The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 800

Chapter 800 Strange Black Mountain


Xue Qi nodded and affirmed Bai Shanliang’s words. From the other people’s expressions, it was obvious that, besides Su Yu,and Zi Xuan, everyone else knew about this already, as they had many spies in the inner sanctum.

“Hehe, Manor Master Zhang unexpectedly sent outer sanctum disciples there. I want to poison him to death! Brother Shanliang, why don’t you entrust an acute poison to me, as I want to poison that old man to death?” Gongsun Wuxie clenched her silver teeth, as she waved her small fists around in the air.

Bai Shanliang revealed a warm smile and said, “Wuxie, I see that you are up to mischief once again. But, as my name has the two words Shan and Liang in it, which mean kind and honest, how could I make something like a poison?”

Xue Qi raised her brows, then quietly retreated at such a moment. Once she had found a quieter place to speak with Bai Shanliang, she exclaimed in amazement, “It’s you.. The head of four demons… Bai Shanliang? It’s rumored that you have practiced your poison refining technique to perfection. It is also said that many Divine Master Old Monsters, which are proficient in poison arts, couldn’t even rival you!”

Gongsun Wuxie clasped her hands before her chest, then raised her head slightly and said, “My brother Shanliang could poison even late stage Divine Masters! He’s really amazing. Brother Shanliang, quickly give your poison to me, then I will go kill that hateful old man!”

The people present were all frightened by her words, while Su Yu was also startled slightly. He knew that Bai Shanliang’s West Poison title shouldn’t have been given him to him for nothing, but he still didn’t expect that his poison-making techniques were this great, that he could kill even late stage Divine Masters!

Cough! Cough!… Barf!…

Bai Shanliang coughed heavily two times, then vomited a large amount of blood once again. His face seemed paler as he spoke weakly, “I have a frail and weak body, so how can I bear a poisonous substance’s effects? Hehe, Wuxie, don’t make a scene.”

Gongsun Wuxie twitched her nose, bared her teeth, then extended her small hand. “Then, why don’t you give me a bottle of Nine Heavens Earth Extinguishing Diarrhea Powder? Then, even if I can’t poison him to death, he should at least suffer with it!”

The corners of Bai Shanliang’s mouth twitched. “I have just given you two of them recently, and you should have used one of them on Lao Ai, so what about the other one?”

Gongsun Wuxie dodged his gaze as she spoke, while pouting, “How stingy of you!”

Su Yu felt that Gongsun Wuxie secretly sweep over him with her gaze. This was the second time that this little demon had looked at him in secret.

Su Yu immediately became wary of her and wondered…

Could it be that this little demon plans to use the other bottle of Nine Heavens Earth Extinguishing Diarrhea Powder on me?

At this moment, the expressionless Bing Wuxin spoke, “It’s too early to discuss such a matter now. Although people went missing in the Eighteen Linked Mountains, their number isn’t high. Hence, Manor Master Zhang might not have tried to harm us on purpose.”

Bing Wuxin then added, “We have just three days time, and the expanse of land we can clear and the number of treasures we can find will depend entirely on our luck. Hence, we mustn’t tarry! Let’s go to the Eighteen Linked Mountains!”

The other people nodded in agreement. Although it was somewhat dangerous, if they managed to return safely, then they would get a great harvest.

Their group left the manor and went towards the camp, which was in the outermost surroundings of the Elegant Mountain Manor’s territory. If they took just a step outside of it, they would enter the boundless, desolate mountains.

There were eighteen black mountains, which were linked together to form a long line. These mountains were even more eerie and gloomy than the Anlu Mountain’s peak, which was shrouded in ghost energy that gave people a stifling feeling.

“What an ominous-looking mountain range.” Xue Qi furrowed her brows tightly as she looked at the black mountains. “The Eighteen Linked Mountains are even more dangerous than the other mountains, so while excavating them, you must be careful.”

Bai Shanliang furrowed his brows slightly. “There is a faint poisonous gas in the air, and it possesses corrosive effects, so an extremely poisonous substance must be in the surrounding air. Hence, we should be careful. I have brought several poison detoxification pills, which should be capable of protecting you from such a poisonous gas.”

He then gave a pure white and crystal clear pill to each person, and after they consumed them, they all felt rejuvenated. At the same time, all of their previous uncomfortable feelings disappeared.

“Is this the poison detoxification sacred medicine, which is rarely seen even in the inner sanctum, known as the Congealed Fragrance Crystal Moon Pill?” Xue Qi’s eyes lit up upon recognizing it. “This is a rare poison detoxification pill, which can’t be bought, not even with 1,000 merit points! Who would ever have expected that West Poison isn’t only proficient in making poison, but can also detoxify it?”

Bai Shanliang waved his hand at her carefreely. “If someone was proficient in making poison, then he will be surely proficient in detoxifying it too! So, there isn’t anything amazing about it.”

Bai Shanliang continued speaking, “Sirs, please prepare for a while before entering the Eighteen Linked Mountains, as if you are caught unprepared by something dangerous, then your gains won’t make up for your losses.”

As all of the people felt a clear and discernible danger coming from the mountains, they all returned to their tents. As the size of their tents weren’t big, they were really only suitable for just resting. However, as they all had a soundproofing seal on them, it made it difficult for people from the outside to spy on them.

Su Yu sat cross-legged in his tent, while his gaze flickered slightly. “You can come out.”


The Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl flickered slightly as a lovely jade-like young girl, who wore a pink dress, came out of it. Her refined face became filled with amazement as she surveyed her surroundings.

Then, her eyes became filled with shock as she cried out involuntarily, “There is such an intense Spiritual Energy here! This clearly isn’t the Zhenlong World.”

Su Yu nodded calmly. “Right, I have already come to Jiuzhou.”

The lovely young girl was obviously none other than Sheng Ge. Her eyes lit up and became filled with joy upon hearing his words.

She had finally returned to Jiuzhou, the place where she had yearned for all along! However, she was still aware of her current situation, and after a moment of delight, she stood before Su Yu obediently, awaiting his instructions.

“Speak! What did you just discover?” Su Yu got right to the point as he asked her his question.

When they had met with Manor Master Zhang, Sheng Ge, who was within the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, sent a wisp of her consciousness and warned Su Yu to be careful. Hence, his question was regarding the reason why.

Sheng Ge’s face became solemn as she spoke gravely, “Master, I felt the aura of one of my clansmen a moment ago.”

Her clansman? Su Yu’s eyes flickered. “Are you talking about another member of the Ghost Clan?”

“Yes, we ghosts have the ability to detect our clansmen’s aura. It is many times sharper than our ability to detect humans’ auras. Moreover, I’m a special existence, even among the Ghost Clan, as I once cultivated the Ghost World’s aura detection cultivation technique and my senses are many times greater than most others’ are,” she explained.

She then added, “Master, the ghost which has been near you might not have detected me, as I was within the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. However, I still managed to detect him.”

I unexpectedly came in close contact with a ghost? Su Yu shuddered at this thought. According to the timing that Sheng Ge warned him, it was exactly when they were meeting Manor Master Zhang. In other words, one of the nine elders or Manor Master Zhang was a ghost!

The invasion of the Ghost Clan a hundred years ago had almost exterminated Jiuzhou’s entire human clan, and their two clans’ relationships had been strained ever since. So, if the news that a ghost had managed to intrude into the Elegant Spirit Mountain was transmitted back to the sanctum, then it would surely cause an uproar, and regardless of whether it would be considered as a great meritorious service, they would still get a large number of merit points for it!

However, it was a pity that he didn’t have a single piece of evidence or reasonable explanation for it, so he couldn’t inform them of the real reason behind such a discovery.

“Fine, you should be keeping him in check constantly, and once he approaches us, you must warn me in time,” Su Yu said.

Sheng Ge nodded, while Su Yu took a deep breath and said, “After a short while, I will put you to better use, and if you can be of a great help to me, then I will gift you something beneficial to you.”

After two hours, the seven people gathered together once again.

Zi Xuan tilted her head sideways, as she leaned closer to Su Yu’s ears, “Can we find Su Yu here? It doesn’t seem like it’s the case.”

Su Yu replied awkwardly, “You should just look for him patiently, and you may probably have an unexpected discovery.”

“Okay, I really hope that I can quickly find that guy, as I don’t have much time left.” Zi Xuan spoke earnestly.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The seven people entered the Eighteen Linked Mountains, and each of them took charge of a mountain. Their objective was to excavate 10 mountains, then turn them into a flat plain.

Su Yu held a small golden sword in his hand as he flew to the peak of the mountain and stamped it with his feet.

Ding! Ding!

A faint sound echoed out, as if he was stamping an unusually hard lump of metal. As he observed the plants that were growing on the mountain, he saw that they were all pitch-black and unusually hard and strong.

A strong wind was blowing at the peak of the mountain, causing Su Yu’s clothes to flutter unceasingly. However, the wind did not affect the plants at all. It was as if they were just metal sculptures, sitting perfectly still.

When he carefully observed the mountain, he saw that there were signs that someone had once tried to excavate it. Hence, it was obvious that he wasn’t the first person to come here to take care of this mountain.

Moreover, from the excavation signs that had been left, it was obvious that at least five people had once come here, but had managed to excavate just a small hill-like mass, which didn’t amount to even a tenth of the entire mountain.

At the moment, Su Yu held his small golden sword and hacked the ground with it.


Sparks flew out as the small golden sword came into contact with the ground. The small golden sword, which was a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact, managed to leave just a dent that was as deep as half a finger in it.

Such a scene dumbfounded Su Yu. At this rate, if he just depended on hacking away at it with his sword, it would take numerous years to finish getting rid of the whole mountain! Moreover, it would be only wishful thinking to try to unearth a magical treasure from the humans’ and ghosts’ great war period!

Su Yu pondered this for a moment, then he asked Sheng Ge, “Is the reason why this land has come to such a state related to the human’s and ghost’s clans great war?”

Sheng Ge started curiously surveying the ground beneath her feet, then exclaimed in amazement, “This mountain is somewhat odd, and it seems like it has absorbed the blood of one of our Ghost Clan’s All Creation Old Monsters.”

She then added, “His essence blood irrigated the mountain peak, then caused it to become extremely hard. So, it would be difficult for any artifacts, apart from spiritual artifacts, to affect this mountain and damage it.”

An All Creation Realm ghost? Su Yu’s eyes flickered slightly, and as he looked at the eighteen mountains, he couldn’t help but imagine the scene of an All Creation Realm ghost’s blood sprinkling this land and causing the mountains to turn into their current metal-like hard state.

“Then… Wouldn’t digging the whole mountain up be as difficult as ascending to heaven?” Su Yu asked her, while pondering this idea.

Sheng Ge replied only after she had hesitated for a while, “Master, if you can trust me with this task, then I can absorb the ghost’s essence blood in the mountain, which would cause it to soften. Then, digging it up would become much easier.”

Su Yu looked at her and nodded. “You can give a try. After all, since I am the one who recruited you, I will obviously let you work as you want.”

Sheng Ge was overjoyed, and her face became filled with delight as she looked at the black mountain.


Sheng Ge’s body was permeating with Ghost Energy as she entered the mountain. Just after that, the black ground beneath Su Yu’s feet started turning blue at a noticeable speed, and it obviously became softer!

Su Yu hacked at it casually with his sword, managing to cut off a rock that was as big as palm out of it. Seeing this, Su Yu relaxed.

He then used three small golden swords at the same time, quickly hacking away at the mountain and peeling it back, like he was peeling away mud. After two hours had passed, a small portion of the mountain had been cut off by him, and it had become noticeably shorter!

At this moment, Sheng Ge, who was in the soft mud beneath him, suddenly transmitted her voice to him, “Master, there is something here.”

Su Yu sped up, and after the time it would take to brew a cup of tea had passed, he cut off a large rock to uncover a broken and black, bony paw, which was holding a broken drum! Two ferocious-looking beast heads were engraved on the drum’s sides, and they would give anyone an ominous feeling by taking just a single look at them. When Su Yu picked up the drum, he felt his blood run cold and was uncomfortable.

“This is one of the Ghost Clan’s artifacts. It’s a spiritual grade one, and its name is the Human Skin Drum. It’s made by using the top of the skull of human clan’s Fairy Realm experts.” Sheng Ge took a look at Su Yu, before she spoke carefully.

Su Yu’s gaze became slightly ice-cold, as he was realizing that this was really a cruel and merciless clan! As he thought back about the savage, cruel, and demon-like small ghosts that he had run into in the Evil Ghost Valley, he felt like he had really made a proper decision when he killed all of them.

As Su Yu collected the drum, he said calmly, “Continue.”