The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 788

Chapter 788 The Four Great Demons


Grief and sadness turned into teardrops, which fell on Shao Li’s injuries and caused her to groan with pain, while her whole body shuddered slightly. A strong wind suddenly blew, while a powerful aura appeared beside her. This aura caused Shao Li to despair, as it was an aura of a demonic beast, which had come for her.

“It seems like I managed to come here just in time.” A gentle voice unexpectedly resounded in the surroundings.

When she opened her eyes, she was startled by what she saw. “Su Yuxian… It’s you! What are you doing?”

Su Yu crouched beside her and took a Blood Bone Spirit Fusion Pill, which he stuffed into her mouth as he said, “I can only do this much for you.”

After he spoke, he stood quietly by her side. He then released his aura in order to scare away the ferocious demonic beasts, which had been attracted here. Although Shao Li didn’t understand what he meant, she still felt a pure energy entering her body, which caused the part of her body to start quickly recovering.

After an hour, Shao Li’s body had recovered completely. Not even a single scar was left on her. She was pleasantly surprised by this, and she looked at Su Yu in gratitude.

Then, a bitter and lonely expression appeared on her face as she said, “The people who wanted to kill me are from my family, whom I followed blindly, and the person who saved me is the man who I wanted to kill. It’s really a great irony.”

Su Yu looked at her as he said, “You’re on your own now. We must bid farewell to each other here.”

“Wait.” Shao Li called after Su Yu and stopped him. “I have evidence of the Shao family’s involvement in causing the Beast Tide.”

Su Yu didn’t look back at her, but just shook his head and asked, “So what?”

“Don’t you want to take revenge against them?” Shao Li asked him curiously.

Su Yu chuckled calmly. “Erasing the Shao family from this world would spare me many troubles, and if it’s possible, then I wouldn’t mind doing it conveniently. But, do you really think that we can get rid of the Shao family only by using such evidence? Besides, I doubt that the Red Blood Palace would want to investigate who was behind the Beast Tide.”

After all, when a faction besides the eighteen great factions went through any big change, it always caused great turmoil within the faction’s territory, which then caused their industries’ incomes to become unstable, which directly caused the resources that they could then offer to the Red Blood Palace to be lower.

As such, it would make no sense for the Red Blood Palace to further cause any turmoil in the greatest family’s territory by stirring up controversy, especially not just because of several dead people. Besides, it was obvious that the Red Blood Palace knew that the Beast Tide had been caused by the Shao family, but was just pretended that it didn’t know in order to not rock the boat.

Shao Li lowered her head and spoke bitterly, “You have a more thorough understanding of things. I’m really incapable of coping with the Shao family.”

Su Yu nodded, “Since you are okay now, then I will leave.”

“Wait! I have two matters to inform you about, as well as something to ask you.” Shao Li called out to him, stopping him once again.

Su Yu turned his head around and replied, “Then speak…”

Shao Li looked fixedly at Su Yu. “Firstly, the person who passed the charm to me, then detonated it and tried to kill you is Shao Qingfeng. He’s a Level Eight Fairy Realm outer sanctum disciple. He’s extremely powerful and is ranked tenth in the outer sanctum, so you must be careful when you come across him in the future.”

Shao Qingfeng? Su Yu’s gaze became slightly ice-cold, while he bore such a name into his mind.

She then added, “The second matter is that, in a month, you will need to go to the Elegant Spirit Mountain to carry out an expedition mission because you took the number one place in the outer sanctum recruitment. Shao Yueming will certainly try to kill you there, as he has already laid a trap for you and is waiting for you to go there. As such, you should refuse this mission by any means possible!”

Her eyes were wide as she urged him, “Moreover, you should also avoid leaving the outer sanctum before you possess enough power to properly protect yourself.”

Su Yu furrowed his brows. “The Elegant Spirit Mountain? A trap? What kind of trap?”

Shao Li shook her head. “I don’t know. I just know that the Elegant Spirit Mountain is an extremely important place to the Red Blood Palace, and many of the sanctum’s important spirit herbs are cultivated there. While there are inner sanctum elders keeping watch over it, it also has a strict guard on duty at all times.”

She then added, “As for the trap, Shao Yueming didn’t inform me of any concrete details, but since Shao Yueming has a complex relationship with the Red Blood Palace, and since he was confident of killing you there, then he should have already considered all of the possibilities, so you will be in great danger if you go there.”

After hearing this, Su Yu cupped his fists at her. “Many thanks for informing me of all of this. Also, you said that you have something to ask me… What is it?”

Shao Li bit her lips lightly, “I wanted to ask you why you saved me?”

Su Yu looked at her as he shrugged his shoulders. “Who knows? Maybe I did it because you still have kindness in your heart, or maybe it’s because I’m too soft-hearted.”

After he spoke those words, Su Yu tapped the ground with his legs several times, then soared into the sky and flew back to the sanctum. As he looked at the time, Su Yu couldn’t help but think… It’s awful! I promised Zi Xuan to come back after half a day, yet now a whole day has almost passed!

As he thought of this, Su Yu was quite anxious, and he looked around hurriedly for his residence. But, after surviving the transvestite’s hunt and delivering the pill to Shao Li, he had already forgotten the way and gotten lost!

At this moment, he heard laughter. It was Shangguan Yunque and several of his friends, who had just come back after getting drunk. They were all chatting and laughing heartily.

“Brother Yunque, thank you for vouching for us! We are all thankful to you.” The three Level Three Fairy Realm youths, who were all drunk, were praising and complimenting Shangguan Yunque.

Shangguan Yunque waved his hand at them and laughed heartily. “It’s just a piece of cake to me, as it’s just a mere 1,000 merit points. In fact, it doesn’t even matter even if you don’t return it to me, as you are all my brothers.”

Su Yu furrowed his brows slightly when he heard their conversation. It seemed like Shangguan Yunque had used his own name to vouch for these three people, and had even taken 1,000 merit points out for them from a loan provider.

If those three people escaped, then Shangguan Yunque would be on the hook for the repayment alone. However, with Shangguan Yunque’s family’s background, such a mere sum wouldn’t really affect him, even if they were to truly swindle him out of it.

“Well, brother Su?” Shangguan Yunque suddenly noticed Su Yu, who was in a daze.

His eyes lit up as he got rid of the wine odor around him and bid farewell to the three people. He then quickly came over to Su Yu and said, “Haha, brother, I can’t believe that I ended up running into you this quickly! Let’s go and drink some wine, my treat!”

Su Yu took a look at the three people, then sighed as he spoke, “Brother Yunque, I’m just a stranger to you, so I don’t know whether it’s proper for me to say this to you or not…”

Shangguan Yunque became solemn as he said, “Brother Su, you can speak freely.”

Su Yu then continued, “There are many types of friends in this world. Some friends, may of whom are befriended at wine and food tables, are just seeking their own benefits. So, you must be prudent and cautious.”

Shangguan Yunque spoke awkwardly, “I just found refusing them to be embarrassing. But, I hear you… And it won’t happen again. Brother Su, I appreciate your concern.”

“Now, let’s go and drink wine until we are drunk!” Shangguan Yunque soon became quite cheerful and spirited once more.

Su Yu chuckled bitterly, but declined. “I still must go back to my residence.I got lost here momentarily and was just in need of someone to lead me to it. Shangguan, you are familiar with the outer sanctum, so can you help me find it?”

Shangguan Yunque laughed heartily when he heard him. “So, it seems that even the person who took the number one place in the exam can get lost! Haha, fine, I will take you to it. Oh, by the way… Where is your residence again?”

Su Yu pondered for a moment before he replied, “It’s in the Demon Mountain. That name is somewhat strange… Are demon path factions’ places names always so strange?”

“Brother Shangguan, what happened to you?” Su Yu suddenly noticed that Shangguan Yunque had stopped in his tracks, while his laughter had also come to an abrupt end.

Shangguan Yunque turned his head around with great difficulty, then started sizing up Su Yu with his eyes, which were full of shock and fear. “Is your residence really in the Demon Mountain? I didn’t mishear you?”

Su Yu nodded. “It’s there, yes. That’s the name of the place, which Elder Li and Palace Master Kong Chan told me at least. Why? What’s wrong with it?”

Shangguan Yunque sucked in a breath of cold air, while his face was full of shock and his eyes were filled with sympathy. He then said, “Brother Su, take care of yourself. I’m sorry, but I can’t lead you there.”

Shangguan Yunque didn’t dare go forward even a single step after he said these words. Su Yu’s heart thumped, as he was confused.

“Brother Shangguan, can you explain this to me clearly?” Su Yu asked.

Shangguan Yunque sucked in another breath of air and forced himself to calm down, while he looked at Su Yu and spoke in a deep voice, “Brother, you’re on your own now. I can only wish the best for you.”

Su Yu became even more confused. “Please explain yourself clearly.”

Shangguan Yunque swallowed his saliva and surveyed his surroundings, as if he was extremely afraid of something. He then spoke in a low voice, “The Demon Mountain is the place where the four great demons live. Not only are they extremely powerful, but they all have eccentric and strange personalities.”

He swallowed hard again, then continued, “They have all caused great troubles and disasters in the outer sanctum, and even the three great palace masters couldn’t keep them under control. They are all lawless and unbridled.”

He shook his head. “As such, no one dares to provoke them, and even if someone was crippled or beaten to death by them, no one would dare denounce them. Even the law enforcement division chose to turn a blind eye to them.”

Su Yu couldn’t help but shudder when he heard his description of the demons. It was hard for him to believe that there were unexpectedly such cruel and ferocious existences in the outer sanctum! As was expected of a demonic path’s faction like the Red Blood Palace, their people possessed cruel and tyrannical personalities, which couldn’t be understood by ordinary people.

“Then, who are these four demons?” Su Yu asked, while his face became quite dark. He wondered why his residence was set among such ferocious demons!

Shangguan Yunque replied in a grave voice, “The four demons are known as East Evil, West Poison, South Monster and North Ice. East Evil is ranked fourth, while South Monster is third, North Ice second and West Poison is the head demon. Each one of them i terrifying!”

Hearing this, the corners of Su Yu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. He recalled the story of East Evil, West Poison, South Beggar and North Emperor. Each of those four characters were once great and peerless overlords.

“Are they really this terrifying? Are they even more powerful than the inner sanctum elites?” Su Yu asked in a deep voice.

Shangguan Yunque nodded. “They are! As such, few people in the inner sanctum dare to provoke them. The four demons are all people who could directly enter into the inner sanctum, and within the past years, they have already surpassed the Fairy Realm. But, they suppressed their cultivation base deliberately in order to continue staying in the outer sanctum.”

Su Yu then asked curiously, “What are they doing in it? Isn’t the inner sanctum’s cultivation environment better? Why are they attaching themselves to the outer sanctum?”

Shangguan Yunque smacked his lips as he replied, “It’s rumored that they did so in order to get the opportunity of going into a trial in an ancient secret realm. But, I don’t know any concrete information about that.”

He then added, “This is the outer sanctum map. Take it, as this all that I can do for you now.”

Shangguan Yunque then passed a map to Su Yu. “Brother Su, we must bid farewell to each other here. Take care of yourself. I will come tomorrow to the front of the Demon Mountain, so if you were still alive by then, call my name, and I will carry you out of there.”

After Shangguan Yunque finished speaking, he broke into a run and left. Su Yu was quite startled, so he called after him, “Wait! What do you mean by saying that you will carry me out? Hey! Explain this to me properly…”

Su Yu felt his scalp becoming somewhat numb as he took a look at the fleeing Shangguan Yunque. Upon seeing that he would get no reply, he turned to gaze in the Demon Mountain’s direction.