The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 796

Chapter 796 The Ghost Clans Vestiges


Early the next morning, Su Yu left the Demon Mountain and went into the Raging Flame Cabinet. Along the way, everyone eyed him with gazes that were filled with respect and fright.

Bitter emotions welled up in Su Yu’s heart, as his title as the supreme being, who dared to assault anyone, had seemed to have already spread throughout the whole sanctum…

“Wow! Did you see him? He is the new fifth demon, the Central Supreme!”

“It seems like he has already received the other four demons’ approvals and become a new demon.”

“Let’s escape, quickly! Since he is now here, you must hide all of your junior sisters and your wives!”

As Su Yu’s hearing was quite sharp, when these comments crossed his ears he almost spouted blood from anger. He wore a dark look on his face as he went into the Raging Flame Cabinet. When he inserted the badge and entered, he was greeted by the alluring Cabinet Master, Xue Lian, who wore a faint smile as she looked at him.

“Well! The Supreme Central Demon has come here at last! Your presence brings honor to my humble cabinet.” The alluring Cabinet Master laughed until her whole body shook. It was only today that she had learned that Su Yu was now titled the Supreme Central Demon.

Su Yu rolled his eyes at her. “Stop uttering nonsense! Where are the ingredients?”

The alluring Cabinet Master still wished to continue making fun out of Su Yu, so she brought him into a private room at the end of the cabinet and said, “This way… This is a private room that was awarded to me by the sanctum, and there is no need to pay any merit points to use it.”

She then added, “All of ingredients are within it, and as a precaution against any unexpected accidents, I brought forty batches of ingredients for you. So, feel free to make as much as you want.”

After Su Yu entered the private room, he quickly started making elixirs. Since he already had a past successful experience, making the Primordial Chaos Vital Pills was quite easy for him.

He started methodically making Vital Return pills, one after another, while the alluring Cabinet Master was unceasingly dispersing the fragrance emitted by them. As they worked, a faint smile appeared on her charming face.

When night fell, Su Yu, whose whole body was exhausted, walked out of the Raging Flame Cabinet. On his way out, he passed twenty pills to her.

Delight appeared on the alluring Cabinet Master’s face as she looked at the pills. “Lad, it will entirely depend on you whether I can get rich or not.”

As she spoke, she was about to kiss Su Yu’s cheek once again, but Su Yu quickly evaded her. The Cabinet Master revealed a sweet smile, then bid farewell to Su Yu without another word.

Su Yu then went to the Demon Mountain. Along the way, he passed by the Heavenly Peak Tower, and when he look inside it, he found that Shangguan Yunque and several of his friends were there.

These friends included his drinking buddies, whom he had vouched for regarding their loans, as well as another thick and strong man. The man wore a thick, barbed necklace and his upper body was bare. He had a ferocious look on his face, and it could be seen with just a single look that he wasn’t a benevolent guy!

Currently, Shangguan Yunque and the others were reassuring him repeatedly about something, which made Su Yu immediately wonder… Is he a guarantor for their loans?

Su Yu furrowed his brows slightly. He had hoped that Shangguan Yunque would be more prudent when helping people, not letting himself get caught up in troublesome affairs. Su Yu continued on, while shaking his head.

After Su Yu returned to the Demon Mountain, he found all four of the demons cultivating in their residences. The mountain wasn’t as bustling with noise and excitement like when they gathered here before. After he returned to his room, he found that Zi Xuan wasn’t in it, but she had left a letter behind.

The short letter read: “I will search the sanctum for a while…”

She was clearly not willing to give up, and she had wanted to quickly go and find Su Yu. Su Yu wore a smile as he closed his eyes.

He wanted to start cultivating. However, at this moment, a fluctuation, which he hadn’t felt for a long time, transmitted to his mind.

The small kylin? The curious Su Yu entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl with his soul. When he had just entered it, the small kylin pounced at him, then started rubbing itself against his chest.

Ever since the world-destroying battle that had occurred in Zhenlong, the small kylin had stayed in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. It had been sleeping all this time, so it must have been quite bored!

“I want to go out to play,” the small kylin said to Su Yu as it put its legs on his shoulder.

Su Yu was startled. This was his first time hearing the kylin utter complete sentences. When he carefully observed it, he found out that it was bigger than it had been before, and as he held it in his embrace, he felt that it was heavier, too.

Did it evolve? Su Yu was astonished.

“You can speak?” Su Yu asked curiously.

The small kylin nodded. “I can! Master, I want to go out to play.” Although it could speak, it seemed like its mind was still quite juvenile.

“I’m now in a place that is filled with powerful experts, and if you left rashly, then you would end up being discovered by them. So, it’s only in special situations that I can let you out, do you understand?” Su Yu spoke with him in the Demon Clan’s language.

The small kylin pouted and shook its body mischievously. “I want to go out! I want to go out.”

In the face of such whining, Su Yu was left without a choice. He could only comply, “Fine, but not right now. There aren’t any seals on the residence that I’m in currently, so I will let you out tomorrow.”

Hearing this, the small kylin was satisfied. That same night, an uproar rose in the outer sanctum.

An unknown outer sanctum disciple had taken out twenty Primordial Chaos Vital Pills at the same time, then started selling them wantonly at the price of 70 merit points each!

Some of the disciples, who quickly heard of the news, came to him and bought them all to greedily store them up. Many people, who heard such news only later on, were frustrated, as they wanted some too.

In a private room that night.

Ruffian Long looked gravely at the Primordial Chaos Vital Pill that was in his hand. A woman was sitting cross-legged behind him. She was the inner sanctum disciple, Xue Qi.

Her eyes flickered slightly as she asked, “Well? Did you get any clues from it?”

Ruffian Long smiled as he asked, “Senior sister, are you cracking a joke? Although I have some skills in appraising elixirs, how could I dare to show them off in front of you?”

Xue Qi glared at him.

Ruffian Long wore a bashful expression, while he looked at the pill carefully and spoke in a grave voice, “Well, although I’m not really knowledgeable about elixirs, I still know a little something about them, and it seems to me like this pill wasn’t made by the Elixir Division.”

“And?” Xue Qi urged him to continue.

Ruffian Long continued on, “The pill is perfectly round, as if it was made by Heaven, which means that the person who made it was an experienced alchemist, who had a great grasp over flames control and the fusion process. Moreover, since the pill was this full and has such a rich fragrance, it was obvious that it was made by a high-grade alchemy technique.”

Xue Qi nodded after she heard this. She then shook her head and said, “You’re not mistaken, but you still didn’t mention something…”

Ruffian Long bowed as he spoke, “I would like to hear the details about it…”

As Xue Qi took the pill in her hand, her charming look disappeared and was replaced by an extremely serious expression. “The most special thing about this pill is its ingredients’ purity. They are extremely pure, and if I hadn’t just seen it with my own eyes, then I really couldn’t believe that there is someone in the world who could purify a pill to such a perfect degree.”

She then added, “Even if he was a great alchemist, it would still be difficult for him to get rid of all of the ingredients’ impurities, and although it is feasible in principle, it’s nearly impossible in practice, as many impurities are born from the ingredients alone, making it nearly impossible to get rid of them.”

She then concluded, “I almost feel like it isn’t a human who purified them, as it seems like some other special method was used on them.”

Ruffian Long was puzzled by her words. “Is there a magical treasure that is capable of purifying ingredients in this world?”

Xue Qi shook her head. “This is precisely the matter that I’m incapable of understanding. Although there are all kinds of weapons and treasures in the world, I have never once heard about any purification treasures, and even if some existed, the principles behind their usage would still be incomprehensible to humans.”

She then added, “It is because of this that I’m inclined to believe that it was done by some high-grade alchemist.”

Ruffian Long sucked in a breath of cold air. “Then… What should we do to get into contact with such a great alchemist?”

Xue Qi shook her head. “Such a great person isn’t someone the likes of us can approach. However, you can still try to approach the elixirs seller and convince him to pass the elixirs to us, then let us sell them on his behalf.”

Ruffian Long chuckled. “This is quite simple! Although the elixir seller put in an effort by passing them to an unknown lad, there is still no one who can fool me in the outer sanctum! So… I know…”

Xue Qi raised her brows slightly, “Well? Who is it, then?”

“The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master, Xue Lian!” Ruffian Long said. “However, it’s just because the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master didn’t feel like hiding her status and didn’t really fear anyone that I managed to discover her.”

Xue Qi’s expression changed slightly upon hearing this. After she was quiet for a long while, Xue Qi’s eye flickered as she asked, “Since it’s her, then I’m obliged to take a trip there personally, as none of you can take care of this woman.”

In a private room in another place, a muscular man, who wore a barbed necklace around his neck, respectfully stood behind a Level Eight Fairy Realm man, who asked, “Brother Qingfeng, should we go to meet the elixirs’ owner?” They also have a Primordial Chaos Vital Pill.”

If Su Yu had been here, he would have surely recognized the Level Eight Fairy Realm man as Shao Qingfeng, who had attacked him in secret two times already!

Shao Qingfeng’s gaze flickered as he held the pill and replied, “We will surely do so, as Primordial Chaos Vital Pills are a rare commodity, and if we can get the help of the person who made them, we will surely be able to dominate the market and get great benefits. This would surely delight the seniors in the inner sanctum! We will go to take care of it tomorrow!”

The next morning, Su Yu went once again to the Raging Flame Cabinet. The alluring Cabinet Master wore a faint smile as she gave him today’s twenty batches of ingredients.

She also gave him his share of yesterday’s earnings. After she had deducted her share out of them, she had sneakily not given Su Yu his exact fair share.

“There aren’t any merit points missing, are there?” The alluring Cabinet Master was in a good mood today as she asked.

Su Yu wore a faint smile. “Did you really sell them for only 60 merit points each?”

The alluring Cabinet Master’s expression stiffened for a moment before she revealed a bright smile. “The market price is always fluctuating, and there are times when it’s quite low. As such, I can’t influence it or control it.”

After Su Yu made some more inquiries, he found that this woman had actually sold all of them for 70 merit points each, so it couldn’t be denied that she had really gained a large sum for herself.

“Fine… As long as you can guarantee that their prices won’t be any lower than 60 merit points in the future, it doesn’t really concern me.” Su Yu wasn’t willing to haggle over such a matter or make a fuss over it, so he entered the alchemy room and closed the door.

It was only now that Su Yu felt like they were somewhat safe, so he let the small kylin out. The small kylin started jumping around excitedly.

Su Yu set up the furnace as he said, “Don’t leave this room. This room has seals, which isolate people’s senses, so it would be difficult for even an almighty existence to detect your presence. But, that wouldn’t be the case if you left this room.”

The small kylin nodded blankly, while its two purple eyes looked curiously at the furnace and the ingredients within it. It then asked, “Master, what are you doing?”

Su Yu replied absentmindedly, “Making elixirs.”

The small kylin got lost in its thoughts for a moment before it replied, “I also want to make elixirs!”

Su Yu was startled, and he found this quite funny. But, after he pondered it for a moment, he took the Mysterious Heavenly Elixir Manufacturing Secret Technique and threw it at him. “Take it, and have a look at it quietly.”

It would be baffling to Su Yu if it really managed to understand it, so Su Yu had done this just to give the small kylin something to pass time with. Hence, it hopefully wouldn’t disturb Su Yu as he was making elixirs!

The small kylin waved its tail excitedly, while it held the scroll with its mouth and went to another corner of the room. It then opened the scroll with its legs and spread it out on the ground. It stared at it with its big eyes, then read it with keen interest.

Su Yu couldn’t help but smack his tongue when he saw it, as he never knew that the small kylin could read the human clan’s language! However, as his time was limited, he could no longer pay any more attention to it, so he started making elixirs promptly.

However, shortly after he started making the elixirs, he heard some noise transmitting from outside the room…

A muscular man, who had a barbed necklace around his neck, spoke to the alluring Cabinet Master in a deep voice, “Cabinet Master, you should already have an understanding of my status, as there isn’t any business in the outer sanctum’s black market that my Shao Family doesn’t take part in. I heard that you have a large amount of Primordial Chaos Vital Pills for sale. I came to ask you to hand them over to us and let us help you sell them.”

The alluring Cabinet Master didn’t have any interest in his offer. “I have my own channels, so why would I need you? If you don’t have any other business here, then please leave.”

The muscular man chuckled. “Cabinet Master, are you cracking a joke? You would surely not want any high-level people to know that you have started taking part in the black market’s trade, and you should also not want your alchemist’s existence to be known by the Elixir Division! Once that alchemist is taken away by the Elixir Division, then neither you nor us would get the Primordial Chaos Vital Pills!”

When she heard him, the alluring Cabinet Master’s expression became somewhat ice-cold. She then looked at him and asked, “Are you threatening me?”

“Hehe, Cabinet Master, you take things too seriously. We just want to make a business deal that will please both sides. Besides, if we fight each other, then none of us will get any benefits.” The muscular man chuckled in a strange voice. He was clear that he didn’t really take the Cabinet Master seriously.

The alluring Cabinet Master asked calmly, “Do you really assume that your background is so strong that you can speak to a Divine Master in such a way?”

The muscular youth replied, “Divine Masters are all high level people in the outer sanctum, but they are not even worth mentioning in the inner sanctum. Cabinet Master, do you really want to offend the black market’s heads in the inner sanctum?”

The alluring Cabinet Master just squinted her eyes when she heard him, as she was unable to retort to his logic.

The muscular youth spoke playfully, “I don’t care where you got the pills, as we only need the pills. For 55 merit points each, we can take care of selling them by ourselves. It wouldn’t be a bad deal for you!”

Suddenly, an ice-cold aura suddenly transmitted from outside the cabinet, as a man and woman entered. It was Xue Qi and the sloppy Ruffian Long! The muscular youth didn’t know Xue Qi, but he knew Ruffian Long, as they were both people from the outer sanctum’s black market.

Vigilance appeared in the muscular youth’s eyes as he berated him, “Ruffian Long, I’m in the middle of negotiating official business, so shouldn’t you respect the usual practices and rules?”

Xue Qi furrowed her brows, then took a look at Ruffian Long and asked, “What are you waiting for?”

“Hehe,” Ruffian Long chuckled in a strange voice and wore a faint smile as he looked at the muscular youth. “Second Tiger, how dare you bare your teeth after seeing me?Did you already forget your past days of working like a dog for me?”

In the past, Second Tiger was one of Ruffian Long’s underlings, but when the Shao Family opened a black market in the outer sanctum, he had betrayed him and become the person in charge of the Shao family outer sanctum’s black market.

“Who did you just call a dog?” Second Tiger would surely not stand for this!


However, before he finished his words, a palm slapped him and sent him flying out of the cabinet! Ruffian Long’s power was many times greater than Second Tiger’s, and miserable screams started echoing from outside after a short moment.

Xue Qi sighed as she looked at the alluring Cabinet Master. “Aunt, how long will you stay here stubbornly? Even such a small bandit can bully you! Come back with me to the inner sanctum.” The alluring Cabinet Master was unexpectedly Xue Qi’s aunt!

At this moment, the miserable screams from outside stopped, and Ruffian Long’s angry roar resounded in the air, followed by a pained snort.


A blue-robed person rushed into the cabinet at this same time. He had a sinister face, which was filled with wickedness.

“Shao Qingfeng?” The alluring Cabinet Master furrowed her brows. “What did you come here for?”

Shao Qingfeng clasped his hands behind his back and replied, “I came to meet the person who made the pills. Cabinet Master, please bring me to him, or I will report him to the Elixir Division!”

In the face of such a threat, the alluring Cabinet Master’s look became ice-cold. “Your Shao family is really fond of bullying people.”

As Shao Qingfeng curled up the corners of his mouth and surveyed the surroundings, Su Yu had just finished making the pills, so a faint fragrance fluttered in the air.

“Hehe, Cabinet Master, there is no need to trouble you, as I will go to invite this alchemist myself,” Shao Qingfeng said as he strode forward.

The expressions of Xue Qi and the alluring Cabinet Master became tense, and they couldn’t help but follow him.

Shao Qingfeng wore a faint smile as he lowered his hand and cupped his fists. He then saluted him and said, “Friend, I’m Shao Qingfeng. I want to strike a deal with you.”

Xue Qi looked at him in disdain, while saying to Su Yu, “Senior, I’m the inner sanctum’s Xue Qi. I’m sorry for disturbing you while you are making elixirs.”

The eyes of Su Yu, who was inside the private room, became ice-cold. This Shao Qingfeng was really daring, as he had unexpectedly dared to look for him at such a time.

“What do you want?” Su Yu asked coldly.

Shao Qingfeng was confident as he spoke, “I’m here on behalf of the Shao family. I hope to cooperate with you. We could buy all of your Primordial Chaos Vital Pills for 55 merit points each. Such a deal would be worthwhile for you, as each is worth just 50 merit points in the Elixir Division.”

Xue Qi chuckled. “The lowest price in the black market is 60 merit points, but your family wants it for 55 merit points? That’s really laughable. Senior, why don’t you entrust your elixirs to me? I can guarantee that the lowest price we will give you for them would be 60 merit points. Senior, please make a decision.”

The two of them started fighting and completely ignored the Cabinet Master. If Su Yu really gave them his pills, then the alluring Cabinet Master would be left with nothing.

“Make a decision? Fine.” Su Yu’s gaze became ice-cold.

It turned out that Shao Qingfeng had come here to ask something of him, but even though he was trying to push him around and bully him, he had made it seem as if he was making a request. The Shao family’s vile morality and conduct seemed like it was inherited from generation to the next!

Su Yu felt like he needed to teach Shao Qingfeng the proper way of asking something of someone. After all, he had plotted against Su Yu twice already, while hiding in the shadows, and now that he had shown himself, Su Yu could not let such an opportunity pass by.

“Only 55 merit points? Young master Shao, are you trying to bully me because you think that I don’t have any idea of the market prices or because you believe that no one besides you can sell the pills?” Su Yu feigned that he was angered by him.

Shao Qingfeng laughed confidently. “Neither! It’s because of our Shao family’s reputation.”

“The Shao family’s reputation?” Su Yu laughed. “I didn’t hear about that! I heard just that, in the recent families’ tests, all of your family’s people were killed, and until now, you still let the murderer get away with it! If such a useless family is the source of your pride and confidence, then I really won’t consider cooperating with it.”

Shao Qingfeng’s expression became gloomy when he heard him. “Sir, you should really be more careful with your words.”

Su Yu snorted coldly. “I’m free to say what I want, and if you don’t want to listen, then you can just get lost.”

Hearing this, Shao Qingfeng’s face turned scarlet. But, he swallowed his anger as he spoke in a deep voice, “Friend, my words were really somewhat improper, so please forgive me. Since you feel like the price is somewhat low, then we can consider raising it to 60 merit points.”

Su Yu spoke coldly, “It isn’t like I can’t really cooperate with your Shao Family. In fact, 55 merit points is even fine…”

What? Xue Qi and the alluring Cabinet Master were astonished after hearing this.

Shao Qingfeng’s expression eased as he asked, “Friend, why don’t you say what you have in mind?”

“It’s quite simple, as long as you represent your whole family and lick my shoes cleanly, then I will strike such a deal with you,” Su Yu spoke calmly.

Since he didn’t know how to ask for a favor from someone, then Su Yu figured that he would teach him how should he do it!