The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 792

Chapter 792 Making Elixirs To Make Money


Xue Qi’s body flickered as she chased after Su Yu. After Su Yu left the restaurant, he quickly ran, then changed direction several times until he ended up in an empty and secluded alley, which was quite far from the residential district.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

At that moment, the three guys who followed him from the restaurant appeared. The trio’s facial features were somewhat similar, which probably meant that they were close relatives. Their cultivation bases were also quite powerful, as two of them were Level Five Fairies, while the other was a Level Six Fairy.

“Sirs, aren’t you going to say something… After following me for such a long time?” Su Yu turned around to face the three of them, his calm face slightly ice-cold.

He didn’t have a feud without anyone in the sanctum, so the only feud that he could think of was that which he had with the Shao family. They really didn’t know when to give up, as he still hadn’t paid them back for Shao Qingfeng’s sneak-attack, yet they had already come at him once again!

“You should be clear about what you have done… How you killed innocent people from our Shao family. You are really heartless and devoid of all good conscience. We have come here to take revenge for our family members.” One of the three men, who took the lead within the trio, spoke to Su Yu righteously and indignantly.

Su Yu felt like both his words and demeanor were really laughable. “Wow, that is ironic! You say that I’m utterly heartless because I killed about 10 people from your family, but your family, by setting up the Beast Tide, caused more than 100 participants’ deaths! Shouldn’t that be considered as being devoid of all humanity as well?”

He shook his head, clearly disgusted at their hypocrisy. “Moreover, I only personally killed the Shao Family’s young master alone, as for the others, they all died at the hands of the demonic beasts that were left over from the Beast Tide. Hence, you just reaped what you sowed, and it was the Heavenly Karma Cycle that gave you that appropriate retribution. So, why are you blaming it all on me?”

“You are just trying to delude people with you lies, Su Yuxian! You won’t survive this day.” The leader of the three people snorted coldly, as all three of them rushed at him.

The two Level Six Fairies just assisted from the sides, while the Level Six Fairy took charge of attacking him. He then yelled, “Three Dragons Fill the Sea!”

At that moment, the three people cultivated a joint attack technique, while their auras fused together and rose up to Level Seven Fairy Realm! As the three people attacked him together, they emitted a great might, which wasn’t any weaker than the past exploded charm’s might.

Su Yu’s gaze was calm, and as he clenched his fist, the surrounding space became heavier, while most of its air was absorbed. Su Yu held a black sphere in each of his hands, both of which were being quickly compressed.

“Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters, Fight!” Su Yu shouted.


As Su Yu’s two fists faced the trio’s six hands, the sound wave that was emitted from his palms swept through the surroundings. But, the three people, whose auras were fused together, managed to evade it, while bombarding Su Yu’s chest.

Su Yu’s expression was calm, while he used the same move once again. As the surrounding space became heavy once more, a large amount of air current flowed to Su Yu’s side, then revolved around him like black ribbons.

“Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters, Fighter!” he yelled.

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A loud explosion was heard, while the extremely powerful sound wave attack caused the Level Five Fairies to spout blood, as they had just been slammed against the wall by it. Now, only the Level Six Fairy, which, who was still barely composed, remained in the present fight.

As blood rushed to his mouth and filled it, his pupils contracted and became filled with shock. “You have shown complete mastery over the first level of a legendary cultivation technique! Who are you? How can you possess such a legendary cultivation technique?” he asked Su Yu.

Su Yu spoke coldly, “You ask too many questions.”

“If you don’t want to reply, then I will capture you and force you to answer me!” The Level Six Fairy’s eyes lit up as he threatened Su Yu. However, he was careful to remember that Shao Qingfeng had told the three of them that they must only injure him, not totally plunder him.

“Shaped Will Storm Fist!” The Level Six Fairy’s gaze became ice-cold as he shouted loudly.

Although his opponent had a legendary cultivation technique, he had a top-notch spirit cultivation technique, which he had mastered. So, pairing that with the disparity in their cultivations, he was pretty confident that he would be able to thoroughly crush him.

Su Yu’s gaze became ice-cold, and it was only when his opponent reached him that his arms shone like two golden dragons.


A loud noise echoed throughout the space as the bones in the Level Six Fairy’s arms were broken and his body was deflected back like a stone that had just rammed against a firm wall. While he was flying in the air, he spouted a great amount of blood.

He finally ended up colliding heavily against the wall, while he looked in disbelief at Su Yu, who was now taking back his golden arms. “You!” he cried out in shock and anger!


Su Yu came over to him, then stamped his chest with his feet and knocked him unconscious. Su Yu’s eyes flickered like lightning as he observed the surrounding wall, then fixed his gaze on a small alley that was behind the two walls in front of him. There was a person standing there, who seemed similar to the person who had detonated the charm within the past day and tried to kill Su Yu!

“Shao Qingfeng.” Su Yu’s gaze was ice-cold as he tapped the wall with his palm and shot into the air like a sparrow.

He then tapped the air with his feet and quickly reached the alley. However, he still found that the alley was empty. Although, he did sense the remnant aura of someone who had just been there, along with hearing a faint echoing sound.

“Da*n!” Shao Qingfeng cursed. He hadn’t expected that the two Level Five Fairies, as well as the Level Six Fairy, who he had sent, would be defeated by Su Yu so easily!

Even Xue Qi, who was observing him in secret and was ready to jump in at any moment to save him, was shocked. She then exclaimed in wonder, “A middle-grade legendary cultivation technique? He really hid his power quite well!”

She wanted to profit from his misfortune and force him to give her several quotas in exchange for helping him to get rid of his opponents, but she didn’t expect that he would be this powerful! As such, he had managed to easily and quickly take care of the three men!

The fact that he could accomplish such a feat, while just being a Level Two Fairy, made her take his power seriously. As such, Xue Qi retreated resentfully.

Su Yu looked in the direction that Xue Qi had just left from and started calculating the current time. He figured that it should be still in the afternoon, so there should be a long time until midnight. Hence, he turned around and went toward the Elixir Production Division, as he wanted to take a look at the elixirs’ prices.

What he really needed was to verify the prices of the low-grade spirit elixirs, which increased one’s cultivation base, like the Vital Energy Powder and Primordial Chaos Vital Pill. In the end, it turned out that it was really like what they said.

There was indeed a large supply of Vital Energy Powder available, which was being sold for 10 merit points per bottle. As for the Primordial Chaos Vital Pill, its price was set at 50 merit points, and there wasn’t even a single one for sale. As such, the profits that could be gained by selling the Primordial Chaos Vital Pills were no doubt near infinite!

Su Yu checked the price of the middle-grade spirit elixirs too. He paid particular attention to the price of those that were capable of increasing one’s cultivation base.

When Su Yu discovered the prices, he couldn’t help but smack his tongue, as they were quite expensive, the cheapest of them being sold for 100 merit points, while the more expensive ones reached 500 merit points! Clearly, they weren’t something that an ordinary disciple could afford!

I wonder how the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid’s cultivation increase effects compare to those elixirs’ effects? It shouldn’t be much worse, and its price would surely be high… Su Yu pondered inwardly.

Su Yu then sent Elder Liao to look for the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid’s materials. Su Yu figured that if the elder could find them and bring them back soon, then Su Yu could start refining some middle-grade spirit elixirs.

Apart from the elixirs, there were other elixir ingredients and tools, as well as furnaces, that were being sold here. Since Su Yu planned to make elixirs, then he knew that he must get his hands on a furnace. However, after he had a look at their prices, Su Yu almost retreated in defeat.

This was because the cheapest one was still priced at 400 merit points! He was shocked that the furnaces were unexpectedly this expensive! The reason why they were so expensive was that making them was quite difficult, as they needed to be made from materials that had a high resistance to fire.

Su Yu clenched his teeth as he spent the 400 merit points and bought the cheapest furnace. This left him with just 350 merit points left.

He then began to look for a place to refine the Vital Energy Powder and Primordial Chaos Vital Pills. There was a place in the sanctum, which had something similar to the Yuan Family’s earthly fire within it.

But, it wasn’t used to make elixirs, but was just used to aid cultivators’ cultivations. It was known as the Raging Flame Cabinet and it was located right beside the cultivation room.

Su Yu still had a lingering fear of this particular cultivation room, as that was where he had run into the transvestite. That was an experience that had scared him greatly and left a deep shadow in his heart.

Su Yu passed by the cultivation room swiftly, then rushed into the Raging Flame Cabinet and spent yet another 100 merit points. Such a price caused Su Yu to sigh with mixed emotions, as he realized once again the importance of merit points.

When he entered the Raging Flame Cabinet, he found that its temperature was much higher than outside. Thus, it was difficult for him to adapt to the heat for a moment..

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There were many private rooms of various sizes in the cabinet, which had many flames, as well as a device for adjusting each room’s temperature. All of these factors made the space quite suitable for the production of elixirs.

When Su Yu was just about to choose one of the rooms, he saw a woman with a voluptuous body, who seemed to be in her forties, standing there. Her face was somewhat rosy, as she had probably stayed in this warm environment for a long time already, and she was quite alluring.

Her cultivation was at the Divine Master Realm, and it was obvious that she was the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master.

“Lad, if you want to enter a room, then you must pay another 200 merit points, and your time within it is restricted to just 10 hours.” As the alluring Cabinet Master sized up Su Yu, she was somewhat baffled by his appearance. She wondered how there could be such an old disciple.

The corners of Su Yu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch when he heard her words regarding the merit points fee, but as it was for refining elixirs, he could only pay the price. However, this left him with just 50 merit points remaining.

He had only come to the sanctum just a day and a half ago, yet his original amount of 1,000 merit points had quickly disappeared like flowing water! Su Yu felt that he really couldn’t support such expenditures any longer, so he knew that he must quickly start refining elixirs.

After Su Yu entered the private room, he started refining elixirs with ease. He started by memorizing the Vital Energy Powder recipe, without overlooking any slight detail, before he proceeded in refining the elixirs.

Su Yu used the Milky Way Star Sand to completely purify twenty ingredients, which left them quite transparent and without even a single impurity. Just after that, Su Yu started trying to make the Vital Energy Power.

Su Yu completed as usual the preparation, such as controlling the flames, as well as the fusion of the elixir, without a single mistake. When he opened the furnace, a white powder surged out of it because of the great pressure within it.

Su Yu waved his hand, compressed the powder, then put it into the bottle. The powder made from this single batch of ingredients was just enough to completely fill the bottle.

Two fluorescent lights could be faintly seen, which were emanating from the powder. They were shaped like veins.

“A second-grade spirit elixir!” Su Yu exclaimed as he wore a faint smile.

In the past, he could only make first-grade elixirs, but by learning how to purify the ingredients completely, he had manage to make a second-grade elixir!