The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Brutal Reality

Though their attacks seemed equally matched, Su Yu had only used half of his ability! So, after his breakthrough to Level Seven, his ability had indeed advanced a tier. That said, Yue Wuhua also never used his full force. If the two fully used their abilities, Su Yu could still hold his own against a Level Eight. While he was got ready to make a move again there came a sweet breeze and Xia Jingyu floated in the air to his side.

"Brother Yu, let me!" With an eager anticipation in her eyes, Xia Jingyu had entered her Holy Decree. With half a saint grade Holy Decree, the natural realm was everywhere. Every movement was vast and natural.


The boundless natural realm enveloped the surrounding area in all directions. Xia Jingyu's beautiful eyes surged with deep comprehension. Su Yu was stunned; this was... Xia Jingyu in her absolute Holy Decree? Thinking about it, all of Su Yu's doubts were immediately relieved. Xia Jingyu's comprehension was twenty times better than Su Yu's. Su Yu could cheat by using his comprehension of space-time manipulation. Her comprehension was entirely natural.

"Oh, the little beauty wants to make her own move? Mr. Yue is deeply honored." Yue Wuhua's lascivious eyes clung onto and looked up and down at Xia Jingyu's graceful figure.

Though Su Yu was strong, that blow just now had been his bestYue Wuhua was confident that tonight this little beauty will inevitably be his plaything underneath his hips! However, when he realized Xia Jingyu's half Holy Decree was nearly halfway to being considered saint grade, his expression turned grave! Xia Jingyu's bright eyes turned around to face him with profound enlightenment. Her fair hand aimed at Yue Wuhua pointed from a distance.

"The Flowery Finger!"


The blood within Yue Wuhua's chest, like it had somewhat been beckoned, split open his flesh and opened a fingertip-sized hole in his chest. Blood gushing, Yue Wuhua looked aghast, overwhelmed with horror. Following Xia Jingyu's series of gestures, Yue Wuhua's body was checkered with holes.

Yue Wuhua could sense that Xia Jingyu had not yet fully developed this skill; once her skill matured, her mind could make all the blood in his body gush outward, killing him on the spot!


Yue Wuhua was gripped by fear; how could he still dare to lust after Xia Jingyu's loveliness? As a stealer of innocence, Yue Wuhua's strength was not direct combat, but movement techniques! His shadow flashed, his speed exceptionally fast!


Before he could escape, a purple figure suddenly overtook him!

"Ice and Thunder Feast!" Su Yu's every movement carried the natural realm. The power of ice and thunder was condensed within his fingers. A purple and white beam pierced Yue Wuhua's chest!



Yue Wuhua horrified, suffered serious injuries! This young man also had the enigmatic saint grade Holy Decree!

"The Flowery Finger!" Just after Su Yu had attacked a slightly chilly voice came from behind him!


Yue Wuhua's blood exploded out of him unceasingly; it wasn't long before he had lost forty percent of his blood.


Having to bear their conjoined Holy Decree attack, Yue Wuhua fell to the ground from his serious injuries! However, everything was not over yet!

"Infernal Demon Pupils!" There was a flickering flash of dark green and Yue Wuhua's mind suffered unbearable pain! Finally, Yue Wuhua's eyes drooped as he stood deferentially in front of Su Yu. Su Yu and Xia Jingyu looked at each other, feeling a little relieved.

With their combined power, they had been able to successfully subdue a Level Eight Lower Tier. If it had been a one-to-one combat duel, they still would have been alright. Their great progress was hard to imagine. Not long ago, they had only been able to flee when faced with a Level Eight Lower Tier.

While Su Yu retrieved the spirit elixir and used the soul seeking technique on Yue Wuhua, Xia Jingyu fell into a state of comprehension. Her Holy Decree entered the rank of saint grade. The refinement of her Holy Decree gave her a brand-new comprehension of Reverie of Dewdrops.

After a long while, Xia Jingyu slowly opened her eyes in delight, "Brother Yu! My Deity Level cultivation technique, I had a breakthrough to Upper Realm!"

Su Yu was happy and envious. The same breakthrough he had just barely manage to achieve for his Deity Level cultivation technique had flowed naturally to Xia Jingyu like water in a canal. The gap between their powerful insights was flabbergasting! Xia Jingyu's ability greatly increased, she had caught up with Su Yu's tier.

Now, with their conjoined power, even if two Level Eight Lower Tiers were to come, they had no reason to be afraid! Now that they had gotten one piece of saint grade spirit elixir, they were still seven pieces away from their breakthrough to Level Seven Upper Tier.

With excitement glittering in his eyes, Su Yu said, "Xia Jingyu, our opportunity has come!"

It turned out that the reason Yue Wuhua had dashed towards the outer periphery was that a team of extremely brave Sanctuary disciples had fought their way into the core zone!

The combined force of the three people had killed and injured many Level Eight slayers. They were, without a doubt, the team of Long Xiaoyue with the second and third ranked prospective Holy Disciples! Their abilities were enough to sweep away almost all the slayers!

Yue Wuhua had been lucky to escape this raid, so he had fled to the outer periphery. There were others like him; many Level Eight strong individuals were now in hiding after they had fled to the outer periphery, one after another. At this point, if they were to head towards the depths of the inner periphery, they could kill many strong Level Eights!


The three of them, Yue Wuhua under Su Yu's control, cut through the silent forest in the mountain and headed towards the depths of the Evil Forest.

After three days, Su Yu, Xia Jingyu, and Yue Wuhua stood at the border between the deepest end of the inner periphery and core zone. On the way, they'd encountered many strong Level Eights fleeing from trouble.

But they were all traveling together in packs of threes or fours. Su Yu and the others could only withdraw for the time being, as they did not dare make a move. As they headed closer and closer to the core zone, there more and more strong slayers out and about.

Suddenly, there was a shout. Su Yu engaged his heightened sense of sight and looked over; five miles away there was a Heavenly Sanctuary disciple entangled with two strong Level Eight Lower Tiers! That Heavenly Sanctuary disciple was the fearsome and strong Yan Chu, ranked third among the prospective Holy Disciples. Around twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, his ability reached Level Eight Lower Tier!

Yan Chu was besieged by the two Level Eight Lower Tiers; he only had the strength to ward off their attackshe was surrounded by danger! Su Yu's eyes flashed as he charged forward with Xia Jingyu and Yue Wuhua! Yan Chu's chest was slashed and had a huge blood gash, which bled continuously. His inner strength was waning, he had been physically overexerted.

But the two slayers, thanks to their combined forces, were sufficiently strong and unharmed.

"Big Brother! He can't hold on any longer!"

"Do not be reckless, just grind him down to death, lest we meet a counterattack!"

Yan Chu was furious; their team had suddenly encountered a large-scale team of slayers and was intercepted. The three of them were scattered, and he was besieged by two slayers of the same level, his chance of survival was bleak!


But at this moment, three figures, fast as lightning, came charging!


The three charged with the ferocity of a powerful flood! The two slayers were instantly struck!

"Infernal Demon Pupils!" Immediately, an emerald green ray of light shone. The two slayers screeched and were subsequently brought under controlled. Though the series of events seemed to have occurred over several minutes, it had only been the blink of an eye! Yan Chu didn't even have time to react.

Among the Sanctuary disciples, besides their three-person team, there was another strong combination? Upon closer examination, it was Su Yu, the one who had defied the Holy King! Beside him was Xia Jingyu, who had pleaded for Su Yu! The last one was a Level Eight Lower Tier slayer, whose eyes were glazed from being controlled!

"It's you all!" Yan Chu was surprised!

Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, in his memory, were still a new generation of prospective Holy Disciples. Their abilities had been barely passable, but also just about the same as Zhang Mingyi's. Su Yu smiled in response and retrieved the two pieces of spirit elixirs. There were a total of three saint grade spirit elixirs now.

With the two Level Eight Lower Tiers under control, Su Yu had a total of three puppets; if they were to encounter packs of threes or fours slayers, they could completely ambush them!

Xia Jingyu's beautiful eyes sparkled with joy. Looking at the current circumstances, not more than ten days would pass before they may be able to collect eight pieces of spirit elixirthen, they could break through to Level Seven Upper Tier!

"Wait!" Yan Chu caught a glimpse of them taking away the spirit elixirs and his eyebrows slightly creased.

Su Yu's gaze was cool, "What, Senior Brother Yan feels we don't deserve to have the spirit elixirs?"

No good deeds went unpunished, he was already numb to it. If Yan Chu was ungrateful, Su Yu would by no means be lenient.

Unexpectedly, Yan Chu lightly shook his head; he did not covet the spirit elixirs. "That's not it. Since you are the ones who attacked and killed them, the spirit elixirs are rightfully yours."

"Then what would Senior Brother Yan like to advise?" asked Su Yu.

Yan Chu looked around Su Yu to the three puppets behind him and his eyes lit up. Then, he directly looked at Su Yu, lightly nodded, and issued an order, "From this moment on, you shall listen to my command, lead these three puppets, and regroup with Senior Sister Long."

Immediately, his gaze swept across to Xia Jingyu at his side and he slightly frowned and hesitated for a moment, "She can also come along on your account, as long as she doesn't drag us down or hold us back."

"Well! Let's set out!" Yan Chu's mood was pleasant as he waved his big hand and headed back, toward the direction from where he fled to look for Long Xiaoyue. But, no one moved behind him.

Looking back, Su Yu had turned a deaf ear and was readying himself to make his own way in the other direction. Yan Chu slightly staggered, and coldly chided him, "Su Yu! What are you doing? You have not heard my orders!"

Su Yu coldly glanced at him and retorted, "Who do you think you are? Why should I listen to your orders?"

"You!" Yan Chu was sanctimonious, before he patiently explained in a matter-of-fact tone, "When it comes to facing enemies in a contingency, I'm certainly more suitable to command the puppets; in this way, we can then maximize the role of the puppets. The right approach saves effort and leads to better results. My orders will be to your ultimate benefit!"

Somewhat annoyed, Yan Chu snorted before he continued, "So many people want to curry favor with me and all did not get anywhere; now I'm giving you a chance, you don't fully appreciate what I'm offering you!"

He wasn't exaggerating. Yan Chu, as the third-ranked prospective Holy Disciple, had an exceptional aptitude. Many prospective Holy Disciples hovered around the lowest ranks for years, unable to bear the fierce competition. All of them wanted to find a powerful backer, to protect them as well as mentor them, and possibly share resources with.

Countless prospective Holy Disciples had fawned over Yan Chu for this reason. To be commanded by him was something that most prospective Holy Disciples desired. Unfortunately, it was difficult for common prospective Holy Disciples to catch a sight of him, not to mention the opportunity to be ordered around by him.

For new disciples like Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, with their common ability levels, following him would have been a sensible decision if they wanted to climb the ranks faster.

Shaking his head, Yan Chu realized that Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, each only 14 years old, had little understanding of the ways of the world; it was normal for them to be tactless and overly emotional in their decision-making.

But what made Yan Chu secretly angry was Su Yu's faintly mocking gaze. "Since you're so powerful, you can catch your own puppetwhy order me?" Su Yu asked.

"As for the chance to curry favor with you, you can leave it to others; we don't want it." Su Yu left along with Xia Jingyu, both without concern.

Yan Chu was sanctimonious, "Su Yu! You don't know what's good for you! When we return to the Heavenly Sanctuary, one word from me will make life difficult for you!"

Among the prospective Holy Disciples, who would dare to turn him down?! All he had to do was give a few quiet orders and there would be plenty of prospective Holy Disciples deliberately making things difficult for Su Yu.

"What, you?" mocked Su Yu.

Yan Chu could not help but laugh angrily, "By relying on the puppets, your self-confidence has inflatedaren't you forgetting your place?"

"You can give it a try." Su Yu stood with his hands behind him and stepped out from among the puppets. His meaning was obviouswith or without a puppet, he could still afford to disregard Yan Chu.

Repeatedly met with Su Yu's scorn, Yan Chu was incensed. He took a few big strides forward. Level Eight vital energy surged forward, "Very well! You, a newcomer, still asleep in that sweet dream of imperial kings and proud rulers; let senior brother teach you a thing or two about brutal reality!"

Su Yu's patience had been exhausted. Yan Chu's ego was too much! Su Yu would have to teach him about the brutalities of reality!