The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 789

Chapter 789 Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation


After an hour had passed, Su Yu reached the vicinity of the Demon Mountain. It was already nighttime, and the sky almost pitch-black. The only illumination was the faint light that was coming from numerous disciples’ residences.

Although the sky was pitch-black, the Demon Mountain still shone in a splendid light. It almost seemed like a lighthouse that was illuminating the entire land.

The Demon Mountain was just five hundred feet long, and it seemed more like an ordinary hill, but all kinds of shining spirit stones were inlaid in the mountain. They were all emitting lights of all colors, including dreamy purple, deep blue, and sky blue.

Su Yu was startled when he saw the magnificent and beautiful Demon Mountain. It didn’t conform at all to the image he had in his mind of an eerie and frightening land. As such, he figured that it would better to call this mountain a “Fairy Mountain” rather than a “Demon Mountain.”

Su Yu was bewildered, and he wondered… Do those four bloodthirsty and cruel people live in this place?

Su Yu felt doubtful, and just as he was about to set foot on the mountain, he suddenly noticed a lively ten-year-old girl in a fluffy purple dress. The young girl seemed to be very charming and vivacious.

She was wearing a golden belt, which outlined her slim waist. She also had a flat chest and a small, exquisite body.

When he raised his head and looked at her face, he found it to be extremely beautiful. Her black hair was hanging down behind her back, while two locks of curls hung in front of her chest.

She had an oval face and fair skin that glittered as the gem-like stones in the mountain shone upon it. She had a pair of glittering violet eyes, which were flickering constantly, and she seemed to be quite quick-witted.

The young girl stopped halfway on the mountain and was startled when she saw Su Yu. In fact, she seemed like a frightened young deer at that moment.

She examined Su Yu curiously, put her finger against her mouth, and asked softly, “Grandpa, what are you looking for?”

Her voice was soft, immature, and sounded like the cry of a young bird. She was really lovely and adorable, and anyone would quickly become quite fond of her.

Su Yu’s eyes lit up as he thought… What a beautiful girl! When she grows up, she will surely become an outstanding beauty!

“Young miss, do you live in the Demon Mountain?” Su Yu was surprised by her presence here, and he wondered if she was one of the demons’ maids.

The young girl nodded and blinked her gem-like purple eyes. “That’s right. Grandpa, do you need any help?”

What a kind and honest young girl! Su Yu thought as he nodded.

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He wore a smile as he walked over to her and said, “I’m not looking for anyone. In fact, I just moved here. I live in the central residence.”

There were five residences in the Demon Mountain, one in each of the regions, including the eastern region, the southern region, the northern region, the western region and the central region. The four demons occupied the residences in the eastern, northern, western and southern regions, while no one had occupied the central residence before now.

The young girl’s eyes lit up as she said in a delighted tone, “So… You are the grandpa who joined us recently! I will show you the way!”

Su Yu smiled and thought… Even though the four demons are cruel and vicious, that clearly isn’t the case for their maids!

The young girl then led Su Yu through a cave in the mountain before arriving at the other side. He saw four residences there, which were built against the mountain, while only the central residence had been built in the center of the mountain, standing all by itself.

The residence was large and quite exquisite. It also had a beautiful courtyard, which was decorated according to Su Yu’s exact tastes.

“Grandpa, I will accompany you just to its gate. I will then leave, but will see you again later.” The young girl smiled sweetly and revealed two cute dimples.

Su Yu waved his hand at her and said, “Goodbye!”

After he spoke, Su Yu took out his identity badge and stuck it in a notch in a stone wall beside the gate. A muffled sound echoed out as the metallic gate creaked while he was opening it. Su Yu then stepped into the courtyard.

It had a cozy environment, which was to his liking. However, Su Yu still didn’t forget that Zi Xuan had already come here before him. He had asked her to wait for him for half a day, but a whole day had already passed by now, so he wondered if she would be angry at his tardiness.

The nervous Su Yu surveyed the surroundings. The courtyard wasn’t very big, and it only had a bamboo house in it. He figured that is where she would be.

Su Yu walked forward and was about to knock on the door, when his ears suddenly twitched. This was because he had just heard the sound of water coming from inside.

Su Yu stopped abruptly and wondered… Is she taking a bath?

Su Yu shook his head, turned around, then sat down calmly on a bench in the courtyard and waited in silence.


All of a sudden, the gate opened slightly and a fuzzy woman’s voice was heard from inside the house, “I finished my bath. Come inside and let’s sleep.”

Su Yu was taken aback by this. He was also slightly embarrassed as he wondered… Doesn’t this silly All Creation Realm girl know what men and women must abstain from?

Since he had already detected that Zi Xuan wasn’t angered by his late arrival, Su Yu, who had a guilty conscience, didn’t dare to address this matter with her at the moment. Thus, he could only brace himself and go inside.

The room was dark, but he could still faintly see the outline of a woman. She was sleeping in her clothes.

Su Yu didn’t disturb her, nor did he use his Soul Eyes to take a closer look at her. After all, he did not want to behave indecently.

Su Yu took a look at the surroundings before he sat down cross-legged and began to meditate and cultivate in a corner.

“Wuxie, why don’t you come over here? You rarely cultivate, yet you seem to have become so earnest about it now! Besides, you have to stay on the lookout for Su Yu!” The woman turned over, opened her eyes slowly, and looked at Su Yu, who was sitting cross-legged and cultivating. As she spoke, she beckoned to him, but Su Yu still didn’t move. She clearly thought that he was someone else…

The woman was slightly flabbergasted when she got no response, so she stood up, causing the thin nightgown that she was wearing to fall down, thus exposing her perfect body’s silhouette in the dark room. As she approached Su Yu, the woman’s pupils gradually contracted, while she exclaimed in alarm, “You aren’t Wuxie! Who are you?”

Su Yu had already noticed that this woman wasn’t Zi Xuan, and he had also overheard her little conspiracy. That lovely young girl was unexpectedly a maid, who had been charged with keeping an eye on him!

Moreover, this woman, as well as the woman called Wuxie, had stayed in his residence on purpose, waiting for him! Thus, they were surely concocting something.

Su Yu’s heart shivered when he thought about how cruel and vicious the four demons were, and he had to wonder… Was this woman ordered by the four demons to slander me, accusing me of peeping at the maid? If so, were they planning to use it as a pretext to beat me and leave me half-dead?

As he thought about this, Su Yu was infuriated. He instantly became more daring as he thought… Since they are this heartless, they shouldn’t blame me for being cruel in response!

When the woman had just exclaimed her surprise, Su Yu pounced toward her like a cheetah, while thrusting both of his fists toward her. Since Su Yu was prepared for this altercation, while the woman was startled by it and only had time to cry out in alarm, the outcome was obvious…

The woman groaned in pain as she was sent flying. Then, she slammed against the cottage wall!

Since the cottage was made from excellent materials, it wasn’t damaged, even after sustaining such an impact. On the other hand, the woman was heavily injured. She spouted a mouthful of blood and her vision became blurry, but she could still see the old man walking toward her just before she lost consciousness.

Su Yu wore an emotionless expression as he waved his hand and covered her bare body with a nearby blanket. Although the fight in this house lasted only a short while, it had still caused a great disturbance, and the people in the surrounding residences had to have heard it.


A person clad in purple clothes flew over from the eastern residence and landed in the courtyard. The moment she landed, she looked at Su Yu and the unconscious maid in surprise.

“Su Yuxian, why did you beat her up?” Zi Xuan asked, clearly puzzled.

Su Yu was taken aback by this question, and as he walked toward her, he asked, “Why were you in the eastern residence?”

Zi Xuan blinked her eyes, then said, “The eastern residence’s owner exchanged residences with us. The central residence’s Spirit Convergence Formation is damaged, and its Spiritual Energy doesn’t rival even half of the other residences’. So, the eastern residence’s owner felt like we needed more Spiritual Energy because we are newcomers. So, she kindly exchanged residences with us. She’s really a kindhearted person.”

Huh? Su Yu’s expression stiffened, while his heart thumped. The eastern residence’s owner was known as East Evil, and was one of the four great demons! These demons were known for their cruelty, so to think that one of them unexpectedly cared about newcomers like Su Yu and Zi Xuan was surprising indeed.

Su Yu pointed at the woman, who was lying there unconscious and asked, “Is she the eastern residence’s owner?”

Zi Xuan shook her head, “No. She’s the northern residence’s owner. Since the eastern residence’s owner moved into our central residence, the northern residence’s owner feared that she wouldn’t be comfortable in a new and unfamiliar residence. So, she came over to be with her.”

Su Yu’s current expression changed instantly upon hearing this. He smiled bitterly as frustration, shock, and guilt appeared on his face.

Su Yu’s smile became even more bitter as he looked back at the unconscious woman, who had blood seeping out of the corners of her mouth. Why didn’t they inform me of this earlier? Su Yu wondered. After all, if he was aware of it, he wouldn’t have attacked her so ruthlessly!

Su Yu sighed, then went over to help the woman up into a seated position. He put his palms against her bare back and imbued his Vital Energy into her, which instantly healed her damaged internal blood energy channel.

As he was healing her, the woman suddenly woke up. She looked at Su Yu blankly, while still only half-sober, before she succumbed to sleep once again.

It was only the next day in the early morning that the woman opened her eyes again. As she did so, an aged person appeared before her eyes. When she caught sight of him, the woman sobered up completely, and as she surveyed the surroundings, her expression turned ice-cold.

She had just realized that was lying completely naked on a stone bed, while an aged man was standing before the bed, his back facing her! She suddenly recalled that she had been seriously injured the day before, being knocked out by this person for no reason!

Moreover, when she woke up midway through the night, she vaguely recalled that it seemed like this man was groping her body! When she thought of this, her face turned deathly pale and her lips shivered as she asked, “You… What did you do to me?”

As Su Yu turned around to face her, he wore an apologetic expression. It was only at this moment that he noticed that this woman was extremely beautiful. She had fine black hair, exquisitely shaped brows, and eyes that were as pure as a spring day. She also had a Grecian nose and gorgeous rosy lips.

When Su Yu had a closer look at her, her beauty took his breath away. It was his first time witnessing a woman this beautiful since arriving in Jiuzhou. Her beauty was almost on par with Xia Jingyu’s!

However, he had already had many love affairs in Zhenlong, and he had seen many outstanding women. Thus, he was practically immune to them!

So, his heart remained calm, while his gaze was clear as he said his apology, “Miss, I’m really sorry!”

“What did you do to me?” The woman repeated the question, while gritting her teeth.

Su Yu was taken aback, then realized what she meant and said, “Miss, you can rest at ease. I didn’t do anything! I just healed your injuries!”

She relaxed slightly after hearing his first words, but when she heard the last sentence, her expression turned ice-cold. She wondered… How could that be considered a treatment? After all, she remembered clearly that this man’s hands had been touching her back!

“You… You are shameless! I will kill you!” The woman had great killing intent surging from her eyes as she spoke.

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She then patted the stone bed with her right hand, but it shook her internal blood energy channel greatly, so she groaned with pain and fell down. Her actions caused the blanket that was covering her body to slide down slightly, exposing a part of her beautiful body.

The woman quickly hid her body, while she became even more angry. She wasn’t just in a sorry physical state, but this man had even seen her naked body!

Su Yu was also quite frustrated now, as this woman was one of the four great demons, North Ice! If his memory served him right, she was the one had advanced the farthest in the Carp Leaping Over Dragon Gate, and the tall woman’s phantom image, which was on the 57th layer, belonged to her! Her fighting prowess was considered to be the greatest among the four demons!

He had really never imagined that he would end up injuring one of the four demons just after entering the Demon Mountain. Moreover, after she recovered, she would surely look for Su Yu to punish him!

“Miss, this is all just a misunderstanding. How could I have known that you would be in this room?” Su Yu felt quite helpless at the moment.

North Ice almost went crazy upon hearing this, and she instantly berated him, “You are just talking rubbish! There is a maid in the middle of the mountain, who will receive you and inform you that the residences have already been exchanged. Old lecher, I promise you, this won’t end here!”

Su Yu sighed and wondered… Why can’t this woman listen to my logical explication?

Su Yu was angry, but he just turned around and left, while saying, “I won’t say anything more. If you need me, I will come to you at any time.”

After he spoke, he swaggered off, leaving Zi Xuan dazed and confused.

“You!” North Ice, also known as Bing Wuxin, was really infuriated.

Ignoring her, Su Yu left this side of the mountain and started planning for the future. According to what Shao Li said, he would most likely need to take a trip to the Elegant Spirit Mountain because he took first place in the Outer Sanctum’s exam. She had also stated that Shao Yueming had set a deadly trap there.

So, although he really didn’t fear it, he still knew that he must get some deeper knowledge about the Elegant Spirit Mountain. When he was just about to leave the mountain, a person suddenly appeared before him and looked at Su Yu in shock.

His eyes were examining Su Yu all over, and it seemed like he was trying to see through him completely. Su Yu was scared by his gaze. After the previous day’s experience with the transvestite, he had become even more sensitive to men’ gazes.

“Brother Shangguan, what are you doing here this early in the morning? Did you change your profession and become a bandit?” Su Yu asked. He was clearly not in a good mood as he descended from the mountain.

The person before him was Shangguan Yunque. He had come over to collect Su Yu’s corpse, so he was obviously surprised to find Su Yu still alive. He was really shocked!

Shangguan Yunque looked at the Demon Mountain, dread filling his heart as he pointed at his chest and said, “I might dare to become a bandit, but I would never dare to rob the demons!”

Shangguan Yunque then exclaimed, “It’s really strange! You unexpectedly passed a whole night here safely. Did the four great demons take pity on you and decide to spare you?”

The corners of Su Yu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch upon hearing this question. After all, they didn’t pity him, but it was Su Yu who attacked first, injuring Bing Wuxin so heavily that she couldn’t even move!

“Brother Shangguan, can you please tell me where to find the Elegant Spirit Mountain?” Su Yu asked.

Shangguan Yunque wore a stern look as he said while he was walking, “The Elegant Spirit Mountain is one of our Red Blood Palace spirit herbs nurseries. It has a dense Spiritual Energy, an excellent environment, and is suitable for growing precious fairy herbs and spirit herbs. Most of the sanctum’s high-grade elixir’s ingredients come from there.”

Shangguan Yunque then added, “It’s rumored that the Human and Ghost Clans’ great battle occurred there a hundred years ago. Moreover, the outstanding King Shen Yichen died there.”

Shangguan Yunque then said, “It’s probably because of the remnant energy of the countless almighty existences who fought there. That must be why its land has become so magical that it is even suitable for nurturing many powerful spirit herbs. It’s also because of this that the sanctum values it so much that it sent a massive military force to protect it 24/7. Its importance to them is second only to the outer sanctum’s!”

After hearing this, Su Yu got lost in deep thought… The battlefield of the Human and Ghost Clans? And…. Shen Yichen… He was the past central prefecture’s king, who almost became the Jiuzhou Emperor!

Sure enough, Jiuzhou’s people assumed that he died here, while he was actually just injured by the current central prefecture’s king, then forced to go to the Zhenlong World. The truth is already buried in history!

Su Yu suppressed his emotions as he asked, “I heard that, this time, someone from the outer sanctum’s exam may go there. Can he shirk this task and not go?”

Shangguan Yunque suddenly had a realization, causing a look of jealousy to appear on his face. “That’s right! I almost forgot that. This exam has an additional Elegant Spirit Mountain’s trip reward. I really envy you! But… Wait… You don’t want to go? Did you lose you heart after passing a night in the Demon Mountain?”

He then asked, “Do you know what kind of mystical place the Elegant Spirit Mountain is? The four demons asked the sanctum for it many times, and they all hoped to carry out an excavation mission there. But, they were all rejected. Also… Do you know how many merit points you can you get by carrying out a mission there?”

Huh? Su Yu was startled by this question, and he answered, “I don’t know.”

It seemed from Shangguan Yunque’s current expression like he wanted to choke Su Yu to death. “If an outer sanctum disciple was asked to go there for a mission, it could only be for a single reason, opening up a new land.”

He then added, “They are tasked with opening up desolate lands, then turning them into plains that are suitable for farming. The reward of just this mission alone is 500 merit points, and if they manage to dig up an object that was left there from the great battle between the humans and the ghosts, like a divine weapon, a book, or something of the like, they can exchange them with the sanctum for more merit points!”

He paused, then continued, “The inner sanctum’s disciples will frequently carry out such a mission. If they have bad luck, they may only find some scrap metal, which they can exchange for 2,000 merit points. If they are lucky and find an intact Ghost Clan’s object, they may exchange it for tens of thousands of merit points.”

Wow! Su Yu’s pupils contracted upon hearing this. He was aware of the difficulty of gaining merit points, and it would be great for an early stage Fairy to manage to gain just 1,000 merit points in a year. Yet, the very least they could get within the Elegant Spirit Mountain was 500 merit points!

Someone like Su Yu, who was in debt, must surely go there. It was, after all, a place that even the four demons coveted venturing to.

However, since he had decided to go there, he knew that he must prepare for the deadly trap that was set by Shao Yueming, as it was only by becoming stronger that he could face all of such crafty plots fearlessly. Hence, it was time for him to go into the Depository of Scriptures and choose a new cultivation technique.

“Brother Shangguan, do you know how can I get the Depository of Scriptures’ cultivation technique books?” Su Yu then asked.

Shangguan Yunque wasn’t baffled by Su Yu’s choice, as the first target of all of the Red Blood Palace’s newcomers would be these cultivation techniques. So, he answered Su Yu casually, “It depends on the grade of the cultivation technique. Borrowing a low-grade spirit cultivation technique costs 1,000 merit points.”

He then continued to explain, “It’s 5,000 merit points for a middle-grade one, 20,000 merit points for a high-grade one, and 50,000 merit points for a top-grade one. As for legendary techniques, those cost 1,000 for a low-grade one, 500,000 for a middle-grade one, a million for a high-grade one and three million for a top-grade one.”

He then added, “Brother Su, if you have just 1,000 merit points, you can exchange that amount for a low-grade spirit cultivation technique.”

Su Yu didn’t care about spirit level cultivation techniques, as techniques at such a level didn’t have any appeal to him. However, Su Yu still almost fainted when he heard that even a low-grade legendary technique cost 100,000 merit points!

Ordinary disciples would need to work hard for a hundred years to get such a legendary technique. As for a middle-grade or high-grade one, it would be impossible for them to get those, even if they worked their whole lives for it!

Shangguan Yunque shook his head when he noticed Su Yu’s surprise. “Well… That amount isn’t too much. Do you know how precious legendary techniques are? If their price was low, they could be found everywhere. Moreover, all legendary techniques in the Depository of Scriptures are complete techniques. Thus, such a steep price simply confirms their worth.”

He then added, “If they were sold on the outside, they would be sold for, at the very least, 400,000 crystals. Moreover, even if someone wanted to buy them, he still may not find them available for sale. Hence, all people who possess them will hide them away, never exposing them rashly. Thus, even if one is wealthy, he still might not be able to buy one.”

He shook his head, then said, “As for middle-grade or high-grade ones, most almighty Divine Masters are the only ones cultivating techniques at those levels. So, how could they not be considered precious?”

Shangguan Yunque clearly disapproved of Su Yu’s point of view. Su Yu was startled by this, and he smiled bitterly. It was fortunate that he had inquired about them ahead of time. Otherwise, he would have just embarrassed himself if he had gone to the Depository of Scriptures rashly.

Su Yu suddenly thought about Shao Lingjian. He regretted not having interrogated him about the Hundred Bones Demonic Tempering Technique before killing him. Even though it was just an incomplete technique, it was still precious.

Su Yu suddenly had a realization and asked, “Brother Shangguan, is it possible to exchange cultivation techniques in the Depository of Scriptures?”

“Exchange them?” Shangguan Yunque understood what he implied, so he nodded and said, “It’s possible. If you have a cultivation technique, you can offer the Depository of Scriptures’ keeper a copy of it. Then, if it can pass their examination, you can then exchange it for a technique at the same level.”

Su Yu heaved a sigh of relief, then started considering whether he should take out the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters Technique. After he made a decision, he immediately followed Shangguan Yunque into the Depository of Scriptures.

“Brother Su, did you really decide to exchange a cultivation technique?” Shangguan Yunque asked.

He then suggested cautiously, “If you really want to do that, why don’t you first go in and see whether there is any technique you may need before making a decision?”

Su Yu nodded, then entered the Depository of Scriptures after him. However, he was dumbfounded when he discovered that even if he didn’t want any techniques, he still had to pay 200 merit points as an entry fee! Moreover, he was only allowed to stay there for four hours!

Su Yu was pained by such a loss of merit points, but paid the fee nonetheless. He then hurried to look for techniques. The Depository of Scriptures was divided into a Spirit Floor and a Legendary Floor. One of them had spirit level cultivation techniques, while the other had legendary level cultivation techniques.

Su Yu ignored the Spirit Floor, and since Shangguan Yunque didn’t have any interests in it either, he did too. The number of books on the second floor was distinctly less than the Spirit Floor. In fact, there were only a few dozen bookshelves.

These bookshelves were filled with books on assistance techniques, demonic techniques, five elements techniques, body techniques, blade techniques, sword techniques and so on.

Wait! Sword techniques? As soon as Su Yu saw the sword technique books, he went straight over to them.

When Shangguan Yunque saw this, he asked curiously, “Well, brother Su, are you proficient in the sword path?”

Su Yu shook his head. “I have only used it occasionally in the past. I want to have a look at it and see whether there is any sword technique that is suitable for me in it.”

After he glanced through the books, he discovered that most of them were filled with demonic swordsmanship techniques. As Su Yu wasn’t proficient at all in using just a single sword, he lost most of his interest in them on the spot.

After he looked at all of the books on this shelf, Su Yu shook his head and was about to leave, but he suddenly noticed an incomplete book beneath the shelf. It was completely covered in dust.

Su Yu stamped the ground, which gave rise to a current of air that swept away all of the dust. As the dust was cleared away from the book cover, six big words appeared before his eyes.

When he read those words, Su Yu’s blood flowed faster and his heart thumped hard. His eyes shone with excitement as he gazed in amazement at this incomplete book.

“The Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation!” Su Yu uttered the incomplete technique’s name slowly, while taking a deep breath.