The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 786

Chapter 786 Suddenly Running Into A Transvestite


Su Yu’s whole body trembled, and he had intense goosebumps on his skin. He rolled around on the ground, without saying a single word, and it was only after he did so for quite some time that he finally stopped and turned his head around to look at the person behind him.

Su Yu had a sickening feeling when he took just a single look at him. He saw a plump and thick man behind him, who wore a brightly colored long dress.

Such a fine and thin dress couldn’t get contain his robust body, and many parts of it had already burst open, revealing his plump body’s curves. The plump man was now standing with his legs crossed, while he held a snow-white scroll with his left hand, which covered half of his face.

At the moment, he was unceasingly blinking his eyes and casting flirtatious glances at Su Yu. His flirtatious and seductive posture made Su Yu shiver all over, as he was greatly frightened by it.

“He’s a… Transvestite.” Su Yu sucked in a breath of cold air, realizing that this world unexpectedly had a transvestite within it!

At that moment, a look of shyness appeared on the plump man’s face. As he covered his face with his hand, he spoke bashfully, “How embarrassing! Young master, it appears that you have already discovered most of what there is to know about me.”

Su Yu swallowed his saliva. Even though he had already lived two lives, it was still his first time running into a real transvestite!

The plump man looked at Su Yu with a charming and flirtatious gaze, while he bent his waist slightly and imitated a refined lady by curtsying delicately to him. “Young master, I’m Renyao. Greetings to you…”

When he raised his head, he found that Su Yu had already disappeared. All he could see was a pair of long wings flying away as Su Yu fled the palace.

The plump man looked at Su Yu’s retreating back with an infatuated gaze, which was filled with shyness. “Oh! Even while fleeing, he’s still so handsome! I really love him!”

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When Su Yu, who was fleeing, heard such words, he stumbled to the ground and rolled around frantically as he escaped from the Cultivation Great Palace. It was only All Creation Old Monsters that were capable of sending Su Yu into such a distressed state, and even when he had left the palace, Su Yu still felt his heart thumping crazily. His face was also deathly pale.

After all, that was too scary! When he swept his surroundings with his gaze, the corners of Su Yu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. He found that there were more than 1,000 disciples here, all of whom were cultivating inside.

When they noticed that the transvestite had come, they had all run away and left Su Yu there, not even bothering to warm him! They had almost caused him to suffer the transvestite’s vicious assault!

“Brother, are you still alive?” A cultivator, who was close to Su Yu when they were in the palace, wore a worried look on his face as he came over to Su Yu. He was clearly somewhat embarrassed that he hadn’t warned Su Yu.

Su Yu’s face darkened as he pointed at himself and asked bitterly, “Which of your eyes witnessed me dying?”

A bitter expression appeared on his face as he replied, “Brother, you can’t blame me for such news, as when the demon came there, he immediately picked you and took a fancy to you. He then threatened me and forbade me from warning you, or else I would have…”

Demon? Su Yu was startled. Which demon?

However, before he even had the chance to ask him such a question, the sound of someone panting echoed through the air. “Young master, wait for me… Cough! Cough! Let’s go admire the full moon tonight. I have already prepared some good wine and food, so let’s pass a beautiful night together!”


All of the outer sanctum disciples in the surrounding area scattered like birds and beasts upon hearing the voice of the transvestite. It was as if the person coming here was really a true demon, and they all fought over each other as they fled in all directions!

Su Yu’s body also shivered, and he didn’t dare hesitate for even a moment as he joined the crowd in fleeing. Only when he had fled to an isolated place with no people in it did the transvestite stop chasing him.

“Fuu! I was almost scared to death!” Su Yu murmured as he wiped away the sweat that was streaming down his face.

He still felt his heart shuddering even now as he recalled the transvestite’s appearance. Although Su Yu felt that it wasn’t wrong for him to be a transvestite, he did think that it was wrong for him to try crossdressing while having such a horrifying appearance! Even Heaven wouldn’t tolerate such a ghastly combination!

Su Yu tried to calm his heart as he surveyed his surroundings. He then murmured, “It’s time to go back, as there is still a young mass waiting inside the room.”

Su Yu had a headache when he thought about Zi Xuan, but he still didn’t regret kidnapping her. It was like he had said before, in this way, he now held a grasp over Zi Xuan’s whereabouts and could understand her current circumstances.

Otherwise, if he let her come and go as she wanted, then he would never know when she would suddenly appear by his side. Moreover, if he ended up exposing himself by mistake at such a time, then it could actually result in his death!

After he surveyed his surroundings, Su Yu walked toward his residence. However, after he had walked only a few steps, he felt a chill run up his back. It was clearly a great sense of danger that had just filled his senses.

His heart shuddered, and he tapped the ground with his right leg decisively as he flipped over in the air. At that moment, a long arrow quietly passed beside his chest.

Su Yu landed steadily on the ground and looked behind him coldly. A woman was standing inside a house. She wore a cold expression, while the longbow in her hands was aimed directly at Su Yu.


As she loosened her fingers, she shot another arrow at him. At that same moment, a silver light flickered in Su Yu’s palm as a silver bow appeared in it. This was the World Shaking Dragon Bow! He quickly condensed a Vital Energy Arrow and shot it.


As their arrows collided in the air, several sparks appeared. His Vital Energy Arrow was vastly inferior to a real arrow, so it was directly penetrated by it. But, it was still capable of greatly weakening her arrow’s might, and Su Yu needed to just slightly move his shoulder to avoid her arrow easily.

Shao Li’s pupils contracted. “Are you also proficient in archery?” she asked.

She was greatly shocked, as she could easily judge that Su Yu was also proficient in archery from his attack, as well as from the accuracy in which he had deflected the tip of her arrow. If Su Yu’s bow wasn’t just a mere divine0grade artifact, and if he had possessed real arrows, then his arrow’s might not have be any weaker than hers.

A cold look appeared in Su Yu’s eyes. “Even though we are already inside the palace, you still want to kill me? You are really quite loyal and devoted.”

Shao Li remained expressionless. “Who said that I want to kill you? I just want to fight with you a bit.”

Even though Su Yu had taken the number one place in the exam, he still hadn’t really fought against Shao Li, who possessed the highest cultivation among them all.

“A fight? I’m not interested,” Su Yu said as he put down his silver bow. He really didn’t have any interest in participating in such a meaningless fight.

Shao Li spoke coldly, “It isn’t up to you, as after passing the Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate’s 25th, I got a Carp Dragon Badge, which allows me special privileges. Specifically, it allows me to challenge anyone to a fight, and those challenged by me mustn’t refuse me. Otherwise, they will have 100 merit points deducted from their rankings!”

Su Yu furrowed his brows, as he was now in great need of merit points and mustn’t lose them. Thinking of this, he turned around and conceded, asking her coldly, “Well then… Are you ready?”

Shao Li’s expression became nervous, while she pulled her bow’s string decisively and shot an arrow at him. Su Yu also shot an arrow at the same time, using it to thwart her arrow’s threat. Then, while his body flickered, he charged at Shao Li.

As Shao Li was clear about her weakness of close-range battles, she swiftly fell back, while shooting arrows unceasingly. As Su Yu’s Vital Energy was weaker than hers, and his speed was also slower, she was able to create some distance between them.

Su Yu could depend on his archery to face her for a short time, but his archery depended wholly on the arrows, which were condensed by his Vital Energy. As such, he was consuming his energy much quicker than Shao Li was, and if this went on for a long time, then Su Yu’s Vital Energy woulds soon be utterly exhausted, which would result in his ultimate defeat!

Although Shao Li hadn’t mentioned it specifically, Su Yu knew that the defeated person would surely suffer some sort of punishment. As Su Yu thought of this, his eyes flickered and a raging flame that was invisible to the naked eye started burning within them. The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog’s soul flames weren’t deadly to Level Five Fairies, but they still could affect them.

“Ah!” Shao Li groaned with pain. “Are you proficient in soul attacks?”

Su Yu replied calmly, “What does it seem like to you?”

After he spoke, he sent another soul attack at her. Shao Li groaned with pain again, while the Vital Energy in her body was frozen for a moment, causing her body to come to a complete and sudden stop.

Su Yu took this opportunity to close the distance between them. Shao Li was startled and was helpless against this attack. At the moment, she could only bear it reluctantly.

Such attacks were used by Su Yu repeatedly until he was just three meters away from her. At such a close distance, her bow and arrows were rendered useless.

Still, Shao Li wasn’t willing to accept defeat, and she clenched her teeth as she said, “It still doesn’t end here…”

“Jade Dragon Fist!” she yelled through her clenched teeth, while she attacked Su Yu’s chest.

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Su Yu’s arms’ golden internal blood energy channel shone as a boundless power surged through his veins, while he confronted Shao Li head-on.

“Ahh!” Shao Li, whose face was filled with shock, cried out and groaned with pain as she was sent flying away, while blood spurted out of her mouth.

When they had just confronted each other, relying on their physical powers alone, he was unexpectedly still more powerful than her! Su Yu seized this opportunity and attacked her with his palm until she spouted more blood out of her mouth and was sent flying into the shrubbery.

Her blue robe was torn by his attacks, and her whole body was drenched in blood, which smeared the shrubbery with crimson streaks. She was in quite a sorry state! While she was laying among the shrubs, she couldn’t budge even an inch, and only her chest, which was heaving up and down, was still moving.

“I admit… I have lost. I won’t cause you any trouble in the future because of the Shao family’s matter.” Shao Li was finally willing to recognize her defeat.

As for the charm that she possessed, she didn’t plan on using it, as she wasn’t stupid. If she ended up killing Su Yu, then the one who would be punished wouldn’t be Shao Qingfeng, but her!

Su Yu weighed his options for a moment, then ultimately decided to spare her. After all, they were now in the sanctum, not the outside world.

“Don’t forget what you said,” Su Yu reminded her.

He then turned around to leave. But, he suddenly furrowed his brows as he looked at Shao Li’s spatial ring, which was flickering, while cracks were appearing on it. It looked like the spatial ring was about to explode!

Seeing this, Su Yu turned around and fled. While Shao Li also detected it, she took off the ring to throw it away.

She glanced at Su Yu out of the corner of her eyes as she pondered for an instant. She knew that, if she threw it at him now, then she could surely kill him with it. But, after she hesitated for a moment, she clenched her teeth and threw it in the opposite direction.

But, as she was still slightly late in doing so, the ring burst open when it was just ten meters away from her. The extremely terrifying power that surged out of the charm wasn’t just at the Level Seven Fairy Realm, but was already at the Level Eight Fairy Realm!

As such, Shao Li was instantly engulfed by the explosion, and as she screamed miserably, a whole part of her body was exploded by it. Her left shoulder was thoroughly shattered, while the other parts of her body were rendered to mere mangled flesh.

Only her head remained intact, which allowed her to survive, but just barely. Meanwhile, Su Yu managed to barely evade the explosion, but the ring’s fragments had still left some scratches on his face.