The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 794

Chapter 794 Demon Meeting


Su Yu felt a soft sensation in his forehead, and his heart became somewhat nervous, as he really couldn’t bear the sight of such an alluring vixen. So, he spoke hurriedly, “Cabinet Master, I will look for you tomorrow. In the meantime, please prepare the Primordial Chaos Vital Pill’s ingredients.”

After he spoke, Su Yu quickly pushed open the gate and left, as if he was escaping from something. The alluring Cabinet Master couldn’t help but chuckle as she looked at his flustered state.

Then, she revealed a thoughtful look as she watched Su Yu leave… What an interesting guy. I’d really like to invite him into our organization.

After Su Yu left the Raging Flame Cabinet, he felt like he had finally been relieved from a heavy burden. When he looked up at the sky, he saw that a bright moon was rising. He then remembered…

Oh no! The Demons’ 30th federation conference is about to start!

After an hour.

Four people were sitting cross-legged, one atop each of the four eastern, southern, western, and northern residences of the Demon Mountain. The surroundings were quiet and calm, and the expressions of the four people were all quite solemn.

When Su Yu returned, he couldn’t help but jump in fright, as he felt the solemn and austere ambiance. He looked at Zi Xuan, who was already atop his room, before he tapped the ground with his feet, and jumped up there to join him.


At this moment, the lamps in the surroundings suddenly shone and illuminated the pitch-black mountain brightly, while the eyes of the four people suddenly snapped open and flickered like lightning. They were all looking at the roof of the central residence.

“You are really bold, as you dared to make all of us wait for you.” The first one to speak was North Ice, Bing Wuxin.

She wore a long, snow-white robe, which had several golden dragon pictures depicted on it. She had an ice-cold face and fluttering black hair, and she emitted a quite valiant and heroic aura.

Her eyes were filled with flames of anger at this moment, and she glared at Su Yu viciously. Su Yu evaded her gaze, as he had a guilty conscience.

Zi Xuan was curious about where Su Yu had been. “Why did you just return now? Did some matter delay you?”

Su Yu shrugged his shoulders. “There was a small matter in the Raging Flame Cabinet…”

Before he could even finish his words, Bing Wuxin’s gaze became ice-cold and she interrupted him by asking, “It could be nothing other than your being mesmerized by that vixen, right?”

Su Yu was somewhat displeased to hear this woman speaking so harshly towards him.

“If you think I’m mistaken, then why don’t you take a look in a mirror and have a clear look at your forehead?” Bing Wuxin sneered at him with disdain.

What? My forehead? Su Yu touched his forehead subconsciously, which caused his palm to be smeared with red.

Oh no! Is there a lips-mark there? The corners of Su Yu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. That vixen! Now, no matter what he said, he couldn’t defend himself!

“Are you at a loss of words? You lecher.” Bing Wuxin spoke to Su Yu resentfully.

As she thought about the last day’s matters, she couldn’t help but become more angry, as after she was heavily injured by this newcomer, she still couldn’t freely move. Moreover, her whole body had already been seen by him!

Just as Su Yu found himself in this distressing situation, a sweet-sounding voice, which was as crisp as a yellow oriole’s, transmitted to his ears. “Sister Wuxin, let it be. Brother Su didn’t do it on purpose.”

Su Yu pricked up his ears when he heard the familiar-sounding voice, and he was somewhat surprised by it. He couldn’t help but look toward its source, where he saw a lovely 10-year-old girl, who wore a purple dress.

Su Yu cried out involuntarily, “Aren’t you the young girl I met in the middle of the mountain yesterday, who led me to the central residence? Are you also one of the four demons?”

The young girl, who was on the roof of one of the residences, revealed a sweet smile, when she heard his words. “Hehe, I’m sorry brother Su, but I couldn’t inform you in time yesterday. I’m Gongsun Wuxie.”

Su Yu’s mind went blank for a moment, then his expression became grave as he said, “Wait! It’s you… Gongsun Wuxie! You’re the one who left your residence to us before you stayed in the central residence with Bing Wuxin. Since that’s the case, then why did you still lead me to the central residence, without informing me that Bing Wuxin was inside it?”

When Bing Wuxin, who already had doubts about such a matter, heard his words. Her expression changed and she glared at Gongsun Wuxie. It was obvious that Gongsun Wuxie was the one behind all of this mischief!

“I will cut you with my sword!” Bing Wuxin was greatly infuriated.

Gongsun Wuxie’s title of East Evil was given to her just because of her eccentric and extremely evil behavior. So, it was no surprise that Bing Wuxin was played by her yesterday, too!

“Ahh! Sister Wuxin, it’s awful! I admit my mistake, but I was just joking with you! Who would have expected that brother Su would attack you so ruthlessly?” Gongsun Wuxie clasped her hands together before her chest, while she revealed a pitiful look.

But, Su Yu noticed that her pupils were rolling around in her head, so it was obvious that she was scheming something. The image of this seemingly kind and lovable little girl, was wholly reversed in Su Yu’s mind.

In his perspective, she was obviously not a kind-hearted girl, but a blackhearted one! In fact, he had almost lost his life yesterday because of this blackhearted girl!

“I won’t forgive you.” Bing Wuxin was greatly infuriated, and she drew her sword and thrust it at her.

Gongsun Wuxie was scared by her sudden outburst, and she unceasingly cried loudly, while she tapped the roof with the tip of her feet and flew to the roof of the western residence to hide behind a scholar-looking guy.

Once she had arrived there, she cried out, “Sister Wuxin, I admit my mistake. Brother Shanliang, please save me!”

The western residence’s owner was clearly the guy called West Poison, and he was also the head of the four demons. It was rumored that he was even more terrifying than Bing Wuxin!

Su Yu started sizing him up carefully. He was a pale-faced youth. In fact, his face was as white as paper, as if it didn’t have even a drop of blood within it!

The region between his eyebrows was even somewhat blue, and his eyes were dim and lusterless. He looked as if he was gravely ill, and he seemed like he was a weak and frail youth.

Cough! Cough!

West Poison used the handkerchief in his right hand to cover his mouth, while he coughed softly. His health seemed to be in quite a bleak state.

He raised his head, looked at Bing Wuxin, then forced himself to reveal a faint smile as he said, “Wuxin is still just a child. Surely a person of great moral stature like yourself won’t care about such a small child’s offense, right?”

Bing Wuxin raised her brows and was about to fly into another rage, but West Poison started heavily coughing once again.


At that moment, a big mouthful of blood flew out of his mouth like a blood-red light beam, and a grand amount of blood was sprinkled into the air. Su Yu jumped in fright at the sight of it, while he wondered…

What kind of illness could be this grave that he would spout such an excessive amount of blood?

“I’m okay.” West Poison said as he wiped the blood away from the corners of his mouth. “It’s just that I had a large amount of blood that I needed to spit some of it out. It will be fine once you get used it…”


As he spoke, he spouted out yet another large amount of blood from his mouth. Su Yu’s forehead became filled with black lines as he wondered… Who is this person?

Gongsun Wuxie looked toward the southern residence and asked weakly, “Brother Renyao, why don’t you speak for me too, as sister Wuxin wants to beat me? Also, Brother Renyao, why are your eyes looking so fixedly at brother Su?”

Su Yu looked at the southern residence’s roof when he heard her words. There, he saw a man, who wore a snow-white robe, standing quietly. He had strange, long blue hair, which fluttered in the air, as well as an extremely sharp, yet handsome face, which shocked Su Yu greatly.

Su Yu had seen many handsome men, and he was also quite handsome himself, but he still had a feeling of inferiority as he looked at the man in front of him. This man had fair and smooth skin, as well as soft-looking cheeks and refined facial features. His eyes were a water-like blue color, and they were filled with melancholy and affection.

At first glance, he was almost feminine, like an extremely beautiful woman. Even a gorgeous woman would be envious of his beautiful complexion. In fact, Su Yu had never once seen such a handsome and mesmerizing man!

“Junior brother Su, hello.” South Monster revealed a warm smile, while his soft and gentle, yet still manly voice reverberated throughout the surroundings.

Su Yu’s heart inexplicably fluttered for an instant, as he couldn’t help but be calmed by his voice, even though his heart shuddered. This man was too beautiful, to the point that he could mesmerize even men. Hence, if Su Yu wasn’t careful, then someone might anoint him or assault him!

While Su Yu tried to calm his shocked heart, his eyes were still crystal clear. As Su Yu cupped his fists at him and saluted him, he said, “I’m Su Yuxian. Greetings senior brother, may I ask you your name?”

The handsome man chuckled gracefully, then replied warmly, “My name is Tian Renyao, but you can just call me Renyao, like Wuxie.”

Su Yu nodded. “Okay.”

Su Yu felt like such a name was familiar-sounding to him for an unknown reason, as if he had once heard it someplace else. As Su Yu surveyed his surroundings, he felt like Tian Renyao was the only normal person here.

The East Evil, Gongsun Wuxie, seemed innocent and harmless, yet she was an extremely evil and blackhearted girl. The North Ice, Bing Wuxin, was just like her name, cold, heartless, rude and unreasonable.

The West Poison, Bai Shanliang, possessed an inexhaustible amount of blood, which he could unceasingly vomit, and he also seemed to have a habit of ending his speeches abruptly. Thus, only Tian Renyao seemed normal.

However, Su Yu felt like the gazes that Bing Wuxin, Gongsun Wuxie, and Bai Shanliang shot him were all somewhat odd. Gongsun Wuxie’s gaze seemed like that of someone, who was taking pleasure in another’s misfortune, while Bai Shanliang’s gaze was filled with sympathy. Bing Wuxin’s gaze was filled with pity.

Su Yu’s heart skipped a beat as he wondered… What is amiss here?

At this moment, Tian Renyao spoke once again, and it was only at such a moment that Su Yu noticed that Tian Renyao’s gaze didn’t leave him for even a second. It was his fixed gaze that caused Su Yu to feel like something was really amiss.

“Junior brother Su, I really didn’t expect that we would end up becoming neighbors the next time we saw each other. We seem to have a predestined affinity between us, as from the first moment I saw you, I knew that we were destined to meet each other again.” Tian Renyao looked at Su Yu, while his handsome face blushed slightly.

Su Yu was startled by this and began to wonder…

Why did his face just become red? What is happening here?

“Senior brother Tian, what are you saying?” Su Yu had an extremely bad premonition about all of this.

Tian Renyao chuckled as he revealed an extremely charming look and strode forward, while speaking coquettishly, “Brother Su, did you forget me this quickly? We met yesterday at the public fighting room! Didn’t you fall in love with me at first sight? How can you forget me this quickly?”


It seemed to Su Yu like a million claps of thunder resounded in his mind at that moment! He instantly recalled yesterday’s black memory. There was a transvestite, with hairy legs, who had confessed his love for him madly, which forced him to run away in terror!

Su Yu suddenly recalled that the transvestite had said that his name was Renyao! He was the South Monster, Renyao!

Su Yu felt his mind reeling. Tian Renyao was yesterday’s transvestite, which explained the title South Monster that was given to him just because of such a reason!

“Brother Su, did you finally remember me? We are now beneath the full moon, surrounded by brightly lit lamps, so we mustn’t waste such a great ambiance! Come here, and let’s pass this night together!” As he spoke, Tian Renyao swung his hips as he walked toward Su Yu seductively.

Su Yu’s whole body trembled, while goosebumps appeared on his skin. Gongsun Wuxie laughed heartily and clapped as she looked at such a scene, while Bing Wuxin grinned, clearly taking great pleasure in Su Yu’s misfortune.

It was only Bai Shanliang, who was also a man like him, who coughed heavily, while he spoke meaningfully and sincerely, “Renyao, we should first start the meeting, as for love affairs, they should be left until later.”

Tian Renyao replied resentfully, “Ah! Brother Shanliang, you are finally willing to pay attention to me? You were always hiding from me, and I was quite hurt by it.”