The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 790

Chapter 790 Inner Sanctum Disciple


During the past few years, Su Yu had gotten the Nine Yin-Yang Sword Formation from the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. It possessed a great might, which had helped him kill many powerful enemies.

The three small golden swords that were in his hands had been refined and created by melting the nine steel needles. It was rumored that the Nine Yin-Yang Sword Formation had been developed out of another sword formation, the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation. However, the Nine Yin-Yang Sword Formation still didn’t possess even a hundredth of the latter’s might.

Su Yu had thought many times about this sword formation, yet he had never once imagined that he would one day witness it with his own eyes. Excitement appeared on Su Yu’s face, and as he extended his hand to take it, before he even touched it, an electric current shot out of the incomplete book and numbed the tip of his finger, causing him to immediately retract his hand.

“Brother Su, you mustn’t touch them casually, as there is a powerful seal that is set on each book. As such, without the Cabinet Master’s permission, no one can take them away,” Shangguan Yunque said.

Su Yu quelled his excitement, forcing himself to calm down, while he surveyed the surroundings and asked, “How many merit points does this book cost?”

Shangguan Yunque took out his identity badge and placed it against the book, which caused a series of characters to appear on the badge. He then answered, “The cultivation technique grade isn’t clear, but after appraising it, it appears to to, at the very least, possess the might of a middle-grade legendary technique.”

He paused for a moment, then said, “But, because it’s just an incomplete book, it is treated as a low-grade legendary technique. Therefore, 100,000 merit points need to be paid each time one wants to borrow the book and read it.”

As Su Yu heard the amount, the corners of his mouth twitched. He looked deeply at the sword art book, a gaze of longing on his face.

Shangguan Yunque couldn’t help but sigh. “I’m sorry, I was always careless, so I didn’t ever save any merit points. But, if you are in great need, I still have a pair of Blue Water Nine Heaven Wings, which are worth 100,000 crystals, which could be converted into 50,000 merit points.”

Su Yu would obviously not accept his generosity. “Brother Shangguan, many thanks for your kindness, but I will look for another way by myself.”

Even though Shangguan Yunque was the young master of the Shangguan family, he still wouldn’t have several of such valuable treasures. As such, the pair of Blue Water Nine Heaven Wings was probably his only life-saving charm.

In light of this, Su Yu could not accept such a gift with a clear conscience. So, even though Shangguan Yunque still insisted, he was only meet with Su Yu’s firm refusal. In the end, Shangguan Yunque could only give up on pursuing the matter any further.

After finding his sword art book, Su Yu didn’t feel like taking a look at any of the other books. Instead, he started pondering about how could he quickly get such a great amount of merit points in order to exchange them for the book.

After Su Yu left the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures, he bid farewell to Shangguan Yunque and returned to the Demon Mountain.

North Ice, or Bei Wuxin, who was in the central residence, had already returned to the northern residence, while Zi Xuan had gone to some unknown place. Su Yu closed the gate and windows properly, then entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl with his mind, going straight to the plant nursery.

Numerous Cloud Galloping Horses were being cultivated within it. In fact, there were even around three or four hundred of them running around the plant nursery.

The Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate had also become quite magnificent, and its leaves were like an imperial canopy, the shade of which engulfed the whole nursery. The tree bore a great number of resplendent golden fruits.

As Su Yu swept his gaze through this place, he looked at the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, which had grown taller and now emitted a faint silver light. At first, when it was just a sapling, it had emitted a golden light. Then, when it was half-way to maturation, it had emitted a faint golden light that had a purple luster.

Now, its whole body shone with whitish silver light, as if it was a sculpture of bamboo that had been made out of silver. Just like its name indicated, when it became fully-mature, it would be wholly silver.

Judging on the basis of the nursery’s cultivation speed, the white bamboo before him should be, at the very least, 1,000 years old at the moment. If news of such an object’s existence was to spread, then it would surely shock all of Jiuzhou, as even if it was just an ordinary object, once it aged to full maturity, it would surely be reborn and turn into a worldly and rare treasure! Moreover, the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo was Jiuzhou’s greatest divine bamboo, which had already gone extinct during the ancient times.

Su Yu was somewhat delighted by this sight, as this bamboo would provide enough materials for him to make nine Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Swords! Su Yu couldn’t help but become excited as he thought about the might that could be achieved with the combination of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s sturdiness and sharpness and the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation’s power.

He now had all of the necessary materials before him, and the end product was just two steps away! The first step was making the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Swords. Su Yu needed to become proficient in craftsmanship in order to accomplish this, as if he passed such a precious object to another person to make the swords, then he might bring a great disaster upon himself.

The second step was that he must quickly earn a large number of merit points in order to get the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation. As he thought of this, Su Yu heaved a sigh of relief. He could foresee that, after he got the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword Formation in his hands, then he wouldn’t need to fear the five All Creation Old Monsters any longer!

Although he had already entered the Red Blood Palace, the sense of crisis that had been hovering over him, still hadn’t dissipated until just now. After all, those existences were Su Yu’s greatest source of trouble, which meant that he must quickly make this sword formation!

While he was pondering these things, a small girl appeared behind him and said, “Greetings, master.”

Su Yu turned his head around and looked at Sheng Ge. After she had gone through a period of rest, she had recovered a large amount of her life force, which had made her tender and fair face become rosy once more. But, Su Yu could clearly see that her gaze was filled with fright.

“You really have good luck, as I managed to survive,” he said.

Before the world destroying battle in Zhenlong, Su Yu had told her that, if he managed to survive, he would put her to great use. But, if he died, then the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl would end up covered in dust, which would cause Sheng Ge to be sealed away for all eternity within its space.

Sheng Ge had no idea about the great battle that had happened in Zhenlong, nor did she know that they were already within the Jiuzhou World, which she had long yearned for.

“As a member of the Ghost Clan, you should be quite familiar with the Ghost Clan’s members’ aura, right?” Su Yu’s gaze flickered slightly.

Su Yu was slightly startled, when she nodded without giving a second thought to it, then said, “As a member of the Ghost Clan, I’m quite familiar with my clansmen’s auras. In fact, my detection range of them is five times larger than normal humans’, and as long as they are within one mile of me, I can detect them. This is something that I couldn’t achieve if they were mere humans.”

Su Yu was astonished, as this distance wasn’t a small scope. He then nodded and said, “Fine. Then, prepare yourself, as after a short period, I will probably use you.”

“Understood, master,” she said obediently.

Su Yu nodded, then left this space and returned to his body. When he opened his eyes, he saw a pair of gem-like blue eyes, which were just before him, and he felt a warm breath, which blew upon his face lightly.

Su Yu was startled, and as he looked at the face before him, which had alluring rosy lips on it, he couldn’t help but become frustrated, and he asked angrily, “What are you doing?”

Zi Xuan fell away from him and spoke in a curious manner, “It’s strange! It felt like your soul wasn’t within your body for a moment, and I could feel a ghost’s aura. Your body surely has some great secret!”

Could she detect the presence of Sheng Ge, who was in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl? Su Yu was slightly startled upon wondering this.

However, at the moment, Zi Xuan didn’t intend to pursue the matter further, but threw a white letter at him instead, then said, “Well, a shifty-eyed person left this before the door, then ran away.”

As Su Yu took it, he saw that the words “Su Yuxian” were written upon the folded letter. He became somewhat curious, and as he opened it, he couldn’t help but stand up immediately in shock.

It was from Ruffian Long, explaining that he had already prepared the elixir recipes and materials! As accomplishing such a feat wasn’t easy, especially for an ordinary outer sanctum disciple, Su Yu couldn’t help but become curious about the faction that was behind Ruffian Long.

“I will go now,” Su Yu said as he stood up, then left.

Zi Xuan twitched her nose, supported her chin with her hands, then snorted softly and said, “You are leaving me here alone once again. This time, remember to come back earlier.”

Su Yu was somewhat embarrassed, as such words seemed like something that a wife would say to her husband. “I will try.” Su Yu replied, without turning his head back to look at her.

Zi Xuan replied with insistence, “Don’t just try! You must surely come back before midnight, as the Demon Mountain’s 30th federation conference will be held then, and as a resident of the Demon Mountain, you must attend.”

Su Yu was startled by her words, and he like he had returned to his past world for a moment. He then said, “Fine, I will surely come back by then.”

Su Yu’s head then became somewhat of a mess. Now that he thought about it, he had seen just one of the four demons, North Ice, also known as Bing Wuxin.

He still hadn’t met East Evil, West Poison, or South Monster. He had to wonder if they would be as unreasonable and rude as Bing Wuxin.

Su Yu shook his head as he descended the mountain. It was already midday now, and the disciples who were living near the Demon Mountain had already woken up and started their daily activities.

When they saw Su Yu descending the mountain, their eyes widened and they all started whispering to each other, while they looked in amazement at Su Yu as if he was some kind of freak. As Su Yu wiped the sweat on his face and saw all of their wide-eyed stares, he wondered to himself…

Is my face embroidered and filled with flowery patterns? Why are they all staring?

Su Yu became somewhat frustrated when he noticed that it wasn’t just in the Demon Mountain’s surroundings that he was being stared at in such a way, but it was the same case wherever he walked! The crowd would avoid him, all scrambling to get out of his way, as if he was born under a cursed star!

They all looked at Su Yu with gazes that were filled with shock, some respect, and much fear. As such strange gazes followed Su Yu everywhere, he was quite displeased.

After a short while, Su Yu came to the Heavenly Peak Tower, which was a place of entertainment that had been created by the Red Blood Palace for its disciples to enjoy. Shangguan Yunque frequently went to this place.

To enter it, one needed to use their badge, and even if they wouldn’t consume anything within it, they would still need to pay 50 merit points as an entry fee. All those who could enter this place were people with ample amounts of merit points, who were experts in earning merit points, or who had close relationships with some wealthy people in the sanctum.

Su Yu felt quite pained as he thought of this, as even though he didn’t really do anything extraordinary during this day, he had already ended up consuming 250 merit points! If he didn’t quickly find a way to earn more, then he would quickly end up consuming all of his current points entirely!

Su Yu glanced around the first floor, which was filled with people, and he quickly found Ruffian Long. There was a tall woman with him. She wore a green robe, which was thin and revealed her body’s alluring curves.

She had a thin waist and an ample chest, which gave her a great allure. She also had pretty facial features, as well as charming eyes, and her whole body emitted an unspeakable charm. As such, most of the male disciples couldn’t help but cast longing glances at her from time to time.

Currently, Ruffian Long was standing beside the woman respectfully, without even daring to take a single look at her. Su Yu was slightly surprised to see this, as it seemed like this woman had a great status. As he tried to check her cultivation, he was startled to find that her cultivation had reached the Divine Master Realm, which meant that she was an inner sanctum disciple!

Ruffian Long’s eyes lit up, and he spoke softly to her upon seeing Su Yu approach, “Young miss, this is Su Yuxian.”

The lovely woman looked at Su Yu with her charming eyes, as she slightly furrowed her refined brows. It was obvious that Su Yu’s aged face was quite different than what she had imagined or expected.

As Su Yu sat down, the lovely woman’s expression changed quickly, and she revealed a bright and alluring smile, which made people feel close to her.

Then, Ruffian Long introduced her, “Junior brother Su, this is my senior sister, Xue Qi. It just happened that she had something to attend to in the outer sanctum today, so she came with me to take care of your loan.”

Su Yu looked fixedly at Xue Qi with a calm expression, which was as serene as lake water. “It doesn’t matter who came here with you, as I’m only concerned about whether you brought the elixir recipes and materials with you or not.”