The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 778

Chapter 778 The Devilish Eye Scarlet Marten

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Hein? Shao Lingjian furrowed his brows, “If you were really powerful, then why don’t you just use your full power?”

Su Yu chuckled and clenched his fist, absorbing air into his palm, then compressing it into black ribbon-like objects.

“Compressing air to the extreme? Is this a legendary cultivation technique?” Shao Lingjian asked.

As Su Yu uttered the word “fight,” the black sphere formed in his palm and shot toward Shao Ling. Both of them used legendary cultivation techniques, however, Su Yu had mastered his cultivation technique’s first level, while Shao Lingjian had just mastered the lowest tier of his technique’s first level.


As the black sphere was exposed, it emitted powerful sound waves that swept through the surroundings and caused a powerful wind, which uprooted the ancient trees nearby. Even Yuan Yingying and Situ Yan, who had already flown several hundred miles away, could still feel these powerful sound waves. Upon hearing them, they couldn’t help but turn their heads and look toward them.

Shao Lingjian, who bore the brunt of the sound waves, didn’t retreat, but instead strode forward. He shouted softly as he used his powerful fists to burst open the sound waves.

After the sound waves scattered, some air currents still circulated around Shao Lingjian, and apart from his robes, which were slightly torn, and his fists, which had some blood seeping out of them, his body didn’t sustain any other injuries.

Su Yu obviously had greater mastery over his legendary cultivation techniques by two tiers, yet they were still evenly matched in this confrontation. This was because the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters was a middle-grade legendary cultivation technique, while the Hundred Bones Demonic Tempering was an incomplete high-grade legendary cultivation technique.

“Who are you? Why does a wandering cultivator like you possess a middle-grade legendary cultivation technique? It would be difficult for even the eighteen great factions’ outer sanctum disciples to get one of them, and apart from the eighteen great factions, only my family possesses a legendary cultivation technique of such a level!” Shao Lingjian’s pupils contracted as his expression became grave.

Legendary cultivation techniques were rarely seen in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. Most of the eighteen great factions’ outer sanctum disciples were cultivating only low-grade legendary cultivation techniques. Hence, the middle-grade or high-grade ones were still out of their reaches.

There was a great difference between low-grade, middle-grade, and high-grade legendary cultivation techniques. This could easily be seen from their confrontation just now.

A mastered middle-grade legendary cultivation technique could be used to kill even Level Seven Fairies, but it was still just barely capable of rivaling the lowest tier of a high-grade legendary cultivation technique. As such, it couldn’t be denied that Shao Lingjian really had an astonishing power, which rivaled even Level Seven Fairies’. However, it was a pity that his deadly strike was easily blocked by Su Yu.

“I will first capture you before interrogating you.” Shao Lingjian’s expression became gloomy as he took a charm with his right hand, which emitted a powerful spiritual pressure.

In fact, a Divine Master Realm’s power could sensed emanating from it. This wasn’t an offensive charm, but was just a sealing charm.

“This is a charm that my father bought in the black market for 300,000 crystals, and it would be impossible for anyone below the middle-stage of the Divine Master Realm to escape from its powers. It was given to me so that I could trap my enemy and escape whenever I found myself in danger. But now, I will use it to capture you!” Shao Lingjian threw all caution to the wind.

Su Yu’s expression was calm as he nodded slightly. “We should really put an end to this fight quickly, as I mustn’t expose myself for long.”

Shao Lingjian’s heart became somewhat restless as he wondered… Is he still hiding some of his power?

Shao Lingjian immediately poured his Vital Energy into the charm, then tried to activate it. At the same time, Su Yu moved and shouted, “Time Stop!”

Shao Lingjian, who was just about to crush the charm and use it, was stopped in his tracks, utterly incapable of controlling his body or making any movement. Su Yu came over to him calmly and took an extremely sharp and fine silk out of his sleeves.

As Shao Lingjian felt a chilly feeling in his neck, his head flew away and rolled onto the ground! Fear and shock were still apparent on his face, as even until his dying breath, he still couldn’t understand why he had been killed this easily! If he had known that the All Creation Realm Blood Emperor and many Almighty Divine Masters had died at Su Yu’s hands, then he wouldn’t have wondered.

Su Yu took the charm back into his hands as he chuckled contentedly. Such a charm, which could confine even an early stage Divine Master, would be quite useful to him.

As he took back the thread of silk, he lightly tapped Shao Lingjian’s corpse and head, instantly turning them into ashes before he took his ring for himself. After he finished all of this, Su Yu didn’t loosen his vigilance as he swept his southeast side with his cold gaze, while revealing a cold smile.

“Beast, are you disappointed?” he murmured.


At that moment, a scarlet marten, which was behind two mountains, flew away in fear. Its speed was extremely fast, so even Su Yu’s Soul Eyes couldn’t catch more than its afterimage.

This scarlet marten was, all along, following him from a distance. It had hid its aura completely and maintained a certain distance from him.

It had assumed that its concealment was flawless, but it did not know that Su Yu’s Soul Eyes were capable of seeing through everything, so even if there were ten mountains between them, he could still clearly see it.

While Su Yu had chased after the Situ Family, he had already detected that it was following him, but he didn’t pay attention to it. But now that he had already taken care of everything, he could no longer tolerate its presence.

“Are you trying to escape?” Lightning flickered though Su Yu’s whole body as he turned into a lightning bolt and chased after it.


Ten thousand miles away, a lightning bolt suddenly appeared before the fleeing scarlet marten, starling it completely.

“Since I’m already here, do you think that you can still escape?” Su Yu opened his hand and used the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation, which formed a light screen that trapped the marten.

However, the scarlet marten reacted quickly, opened its mouth and tearing apart the light screen. However, just when it tore it, the space before it fluctuated, and three small golden swords suddenly appeared there and hacked its body!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

When the small golden swords hacked it, they didn’t manage to penetrate its fur. Its fur was as if it was made from powerful iron! However, they still managed to send it flying away.

The scarlet marten was infuriated by this, and its ferocious nature was stirred, so it charged at Su Yu. As it was charging, a ferocious ray appeared in its green eyes and it emitted an incomprehensible sharp cry.

Surprise appeared on Su Yu’s face. “Did you assume that I was the person who stole your egg?”

The scarlet marten was startled by his question, and its green eyes became filled with shock as it grumbled, “Can you understand the Demon Clan’s language?”

“I can understand it roughly,” Su Yu replied. He had knowledge about various clans’ languages that had been previously studied by Tian Jizi, and the Demon Clan’s language was one of them.

The scarlet marten stopped and glared at Su Yu, then spoke with resentment, “Despicable human, give me back my egg!”

Su Yu had already guessed the scarlet marten’s identity at this moment. It was the rumored Level Six Fairy Realm’s beast king in the Hundred Beast Valley. The Beast Tide must have been launched by it, and the mysterious light ray that congealed their Vital Energies must have also been emitted by this same scarlet marten!

Su Yu shook his head. “I don’t know anything about it, but you have been mistaken, as I did not steal your egg. That was done by another clan of humans in order to irritate you, so that you would launch a Beast Tide and kill the other humans.”

The scarlet marten suddenly looked like it had been enlightened, while most of the resentment in its eyes disappeared. It then asked, “Is that really the case?”

Su Yu nodded calmly. “Yes, and since this is the case, then I can spare your life. But, if you ever dare to follow me again, then don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

He then raised his hand and took back the three small golden swords. However, when Su Yu had just loosened his vigilance, two thick vines shot up from the ground, and wound around his feet!

The scarlet marten then raised its head and said, “Foolish human! Even if you didn’t steal the egg, it still happened because of all of you stupid humans!”

After it spoke, it jumped and extended its claws, then waved them at Su Yu’s chest. It actually didn’t feel that Su Yu had spared it out of kindness, but was just feigning being relieved by his words in order to take him by surprise!

The vines under them belonged to a tree demon, which it had called in secret, asking it to put Su Yu’s lower body under its control! All of this happened so suddenly, yet Su Yu’s expression was still calm and indifferent, and a faint trace of disappointment flickered in the deepest part of his eyes.

He then said, “I gave you an opportunity.”


A yellowish blue pearl suddenly appeared in Su Yu’s palm. He then snapped his fingers and threw the pearl at the marten.

The scarlet marten emitted a miserable scream as the pearl shattered its chest and penetrated through it before leaving through its back. When the pearl landed on the ground, it shook the ground.

“Ah! You were on your guard against me?” The scarlet marten’s eyes were still filled with resentment, even when it fell on the ground.

Su Yu shook his legs, which caused a miserable scream to transmit from underground. As the scream quickly became weaker, the vines that had been wrapped around his legs loosened.

Su Yu waved his hand and took the pearl into it, then asked calmly, “What do you think?”

After he spoke, he took a wisp of silk out of his sleeves and cut off the scarlet marten’s head. He then placed the head in his spatial ring.

Su Yu forgave this beast for all of the awful things that it had done because of the fact that it had just lost its child. But, he never would have expected that it would repay his kindness with wickedness!

He shook his head and flew up into sky, then left this place. Su Yu didn’t know that, just a short while after his departure, Zi Xuan suddenly appeared at the place where Shao Lingjian had died.

Her gaze was ice-cold and she was clenching her teeth tightly. “Time power, as well as a sound wave technique… It’s him… Su Yu… He was really within the Red Blood Palace.”

During the next day, Su Yu hunted demonic beasts in the forest. He only hunted Level Three Fairy Realm beasts or weaker ones, and he got an ample harvest because the Beast Tide had just occurred, which meant that many demonic beasts were wandering here.

In fact, he managed to kill more than 30 demonic beasts! Moreover, if he ran into any of the Shao family’s disciples, he would cripple their cultivation bases! It was obvious what their fates be after losing their cultivations in such a forest, which had demonic beasts running amok!

As Su Yu looked at the sky, he found that three days had already shortly passed! He tapped the ground with his feet softly, then flew back to the pillars.

In another place in the forest, Shao Li furrowed her brows as she stood on a giant boulder. Three days had passed, yet none of her family members had come back here. They had all agreed to converge in this place after three days, but now, she was the only one here.

“What happened? Even the young master didn’t come back?” Shao Li murmured in confusion.

She felt that this matter was fishy…

The Shangguan family’s Level Five Fairy was killed, while the man who wore a bamboo hat, who was from Situ Family, died in the Beast Tide. So, there shouldn’t be anyone left to threaten them.

Did they already go back without me?

After she pondered over this a bit more, Shao Li, who had a giant bow on her back, left this place.

Back at the pillars.

Madame Situ’s face was filled with gratification, as her family’s casualties were far lower than she had expected. Situ Yan had managed to come back safe and sound, while twelve other people had managed to pass the first test. The only distressing matter was that Su Yu still hadn’t returned.

In contrast, the Shangguan family’s members were all distressed, as not even eight juniors had managed to pass the test, while the Level Five Fairy they had invited was killed! This whole situation would be quite difficult for them to explain to the Soul Seizing Palace! The only good thing was that they almost had no casualties, and this was all because of the man in the bamboo hat had helped them and saved them from a crisis.

“Father, that man in the bamboo hat is really powerful, and he managed to kill nine Blaze Leopards all by himself!” Shangguan Yunque said.

The Shangguan Family’s Master nodded. “If that’s really the case, then all of us really underestimated his power. It seems that he didn’t have just the power of a Level Four Fairy Realm, but that he probably possessed a Level Five Fairy Realm’s prowess. Yunque, you should invite him here, as I want to have a talk with him. Such a genius must be roped in!”

Shangguan Yunque wore an odd look. “Fei said that this person saved them just for me. Was he one of my old acquaintances?”

The Shangguan Family’s Master revealed a faint smile. “Let’s hope that’s the case, as who would expect that you had befriended such a talented expert?”

At this moment, a man in a bamboo hat flew here. It was Su Yu!

Shangguan Yunque’s eyes lit up, and he intercepted him, then looked at him curiously before cupping his fists at him. “Brother, thank you for saving them. I’m expressing my heartfelt thanks to you on behalf of the whole Shangguan family. Brother, may I ask you your great name?”

Su Yu was startled by this, and he didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry at such a moment.