The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 783

Chapter 783 The Demoness Left The Mountain


Kong Chan and the old man, who was wearing hemp clothes, looked at each other in surprise as they thought… Is it true? Only three of the Shao family’s members survived?

“Okay, Shao Family’s Master, why don’t you just say what you have to say?” Palace Mistress Kong Chan asked.

Shao Yueming looked at Su Yu, who was sitting cross-legged and resting. While an ice-cold killing intent emanated from him, he asked, “Palace Masters, please help me get justice, cripple Su Yuxian’s cultivation, and take revenge for my Shao family’s talented youths.”

As the crowd looked at Su Yu, they wondered… Are the Shao family’s grave casualties related to him? However, they couldn’t be bothered to worry about him at all at the moment. Instead, they kept their attention on the infuriated Shao Yueming, playful looks on their faces.

“Why don’t you explain this all a little more clearly?” Palace Mistress Kong Chan asked calmly.

Shao Yueming was surprised by the attitude of the crowd, and he wanted to inquire about what was going on, but he still couldn’t repress his killing intent. His eyes became moist, while he spoke with sadness and resentment, “My son, Shao Lingjian, was killed by Su Yuxian, and it’s also due to Su Yuxian that my Shao family’s juniors wandered off and were nearly exterminated by the remnants of the Beast Tide.”

Shao Yueming then added, “As he violated the rules and killed the Shao family’s trial participants, his cultivation must be crippled. Palace Mistress Kong Chan, please take action.”

After hearing these words, Palace Mistress Kong Chan wore an expressionless look and asked, “Well? Do you have any proof of all of this? As my Red Blood Palace has always handled our matters fairly and reasonably, so just your speech alone isn’t enough evidence for us to act upon.”

At that moment, Shao Yueming pushed forward the two Shao family’s disciples, who, immediately understanding his aims, knelt on the ground and started weeping loudly.

One of them then begged, “Palace Mistress, please take justice for our young master. This evil person intercepted us and started fighting our young master. Our young master protected us and told us to leave and flee to safety. He died afterwards, no doubt killed by him!”

If they had heard of this before, the other families would still suspect whether or not Su Yu had really killed Shao Lingjian. But, based on his performance just a while ago, it was obvious that he really had done it.

However, the onlookers still wore playful looks. After all, if such a thing occurred earlier on, Palace Mistress Kong Chan might have given the greatest family its due respect by punishing Su Yu. But now…

“Well? Does that mean that you didn’t actually see Su Yuxian kill Shao Lingjian?” Palace Mistress Kong Chan asked calmly.

The two Shao family’s disciples were taken aback by this question. They both had a bad feeling about all of this. They both shook their heads, then one of the disciples said, “We didn’t see him, but since our younger master went missing right after that, it’s surely him who did it…”


All of a sudden, the two Shao family’s disciples’ faces became flushed and they each spouted a mouthful of blood. Palace Mistress Kong Chan glared at them, the anger apparent on her face as she asked, “What? You mean that you didn’t see him personally, yet you still dare to slander him without any proof?”

After she said this, Palace Mistress Kong Chan looked at Su Yu and asked, “Su Yuxian, why don’t you express your own opinion? The Shao family’s people have stated that you fought with Shao Lingjian, and he’s still missing. So… Did you kill him?”

Su Yu opened his eyes and shrugged his shoulders as he said, “I fought Brother Shao on the stone pillar, yet we didn’t finish out battle. I ran into him later on and invited him to have fight me.”

He then added, “I defeated Brother Shao then. He was disheartened, so he ventured into the depths of the forest by himself. Before he left, he said that he would cultivate and meditate there for ten years in order to comprehend a peerless technique before coming back to fight with me.”

After he spoke, Su Yu smiled and looked at Shao Yueming before adding, “Shao Family’s Master, if you rush there quickly, you will probably find your son on a cliff right now.”


Any intuitive person could easily discern that Su Yu had already sent Shao Lingjian to the underworld, yet he still insisted on toying with them!

“You! You are talking nonsense! You two were obviously fighting to the death, so how could it be just a match, one not fought to the death?” one of the Shao family’s two juniors asked. They were both so infuriated that their chests were heaving up and down.

Su Yu looked over at them and asked calmly, “Why would I fight to the death with him for no good reason? Wouldn’t it be better for me to just go and hunt down demonic beasts?”

“You did it because we angered you!” one of the Shao family’s juniors blurted out in response.

Su Yu sneered coldly, then asked, “How did you anger me? Why don’t you explain this to me in detail? Did you do something you shouldn’t have, like hunting down the Situ family’s juniors?”

The two Shao family’s juniors were frightened upon hearing this, and one of them shouted immediately, “No, we didn’t do anything! Don’t talk rubbish!”

“That’s enough!” Palace Mistress Kong Chan furrowed her brows, then looked at the two Shao family’s juniors and said, “You are secretive, and you are also oblivious to what really happened. So, how can your testimony be trustworthy? Shao Family’s Master, take them with you. Moreover, only dare to raise this matter again after getting concrete proof.”

Shao Yueming’s heart thumped upon hearing this. He had already detected that the ambiance was very weird. In fact, he found it to be quite fishy. So, he couldn’t help but wonder now… What exactly did happen? Why does it seem like Palace Mistress Kong Chan sided with Su Yuxian on purpose?

“Palace Mistress, regardless of anything else, please let me be the one to deal with Su Yuxian, as our Shao family members mustn’t have died in vain,” Shao Yueming strode forward and entreated her.

After all, Su Yu had killed his only child, as well as caused the death of many of his family’s talented juniors. So, how could he not take revenge for such an affront?

Palace Mistress Kong Chan’s indifferent look became slightly cold as she replied, “Shao Yueming, do you need me to repeat myself? You need to step down.”

She had already started calling him ‘Shao Yueming’ instead of ‘Shao Family’s Master,’ making it obvious that she had been truly angered by them. Shao Yueming’s heart shuddered and he hesitated for a moment before he finally stepped down, lowered his head, and became completely quiet. His mind was racing as he pondered what had just occurred.

“Fine. The test will officially come to an end now. All of the disciples who passed the two Death Tests successfully should follow me into the outer sanctum. Families’ masters, you can rest in some of the outer sanctum’s houses for several days before leaving,” Palace Mistress Kong Chan announced.

She then led the envoy elders, as well as the people who had passed the exam, into the outer sanctum. Shao Li followed closely behind them, but before leaving, she threw a jade ornament at Shao Yueming.

As Palace Mistress Kong Chan was taking charge a moment ago, it wasn’t appropriate for her to speak then. So, this was the first chance she had to inform him of the whole sequence of events.

As Shao Yueming caught it and put it up to his forehead, a voice transmitted from it to his mind, “Family Master, please bear everything for now. Su Yuxian has amazing potential and has already stepped into the 50th layer. He is also valued by the outer sanctum. Palace Mistress Kong Chan and Palace Master Hua will surely side with him, so please don’t act rashly.”

Shao Yueming’s whole body shivered when he heard this. The 50th layer? As he thought of this, his pupils contracted, revealing how shocked he was.

The hatred in his eyes burned as he roared, “How could I just forget about my son’s feud? It’s impossible! Su Yuxian, don’t assume that I can’t deal with you just because you are in the outer sanctum now.”

He shook his fist in a rage as he continued, “The two Palace Masters can protect you for now, but they can’t protect you your whole life. Moreover, since you won first place, you will be obliged to go to that place, and once you are there, you will surely die!”

Shao Yueming then clenched his fist and crushed the sound transmission jade ornament.

Meanwhile, in a quiet palace in the outer sanctum, Palace Mistress Kong Chan and Palace Master Hua were explaining the sanctum’s rules to the newcomers, while distributing goods to them. These newcomers each got an identity badge, a spatial ring, and a set of light clothes with blue patterns. They could now officially be considered new disciples of the Red Blood Palace!

“Su Yuxian, this is your additional badge.” Palace Mistress Kong Chan threw a black badge at Su Yu, which had the word ‘Fishdragon’ carved on it.

“All of the people who have surpassed the 40th layer in the Carp Leaping Over Dragon Gate’s trial get an additional badge. This badge allows you special privileges, which are based on how many layers you went through. The higher the number of layers you went through, the greater your privileges.” Palace Mistress Kong Chan explained before she and Palace Master Hua left hurriedly, not even waiting for Su Yu to inquire about anything else.

They simply left a few envoy elders, who explained the palace’s rules in detail to the newcomers before allocated their lodgings to them. Su Yu was taken aback by this, and he wondered… Didn’t Palace Mistress Kong Chan say that I brought great trouble upon myself due to the Devilish Eye Scarlet Marten’s affair? And… Didn’t she say that she needed to talk to me in private?

“Come over here. I have something to discuss with you.” A sweet fragrance assaulted Su Yu as Zi Xuan appeared quietly beside him like a ghost, then spoke to him in a low voice.

Su Yu was startled by this. They then went to a corner of the palace, lowered their heads, and whispered with each other. They seemed quite intimate in other people’s eyes.

“Zi Xuan, what’s the matter?” Su Yu asked in surprise.

Zi Xuan looked at Su Yu and exclaimed, “You deceived me!”

Su Yu’s heart thumped, and he shuddered as he faced Zi Xuan’s indignant gaze. How did she discover it this quickly?

As he wondered this, his eyes flickered for a long while before he let out a soft sigh. He was completely disheartened, and he didn’t even consider trying to fly away. If he had been better prepared, he might have still managed to escape, but it was impossible now that she was here next to him.

He laughed at himself, as he knew that he would surely die in this place. Thus, he became more carefree and simply accepted his fate.

In that spirit, he said, “You finally discovered everything! I’m really sorry for deceiving you, but I have my own reasons for doing so.”

Zi Xuan snorted, then said, “You finally admit it! That’s good, but don’t blame me for being rude.”

Su Yu closed his eyes slowly. He had assumed that he could still continue to fight after coming to Jiuzhou. He certainly didn’t expect that he would be killed by an All Creation expert this quickly!

“You are free to kill me if you want, but don’t ever expect me to apologize.” Su Yu had a resolute gaze. He clearly didn’t regret killing the Blood Emperor.

“Wait…” Zi Xuan blinked her sapphire-like eyes and asked, “Why would I kill you?”

Su Yu was startled by the question, so he asked, “Didn’t you discover my secret?”

Zi Xuan nodded, then said angrily, “That’s right! I did! You unexpectedly deceived me, telling me that Su Yu was among the trial participants! I missed a good opportunity for finding him because of you!”

Su Yu was dumbstruck, and as a breeze blew over him, his mind was in turmoil.

Zi Xuan then said, “I listened to your suggestions and observed all of the trial participants in the Fairy Confining Forest, but none of them were Su Yu. Yet, I still was able to find some traces of his attacks. I guess that he wasn’t a participant of the trial, but was instead a disciple of the Red Blood Palace, who was protecting one of the participants in secret. Thus, he only fought when the latter had run into danger!”

Su Yu felt like thousands of horses were galloping around in his mind. Internally, he struggled as he thought… You’ve already weaved a good story for me, so what more can I say?

“It’s all thanks to you that I wasted time paying attention to the wrong people. How will you compensate me for this?” Zi Xuan looked ferociously at Su Yu, raised her fair fist, then struck Su Yu’s chest with it.

Such a scene seemed to onlookers like the pair was a couple flirting with each other. Little did they know that this was actually quite an intense argument.

Su Yu was embarrassed. “Miss, you are an All Creation Old Monster, how can I possibly compensate you?”

Zi Xuan tilted her head, pondered this for a moment, then furrowed her brows and said, “Hmm… I see your point…”

However, she quickly returned to her senses and added resentfully, “But, I don’t feel right about just letting you go so easily. You must be punished!”

Su Yu rolled his eyes at her, then asked helplessly, “Why are you pestering me like this? You should go look for Su Yu.”

“I will surely punish you. Your punishment will be to help me look for Su Yu. It’s a harsh punishment, which means that you won’t be able to cultivate, sleep, eat or drink, peacefully!” Zi Xuan put her hands on her waist and glared at Su Yu angrily.

The black lines on Su Yu’s forehead disappeared as he looked at Zi Xuan, who was now standing directly in front of him. As he stared at her, he wondered… How can such a silly and cute All Creation expert exist in this world? She’s probably just an illusion…

“Fine. I will continue to help you look for Su Yu. I will also notify you of any news I received about him.” Su Yu gave in, after all, he was a good person.

Zi Xuan shook her head. “That’s out of the question. I want to keep a close watch over you, as only then can I be sure that you are looking for him wholeheartedly.”

Su Yu’s blue veins bulged as he asked, “Won’t it be quicker if you look for him by yourself? It will be easier for you to sweep your senses over all of the inner and outer sanctums’ people with your cultivation technique that way, right?”

Zi Xuan shook her head. “That’s not an option, as there is an All Creation Old Monster in the outer sanctum, and if I traveled around as I wished, he would surely detect me. Thus, I can only use you to investigate this in secret.”

Su Yu raised his brows upon hearing this. He was surprised to head that the outer sanctum had an All Creation Expert, and he immediately started to wonder… Didn’t they all say that the Red Blood Palace had just a single All Creation Old Monster, which was its current Great Palace Master, Mo Tianxuan? Why has another one appeared?

“Okay, how do you expect to monitor me? It isn’t like you can live with me!” Su Yu spoke angrily.

Zi Xuan raised her eyebrows as her sapphire-like eyes flickered. She glared at him with her big eyes and replied, “What? Is that out of the question? I will live, eat, cultivate and go out with you! Don’t even dream about getting rid of me!”

Although the hall was spacious, Zi Xuan’s voice reached each person’s ears clearly, causing the onlookers to descend into a cacophony of chatter…

“What the f*ck? This girl is too bold!”

“Didn’t she make moves too quickly? I still haven’t even gotten to talk with him, yet she directly pounced on him!”

The envoy elders then looked at each other in dismay, all blushing with shame. One of them then exclaimed, “This world’s morals are really degenerating with each passing day.”

Su Yu’s eyes widened at this moment. He finally confirmed that this lassie, who had a terrifying cultivation, was a young miss, who hardly ever left her home! She didn’t know even the most basic matters that men and women must abstain from! It could be seen from this alone that she lived in an outstanding environment, one far removed from the real world!

Su Yu wiped the sweat from his forehead as he thought… If I agree to live with her, this old monster will one day comes to understand everything and want to kill me in order to preserve her purity. She will then hunted me down! What should I do?

“You dare to reject me?” Upon seeing him stay completely silent, Zi Xuan gritted her silver teeth and asked.

She then asked, “After you have taken advantage of me, you still dare to go back on your word? You are just a swindler! I want to…”

Su Yu stopped her quickly, saying, “Wait, I will agree to it! Okay? But, you must swear that you will never go back on our deal. Also, you mustn’t ever hunt me down to kill me!”

Zi Xuan was taken aback by this, so she immediately asked, “What? Why on earth would I want to hunt you down?”

He did not reply. Regardless, she still took an Oath Ancient Scroll out earnestly, wrote her own oath upon it, then threw it to Su Yu. It was then that Su Yu’s mind was set at ease, and as he collected it carefully, he knew that this would be his life-saving charm in the future.

“Su Yuxian, this your current address, as well as its key badge… Collect them.” Elder Li walked over to them awkwardly. He then took a look at Zi Xuan and thought… How can such a delicate and pretty woman behave this wantonly?

He hesitated for a moment before he said, “According to the rules, you are the only person allowed to live in your residence. You aren’t allowed to bring anyone with you. But, since you have a Fishdragon Badge, you are allowed special privileges, meaning that you are allowed to bring just one person with you. However, it will be better for youngsters to spend their time immersed in cultivation. Hence, you must remember to restrict yourself in some matters.”

Su Yu almost started cursing upon hearing this rule. He inwardly raged… What the hell should I restrict myself for? She’s an All Creation expert!

Zi Xuan looked curiously at the two people, who both had odd looks on their faces. She then asked, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand…”

Su Yu was slightly embarrassed as he attempted to explain, “Elder Li is asking us to get along well together and have a joyous and harmonious relationship with one another.”

“Oh! Elder Li, thank you!” Zi Xuan said with an innocent smile.

Elder Li couldn’t stand how bold she was, so he said in a hurry, “Kiddo, you took the number one position in this year’s test, and according to the tradition, you will be allowed to enter the Transcendence Pond and receive a thousand merit points.”

He then added, “The Transcendence Pond is effective for early stage Fairies like you, and it’s especially the case since you just went through the Carp Leaping Over Dragon Gate. You should strike while the iron is still hot, as it will be even more effective now. You may even get a nice surprise!”

He concluded by saying, “After you leave the Transcendence Pond, it would be best for you to take a trip to the martial practice room and consolidate your foundation.” After explaining all of this, Elder Li didn’t wait around, but left immediately, without even mentioning the matter regarding the Devilish Eye Scarlet Marten.

“Zi Xuan, this is the badge of our residence, as well as the address. You should go there first. In the meantime, I will go cultivate for a while.” After all, Su Yu had come to the Red Blood Palace mainly to cultivate, and he wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity to do so.

Zi Xuan mulled it over for a moment before she nodded. But, she still warned him, “You mustn’t play any tricks, and you must come back to our room in less than half a day… Or else!”

As she spoke, she gritted her teeth and clenched her fists, causing a cracking sound to echo out from her bones.

All of the disciples present were dumbfounded by her. However, they all still envied Su Yu. But, they had to wonder… Isn’t this woman a bit too anxious?

Su Yu felt his face becoming hot from shame, so he quickly left the hall and rushed toward the Transcendence Palace, where the Transcendence Pond was located.

Meanwhile, within a giant residence that was built in the middle of a mountain and was embellished with many precious pieces of jade and pearls, a pretty and delicate girl was cultivating calmly. All of a sudden, a noise transmitted from her waist.

The young girl furrowed her brows and looked down at the black badge at her waist. It was unexpectedly similar to Su Yu’s Fishdragon Badge.

When she took a closer look at it, the young girl jumped up and shouted, “Ah! It’s really infuriating! Which da*n person dared to extinguish the phantom image that I left in the 50th layer, thus depriving me of my Fishdragon privileges? Who was it?”

Since her phantom image had been replaced, she would automatically be deprived of its corresponding privileges! A Level Eight Fairy Realm disciple, who was walking by, heard her shouts and jumped in fright.

His face turned pale as he murmured in recognition of that shrill voice, “The demoness…”

Just after that, he immediately fled. He moved at such a frantic pace, it seemed as if he was being chased by an All Creation demonic beast!

As he flew away, he shouted at the top of his lungs, “How awful! The demoness will soon leave the mountain! Everyone… You must run away!”