The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 776

Chapter 776 The Sudden Arrival Of The Beast Tide

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After roughly estimating their number, Su Yu determined that there were roughly several hundred people here. It was really a spectacular sight.

Su Yu finally found a group of demonic beasts in the valley. Some of them were birds, and they covered both the sky and the land. There was such a vast number of them, they looked like an incoming tide.

“A Beast Tide.” Situ Yan’s body trembled and she shook all over as she uttered those two words.

Yuan Yingying’s pretty eyes contracted till they became as thin as needles, while her small hands shivered with fright. It was obvious that this was one of those Beast Tides that were described as great disasters in their history books. In fact, there were many records in Jiuzhou that detailed great cities or factions, which had been destroyed by such Beast Tides.

The Fairy Confining Forest was the source of the majority of Beast Tides. In fact, nine-tenths of all Beast Tides came from the Fairy Confining Forest.

Beast Tides were extremely terrifying, as no matter how powerful an expert was, he couldn’t face such a great army of innumerable beasts. If he was surrounded and outnumbered by them, then there wouldn’t be even a corpse left! The only way for a human to survive after running into a Beast Tide was by escaping at all costs.

Su Yu’s expression became grave. Even if a Divine Master was to face such a tremendous Beast Tide, he would still be forced to simply escape. Seeing this, Su Yu shook his head and sighed.

“Let’s quickly leave.” Su Yu didn’t give it a second thought before he pulled the waists of the two girls and turned around to swiftly escape.

He instantly crossed a thousand miles, but when he took a look behind him, he found that, not only didn’t he manage to distance himself from the Beast Tide, but it was gradually closing on him!

“Ah!” Countless miserable screams were echoing behind him as the people flying in the sky were overtaken by swift birds and torn into shreds, then devoured.

Even those people who were running on the ground couldn’t escape from the powerful beasts. This was because the beasts possessed such alarmingly swift movement techniques.

“Ah! I will risk my life against you.” A Level Three gifted youth, who noticed that he couldn’t escape from them, turned around and fought them head-on.

Each of his hands held a sword, and he imbued the swords with his Vital Energy as he started fighting the beasts. A bloody trail of blood followed him, as he killed all of the demonic beasts that charged at him.

However, the demonic beasts that were beside him, as if they went crazy, quickly surrounded and engulfed him. At that moment, a miserable scream transmitted from him for just a moment before he was utterly silenced.

Miserable screams continued echoing out, as one person after another was buried within the Beast Tide. A moment ago, there were still more than 100 people here, but now, only 40 were left alive, and even they were quickly being engulfed by the Beast Tide.

At the moment, the beasts were gradually closing in on Su Yu. Such a situation would have been extremely difficult for him, even if he was by himself, let alone now that he was taking two other people with him.

“Brother Su, just leave me here. I will escape by myself.” Yuan Yingying bit her rosy lips and her worry for Su Yu was evident in her tone. “You should just take Situ Yan with you, as that way, you will have more hope of escaping.”

Situ Yan’s face became pale upon hearing this. She then clenched her teeth and said, “Brother Su, just leave me here too. The appearance of such a Beast Tide is an unexpected matter, and my mother wouldn’t blame you if I ended up dying because of it.” They both knew that they were just burdens to Su Yu at this point.

Su Yu’s expression became gloomy. At first, he had intended to just wait, without doing anything. However, a sharp cry reverberated through the sky at this moment. It shook the body of the gifted youths, who were fleeing, and caused the Vital Energy that was flowing in their bodies to congeal.

All of those who were fleeing on the ground stumbled and fell, then were quickly engulfed by the Beast Tide’s great army and stamped to death. The fate of those flying in the sky was worse, as after they lost their Vital Energy, they fell to their deaths and were turned into meat paste or were torn to shreds by birds and devoured.

In the twinkling of an eye, most of the gifted youngsters had suffered atrocious deaths, and those who had survived by luck couldn’t escape, as their bodies Vital Energies were coagulated. Hence, they also died.

Su Yu’s Vital Energy had also been coagulated, but it was fortunate that he was flying at a low altitude, so he was safe and sound after he tumbled on the ground, along with the two young women, who had been in his embrace. However, as they’d already lost their Vital Energies, they were like frail ants that couldn’t escape. Clearly, they were in a very dangerous situation!

Su Yu’s heart sank as he looked at his internal blood energy channel. As it turned out, it wasn’t because his Vital Energy had coagulated that had made him incapable of revolving his Vital Energy. Instead, it was his Dantian!

The lake in Su Yu’s outer Dantian was coagulated, as if it was frozen by ice. But, he was grateful to see that his inner Dantian was still safe and sound.

He immediately used his inner Dantian to make the Vital Energy within his body become lively once again. He turned his palm over and took out a pair of white wings, which he dipped a drop of his blood upon.

The wings started to become fuzzy, then turned into a phantom image, which fused with Su Yu’s body. Just after this, the muscles in his back started wiggling, while a pair of snow-white wings grew out of them.

As he flapped the wings, a strong wind surged around him. It even swept the Beast Tide away, while Su Yu and the other two women safely teleported away!

An angry roar transmitted from the deepest part of the Beast Tide. It was the beast who had frozen the gifted youngsters’ Vital Energies. It was clearly angered by the escape of Su Yu and the other two women.

A blood-red ray shot out of the Beast Tide and chased after Su Yu, while the Beast Tide became crazier and charged out of the valley. A million miles from the valley, three people suddenly appeared. They were Yuan Yingying, Situ Yan, and Su Yu.

Situ Yan’s eyes lit up in resplendent colors as she looked at Su Yu’s giant wings. “Blue Water Nine Heaven Wings? Brother Su, I can’t believe that you even have such a precious treasure, the price of which rivals the worth of a whole city!”

Her big eyes were filled with curiosity, and she extended her hands and started stroking the wings. “My mother intended to look for a pair of these wings for me, but they were extremely rare and couldn’t be bought in the market. Besides, the only faction that possessed them was the Shangguan Family. As such, I really didn’t expect that even you could possess them!”

Yuan Yingying snorted, then asked, “What’s so baffling about it? My brother Su has many amazing qualities, many of which you can’t even imagine.”

Situ Yan glared at her. “Big-breasted girl, why are you talking as if you are someone special to him?”

“Ah? Did you just call me Big-breasted girl? Well, I shall call you ‘Flat-chested girl!’” Yuan Yingying widened her eyes and started making threatening gestures.

Situ Yan immediately poked her. “How dare you curse me? I will bite you to death!”

“Come on! I will poke you to death!” Yuan Yingying didn’t take the insults lying down.

The two young girls, who were on each side of Su Yu, started fighting with each other like children.

Su Yu chided them, “Misses, can you please move away from my body before quarreling like children?”

The two of them were still in Su Yu’s embrace until now, and their faces became flushed when they heard his rebuke. They quickly lowered their heads in shame and took back their hands.

Su Yu looked back at the valley with a grave gaze as he said, “Such a Beast Tide wouldn’t occur all by itself, so there is surely a reason behind it. Hence, let’s retreat for now and wait until the Beast Tide comes to an end before returning to hunt the demonic beasts.”

As Su Yu expected, after half a day, Lower Palace Master Kong Chan led the outer palace’s envoys into the Hundred Beast Valley. More than ten Divine Masters worked together to deter the beasts and force them to return to the deepest part of the valley.

Palace Master Kong Chan and the envoys then went to a cave in the valley, which had powerful demonic energy left within it. It also had a large amount of soft beast skin in its deepest part. The fishy smell of a broken egg was drifting from the beast skin.

“Palace Master, it’s that Level Six Fairy Realm beast king, the Devilish Eye Scarlet Marten… It laid its eggs here!” As Elder Li spoke, he waved his sleeves and created a light wind that flipped the sole egg over. A part of the egg was cracked open and egg yolk was seeping out of it.

“The egg is broken.” Elder Li’s expression became gloomy. “Each time the Devilish Eye Scarlet Marten lays eggs, it will surely lay two of them. One of them is broken, while the other one has disappeared. It seems like someone has already intruded here and stolen the other egg.”

He then added, “Moreover, the intruder shattered one of the eggs on purpose to infuriate the Devilish Eye Scarlet Marten, instigating it to order a grand number of demonic beasts to form a Beast Tide and kill the participants outside!”

It appeared that this Beast Tide wasn’t a natural disaster, after all, but was man-made! Moreover, almost all of the families’ juniors who had entered into the Hundred Beast Valley had died because of it!

“It seems like there is a family that won’t stop at anything to get the number one position in this exam, as they could concoct such a vicious plan!” Elder Li spoke in a deep voice.

It was obvious that this scheme was concocted by some vicious family, as it had killed almost half of the participants of the test. In fact, the casualties of this recruitment test might even set a new record.

Palace Master Kong Chan spoke in a deep voice, “Let’s leave. Since this is the scheme of someone evil, they would surely not leave any clues here. So, we must find the Devilish Eye Scarlet Marten’s other egg in order to find the person behind this.”

Since such a person dared to cause such trouble in the Red Blood Palace’s exam, then they would surely not let him off.

Elder Li then asked, “What should we do after we find the person behind it?”

Palace Master Kong Chan replied immediately, “We must surely exterminate his whole family, as supporting another family to rise in order to take such a vile family’s place won’t be a difficult matter for us.”

It was really difficult to believe that such a cruel and ruthless decision as a whole family extermination would come out of the amiable and kind-looking Palace Master Kong Chan. But, as this was a serious matter, mercy was not an option.

After suffering through the Beast Tide, the number of participants had been greatly decreased, while the forest became filled with a great amount of lone demonic beasts. Su Yu led the two women as he ran around the forest, looking for appropriate demonic beasts to hunt.

One of the two women was depending upon her soul power, while the other one was depending upon her formations’ power as they killed demonic beasts. In this way, they soon met the test requirements and were now just trying to get more points to obtain better rankings.

In the afternoon on the second day, Su Yu,and the other two women were now pursuing a snow fox that possessed an unusually high speed for a Level Four Fairy Realm beast. According to the rules, they could get a 100 points by killing it, which was just what Su Yu needed.

When the snow fox was just about to rush into the shrubs, Su Yu raised his hand and shot four beads at its head. Each of the beads shot out a light beam, which formed a light screen that trapped the fox. The snow fox was extremely ferocious, and it tore the light screen with just a wave of its claws.Just when the fox was about to flee, Su Yu descended from the sky and thrust his fist at the fox.

An all-out attack of Su Yu’s fist was as strong as a Level Five Fairy’s blow, so the snow fox’s head was directly crushed by it. Unsurprisingly, the snow fox was killed instantly. Su Yu the threw the fox’s corpse into his spatial ring.

Situ Yan and Yuan Yingying looked at him in shock, then both went into a daze. They couldn’t believe that even the Level Four Fairy Realm snow fox was so easily killed at his hands!

“Wow! Brother Su, you are too amazing.” Situ Yan’s eyes were filled with stars.

She saw many talented youths in the Situ Family, but never once had she seen someone as astonishing as Su Yu. So, she couldn’t help but admire and respect him.

When Su Yu was just about to utter some modest words in reply, his ears heard some noises and he said, “There are some signs of activity over there. Let’s go have a look.”

After the time it would take to brew a half a cup of tea, before a verdant mountain.

The Shangguan Family’s juniors were all gathered. They had managed to escape from the Beast Tide because they hadn’t gone to the Hundred Beast Valley early on. Hence, they got lucky and didn’t suffer any casualties. However, their current state was still not reassuring, as they were now encircled by a bunch of Blaze Leopards!

Blaze Leopards were Level Three Fairy Realm demonic beasts that were fond of living together. There were now nine Blaze Leopards that were surrounding the eighteen people here, forcing them inside the mountain cave and leaving them without any room for escape. As such, the people could only confront them head-on.

Shangguan Fei and Zhang Fan were at the front of the group, and they did their bests to confront the Blaze Leopards as they tried to pounce at them. Zhang Fan’s state was still fine, as he was a Level Four Fairy. So, he could reluctantly confront them.

As for Shangguan Fei, his current state was terrible. His body was covered by many injuries and he had lost most of his Vital Energy. Hence, it would be difficult for him to continue persevering much longer.

“Brother Zhang, how long can we persevere?” Shangguan Fei’s expression became gloomy, as their situation was far from good.

Zhang Fan, whose expression was equally gloomy, shouted back in a soft voice, “How do I know? It’s all because your Shangguan Family was conceited and drove out all of the powerful people and left only your family’s juniors, which are only burdens, that we are in this mess!”

In the past, Zhang Fan wouldn’t dare to speak to Shangguan Fei in such a way, but now that it seemed impossible for them to survive such a crisis, he freely vented all of his resentment. Hearing him, bitter emotions welled up in Shangguan Fei’s heart.

He also spoke resentfully, “No, it’s all because of the Shao Family’s b*stards! If they hadn’t ambushed us and killed the Level Five Fairy who was in charge of protecting us, a trifling bunch of Blaze Leopards wouldn’t dare to hunt us down!”

The Shangguan Family had also invited a Level Five Fairy Realm genius to the test. He came from the Soul Seizing Palace and was ranked third in the Soul Seizing Palace’s outer sanctum ranking. Even if he didn’t participate in the outsiders recruitment test, he could still pass the insiders recruitment test and enter the Red Blood Palace.

The Shangguan Family had spent a large sum to invite this somewhat famous outer sanctum disciple. As such, it should have been a move that assured them absolute safety, but no one expected that he would die from a sneak-attack of the Shangguan family, being shot dead by an arrow strike! After they lost his protection, they ended up being hunted down by such a group of demonic beasts!

“It’s useless to discuss this now. What I really regret the most was that I didn’t leave with Su Yuxian.” Remorse filled Zhang Fan’s heart. “I’m more powerful than him, and I have brighter prospects than him, yet I will be the first to die in the Fairy Confining Forest. Hehe, fate always toys with people!” Zhang Fan was quite conceited, and even now, he still looked down upon Su Yu.

All of a sudden, the Blaze Leopards stopped their attack and started retreating, while they condensed flame balls in their mouths.

Seeing this, Zhang Fan’s expression changed to one of gravity. “That’s awful! They are planning to burn us alive in this cave!”

They could bear such flames for a short while via their Vital Energy, but they surely couldn’t bear them for long.

“Will I really die here?” Shangguan Fei murmured, while his face was filled with grief.

He had left proudly and grandly and had even sworn that he would surely enter the Red Blood Palace. Yet now, it seemed that he would just be burned alive by a group of beasts!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Some disturbance echoed out from outside the cave as three Blaze Leopards were consecutively attacked by an afterimage, which tore them into shreds immediately. A person wearing a bamboo hat appeared at the same time. Each of his hands was holding a Blaze Leopard, and as he clenched his hands, they were both forcibly torn apart.

In this way, five Blaze Leopards were killed in the twinkling of an eye! Such powerful techniques shocked Zhang Fan and the others greatly. Half of the Blaze Leopards, which were about to take their lives, were killed in just the twinkling of an eye, while the other ones escaped in fear as they noticed that they were in grave danger.


Just after that, Zhang Fan and the others witnessed a scene that frightened them. The fleeing Blaze Leopards’ whole bodies shook, and they all weakly fell to the ground and screamed miserably as their bodies started convulsing.They shortly died just after that.

“Brother Su, this is for you,” two young girls said in unison.

They had just arrived from a distant place at that moment. One of them had a cute face and a voluptuous body, while the other one had a pretty face and a slim body. They both carried two Blaze Leopards, which they gave to Su Yu obediently.

Su Yu opened his spatial ring and collected all of the Blaze Leopards that were on the ground. A Level Three Fairy was worth 40 points, so nine of them were worth 360 points!

“Situ Yan?” Shangguan Fei’s pupils contracted. “Is this person in a bamboo hat the freak who beat the Shao Family’s juniors?”

Respect appeared in Zhang Fan’s eyes as he came out of the cave and bowed to Su Yu. “Brother, thanks for saving our lives.”

Shangguan Fei also came over and was also quite respectful. Su Yu took a look at them before he looked at the other Shangguan Family’s juniors, who were all in distressed states, while they came out, one after another.

Su Yu then replied expressionlessly, “I saved you for Shangguan Yunque.”

Because of my big brother? Shangguan Fei was somewhat startled by his words, but after a few moments, he understood Su Yu’s meaning. Shangguan Yunque had a large circle of friends, and this person, who hid his identity, must surely be one of the great factions’ outer sanctum’s disciples.

“Let’s leave.” Su Yu said before he turned around to leave.

Shangguan Fei asked quickly, “Wait! Can you please tell us your great name?”

Su Yu smiled upon hearing this. My great name? I’m just a person, who was driven out by the Shangguan Family…

“You wouldn’t want to know it.” Su Yu waved his hand at him, without turning back.

However, Shangguan Fei still spoke to him hurriedly, “Brother, we just ran into the Shao Family’s juniors a moment ago, and they asked us to tell you to go to them quickly, as their current situation is far from good.”

Situ Yan’s expression became tense. “Why is it far from good? Speak clearly.”

Shangguan Fei spoke in a grave tone, “They were hunted down by the Shao family. We wanted to help them, but we couldn’t even protect ourselves.”

What? The Shao family attacked them? Situ Yan clenched her fists and became quite anxious. “Where are they now? When did such a matter occur?”

Shangguan Fei replied, “Two hours has already passed since then, but if they were lucky, then they may still have not been overtaken by the Shao family’s people. They had announced that you were already killed in the Beast Tide, which caused the Situ family’s juniors to lose their fighting spirit. So, you should go quickly, or they will be in grave danger.”

Hearing this, Su Yu furrowed his brows slightly. Since the Shao family’s people didn’t go to the Hundred Beast Valley, he wondered how they could know whether or not he had died there. There was clearly something fishy about this matter, and he had to wonder…

Was the Beast Tide caused by the Shao family?

He suddenly recalled what happened when he ran into Shao Li just after entering the forest. She had said in a meaningful tone that it would be impossible for him to leave the forest alive. It seemed to him now that the Shao family was the most suspicious of them all!

A cold glint appeared in Su Yu’s eyes as he thought of such a fact. That Beast Tide almost took his life, and he was even forced to waste the Blue Water Nine Heaven Wings, which were worth a 100,000 crystals!

The Shao family was really daring, as he had already warned them repeatedly to not provoke him. It seemed like the warning that he gave them on the pillar wasn’t enough, so he must pay them back with blood!

“Yan’er, Yingying, let’s leave,” Su Yu, whose expression was calm, spoke in a grave tone.

Situ Yan spoke hurriedly, “Brother Su, you must save them! Please save them.”

Yuan Yingying also sympathized with them somewhat. Although she quarreled with Situ Yan constantly, she didn’t dislike her. “Brother Su, please help her…”

Su Yu held each of their waists with one of his hands, while a faintly cold smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. “How’s it enough to just save them? Since the Shao family believed that it could dominate everything because its fist was the strongest, then I must teach them what true despair looks like.”

Yuan Yingying’s eyes flickered. “Brother Su, what do you plan to do?”

Su Yu replied calmly, “I obviously want to start a blood purge. They were quite confident in their performance in the test, but let’s see how many of them will leave the Fairy Confining Forest alive!”