The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 775

Chapter 775 The Valley Incident

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Although Shao Li was only from a branch family, she still possessed a cultivation talent superior to even the current family’s young master, Shao Lingjian. At the moment, Shao Li had an expressionless look as she cast a sideways glance at Su Yu.

She was collecting the Demonic Horned Rabbit’s corpse into her spatial ring at the moment. She then turned to Situ Yan and said, “You should be cautious moving forward, as arrows are blind, and I won’t take any responsibility if I end up shooting you!”.

Situ Yan hid behind Su Yu, then peeked out her head and stuck her tongue out at Shao Li.

Su Yu then asked calmly, “Did you forget my warning to your whole family? If you dare to cause me any trouble, I will surely make you all regret it!”

Shao Li’s expression became slightly cold when she heard his threat, and she responded rather mystically, “You won’t be able to remain this complacent for long. And… When you are humbled, I hope that you can still come back alive!”

After she spoke, she turned and strode through the air, and as her body flickered, she left gracefully.

Situ Yan got slightly angry and said, “Brother Su, you must surely teach her a lesson the next time she shows herself!”

Su Yu shook his head calmly. “Let’s go. If she really dares to attack us, I will make her regret it.”

After Su Yu said this, he and the others proceeded forward. All of the low-grade demonic beasts that they met along the way were killed by the two women, as Su Yu didn’t have any interest in them.

His targets were the higher grade demonic beasts, and he knew that he must do his utmost to hunt down as many powerful demonic beasts as he could to ensure their success.


A roar drifted through the air and the grass shivered, while Situ Yan and Yuan Yingying covered their ears and bore the brunt of the blaring soundwave.

“It’s a Level Two Fairy Realm demonic beast, a Lion Roar Beast!” Situ Yan rejoiced.

She was happy because she knew that she would be qualified for the next round if she managed to kill a Lion Roar Beast! However, it would only be counted if it she was the one who killed it. If she even let Su Yu help her in the least, it would be considered cheating and she would be eliminated.

As for how could they determine whether someone helped them or not, the Red Blood Palace had countless means and techniques of uncovering such secrets. As such, no family had ever managed to pass this test by cheating.

Su Yu’s only role and duty was protecting her and preventing her from dying while she was fighting against the demonic beasts. Hence, he knew that he could not actively help her in her quest to kill the demonic beast.

At the moment, the three people quickly rushed over. The specific place where they were at was the entrance of the Hundred Beasts Valley. There were seven or eight demonic beasts here, which were fighting with a group of humans.

“It’s the Tang family, which is ranked ninth,” Situ Yan said, while pouting her lips. She was slightly frustrated by the fact that someone had gotten here first to fight with the demonic beasts.

The Lion Roar Beast was the only Level Two Fairy Realm existence among the seven or eight demonic beasts, and at the moment, a Level One Fairy Realm girl from the Tang family was trying to kill the Lion Roar Beast. The beast was clearly more powerful than her by an entire level, and due to this great disparity between them, the girl couldn’t even penetrate its fur. Moreover, her eardrums were now being torn by the Lion Roar Beast’s deafening roar!

“Ah!” she screamed miserably as she let go of her sword, thus losing all of her offensive power.

Leaving her no opportunity to recover from her pain, the Lion Roar Beast stepped forward and waved its giant paw at the young girl’s belly. Its sharp claws were like daggers, and they could tear the young girl to shreds easily.

“Eighth Sister!” One of her family’s experts, who was just here to provide support and who was a Level Three Fairy, immediately hacked at the Lion Roar Beast’s claw with his sword after he noticed that the girl’s situation was quite dire.


Sparks flickered when his sword hacked the claw, and he managed to just barely cut through the demonic beast’s fur. The Lion Roar Beast roared loudly in pain, while becoming even more ferocious. It then swept its paw forward and tore the young girl’s belly into two pieces!

“Ah! Eighth Sister!” The young man was infuriated to see this, and he shouted angrily as he brandished his sword and started fighting.

It was only after he exchanged dozens of moves with the Lion Roar Beast that he managed to find its weakness. He stabbed its eyes with his sword, then killed it.

His cultivation was obviously higher than the Lion Roar Beast’s, yet it still took him quite some time in order to kill it. After that epic battle, he could then only watch helplessly as his Eighth Sister was killed.

His Eighth Sister had wanted to get this done once and for all, so she had asked him to protect her while she went to give it a try. She never expected that the young man in charge of protecting her wouldn’t be able to save her from the demonic beast’s claws.

So, sadly, she had ended up being torn apart by the merciless beast. What was even more lamentable was that the young man was a Level Three Fairy, so killing the Level Two Fairy Lion Roar Beast was meaningless to him.

After this tragic event, the fighting spirit of the whole family weakened drastically, causing all of the family members to fall into a pit of despair. They just couldn’t shake their anguish after witnessing their Eighth Sister’s tragic death.

Similar scenes unfolded in every corner of the Fairy Confining Forest. A single mistake was enough to cause one’s death, either from being destroyed by a demonic beast’s claws or by some other tragic event.

As they made their ways, Su Yu and the others just passed by them and entered the valley. The Situ family’s juniors weren’t far behind them, and they killed many demonic beasts as they followed behind them.

The Hundred Beasts Valley was extremely vast, and it was located within a giant hole that had been caused by the fall of a meteorite. Due to the face that this meteorite had been filled with countless precious materials from space, this region’s spirit herbs were luxurious and lush.

As time passed, many demonic beasts were attracted to this region, and they flocked here in droves to come and occupy this place. That was when it first became known as the Hundred Beasts Valley.

The valley was divided into an outer section, a middle section, and an internal section. There were usually just Level Two or Level Three Fairy Realm beasts in the outer section, while the middle section was occupied by Level Four Fairy Realm beasts.

As for the internal section, It was an extremely dangerous region, which was occupied by Level Five Fairy Realm beasts. It was rumored that even powerful Level Six Fairy Realm demonic beasts appeared here every now and then! As such, no one dared to step into it, and any of those who did, died within it.

Su Yu got lost in his thoughts after he heard about the region. If he was by himself, he would be at ease, even in the internal section. But now, as he had Yuan Yingying and Situ Yan with him, he knew that he must consider every move that he made very carefully.

After all, he had already witnessed the terrible death of the girl from the Tang family. Demonic beasts’ bodies were vastly more powerful than humans’, which meant that their fighting prowess was also far greater. Hence, just a single careless mistake could cost one his life.

While he was still pondering this, their group stepped into the outer section, where they could faintly see traces that had been left by some of the previous families’ activities. Specifically, demonic beasts’ roars were echoing out constantly, along with humans’ shouts.

“Brother Su, let’s hunt here!” Situ Yan yelled at once, clearly eager to give it a try.

Su Yu nodded. This region’s demonic beasts were suitable for them, and if they continued to proceed this same way, they would surely run into more powerful beasts, which they couldn’t kill so easily.

“Oh! Three Horned Wolves are rushing out!” Situ Yan cried.

They could see that, in the distance, three Horned Wolves were flying out of the outer section. The wolves seemed panicky and flustered.

When they noticed Su Yu and the other two, all of whom were in the middle of the road, they pounced at them ferociously. The Horned Wolves were Level Two Fairy Realm demonic beasts, and if they could manage to kill them successfully, they would meet their requirements!

“Let me face the one in the middle!” Stars appeared In Situ Yan’s eyes as she exclaimed with excitement. She then sucked in a deep breath as she took a white formation flag from her pocket and stuck it into the ground.

Su Yu raised his eyebrows as he thought… A formation flag? The white formation flag was surrounded by a white halo, and as a sizzling sound echoed out, the flag fired a lightning bolt, which struck one of the Horned Wolves.

The Horned Wolf’s whole body was paralyzed, yet it only became more savage, and as it roared, it pounced at Situ Yan. Fear appeared on Situ Yan’s face immediately, but she gritted her teeth and forced herself to remain calm as she took a scarlet formation flag from her pocket and thrust it in front of her.

As the scarlet formation flag shone brilliantly, it shot flames at the Horned Wolf. The Horned Wolf howled miserably in pain, and its eyes shone with an ominous glint,as it exerted all of the strength in its legs to charge forward.

There were just sixty meters between them now, but Situ Yan took two formation flags, one blue and one silver, and stuck them in the ground before her. Now, they were both arranged in an orderly straight line, along with the previous scarlet and white flags.

At that moment, all of the four pocked-sized formation flags of four varied colors fired very different attacks. The white one attacked with lightning, the silver with thunder, the scarlet with raging flames, and the blue with a hurricane.

As such, they had four of the world’s natural powers, which were wind, fire, lightning and thunder. However, they were all quite weak, and they would only be slightly effective against a Level One Fairy. They were much too weak to deal with the Horned Wolf!

However, as the four formation flags attacked it quickly and unceasingly with burning, paralyzing, and obstructing attacks, the Horned Wolf howled in pain before it turned around and fled. Delight appeared on Situ Yan’s face, and as she took an earthen yellow formation flag from her pocket, she stuck it into the ground.


Then, several ten-meter-long clay pillars rose from the ground at the feet of the Horned Wolf. They then formed a cage, which trapped the wolf inside it.

Although the Horned Wolf tried to fight it off, its efforts were in vain, and it howled unceasingly as it was trapped inside the cage. Meanwhile, the wind, fire, thunder and lightning of the four formation flags attacked it unceasingly. In the end, the Horned Wolf was tormented to death by these attacks.

“Hahaha, my Four Divisions Great Formation was highly successful!” Situ Yan put her hands on her hips and laughed loudly.

Envy, stubbornness, and a slight bit of jealousy appeared on Yuan Yingying’s face as she asked, “Are you actually a Formation Master? It’s no wonder that they are willing to pay such a large sum to get you into the Red Blood Palace!”

A Formation Master? Upon hearing these words, Su Yu became slightly curious about her, and he wondered… Did Situ Yan have a hidden talent in such an aspect?

Situ Yan stuck out her chest, which wasn’t really big, then raised her snow-white neck up high as she said, “That’s right! Since my Four Divisions Formation was a success, it’s obvious that I have already become a Primary Formation Master. As such, I will surely get adequate training in the Red Blood Palace!”

Yuan Yingying pouted and glared fiercely at the Horned Wolf, which was at this moment charging toward her. The ferocious Horned Wolf didn’t even let out a single howl before its eyes dimmed and it fell weakly to the ground.

Situ Yan was taken aback when she saw this, and she couldn’t help but ask, “What technique did you just use? How could a Half Fairy like you kill a Level Two Fairy Realm beast so easily?” She found this to be utterly inconceivable!

Yuan Yingying stuck out her plump chest proudly and said with great satisfaction, “Brother Su taught that to me, and I can kill even Level Three Fairies with it, let alone a Level Two Fairy!”

Situ Yan widened her eyes, and stars even appeared in them out of adoration when she looked at Su Yu after hearing this explanation. She hugged Su Yu’s arm, then shook it as she exclaimed, “Brother Su, I also want to learn this technique!”

Yuan Yingying regretted her actions now as she witnessed Situ Yan hugging Su Yu’s arm so intimately. She was so infuriated that her chest heaved up and down as she yelled, “You! You are shameless! Let go of my Brother Su! He isn’t even close to you, so why should he teach such things to you?”

Situ Yan glared at her with her big eyes and retorted, “I was asking Brother Su, not you.”

Yuan Yingying was infuriated by her impertinent response, so she hugged Su Yu’s other arm and glared back at Situ Yan. At that moment, black lines appeared on Su Yu’s forehead.

The two girls were clearly ready to rumble! However, even though they wanted to fight, they still had to consider where they were. It would be highly inappropriate at the moment.

Surprise suddenly appeared on Su Yu’s face and his expression became grave as he looked into the deepest part of the valley. The two women immediately detected the change in Su Yu’s expression, so they stopped squabbling with each other.

When they had completely calmed down, they detected that the ground beneath their feet was shaking slightly, while the sand upon it had started to rise up in waves. A great wave of pressure soon surged over from the deepest part of the valley.

Fright appeared in the eyes of the remaining Horned Wolf, and it charged out madly. At the same time, the insects in the deepest part of the ground drilled their ways out of it and fled toward the outer boundaries of the valley. They all seemed greatly alarmed and frightened.

“What just happened?” Situ Yan and Yuan Yingying asked in unison, as each one held onto one of Su Yu’s hands nervously.

Su Yu’s gaze became grave, and as he shook his head, he said, “I don’t know, but we must all leave this valley immediately.”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

When they were retreating swiftly, they witnessed a large number of people suddenly charging out of the depths of the valley. These people were mostly the disciples of the best-ranked families.

Their faces were deathly pale, and they were all fleeing toward the outer boundaries of the valley. They were even using their magical treasures to increase their speeds or to teleport away.