The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 797

Chapter 797 Fighting Over The Affection Of A Man


Xue Qi was startled. Judging from this senior’s tone, he seemed to have a bad temper.

Xue Qi rejoiced inwardly as she looked at Shao Qingfeng, who had suffered a stroke of bad luck. It was fortunate that she had realized in advance that this alchemist had brilliant skills. Thus, she had treated him politely and didn’t end up following in Shao Qingfeng’s footsteps.

Shao Qingfeng’s face became gloomy after hearing the senior’s words. It was clear that he felt greatly humiliated as he asked, “Friend, aren’t you being too arrogant? My Shao family has many primary alchemists who are capable of making third grade spirit elixirs…”

He didn’t manage to finish his speech before he was interrupted by Su Yu, “Then, why don’t you get lost and go invite your family’s alchemists? Why did you come here and look for me?”

Shao Qingfeng was left at a loss for words. The Red Blood Palace was growing a large amount of spirit herbs and also had a large supply of elixirs. It could also buy ingredients directly from the Elixir Hall, so it didn’t need to get them from merchants, which caused the elixirs’ ingredients’ prices to become quite low.

For example, the cost of production of a single Primordial Chaos Vital Pill here was just 15 merit points. However, in the outside world, all ingredients had to pass through many steps before they were approved for use.

They first had to be plucked by pickers before being sold to ingredient traffickers, who would then sell them to a distributor. The latter would then sell them to retailers, who would resell them to all kinds of medical ingredients stores. Such a long process caused their price to reach 50 merit points apiece, or even more!

Such a phenomenon was a common matter in Su Yu’s past world. The prices of goods would rise drastically as they were passed from the factory to stores.

In comparison, the rise of the ingredients’ price from 15 to 50 merit points in this world wasn’t really considered too great an increase. This was because the ingredients wouldn’t pass through many channels. If they passed through several different dealers, it wouldn’t be strange if their price rose to 150 merit points for a single batch!

The cost production of the pill in the outside world would be tantamount to 50 merit points. Thus, he would need to sell it for a sky-high price here just to gain back the money he spent. And even then, he didn’t know who would be willing to buy it.

The answer was obvious… No one would be willing to buy it. Even if he brought them here, they wouldn’t be bought, unless the rich and imposing Shao family was willing to sell them for a price so low that they wouldn’t even gain back their capital investment. This was the reason why Shao Qingfeng looked for Su Yu and didn’t bring elixirs from his family.

Shao Qingfeng was infuriated, and his gaze became ice-cold as he asked, “Aren’t you afraid of being exposed? The Elixir Hall forbade all private production of elixirs, and if they heard of your actions, they would surely take you into the Elixir Hall by force. You would then become an elixir production tool for the Elixir Hall, only being paid 1,000 merit points each month. You wouldn’t live as well-off there as you do now, that’s for sure!”

He then added, “So… It would be better for you to consider this properly, then choose what will satisfy everyone. or Otherwise, if I don’t get any benefits from the deal, don’t dream about having an easy time in the future!”

He assumed that he had Su Yu backed into a corner, which is the only reason that he dared to threaten him this openly.

Xue Qi snorted softly, then said, “The black market has its own rules, so it will be better to not cause trouble.”

Shao Qingfeng wasn’t afraid of this. “Even if I really did it, so what?”

When his words had just echoed out, Su Yu’s cold laughter transmitted from the stone room. Su Yu then said, “Nothing will really happen, but the countless disciples who are awaiting the Primordial Chaos Vital Pill will find out that it’s your Shao family who sold me out and caused them to be deprived of the pills!”

He then added, “Are you aware of how that would affect the Shao family’s business in the black market? You shouldn’t forget that all of the disciples who can afford to buy Primordial Chaos Vital Pill aren’t weaklings. Are you prepared to get a bad reputation over this, which will surely affect the Shao family’s business in the future?”

After all, Su Yu knew that he wouldn’t get anything by reporting Su Yu. Instead, he would negatively affect the Shao family’s reputation and business in the black market.

Shao Qingfeng couldn’t assume responsibility for this, and if he really did it, the inner sanctum’s disciples behind the scenes would surely wish to murder him! Moreover, Shao Qingfeng still didn’t know Su Yu’s true identity, so he couldn’t report him to the Elixir Hall!

Shao Qingfeng’s expression became gloomy. He was clearly filled with pent-up frustration. He clenched his fist as killing intent appeared in his eyes. No one had dared to treat him like this since he had joined the outer sanctum.

Su Yu spoke calmly, “If you don’t have anything else to say, get lost. And… Don’t bother me while I’m making elixirs!”

Shao Qingfeng’s face muscles twitched, and it was obvious that he was greatly infuriated by Su Yu’s words. But, he still didn’t dare take any actions against Su Yu because there were two Divine Masters standing next to him.

“Let’s wait and see!” The dejected Shao Qingfeng clenched his teeth and left the Raging Flame Cabinet.

The alluring Cabinet Master raised her brows, let out a breath, and sneered coldly. “Young Master Shao, don’t forget to pay 200 merit points with your badge to cover you and your slave.”

Shao Qingfeng wore a gloomy look as he paid the merit points with his badge.

Xue Qi rolled her eyes and said with a smile, “Senior, the Cabinet Mistress is my aunt, so letting us take care of the elixirs isn’t any different than leaving them in her care.” She had come here to steal her aunt’s business, and it also seemed like she wanted to force her to return to their faction.

The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress became tense. This business’ monthly income was more than 10,000 merit points, and it was rare that any cabinet or palace masters would get an opportunity of making such a great profit.

“Senior, as you long as you agree, we can provide you ingredients for a lower price. We will sell the pills for the same price as my aunt, which means they will be sold for at least 60 merit points apiece.” Since she was a part of an organization, she could get the ingredients for a lower price. This was something that the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress couldn’t do.

“Xue Qi, do you really want to force my hand like this?” The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress expression became ice-cold.

Xue Qi replied, while wearing a firm look, “That’s right. Aunt, why do you need to degrade yourself by staying in the outer sanctum? As long as you are willing, you could have any job in the inner sanctum and get at least 50,000 merit points in monthly income. So, why do you still feel the need to strive so hard here to gain such a small amount of merit points?”

The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress shook her head, her gaze still resolute. “As long as that person is still there, I won’t go back. If you want to snatch this business away from me, you can just go ahead and do it. Even if I don’t get a single merit point, I still will never lower my head to him!”

“Aunt! You…” Xue Qi became anxious upon hearing this, but it could be seen from her aunt’s cold expression how angered she was.

So, Xue Qi swallowed back her words as she looked at the stone gate where Su Yu was standing. She then said, “Senior, come with me. I can also provide you with another elixir production facility.”

Before she finished her speech, an aged voice, accompanied by a soft chuckle, echoed through the air, “Hehe, did I ever accept your initial offer? This place is quite fine for me. I won’t leave, so please don’t trouble yourself to try and persuade me further.”

Xue Qi was startled by this, and she assumed that she had misheard him. “Senior, the price of our ingredients is lower! Moreover, we can provide an elixir production facility that is far superior to this crude place!”

“I already gave you my reply. Please don’t trouble yourself and waste your breath begging!” Su Yu’s tone was filled with slight irritation.

Xue Qi couldn’t believe this. After all, her aunt had already given up on this place, so she couldn’t understand why this senior still wouldn’t give up on it! If she didn’t already respect him for his brilliant alchemy skills, she would have really wished to open the gate and see what kind of strange old monster was inside it!

She wore a stubborn look on her face, and she wanted to say more, but she stopped herself, then bowed and left. When she passed by the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress, she said in a low voice, “Aunt, please don’t make things difficult for yourself. You must think of your future career.”

After she spoke these words of warning, she left. The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress just turned a deaf ear to her words and wore a complex look on her face as she stared at Su Yu’s private room with her pretty eyes.

She then let out a soft sigh and asked, “Little guy, why do you need to do this?”

Su Yu chuckled, “I just don’t like changing my partner at the last moment. Cabinet Mistress, don’t let your imagination run wild.”

As a matter of fact, after he considered it, he had made the decision to help the Cabinet Mistress and protect himself. He knew that it would be better for no one besides the Cabinet Mistress to know his true identity.

The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress bit her lips, swayed her graceful hips, and asked, “Little guy, what do you want me to reward you with?”

Even though they were still separated by the stone door, Su Yu could sense how charming she was, and he couldn’t help but shrink back from the door as he said, “Just forget it.”

After Su Yu pondered for a moment, he wore a stern look as he added, “Cabinet Mistress, I probably can’t continue making elixirs here for much longer. Since the black market’s people can find this place, even if the Elixir Hall’s information network is worse than the black market’s, they will still find this place eventually.”

The Elixir Hall wanted to hold firm control over the elixir business, thus, it punished any alchemists in the sanctum who were caught making elixirs in private. Once someone was discovered, they would force him to join the Elixir Hall and become their own elixir production tool.

The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress then said, “You aren’t mistaken. The Elixir Hall will surely come after us shortly.”

The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress muttered to herself for a while before she stated hesitantly, “You can make elixirs in my residence if you want. Ever since I first cultivated a fire cultivation technique, I established a cultivation room with powerful Earth Fire, which is on par with the Raging Flame Cabinet’s cultivation rooms. So, even if the Elixir Hall’s members are searching for you, they won’t dare to search a Cabinet Master’s private residence. Thus, you can make your elixirs there peacefully.”

Her residence? Su Yu considered her offer for a moment, then nodded and said, “If I did that, I could save the 100 merit points that I spend each time to enter the Raging Flame Cabinet. But, I don’t want to take advantage of you, so I will give you half of that sum. That way, you can get an additional 50 merit points daily, which will amount to 1,500 hundred a month.”

Upon hearing this, delight appeared the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress’ face. After all, no one would mind gaining more merit points!

At noon, the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress instructed the two disciples who were on guard duty before she left with Su Yu. As they observed the very attractive and alluring Cabinet Mistress leaving with Su Yu, the two disciples couldn’t help but envy him greatly.

“The Cabinet Mistress wouldn’t be interested in such an old man, would she?” One of the disciples asked, his eyes green with envy.

The disciple next to him, who seemed more wise and experienced, shook his head and said, “The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress isn’t a wanton woman like you think. Even though she’s really flirty, she has never been involved in any sex scandals unlike some other female elders.”

Upon hearing this, the other disciple understood everything and replied, “Then, where is the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress taking him?”

As Su Yu followed behind the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress, he forced himself to create some distance between him and her because this woman was too eye-catching. As such, she would attract the attention of all of the disciples on the road as they passed, regardless of whether they were men or women.

Most of the women looked at her with gazes that were filled with jealousy, while the men’s gazes were fiery and passion-filled. These men looked at Su Yu, who was following her, with envy and some anger.

The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress, who was walking in front of him now, curled her lips into a playful smile and stopped swaying her hips. As she stood in place, she waited for Su Yu to catch up.

“Young master Su, are you tired? Why don’t you let me give you a hand?” The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress revealed a crafty smile as she extended her fair arm to him casually, then intertwined it in his casually.

Her actions caused a great uproar among the onlookers, who all began to comment on the pair…

“What’s their relationship?”

“Don’t you know who this aged disciple is? He’s the new demon, Supreme Central Demon! It’s rumored that on his first day in the Demon Mountain, he forced himself on the outer sanctum’s number one ice goddess, Bing Wuxin. I really didn’t expect that even the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress would fall into his vicious hands.”

“Central Supreme Demon, I will risk my life to fight you!”

The gazes of many of the disciples, whose crush had just been stolen from them before their very eyes, were filled with anger, and it seemed like they desired to burn him to death with their fierce glares.

Su Yu furrowed his brows as he asked, “Haven’t you caused enough trouble already?”

The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress wore a smile as she leaned closer to him. It seemed to the onlookers like the pair were whispering near each other’s ears intimately as she said to Su Yu, “Hehe, I’m just helping you to keep your title as Supreme. Only then can you gain proper footing in the Demon Mountain.”

Su Yu forced himself to remain calm. Not only mustn’t he get angry now, but he still had to bear the crowd’s gazes, which were filled with killing intent. It was at this moment that the pair passed by the Heavenly Peak Tower.

On the second floor, a man and two women were sitting cross-legged opposite of each other and next to the windows. They were Gongsun Wuxie, Bing Wuxin, and a fair-faced and handsome youth, who seemed a bit sinister.

The youth appeared to be in his twenties and wore a faint smile as he poured some wine for the women. It seemed like he was one of their acquaintances.

“Wuxin, when I came back a month ago, I ended up meeting your father and discovered that he isn’t really against our wedding,” the sinister-looking man said as he looked at Bing Wuxin.

Bing Wuxin was expressionless and indifferent upon hearing his words. It seemed like she didn’t care about this matter at all, as her head was lowered and she was completely engrossed in reading a book.

Without even looking up, she stated indifferently, “I’m only focused on getting to the peak of the martial path. So, I won’t be looking for a companion. It doesn’t matter whether my father is for or against such a matter.”

Bing Wuxin was just like her name implied, indifferent and cold. She was known for her obsession with the martial path. Although many outstanding geniuses of the inner sanctum often expressed their love for her, none of them had ever managed to get her attention.

None of them could stir her heart and emotions. It was as if her heart was filled with affection for the martial path alone.

Gongsun Wuxie rolled her eyes and said, “Hehe, senior brother Lao, you came too late. Sister Wuxin already has a sweetheart.”


The wine cup in the sinister-looking youth’s hand fell to the ground and shattered after he dropped it in shock, but he still wore a faint smile as he said, “Well… It just so happens as that is the exact matter that I came here for. I heard that a new lad had done an unforgivable thing to Wuxin. Is this true?”

The sinister-looking youth looked at Bing Wuxin, trying to gauge her reaction. He really didn’t believe this rumor. However, he couldn’t help but worry when he saw the injuries on her body. He had to wonder… Did this newcomer really attack her ruthlessly and force himself on her?

He traveled a thousand miles from the inner sanctum to come here and investigate this matter.

Bing Wuxin’s expression was still apathetic and her tone was calm as she said, “That’s not right. Everything I did with him was of my own accord. Didn’t Wuxie already state that we are lovers?”

The sinister-looking youth’s smile stiffened upon hearing this, but he still forced himself to wear a faint smile as he asked, “Wuxin, you are surely saying this just to get out of our entanglement, aren’t you?”

Bing Wuxin raised her head, her gaze apathetic. She then said, “We really are lovers, and it’s up to you whether to believe it or not. Regardless, it will not change anything.”


The sinister-looking youth’s expression became gloomy. “Wuxin, did you really sleep with him? With your noble status… I don’t believe that you would do this!”

It was at this moment that Gongsun Wuxie cast her gaze outside, and her violet eyes widened instantly. She then sighed deeply upon seeing the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress with her tucked within Su Yu’s arm.

She rolled her eyes and exclaimed in alarm, “Sister Wuxin, isn’t that brother Yuxian?”

Bing Wuxin followed her gaze and saw Su Yu walking intimately with an alluring woman. They both leaned their heads close to each other, whispering in each other’s ears.

Bing Wuxin couldn’t help but say, “They’re really shameless!” She then averted her gaze from them and looked at her book nonchalantly.

The sinister-looking youth squinted his eyes. Upon seeing her look away as if she didn’t care at all, he wondered why Bing Wuxin was so indifferent.

After all, he was getting intimate with another woman in front of everyone, yet she appeared so calm and detached from it all. It really seemed suspicious!

Gongsun Wuxie, who always hoped that the world would descend into chaos, probed Bing Wuxin secretly, while transmitting her voice to her. “Sister Wuxin, the two of you are now lovers, and if you just turn a blind eye to this, won’t people suspect that you are telling a falsehood?”

Bing Wuxin was taken aback, immediately understanding what her friend had just implied.


She closed her book and stood up, wearing an ice-cold look on her face. As she held the snow-white sword that was at her waist, her long robe, which had a dragon depicted on it, started fluttering, while a baleful aura came forth from her.


She took a step forward, shattered the parapet, and jumped out from the garret imposingly, like a god prepared for slaughter. She then berated him angrily, while she stood a several dozen feet from him, “Shameless man! How dare you be with another woman? I will kill you!”


Several sword phantom images, formed by sword energy, appeared in the sky and enveloped Su Yu at that moment. Su Yu, who was quite irritated by all of this, suddenly felt a burst of killing intent lock onto him. He was scared by it, and he initially assumed that Shao Yueming was coming after him.

When he raised his head and looked forward, he saw countless phantom images, all of which possessed great destructive power. He was slightly shocked by them and thought in awe… What brilliant sword techniques!

As Su Yu was caught by surprise, he couldn’t discern in time which one of the sword phantom images were real and which were fake. When Su Yu looked at the person attacking him, his face darkened. It was Bing Wuxin!

He didn’t believe that this woman was really jealous. He believed that she was simply being forced to put on an act and pretend that she had gotten jealous over seeing him and this woman. However, she still attacked him ruthlessly, and it didn’t seem at all like she was putting on an act!

This sharp sword energy contained a great might, which wasn’t any weaker than the Divine Masters’. As Su Yu witnessed it, he was shocked.

At such a critical juncture, Su Yu started considering whether he should use the Heaven Eye. However, a sweet fragrance fluttered next to him at that moment.

The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress squinted her eyes. Although she didn’t make any moves, a giant white phantom image appeared behind her. It immediately swept away the sword energy, shook it, and caused it to lose its focus on its target!

“Hehe, Ice beauty, you really have a bad temper! Don’t you cherish your sweetheart?” The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress giggled as she looked at the heroic beauty before her.

Bing Wuxin pointed her sword at Su Yu. Then, with an ice-cold look on her face, she said, “Betrayer! I will kill you today!”

Su Yu was dumbfounded. This heartless woman’s injuries still hadn’t recovered, yet she was already this ferocious in an attack. Her fighting prowess was almost on the same level as some Divine Master experts, who still hadn’t condensed their Divine Seals!

If her injuries recovered completely, she would be even more terrifying! It was no wonder that she was now the outer sanctum’s number one expert. Her fighting prowess was unfathomable, and even if Su Yu went all-out against her and used all of his techniques, he still wouldn’t be assured that he could beat her, much less kill her!

“If you want to harm my little brother, you must first ask my permission.” The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress was frustrated.

She had only wanted to tease Su Yu. She didn’t expect that Bing Wuxin would assault her! Moreover, what was more baffling was that it seemed like Bing Wuxin really loved Su Yu and had really gotten jealous!

The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress got entangled in this due to an accident, which made it seem like she was a mistress, who was squeezing between the two of them. As such, she couldn’t even defend herself now!

She couldn’t understand Bing Wuxin’s relationship with Su Yu. After all, everyone had said that he forced himself upon her. So, she couldn’t help but wonder… Why does it seem like Bing Wuxin doesn’t hate him, but instead is taking his side?

At that moment, Bing Wuxin looked at the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress and thought… As long as I fight her, all of the people here will understand my relationship with Su Yuxian.

“Shameless women! How dare you try to seduce my Su Yuxian! I heard that you have cultivated the Demonic Fox Technique to a profound level. I would like to see this!” After Bing Wuxin made a decision, she took action immediately, grabbing her sword, and attacking the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress.

Upon seeing her charge toward her, the Raging Flame Mistress was understandably frustrated. As matters had already unfolded to this point, she was sure that Bing Wuxin had an intimate relationship with Su Yu.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but wonder… What has happened to this world? Even the heartless Bing Wuxin, who used to only care about the martial path, has unexpectedly developed feelings for someone after being raped by him!

However, she couldn’t concede to her opponent now, so she mustered her strength, while wearing an ice-cold look and sneered. She then asked, “I also heard that you cultivated your Heartless Nine Swords Technique to a high realm… So I’d like to have at look at that! I won’t bully you, and I will restrain my cultivation to the same realm as you.”

“Let’s fight in the sky!” Bing Wuxin’s fighting spirit was aroused by her words, and she soared into the sky immediately.

The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Mistress followed her into the sky, where the pair started fighting intensely. All of the people who witnessed this were dumbfounded, and it seemed like flames would almost erupt out of their eyes as they looked over at Su Yu to see his reaction.

“The Ice Goddess and the Fiery Beauty are both the prides of the outer sanctum, yet they have unexpectedly become rivals, fighting over the affection of the same man!” All of a sudden, a voice that expressed most people’s thoughts, was heard.

Then, another voice said, “It’s impossible! I must have gone crazy! How is this possible? How could such noble women fight over the affection of a mere man?”

This day was doomed to be a dark day for countless outer sanctum’s male disciples, as many of their hearts would be shattered.

The corners of Su Yu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch in this situation. He could affirm to himself that those two women didn’t have any feelings for him, yet they still were causing such a scene! He really couldn’t understand what was happening!


All of a sudden, a strong wind blew at Su Yu’s back. Although Su Yu was paying attention to the two women’s fight, they still didn’t have his full attention.

When the current of air behind him changed, he immediately got a bad feeling. Thus, he moved quickly to the side in an attempt to dodge the unknown threat.

However, the energy wave behind him was many times more terrifying than he had expected, and he was unexpectedly incapable of evading it. It seemed like it had already locked onto him, and regardless of where he tried to move and dodge it, it would still find him and hit him.