The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 795

Chapter 795 Supreme Central Demon


Bai Shanliang’s pale face turned even more pale, and he started coughing. After a short while, he wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and said, “It will be better to take care of proper business now. As such, our Demon Mountain’s Alliance’s eighteenth meeting will now begin.”

He cleared his throat, then said, “Our first affair will be welcoming our new demon, Su Yuxian. Everyone, please give a round of applause and welcome him.”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Gongsun Wuxie applauded cheerfully as a crafty glint flickered in her eyes. Meanwhile, Bai Shanliang and Tian Renyao wore big smiles on their faces.

Even Bing Wuxin was applauding and welcoming him. It was only Su Yu who wore a gloomy look as he asked, “Who’s a demon? It’s you all who are the demons! Even your whole families are comprised of demons!”

Gongsun Wuxie then said with a smile, “Don’t be like this. You should be proud of becoming the fifth demon. Didn’t you notice how everyone, from disciples to cabinet masters and even palace masters, look at us with rapt attention each time we go out? We are very popular in the outer sanctum.”

Su Yu wiped the sweat from his forehead as he thought… This lassie is really talking rubbish!

After all, he knew that all of the sanctum disciples who saw any of the four demons rolling and crawling, while trying to run frantically, almost started crying for their moms and dads. In fact, all of the places the demons passed by would be left completely isolated. Hence, the demons were, in reality, considered even worse than those people born under the star of disaster!

Bai Shanliang coughed lightly, then said, “Junior brother Su Yu. People have probably misunderstood us. In fact, all demons are kind, benevolent, and are always helping the sanctum’s disciples and caring for the world’s safety. We have always treated disciples kindly, with the utmost care. We’ve tried to help them in every possible way…”

He suddenly puked a mouthful of blood before he finally finished his words, “So, junior brother Su, you should change your view of us. Our Demon Mountain is really a place that is filled with affection and love.”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu rolled his eyes several times. In the disciples’ eyes, all demons from the Demon Mountain were abnormal. Yet now, he was being forced to join them and become the fifth demon!

As he thought about this, Su Yu felt bitter inside. But, he tell anyone about his troubles.

“The second affair regards the matter that caused a sensation in the whole outer sanctum. Junior brother Su forced himself on junior sister Bing and slept with her! We must discuss this matter,” Bai Shanliang said.

What? Su Yu widened his eyes in shock and horror upon hearing this.

“Who started this rumor?” Before Su Yu could protest this, Bing Wuxin, who almost went crazy when he heard this, immediately asked.

Bai Shanliang shrugged his shoulders, then replied, “I don’t know, but it has already spread throughout both the outer and inner sanctums that the newcomer, junior brother Su, forced himself upon Bing Wuxin. Moreover, everyone has heard that they got together and became lovers. This is also the reason why junior brother Su became the fifth demon.”

Bai Shanliang then added, “It’s because people outside already conferred you the title of Supreme Central Demon. The significance of this title shows that you aren’t afraid to force yourself upon anyone, as you forced yourself on even the outer sanctum’s number one expert, Bing Wuxin! Thus, you were given this title of supreme evil!”

Bai Shanliang paused for a moment, then said, “Henceforth, the five demons altogether are East Evil, West Poison, South Monster, North Ice and Central Supreme.”

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Su Yu made a face as he wondered… Who started this awful rumor?

Bing Wuxin was so infuriated that her whole body shivered. They had unexpectedly slandered her by claiming that she had already lost her virtue!

Who did this? Su Yu and Bing Wuxin both raged inwardly at the same time. The harmless-looking Gongsun Wuxie was also wearing a sinister look.

As such, it was obvious that she had done it. She was indeed a black-hearted young girl!

Tian Renyao wore a pitiful expression as he looked at Bing Wuxin and said, “Wuxin, It seems that I have really treated you as my sister in vain. How could you steal one’s love like this? Ah! I, I really can’t continue living any longer.”

Bing Wuxin was driven mad by this comment and shouted, “Shut up!”

After she spoke, she pulled out her sword and pointed it at Su Yu. She then yelled, “It’s all because of you! I will kill you!”

Su Yu was also irritated now. “Fine, let’s see how much your injuries have recovered.”

When Bai Shanliang witnessed them about to start a fight, he coughed and said, “Since this matter has already escalated to this point, fighting each other is already meaningless. Hence, you must look for another way to resolve this issue.”

He thought for a moment, then said, “I have a good suggestion… Why don’t we announce to the world that they hit it off, then both consented to it?”

Su Yu didn’t even give this a single thought before he and Bing Wuxin shouted at the exact same time, “That’s out of the question!”

After all, Su Yu was already married, so how could he possibly announce consenting to such a thing? Moreover, even if he wasn’t married, he would surely not choose to have a relationship with a demoness, who would kill people for any reason!

Since they were both unwilling to agree to this, Bai Shanliang could only sigh and say, “Fine. Supreme, you must prepare yourself. You will shortly become the target of many inner sanctum’s disciples ire. Many devilish geniuses of the inner sanctum have decided to take Wuxin as their future wife, so they will surely hunt you down after learning about how you forced yourself on her.”

He then added, “You shouldn’t take their powers and backers lightly, as even if you were a genius, valued highly by the outer sanctum, you still couldn’t survive if they decided to target you.”

He shook his head, then said, “As for you, Wuxin, you should prepare yourself to be summoned back by your family. I remember that your family had strict requirements about your future husband, and once they learn of this matter, you can’t continue to stay in the outer sanctum. You will surely be brought back your family by force.”

Upon hearing these things, Su Yu remained nonchalant, while Bing Wuxin’s expression became grave and she immediately fell silent.

After seeing their reactions, Bai Shanliang sighed, thought a moment more, then said, “My advice is… You should both become fiancés in name. That way, the devilish geniuses won’t make trouble for junior brother Su. As for Wuxin’s family, they will come here to examine Su Yu, and if he meets their standards, you won’t be brought back with them by force.”

He then added, “After all, the Glittering Jewel Wonderland will open up shortly, and Wuxin surely doesn’t want all of her efforts to have been in vain.”

Bing Wuxin pursed her lips, then raised her fierce eyes and glared at Su Yu as she said, “You must take responsibility for me.”

Su Yu was shocked to hear this, and he couldn’t help but wonder… When did I ever do anything inappropriate to Bing Wuxin? So… What could I need to take responsibility for?

It was fortunate that Bing Wuxin quickly realized how ambiguous her words were just now, so she changed her statement quickly, “What I mean is… It’s because of you that my name has been stained! Also, I can’t possibly leave before the Glittering Jewel Wonderland’s opening!”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu got lost in his thoughts. The Red Blood Palace’s state was complicated and tricky, and it wasn’t short of experts with powerful backers. Su Yu could hide from the five All Creation Old Monsters outside the sanctum, but he couldn’t fathom how could he hide from an attack from hidden enemies!

After he mulled this over for a long while, he raised his head and said with a firm look, “Fine. I will accept this, but it’s only until the Glittering Jewel Wonderland’s opening.”

It was only after hearing this that Bing Wuxin’s expression turned for the better.

Bai Shanliang then revealed a faint smile and announced loudly, “North Ice, Bing Wuxin and Central Supreme, Su Yuxian became lovers, so let’s applaud them!”

After hearing this, Gongsun Wuxie, who always hoped for the world to descend into chaos, started clapping energetically.

Su Yu looked at Bai Shanliang with resentment in his eyes as Bai Shanliang suddenly puked a mouthful of blood. He was clearly faking feeling unwell.

After all, he had just given a lengthy speech and was clearly fine moments before. In fact, he had never looked more vigorous and strong, without any signs of his previous frailness.

As Bai Shanliang felt Su Yu’s fierce glare upon him, his face suddenly turned deathly pale, and he puked another large mouthful of blood. After he wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, Bai Shanliang spoke weakly, “I feel quite unwell… I am even puking blood…”

Black lines appeared on Su Yu’s forehead as he rolled his eyes and thought… He really has worthless acting skills!

Moreover, when Su Yu witnessed Zi Xuan looking at this sight, while mulling over it earnestly, he was really left speechless.

“The third affair is about the trip to the Elegant Spirit Mountain,” Bai Shanliang “miraculously” recovered from his fake sickness to continued speaking.

As he looked at Su Yu, he said, “We must unite together and help each other. Our Demon Mountain has an eternal and glorious history, with long traditions that we have carried for so many years through all kinds of trials and hardships.”

He paused for a moment, then continued, “It will be dangerous for junior brother Su to go to the Elegant Spirit Mountain alone, so how can we just abandon him? I’m willing to selflessly offer my help and follow junior brother Su in order to help him excavate a wasteland.”

Gongsun Wuxie raised her hand and wore a solemn look as she said, “Count me in, too. Since I’m a demoness, I’m also willing to offer my help for free and follow junior brother Su there as well.”

Tian Renyao also piped up in a coquettish manner, saying, “I would follow brother Yuxian anywhere, so I will also go and help him.”

As Bing Wuxin took a glance at Su Yu, she bit her lips and her face became slightly flushed. “I will also go with him,” she said.

Su Yu looked at all of them in shock as he wondered… What can I possibly say in the face of such people, who are being shameless to such a high degree?

At this moment, Su Yu felt like he had really jumped into a fire pit. How can these people be considered demons? They are obviously just abnormal and shameless organisms!

“Well then… That will be 10,000 merit points for each quota, and it’s up to you whether you come or not,” Su Yu said. He was not about to let them take advantage of him!

Bai Shanliang was taken aback by this, and he spoke as if he had just been greatly insulted by him, “Junior brother Su, how can you behave like this? We wanted to help you out of the kindness of our hearts, yet you seek to snatch away our merit points? You are really too shameless!”

Su Yu replied calmly,” Will you buy the quotas or not?”

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“I won’t!” Bai Shanliang refusal was firm as he crossed his arms before his chest and raised his head high.

Su Yu stroked his chin as he said, “Well… You should know that I had planned on giving the first one to buy a quota preferential treatment, and even give him a discount. But…”

“Hey, junior brother Su, what are you talking about? How could I take advantage of you?” Bai Shanliang’s expression changed immediately after hearing Su Yu’s words about a discount.

In the next second, Bai Shanliang immediately flew at Su Yu, held his badge, and said, “I will buy it! After all, 9,000 merit points is nothing to me. I can afford it. Come on. Hurry up!”

His transformation was shockingly quick, as he changed his outlook as quick as a book flipping its pages.

“Shameless!” Gongsun Wuxie, Bing Wuxin and Tian Renyao all exclaimed, while making faces.

Su Yu wiped the sweat from his forehead as he thought… It’s really a pity that this guy doesn’t perform in opera houses! What a faker!

As Su Yu and Bai Shanliang’s imbued their Spiritual Energies into their own badges and controlled them, 9,000 merit points were transferred to Su Yu’s badge.

“And… What about you all?” Su Yu asked as he looked at the remaining three people.

Gongsun Wuxie walked over to Su Yu angrily and gave him 10,000 merit points. Bing Wuxin wore a cold look and remained in place. As for Tian Renyao, Su Yu didn’t dare to let him approach him, so he asked Bai Shanliang to take his place. Now, he had just one left out of the six quotas for the Elegant Spirit Mountain.

“Zi Xuan, why don’t you take a trip and come with us?” Su Yu asked.

Zi Xuan tilted her head, then asked, “Why would I go there?”

Su Yu compressed his voice, then transmitted it to her, asking, “What if Su Yu is there by chance?”

Zi Xuan’s eyes flickered brightly after receiving the message, and she responded in kind, “Okay! I will go!”

As Su Yu could now set his mind at ease, he chuckled inwardly. After all, he now had four demons, an inner sanctum’s Divine Master Realm disciple, and an All Creation Old Monster! Even if Shao Yueming’s trap was more deadly, it would be like frail paper to Su Yu now!

“Haha, our Demon Mountain’s alliance eighteenth meeting will come to an end here.” Bai Shanliang laughed loudly. It seemed like he was quite delighted due to getting a quota.

The other three demons all heaved sighs of relief. It seemed like they coveted the trip to the Elegant Spirit Mountain.

“Let’s go. Since all five great demons have gathered here, we mustn’t leave until we are good and drunk! Let’s go to the Heavenly Peak Tower!” Bai Shanliang was in high spirits as he invited them to go out drinking to celebrate.

Su Yu rolled his eyes at him, then said calmly, “Senior brother Shanliang, since you are the head of the demons, you must treat us…”

Bai Shanliang’s face turned pale suddenly, and he puked out a large mouthful of blood, while his body went soft. He breathed heavily as he said, “Ah! Ah! I don’t feel too well all of a sudden… I think I’m dying!”


Bai Shanliang suddenly fell down and was now laying in a pool of his blood. However, tired of his dramatics, the other four demons just stepped over him calmly and walked away. Only Zi Xuan observed him seriously for a little while before she grew bored and went back to the residence.