes flickered, and it was clear that she was greatly delighted. That great sir really had found a devilish genius for them!

He was obviously just a Level One Fairy, yet he could still crush all of the Shao family’s Level Three Fairies so easily. In fact, his fighting prowess had probably already reached the Level Four Fairy Realm.

The gazes of the Shao family’s juniors all changed. At first, they had felt insulted and shocked, but now, they were afraid.

Now, none of them dared to step forward, and only the Level Three Fairy young girl was left. As she looked in fear at Su Yu, she stumbled backward unceasingly.

This Su Yu was too powerful! All she could think of at the moment was that she didn’t want her clothes to be burned by him, thus forcing her to carry such a humiliation for the rest of her life.

“Are those the Shao family’s most talented descendants? Shao Family’s Master, you really should worry more about your family’s juniors and leave the Situ family alone,” Su Yu said calmly as he looked at Shao Yueming.

Shao Yueming’s expression became gloomy after he witnessed his juniors being sent flying away, one after another.

The Shao family’s two remaining people were the Shao family’s young master, as well as the branch family’s young girl. These two were the only people who still hadn’t challenged him.

“I will fight you.” A seventeen-year-old youngster clasped his hands behind his back as he walked forward. He wore an ice-cold look and didn’t seem to have been affected by his family’s defeat at all. Instead, his gaze was filled with great confidence.

“Young Master Shao!” Madame Situ squinted her eyes, while expectation appeared within them. After all, this was a good opportunity for her to probe both the Shao family’s current young master’s cultivation, as well as Su Yu’s true power.

Expectation also appeared on the faces of all of the family’ members.

Shao Yueming then raised his eyebrows, and said “Lingjian, don’t be rash. It is still not time for you to fight.” He said this was because he didn’t want the people to see through his child’s true power before the test, as it would be quite harmful to him during the test if this should happen.

Shao Lingjian clasped his hands together as he said, “I know what I’m doing. I will make just a single move. Then, I will give up, regardless of the outcome.” He was aware of what was at stake here, so he didn’t want to fight for too long because of that fact.

He looked calmly at Su Yu, then said, “Both of us need just one move.”

Many families watched them with rapt attention. There were many rumors about Shao Lingjian’s power, and the people had only witnessed him actually fighting a few times.

It was rumored that he had once defeated someone who had just advanced into the Level Five Fairy Realm. It was even said that he had once fought a Level Six Fairy and had matched him point by point! His true power was always a riddle!

Su Yu spoke carefreely as he yelled, “Make a move!”

Shao Lingjian, who had clasped his hands behind his back, took a step forward, and as his clothes fluttered, he slowly extended his right hand. At that moment, a sound that was as loud as a clap of thunder echoed forth from his arm bones. It’s echo rang out more than forty-nine times.

“Hundred Bones Demonic Tempering Technique?” Madame Situ asked as she stared at him fixedly.

Her expression became slightly grave. Then, a faint sign of hatred appeared on her face as she said, “My husband went on an expedition with Shao Yueming in the past, and in the end, my husband died inexplicably, while the latter succeeded in bringing back with him a high grade legendary cultivation technique, the Hundred Bones Demonic Tempering Technique.”

It was rumored that this cultivation technique was passed down from ancient times, and even though it was incomplete, it was still an extremely powerful body tempering demonic technique. After one managed to cultivate it successfully, his bones’ density would increase drastically, which would then cause his body’s power to also increase.

Shao Yueming was just an ordinary candidate for the young master position before, but after he had gotten that technique, he had managed to snatch the young master’s position. He even defeated many families’ masters. This was all due to the Hundred Bones Demonic Tempering Technique.

The death of Situ Family’s Master was obviously related to this Hundred Bones Demonic Tempering Technique, as well as being related to Shao Yueming.

“If you block my punch head-on, your arm bones will surely break apart into forty-nine pieces. So, you had better prepare yourself for that,” Shao Lingjian said.

“Break open!” Shao Lingjian then shouted, while he walked over and extended his other hand toward Su Yu’s head. At that moment, a faint friction sound echoed in the air around his arm.

Su Yu felt a slight sense of danger coming from it at that moment, so he didn’t take Shao Lingjian lightly. After Su Yu’s body had gone through numerous destructions and rebirths while in the reverse time flow, as well as the tempering of Disastrous Lightning and Disastrous Flame, its power reached the Level Four Fairy Realm. Moreover, it was at such a level even when he wasn’t using the First Dragon’s Body!

As such, it would be difficult for anyone under the Level Four Fairy Realm to block even a single punch from him. However, Shao Lingjian’s Hundred Bones Demonic Tempering Technique was no small matter, so Su Yu knew that he must deal with him cautiously. At that moment, his arm’s internal blood energy channel became golden, while his arm’s power rose drastically.


He then thrust his fist forward and faced his opponent’s fist head-on. At that moment, Shao Lingjian’s calloused facial expression changed slightly, his calm gaze becoming slightly grave.

Thump! Thump!

He stumbled back two steps, while his left hand, which was now behind his back, had already taken back by him at some unknown time. He was no longer composed and confident at all like he had been before he had attacked Su Yu.

As for Su Yu, he also fell back two steps, as he was slightly startled. He had already used his whole body’s power, having reached the Level Five Fairy Realm. Yet, he only managed to fight Shao Lingjian into a draw!

However, since pure physical power was Su Yu’s most basic power, if he managed to cultivate the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters Technique and then used it, even the young girl, who was at Level Five Fairy Realm, would be forced to dodge it!

Everyone’s gazes became grave after they witnessed such a scene. Shao Lingjian was obviously powerful, but the mysterious bamboo-hatted genius shocked them all even more!

After all, he was just a Level One Fairy, yet he possessed a fleshly body that rivaled a Level Five Fairy’s. Everyone had to wonder… What did this mean? Clearly, it meant that he was powerful to an outrageous degree!

Shao Yueming’s face became gloomy, and he finally began to take Su Yu seriously. As Shao Lingjian took a deep look at Su Yu, he retreated slowly. However, he still continued to fight.

“Can I give it a try?” the Level Five Fairy young girl, whose name was Shao Li, spoke coldly as she looked at Su Yu.

Shao Yueming waved his hand at her in refusal and shouted, “Come back!”

Shao Lingjian’s attack already seemed like an act of bullying, and if another Level Five Fairy fought him, he was worried that everyone would just laugh at them. Even if Shao Li won, the Shao family would just get a bad name as being shameless sore losers. If she lost, the people would only mock them even more! Either way, it would be inappropriate for her to fight!

“Lad… Who are you?” Shao Yueming couldn’t believe that a junior with such an amazing power would run for the Situ family as a mere guard.

He was baffled by this matter. Not only him, but all the people here were also baffled by it.

With the outstanding capability that he had just displayed, he shouldn’t be just a nobody. He was someone all of the families would try to recruit to protect their family members in the test, just like what the Situ family had done. He wondered… Did the Situ family manage to find him by mere good luck?

On the Shangguan family’s side

Shock appeared in Shangguan Yunque’s eyes. “Father, that bamboo-hatted man with the Situ family is outrageously powerful. I assumed that we only were the only ones who invited a Level Five Fairy to help. I didn’t expect that the Situ family would also have such a young expert on their side!”

The Shangguan Family’s Master nodded when he heard him, then looked at the bamboo-hatted man and said, “It’s really unexpected. Even if this genius doesn’t manage to join the Red Blood Palace, the Situ family will surely recruit him and train him meticulously, which means that he will surely attain great achievements in the future.”

He then added, “Yunque, you should look for an opportunity later on to chat with him. See whether he’s willing to join our Shangguan family.” The Shangguan Family’s Master clearly appreciated the bamboo-hatted man a great deal.

Shangguan Yunque wore an embarrassed look as he said, “Father, it isn’t good to steal other people’s treasures away from them! Besides, the Situ family isn’t faring well these days, so why are we still bullying them?”