The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 798

Chapter 798 Going Into The Spirit Mountain



The ruler predicted the attack path and blocked it in advance. However, its power was too great, so the ruler couldn’t scatter it entirely and was sent flying by it.

Su Yu took this opportunity to turn his body around in mid-air, while revolving his Vital Energy as he thrust out both of his fists. His fists, which contained six elephants and a half power, were like whistling cyclones as they bombarded the remaining energy of the attack.


As their attacks’ energies collided in the air, a loud ripping sound echoed out.

Thump! Thump!

Su Yu groaned softly as he retreated two steps, while a wisp of blood seeped out of his mouth. When he lowered his head and looked at his fists, he saw that they were soaked in blood because of the collision.

“You unexpectedly managed to block it?” A sinister voice echoed from behind him.

Su Yu turned his head around to see and fair-faced youth, who had a sinister gaze. The youth was standing behind him, while clasping his hands behind his back, and he was now looking at Su Yu with surprise.

Such a youthful Divine Master could only be an inner sanctum disciple! However, Su Yu’s gaze still became ice-cold because this inner sanctum disciple hadn’t given any regard to his status and had sneak-attacked him!

If the ruler hadn’t appeared and eliminated most of his attack power, then Su Yu would have been heavily injured! However, it was still obvious that this youth hadn’t used his whole power, as a Divine Master’s attack couldn’t be blocked so easily.

“I simply wanted to teach you a lesson, but since you have such power, then I can only try once again!” the sinister-looking youth said casually.

After he finished his speaking, his body flickered as he moved with a speed that was as fast as lightning. The crowd couldn’t help but exclaim as they looked at Su Yu, who they assumed would be shortly thrashed against the ground!

Su Yu’s gaze became ice-cold, while a faintly discernible cold wisp of silk appeared in his sleeves. It would be impossible for a Divine Master’s body to bear the Chaos Butterfly’s silk slice!

Since he had come at him by himself and offered his palm, then Su Yu didn’t mind cutting it off! However, when he was just controlling his silk in secret, a crooked old man teleported and appeared between Su Yu and the sinister-looking youth.

The grizzled old man tapped the sinister-looking youth with his walking stick, sending him stumbling back as if he had been struck by a clap of thunder! He stumbled back seven or eight steps before he came to a stop. His fair face became pale as he groaned with pain, and a trickle of blood seeped out of his mouth.

Then, as the sinister-looking youth raised his head, his expression became somewhat gloomy. “Palace Master Hua, what do you mean by this?”

The person who had just appeared was none other than one of the outer sanctum’s two Lesser Palace Masters, Palace Master Hua! A faint smile appeared on his aged face as he said, “Since you used such means to teach an outer sanctum disciple a lesson, then I will also use the same means to teach you a lesson!”

The youth could depend upon his high cultivation to bully people, and such was the case for the Lesser Palace Master as well. The sinister-looking youth’s expression was gloomy, and even though he was infuriated, he didn’t dare talk back. After all, the disparity between the two of them could easily be seen from their short confrontation a moment ago.

As he didn’t dare resent a Lesser Palace Master, he could only direct his resentment towards Su Yu as he looked at him coldly and asked, “Lad, do you think that someone like you deserves to get Wuxin’s heart? Who do you think you are?”

Su Yu shrugged his shoulders, as he replied indifferently, “I’m just a nameless person, who doesn’t amount to anything. I can’t be compared to someone like you, who can sneak-attack people boldly and confidently.”

When they heard his words, many of the outer sanctum disciples decided to stand on Su Yu’s side. After all, a Divine Master Realm inner sanctum disciple having unexpectedly sneak-attacked someone to show off his might was an action that greatly displeased many people. Not only did it cause the people to lose respect for him, but they also began to loathe his lowly ethics.

“You have quite a sharp tongue, and if you weren’t protected by Palace Master Hua, I would have already cut out your tongue!” the sinister-looking youth said coldly.

Su Yu didn’t reply, but only collected the silk in his sleeves calmly. At this moment, Palace Master Hua swept his gaze over Su Yu’s sleeves and laughed heartily. “Did you really assume that I was protecting Su Yuxian? Youngster, you should be careful and prudent at all times. Otherwise, you will fail miserably.”

Many outer sanctum disciples raised their brows when they heard his words, as they were quite shocked by them. Su Yu became somewhat apprehensive, as it seemed like his little actions in his sleeves had not escaped this Lesser Palace Master’s notice.

If Su Yu really injured this inner sanctum disciple heavily, or even killed him, then he would bring a great disaster upon himself. Then, even if he didn’t lose his life, they would still peel off a layer of his skin! In fact, it was only because Palace Master Hua intervened that such an incident did not occur.

The sinister-looking youth’s pupils contracted slightly, but he still didn’t believe that a trifling Fairy could inflict any mortal wounds upon him. “Him?” The sinister-looking youth looked at Su Yu and shook his head coldly.

He then said, “Palace Master Hua, not only have you protected his body, but you have protected his dignity too. It seems like I can’t leave a deep impression on this junior brother today. However, there will be ample time for me to do so later. Su Yuxian, the next time we meet, it won’t be this easy for you!”

After he spoke, the sinister-looking youth stormed off in a huff. As Su Yu watched him leave, a cold glint flickered in the deepest part of his eyes. He determined that he would surely not let him off lightly next time they met either!

“Many thanks for helping me, Palace Master Hua,” Su Yu said to Palace Master Hua, and although he was thanking him, a slight reproach could still be heard in his tone. After all, he was about to be able to vent his resentment just a moment ago, yet he had been obstructed!

Palace Master Hua chuckled as he said, “Lad, you shouldn’t blame me, for if you had really injured Lao Ai, then even several Palace Masters like us wouldn’t be able to protect you. Besides, you should avoid having any conflicts with inner sanctum disciples before joining the inner sanctum!”

After he spoke, Palace Master Hua looked at Bing Wuxin and the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master, who were intensely fighting. He then chuckled bitterly and asked, “You too… Can’t you take it easy? Please don’t destroy the outer sanctum.”

What was odd was that a Lesser Palace Master like him unexpectedly didn’t dare to stop them, but just feigned not seeing them before he left calmly. It seemed like the two women had detected Lao Ai’s attack a moment ago, so they gradually stopped fighting and flew back to Su Yu’s side.

“Did he injure you?” The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master came over and asked out of concern to check. She then looked at Bing Wuxin with displeasure and said, “Your friend is really extraordinary, as he dared to even sneak-attack someone!”

Bing Wuxin put away her sword calmly and replied, “He isn’t my friend. However, since he dared to attack Su Yuxian, then he must truly be punished.”

Bing Wuxin then shot toward Lao Ai’s direction, as she wanted to chase him. However, it was unknown as to whether she was really angered by his sneak-attack or she was just doing this to feign concern over Su Yuxian.

“Hehe, there is no need for that!” Gongsun Wuxie suddenly stuck her head out of the crowd, speaking while wearing a smile.

Bing Wuxin furrowed her brows and asked, “Why?”

Gongsun Wuxie played with a white bottle gourd, which was filled with a multi-colored powder. She then said, “I already put poison in the wine that he drank in the Heavenly Peak Tower, so it should have already flared up.”

Bing Wuxin was startled to hear this. “What poison? Did you kill him?”

Gongsun Wuxie smiled sweetly. “How could someone as lovely as me use such a deadly poison? I just gave him diarrhea for three months, so he will be tied to the toilet! It’s an especially efficacious one that my brother Shanliang concocted for me. After consuming it, one’s body will unceasingly excrete matters, and no matter what he eats, he will discharge it, making it impossible for him to leave the toilet by even a single step for a whole three months!”

She then added, “Oh, and I forgot to mention that it was just recently developed, so there is no antidote.” Her sweet smile, in Su Yu’s and many outer sanctum disciples’ eyes, seemed like the smile of a little demoness!


At that moment, the outer sanctum disciples immediately fled. The corners of Su Yu’s mouth twitched as he carefully kept some distance between him and Gongsun Wuxie.

As this lassie was always planning how best to harm people, when she ran into Lao Ai, she instantly decided to make him suffer diarrhea for three months. Su Yu felt for some unknown reason that she specifically looked at him when she had just mentioned the terrifying diarrhea drug. This frightened Su Yu and caused him to put up his guard, as he decided that he would surely not give this little demoness any opportunity to poison him.

“Let’s leave.” Bing Wuxin glanced at Gongsun Wuxie, then she strode forward with her long legs, while taking a look at Su Yu. It was obvious that she was wordlessly asking him whether he would leave with her.

Su Yu then said, “I’m still occupied by something.”

Bing Wuxin furrowed her brows and glared at him before she finally left with Gongsun Wuxie. All of the places they passed descended into a panic, while all of the people closed their windows as if some plague was spreading. Su Yu couldn’t help but smack his lips, as they were really like walking disasters!

After a long while, Su Yu followed the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master into her residence. It wasn’t large, and it just had a simple courtyard, which had a bedroom and a cultivation room.

“Let’s go take a look at the cultivation room and see whether it’s suitable for elixir production or not.” The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master tied up her long hair, while she looked at Su Yu resentfully and said, “I was almost beaten to death by your lover to get such a sum of merit points. So, you should work hard and make elixirs so that you can compensate me.”

Su Yu couldn’t help but chuckle bitterly upon hearing her words. He didn’t feel like explaining anything to her, so he just went into the cultivation room. The room had good earth flames, which were perfectly suitable for the making of elixirs.

Su Yu closed the stone gate, took out his ingredients, and started preparing to make some elixirs. It was at this moment that the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl flickered in a purple light, while the small kylin, which held a scroll in its mouth, came out of it.

It crouched before Su Yu like a puppy, then spread the scroll that was in its mouth on the ground. It then pointed at the scroll with its legs, while its eyes became filled with longing.

“I want to make an elixir!” it said.

Su Yu was startled. “Make an elixir… You?”

After he pondered it for a moment, Su Yu threw a batch of ingredients for Primordial Chaos Vital Pill’s at it. The small kylin didn’t use an earth fire or a furnace, but just depended on itself as it opened its mouth and spouted purples flames, which engulfed the ingredients.

Su Yu was startled and astonished as he wondered… When did the small kylin become capable of spouting flames? Moreover, they are still purple flames, which I’ve never seen before!

Those flames didn’t have a high temperature, yet the ingredients were unexpectedly quickly melting like snow among them! As such, it was clear that those purple flames’ effects were many times greater than earth flames’.

“Where did you get such flames?” Su Yu asked solemnly.

The small kylin pointed at its chest with its front leg, gesturing that they had come from its body. At that moment, Su Yu got lost in his thoughts…

The small kylin’s growth doesn’t need any external help, so it can grow by itself! Now, even such mysterious purple flames have appeared out of nowhere within it!

Su Yu remembered that there was a mysterious space within the small kylin’s body that was capable of storing a large number of goods. So, he wondered… Was its transformation related to the mysterious space within its body?

As he gazed at the small kylin, Su Yu suddenly became curious about its origins. While he was pondering this matter, the small kylin melted all of the ingredients skillfully, then started controlling its purple flames, fusing them into a pill. It completed these steps smoothly, easily, and adeptly.

Shock appeared in Su Yu’s eyes, as he could affirm that this wasn’t something that could be achieved by a novice alchemist. Hence, the kylin possessed skilled techniques, which almost made it seem even more skilled than Su Yu! This really amazed Su Yu!


Then, the small kylin opened its mouth and spit out a blue pill. Su Yu reacted quickly, using a jade bottle to receive and store it. When he took a closer look at the pill, he saw that three snow-white feather-like stripes covered the pill.

“A third-grade spirit pill!” Su Yu was greatly shocked, as the kylin had managed to make a third-grade spirit pill during its very first time making elixirs! Moreover, Su Yu had only given it ordinary and unpurified ingredients!

Su Yu’s expression became solemn as he asked, “Small kylin, can you tell me how you learned to make elixirs?”

The small kylin grinned as it pointed to its head and said, “There is a voice inside my head that taught me. It seems like I’ve been capable of making elixirs for a long time already!”

The past master of the small kylin should have been a Divine Master, so Su Yu wondered… Did that Divine Master teach the small kylin? And… Did it become proficient in alchemy because a part of its memory had been recovered?

As he pondered over this for a while, Su Yu found that only such an explication was plausible. Upon this realization, delight appeared on Su Yu’s face, as this was an unexpected and nice surprise!

With the small kylin’s help, the amount of Primordial Chaos Vital Pills that Su Yu could make would be doubled, and that would also be the case for the merit points that he could earn. This meant that Su Yu could get around 40,000 merit points in a single month!

Then, if he added the other 40,000 merit points that he got from the four demons, he would have more than 80,000 merit points! If he could dig out a large number of treasures in the Spirit Mountain, then he might be able to get 20,000 more merit points, which would allow him to reach 100,000 merit points! With that amount, he would be able to buy the sword art book, Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation!

As for high-grade spirit elixirs, Su Yu didn’t plan to let the small kylin try making them, as the flow of a large amount of third-grade Primordial Chaos Vital Pills had already alarmed the Elixir Division, and if sixth-grade spirit pills appeared, then even the inner sanctum might be alarmed. At that time, it would probably be impossible for even the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master to protect him!

Hence, he could only look for an opportunity make them outside the palace, then consume them by himself in secret. With this plan in mind, Su Yu started making pills.

When night fell, Su Yu left the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master residence before its owner’s dumbfounded gaze, as this was the first time that Su Yu had made 40 Primordial Chaos Vital Pills! Such a matter excited the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master greatly, as she could gain 10 merit points by selling each of them! This was a great nice surprise to her.

Su Yu continued on during the next days with the same routine, and the news of Su Yu’s daily entry to the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master residence quickly spread among the outer sanctum disciples. Upon hearing such news, many of the outer sanctum disciples could only worship such a great central demon respectfully.

However, such news was overshadowed by another piece of news. This was the news of the appearance of a primary alchemist in the outer sanctum, who sold Primordial Chaos Vital Pills without restraint.

Each day, he sold 40 of them for a sky-high price! However, his business was still flourishing. In fact, these pills were actually being fought over, and many wealthy disciples constantly bought all of them in order to store them and use them up slowly.

As such, the price of the pills was gradually increasing, and the highest rate it had reached thus far was already a whopping 90 merit points! However, despite this astronomical price tag, the purchasers were still zealous to get them!

In a single month, a large number of Primordial Chaos Vital Pills had flowed into many outer sanctum disciples’ pockets. Such a matter had alarmed the Elixir Division, so they started investigating it.

When they tracked the available clues, it led them to the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master. After investigating this lead, unfortunately, they didn’t manage to find anything, and they couldn’t search the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master residence because of her high status. Thus, they could only drop the matter at present.

Then, the Elixir Division was obliged to set up a group of alchemists to counter the black market, and they started concentrating on making Primordial Chaos Vital Pills, a large amount of which were sold at a very low price at the market, which caused the previous commotion at the black market to die down gradually.

As for Su Yu and the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master, they had managed to earn a large sum in the past month. In fact, the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master had gotten 20,000 merit points, while Su Yu had gotten an even more astonishing 39,000 thousand merit points!

After they counted their profits, delight appeared on both of their faces. “All my work hard work this past month was not in vain!” Su Yu let out a long breath.

By making elixirs at such a crazy speed and quantity, he didn’t just get merit points, but his skills had also improved! Now, it was quite easy for him to make third-grade spirit elixirs, and he could already attempt to make fourth-grade spirit elixirs.

“It would be difficult for us to use Primordial Chaos Vital Pills to gain merit points for much longer, due to the Elixir Division’s recent actions. So, we should stop now,” Su Yu said.

The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master nodded in agreement. “We should truly keep a low-profile from now on, as if we continue to stir up trouble, we may end up angering the Elixir Division.”

“Since that’s the case, then I will bid you farewell for now,” Su Yu said.

The Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master then asked, “Will you really go to the Spirit Mountain?”

Su Yu nodded. “Indeed, as a month has already passed. Why? What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing. But, when you come back, I will have someone to introduce to you. I believe that he would be of great help to you.” It seemed like the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master had just made some great decision.

Recommending someone to me? Su Yu nodded, then went back to the Demon Mountain to meet up with the four demons.

When he reached the Demon Mountain, he found the four demons sitting cross-legged on their residences’ roofs. They had been quietly waiting for Su Yu’s return.

Bai Shanliang opened his shining eyes slowly and asked, “Central demon, are you ready?”

Su Yu nodded. “I’m ready! Let’s leave.”

As Su Yu waved his hand at them, the four demons landed, along with Zi Xuan, who followed after them. When they left the Demon Mountain, they discovered that Xue Qi had already arrived there at some unknown time.

Su Yu raised his brows, then asked, “Where is the person that you wanted to recommend to me?” He had already given one of the quotas to Xue Qi.

Xue Qi chuckled softly and asked, “Can’t I go with you?”

“You? Does a Divine Master like you need to go to the Spirit Mountain to try your luck?” Su Yu was astonished, as he assumed that she would give the quota to someone else. He didn’t expect that she would use it for herself!

“Is it out of the question?” As Xue Qi came over, she let out a fragrant breath, which fragrance assaulted Su Yu’s face.

Su Yu moved back, as both this woman and her aunt were vixens, who could bewitch people and send them to their deaths!

“Fine. Let’s go to the Mission Division, accept the mission, and prepare for our trip,” Su Yu said. After he said this, a group of seven people went over to the Mission Division imposingly.

In the Fairy Confining Forest, a tall man was sitting cross-legged on a boulder, and when he raised his head, a sinister smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, then murmured into the air, “Su Yuxian, it’s time for me to take your life.”

If Su Yu had been here, then he would surely have recognized this man. He was none other than Shao Yueming!