The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 785

Chapter 785 Hairy Legged Woman


“One mustn’t consider exchanging crystals unless he is very rich! This is a restriction that was set by the sanctum on purpose, as it hoped that the disciples would gain merit points through other means,” Palace Master Long explained.

Su Yu was slightly shocked to hear this.

Palace Master Long then continued, “The second way is by taking missions. The Mission Hall daily provides more than a thousand missions, each mission offering merit points as a reward, which can be gained by completing that mission. Some powerful people are able to complete three or four short-term missions every day, thus getting dozens of merit points, some even attaining more than a hundred merit points.”

Palace Master Long then added,”If they continue at this same pace for a whole month, it won’t be difficult for them to gain a thousand merits points quickly. They could then increase their powers through cultivation, accept more high-grade missions, get more merit points and so on.”

Su Yu nodded. It was clear that taking missions was the most mainstream way to achieve his desired results.

Palace Master Long then said, “The third way is quite rare, but you can use it as a reference point. The sanctum is always buying elixirs, talismans, magical treasures, cultivation techniques, demonic beasts’ materials and other objects for long-term hoarding. Thus, the prices here are much lower than they are on the market. Moreover, as the sanctum ensures the safety and quality of all of these things, buying them with merit points is much more cost-effective than using crystals.”

After taking a moment to pause for a breath, Palace Master Long said, “The last way is extremely rare. The sanctum may occasionally reward disciples who have made great contributions to the sanctum with a large number of merit points. However, that’s extremely rare, and as the Red Blood Palace’s territory is presently experiencing a season of peace, an outer sanctum’s disciple will rarely get an opportunity to make a contribution.”

Palace Master Long then added, “Regardless, it’s enough to just know about it. You don’t need to necessarily worry yourself over it. I have already passed more than a hundred years in the outer sanctum, and in that time, I have witnessed such a bestowal of rewards for contributions like these only a handful of times.”

Su Yu bore everything the he had just heard in mind. It was clear to him that he must follow all of the rules for gaining merit points closely.

As Su Yu looked around, he realized that they had already reached the Transcendence Pond. It was a spirit pond, which had a radius of several dozen feet and was filled with spirit liquid. It also exuded an impressive Spiritual Energy.

Palace Master Long then turned to him and said, “You can cultivate peacefully here. After you finish your cultivation, you must remember to go to the martial practice room immediately and consolidate your foundation.”

Su Yu nodded, cupped his fists, and thanked him. Expectation appeared in Su Yu’s eyes as he turned and looked at the pond, which was filled with spirit liquid. He then took a deep breath and entered it.

Su Yu felt comfortable all over as he was engulfed by the gentle and warm spirit liquid. The powerful spirit liquid permeated his body through his pores, nourishing his heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidneys.

Su Yu could faintly feel that his body had already become slightly more powerful. He was delighted by this, and as he closed his eyes and revolved his Vital Energy, the spirit liquid that had just entered his body started being tempered with it.

After two hours, Su Yu opened his eyes slowly. At that time, an air current was revolving on top of his head, while all of the Spiritual Energy in the surroundings also converged atop his head as well.

Palace Master Long, who was sitting cross-legged in seclusion, couldn’t help but open his eyes, admiration appearing in them as he said, “As is to be expected of a devilish genius that stepped into the 50th layer, after his body bore such great pressure there, it received enough tempering, that by going through the Transcendence Pond’s baptism now, his body has become even more powerful! This is why he has managed so easily to advance to the next level!”

In the outer sanctum, the strong ones were becoming stronger, while the weak ones would only become weaker. The strong would get more resources, and their power would also rise more quickly.

The exact opposite was the case for the weak. As such, even Palace Master Long couldn’t help but envy Su Yu for his incredible cultivation speed.


At that moment, a powerful Spiritual Energy entered Su Yu’s body and was squeezed into his Outer and Inner Dantians, causing their expanses to broaden even further. After an hour passed, Su Yu’s Dantians became bigger by an entire fold. At the same time, the Liquid Vital Energy’s amount also rose by an entire fold.

Just his Vital Energy’s reserves alone were comparable to a Level Four Fairy’s, and now, he could fight a Level Four Fairy on even footing, without even using his magical treasures!

After he finished his cultivation, the spirit liquid in the pond became quite scarce. This also meant that his cultivation had come to an end, which meant that he must leave.

Su Yu bid farewell to Palace Master Long, then listened to his advice and went to the cultivation room to consolidate his body’s power. As he passed them, admiration and envy appeared in the gazes of the guards who were standing before the gate.

When they joined the sanctum in the past, they had spent three whole years accumulating enough resources to advance into the Level Two Fairy Realm. Su Yu, on the other hand, had managed to achieve a breakthrough almost immediately after upon his arrival. Hence, how could they not envy him?

After Su Yu left, two people came out of a hidden region outside the Transcendence Palace. One of them was Shao Li, who carried a big bow on her back and wore a cold look as she watched Su Yu leave. A twenty-five-year-old youth, who was slightly fat and who had an ice-cold gaze, was beside her and asked, “Is that Su Yuxian, the one who killed Shao Lingjian? Didn’t you say that he was just a Level One Fairy?”

Amazement appeared in Shao Li’s gaze as she explained, “When we were passing the test, he was still just a Level One Fairy. But, since that time, this scoundrel unexpectedly managed to reach the Level Two Fairy Realm!”

“Brother Qingfeng, the Family Master asked us to obstruct his cultivation advancement until his trip to the ruins, do you know any way that we can achieving this?” Shao Li asked, while still wearing an expressionless look on her face, even though she was quite displeased.

After all, she had managed to join the Red Blood Palace only with great difficulty, and she didn’t want to waste her time and effort on some young master. The same was also the case for Shao Qingfeng.

Neither of them came from the main branch of the family, and they were only willing to listen to his orders just now because they weren’t powerful enough yet. As such, they were still incapable of breaking free from the Shao family’s control.

“Isn’t it easy? Don’t we have just have to cripple him and leave him heavily injured for a while?” Shao Qingfeng asked.

Shao Li’s eyes lit up upon hearing this. “Brother Qingfeng, will you attack him? If that’s the case, we will surely not have any problems.”

He had a Level Eight Fairy Realm cultivation, and even if Su Yu possessed greater abilities, he would still be defeated. Shao Qingfeng then said, “No, I’m a senior, who joined the sanctum three years ago. As such, it isn’t appropriate for me to attack a newcomer in public. So, you must handle it yourself.”

Shao Li was startled. “Me?”

She started to hesitate. Even though she wanted to fight Su Yu in order to see which one of them was the strongest, she was still worried that she wasn’t his match.

“You can set your mind at ease, as I won’t ask you to go and fight him without any help,” Shao Qingfeng said.

He then took a talisman from his pocket and said, “This is a talisman that was carved by one of our family’s elders. It has a Level Seven Fairy Realm attack power. If you manage to use it well, you can severely injure Su Yu with it.”

Shao Li rejoiced as she felt the great power in the talisman, but she still was slightly worried. “Brother Qingfeng, won’t it injure him too heavily? After all, he’s greatly valued by two Lesser Palace Masters, and if we go too far, it will produce the opposite of our desired effect.”

“You can rest at ease. Since he has managed to reach the 50th layer, his power is surely extraordinary. So, his life won’t be in danger. Hey… Listen… You and I came from the same branch family, so I would never let any harm come to you!”

Shao Li nodded after she hesitated for yet another moment. She then hid away the talisman and chased after Su Yu.

Shao Qingfeng followed after her, curling up the corners of his mouth into a smile as he looked at Shao Li’s back and yelled, “Li’er, I will trouble you to cripple that kid’s cultivation! As for the reward that was given to you by the family, I will take it for you!”

The Martial Training Hall was being guarded by Fairies. It even had a Divine Master overseeing it in secret. Apparently, there really were numerous Divine Masters in the outer sanctum!

After he stuck the badge in the stone wall, several choices appeared on it, which read:

The illusory fighting and cultivation rooms are already filled…

The public fighting and cultivation room. Ten merit points for each entry…

After Su Yu read the choices, he wondered… What are these illusory fighting and cultivation rooms? Su Yu was very curious about them, but as they were already filled, he could only choose the public cultivation room.

It was a public cultivation room, and all of the people in it were gathered in a large hall. They were all sitting in meditation, cultivating, or practice fighting with each other.

Upon seeing this scene, Su Yu couldn’t help but smack his tongue. There were, at the very least, a thousand people here, filling every corner of the hall.

Martial artists usually preferred quiet and peaceful places, and they hated being disturbed. This was why it was so surprising that there were so many people here. They had chosen to cultivate here, even though they had to endure the clamor.

After Su Yu stepped into the hall, a Spiritual Energy, which was three times more dense than the outside world’s, assaulted his nostrils. It was only then that he realized why they had all made such a choice.

Cultivating for a day here was tantamount to cultivating for three days in the outside world. Thus, people rushed here like ducks to cultivate.

Moreover, all of these people, who could easily afford to spend ten merit points to cultivate here, were mostly skilled seniors from the outer sanctum. Newcomers wouldn’t be able to spend such a sum.

Su Yu swept his gaze over the entire place, looking for a slightly broad place. Once he found one, he sat cross-legged in it, then used his cultivation technique to start consolidating his cultivation.

He only stopped after he had successfully revolved his energy throughout his whole body and verified that his whole body had adapted to its new realm. However, Su Yu still didn’t stand up, but pondered over the issues surrounding his cultivation techniques that he was currently facing.

The technique that he was currently focused on was the Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air Technique. As for the others, like the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters, he had already finished cultivating them.

Currently, he didn’t have any cultivation techniques specifically for cultivation. Hence, it seemed like he would need to buy a new book. However, he still had to ponder carefully which book to choose, as well as which aspect he should focus upon.

He was once adept in the Lightning, Fire, and Ice paths, and since he was now in Jiuzhou, he wondered… Can I find a cultivation technique that is related to them?

The Red Blood Palace was a demonic faction, so he then wondered… Should I cultivate a demonic technique?

Su Yu was lost in his thoughts as he pondered over such crucial issues. While he was pondering, a strong fragrance suddenly assaulted his nostrils, while a soft hand reached out to wipe the sweat from his forehead.

Su Yu was startled, and he instantly sobered up. He didn’t even realize that someone had approached him. This person must be quite adept at concealment techniques!

But, what really annoyed Su Yu was the fact that it was a woman. Moreover, she even started wiping his sweat away!

After all, he was a man, and having a woman do something kind for him on her own accord should probably satisfy his vanity. Yet, at the moment, he only felt disgust for such a shameless woman. It was much too intimate a gesture!

He opened his eyes and he was startled to see that all of the cultivators had already disappeared at some unknown time. Now, the whole spacious cultivation room was completely empty and silent. It was like they had all suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth, and the room’s present state was drastically different than its previous noisy one.

What happened? Su Yu wondered, and he couldn’t help but look up to the woman who was wiping his sweat away. He now wanted to inquire as to the reason behind her actions.

When he raised his eyes, he was first faced with the woman’s legs, which were at his eyes’ level. She wore a long, scarlet skirt, which was exquisite and very stylish.

However, what dumbfounded Su Yu was that he could faintly see her thighs beneath the long skirt. This wasn’t the most important point, but instead, the most vital piece of information was the fact that her thighs were covered with black hair!

Moreover, it was dense hair, which was even thicker than a middle-aged man’s hair! It was so abundant, it even resembled the hair on someone’s head!

Su Yu blushed with shame as he wondered… Where did this woman come from?

He looked up slowly and saw that her waist was as thick as a bucket. When he continued looking up, he saw a giant chest.

The woman’s boobs appeared to be as big as basketballs! But, what dumbfounded Su Yu even more was that, once he could clearly see through her open collar, he discovered that her chest was actually two stones, not a human’s boobs at all!

Su Yu was so shocked that he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. This was obviously a man dressing as a woman!

At that moment, Su Yu heard a voice ask, “Ah… Is someone admiring me?”

As the bone-chilling voice drifted to his ears, it sounded as sweet and delicate as a woman’s voice. But, if its owner was actually a man, Su Yu could only think of it as being like a deadly poison!