The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 801

Chapter 801 A Divine Masters Assault

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Su Yu excavated the black mountain easily with Sheng Ge’s help. It was like he was helped by a god.

Hence, by the time it was nightfall, he had excavated a whole third of the mountain. At this rate, if he was given another two days, it would be easy for him to tackle the whole mountain!

Su Yu let out a long breath. His pale face had several beads of sweat on it, while his back was drenched with sweat.

Using the three small golden swords to excavate had taken a huge toll on him. Both of his Internal and External Dantians’ Vital Energy had dried up, and there wasn’t even a wisp left in either of them!


As Sheng Ge broke through the ground and came out of it, her whole lovely body was covered with black mud. However, she still had a look of pure delight on her face.

“Level Two Fairy Realm? It seems like you got many benefits there!” Su Yu exclaimed, slightly surprised.

Sheng Ge said excitedly, “Master, many thanks for such a reward! The mountain has an All Creation Ghost’s blood essence that very beneficial to me. It helped me break through my bottleneck, which had stumped me for several years! If I can absorb all of the blood essences in the mountain, I can probably reach the Level Three Fairy Realm!”

Each part of an All Creation Being’s body was like a divine precious material to all Fairies. In fact, just a drop of this blood essence could completely fill an early stage Fairy with energy.

“You deserve it! Can you tell me… What did you discover down below?” Su Yu asked.

After excavating a third of the mountain, Su Yu got many Ghost and Human clans’ remnant defective objects. Later, he found even more ancient objects as he excavated lower. This greatly excited him.

Up until now, Su Yu had found four objects from the Ghost Clan and three from the Human Clan. These objects included books, magical treasures, and even some talismen. He had also found some objects that were rotten, so he just threw them away, only keeping the treasures that had a spiritual nature within them.

“I can sense that there are more ghost energy’s fluctuations the further down we go, so if we can excavate it completely, we can get from 10 to 20 Ghost Clan’s items. But, I can’t detect whether they will be good or bad.” Sheng Ge licked her lips excitedly as she spoke.

She didn’t have any treasures from the Ghost Clan. If she could find something suitable for her and Su Yu was willing to offer it to her, her power would surely rise exponentially.

Su Yu’s eyes lit up when he heard this. What she had just reported was just including the Ghost Clan’s items alone, while there were still the Human Clan’s items down there. He figured that their number should also be around 20.

So, he figured that if he excavated the mountain completely, he would really get a large sum of merit points. As he thought of this, expectation appeared in Su Yu’s eyes. He then turned away from Sheng Ge, straightened his clothes, and traveled beneath the sunset sky to return to the camp.

What he didn’t know was that just after he left, two youthful and tall people, both of whom possessed powerful auras, landed on the mountain’s peak.

“Is this the lad who brother Shao wanted us to deal with? He seems slightly skilled, as he unexpectedly managed to excavate a third of one of the hard and firm Eighteen Linked Mountains. That’s really unimaginable!” the person on the left side spoke in a grave tone.

The person on the right side lowered his head, looked at the mountain beneath his feet, and curled up the corners of his mouth as he said, “It’s only such a person who could be worth our taking the trouble to kill him. At first, I assumed that he was just a Fairy, so I wasn’t willing to take the trouble of traveling a thousand miles just to kill him.”

He then added, “But now, it seems like it wasn’t really a meaningless trip, as we can at least interrogate him about his secret, asking him how he managed to excavate the Eighteen Linked Mountains. It isn’t a secret that those mountains hide astonishing treasures, but it is a pity that no one can easily excavate them.”

As a light breeze blew, the two people disappeared.

After Su Yu got back to the camp, he discovered that the four demons, Zi Xuan, and Xue Qi, had already returned as well. When he saw Zi Xuan, he could tell that she wasn’t holding any objects. She was sitting down, lost in her thoughts, and it was obvious that she hadn’t excavated a black mountain.

As for Xue Qi, although she was covered in dust, she had already stated that she only came here to investigate people’s disappearances. Thus, it was obvious that she wouldn’t have any interest in excavating a black mountain. Hence, only the four demons seemed tired and exhausted.

“Brother Shanliang, did you dig out any treasures?” Gongsun Wuxie asked.

Bai Shanliang coughed two times and smiled, but didn’t reply. It wasn’t really appropriate for him to disclose anything at the moment.

Tian Renyao’s eyes flickered. He then raised his butt, leaned closer to Bai Shanliang, and tried to rub himself against Bai Shanliang’s chest as he pursed his lips and asked him coquettishly, “Brother Shanliang, why don’t you tell us? After all, you were always my most beloved brother.”


Bai Shanliang’s face turned pale as he puked a large mouthful of blood on the spot, while goosebumps rose on his whole body. He quickly moved away from him and shouted, “Don’t you dare come any closer to me! I will tell you, okay? It isn’t really anything extraordinary, just a bony whip that was once used by the Ghost Clan.”

As he spoke, Bai Shanliang took out a broken white, long, and bony whip. He then said, “It seems like it’s a spiritual artifact, based on its workmanship, but it’s a pity that it’s damaged. Because of this, its might is tantamount to just a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact’s.”

Bai Shanliang then said, “According to the manor’s exchange rules. The Ghost Clan’s objects are all worth studying, which means that their value is high. So, this semi-manufactured spiritual artifact-like object can be exchanged for 3,000 merit points.”

Immediately, envy appeared on the other three demons’ faces after they heard this.

Bai Shanliang shook his head slightly, then said, “I was just lucky and managed to get this one on the first day. It’s unknown whether I can still find anything in the remaining two days. As such, in the end, I may not even gain back my 10,000 merit points.”

Bai Shanliang’s eyes flickered as he added, “Since I already showed you all of my harvest, why don’t you all show me yours? It isn’t like we are competing against each other, so there isn’t any harm in getting a broader understanding of them all.”

Tian Renyao’s eyes lit up upon hearing him, and he cast a flirtatious glance at Su Yu and asked, “Brother Yuxian, do you want to know, too?”

Su Yu was disgusted by this man, and he quickly shook his head.

Gongsun Wuxie chuckled, then chimed in, “I want to know!”

Tian Renyao seemed sad as he looked at Su Yu and asked, “Brother Yuxian, do you hate me so much? My love for you is sincere and pure!”

“If you want to take it, just take it! But, if you dare to say another word, I will cut your tongue out!” Bing Wuxin furrowed her brows and scolded him.

Tian Renyao looked at her bitterly, but he still feared that she would take her anger out on him, so he reluctantly agreed. “Okay, I will take it out.”


A tinkling metallic sound suddenly echoed out as a Vajra Scepter, which had just half of it left, fell on the ground. Even though it had survived for countless years and had already started decaying, it still emitted a great Buddhist power.

“A Buddhist treasure?” the three people exclaimed in alarm. They were all stunned.

Bing Wuxin then said, “The Buddhist Path is quite rare to find in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands and the central prefecture. This is because the Buddhist Path’s people don’t show themselves. In fact, it’s like a disgrace for them.”

Bing Wuxin then added, ” In fact, it was only in the Human and Ghost Clans’ great war a hundred years ago that all of the Buddhist cultivators in all of the lands came out of seclusion and fought against the Ghost Clan. At that time, most of the Buddhist Path cultivators died, while the survivors hid and never appeared again.”

Bin Wuxin then said, “It’s rumored that Buddhist magical treasures are quite effective against fending off Ghosts, which is why the sanctum is so interested in them. Even though this Vajra Scepter has already lost most of its spiritual nature and isn’t even as good as a semi-manufactured spiritual treasure, its value is still probably the same as the bony whip’s,”

Upon hearing this, Tian Renyao grabbed the Vajra Scepter and rubbed it against his face intimately as he said, “This is my treasure! I dug it out with great difficulty! As such, you shouldn’t try to snatch it away!”

Now that two people had revealed the treasures that they had dug out, only Bing Wuxin, Gongsun Wuxie, and Su Yu were left not having disclosed this information.

“I don’t have any.” Bing Wuxin shook her head firmly. “I chopped off a fifth of a mountain, but I still didn’t find a Ghost Clan’s treasure or a Human Clan’s treasure.” Even though her tone was calm, it was obvious that she was irritated by this.

Su Yu had excavated a third of a mountain and found seven treasures from the Ghost and Human Clans, while Bing Wuxin excavated a fifth of a mountain, which was nearly tantamount to half of what Su Yu had done. However, she still didn’t find even a single thing! It was obvious that she had bad luck!

However, Su Yu was still slightly amazed at these results. After all, it was only due to Sheng Ge’s help that he had managed to excavate a third of a mountain, while Bing Wuxin had managed to excavate a fifth of a mountain all by herself! It could be seen from this that she was quite powerful and must possess some hidden techniques.

The next to reveal her results was Gongsun Wuxie. Everyone cast their gazes upon this little demoness as she pouted, her eyes became brimming with tears.

She then pounced at Bing Wuxin’s chest as she wore an aggrieved look and said, “Sister Wuxin, we both suffer from a great amount of misery. I excavated for a whole day until my arms almost went numb, but I still didn’t find anything! I just can’t believe it! That old man, the Manor Master, must have used some shady tricks! I will surely poison him to death for this!”

Everyone couldn’t help but smile when they witnessed Gongsun Wuxie pouting and clenching her small fists angrily. They were somewhat relieved to see that even this little demoness had a bad day.

“Tonight, I will surely poison to death anyone who dares to laugh at me as well!” It seemed like the little demoness detected their feelings toward her, so she raised her head high and threatened them.

She then rolled her eyes and turned her tears into a smile as she looked at Bai Shanliang and said, “Brother Shanliang, you’re the who cares about me the most. Why don’t you give me half of your white bony whip? Please!”

Upon hearing this, Bai Shanliang just shook his head and said, “This is out of the question, as I’m depending on it to gain back my capital.”

The little demoness bared her teeth at him and said, “Tomorrow, I will steal everything in your poison production room!”

Bai Shanliang just turned a deaf ear to her, ignoring everything as he entered a meditative state.

“You are so infuriating!” the little demoness yelled.

She then looked angrily at Tian Renyao and asked, “As for you?”

Tian Renyao rolled his eyes at her and said, “My heart belongs only to brother Yuxian alone, so I’m only willing to give him this treasure!”

“You are all infuriating me! Tomorrow, I will surely level a whole mountain! Just you wait and see how many treasures I can get!” the little demoness yelled fiercely.

The Demon Mountain’s people’s accomplishments on this day were quite considerable. They had managed to dig out two precious treasures on the first day, which was quite impressive.

“Fine. Let’s also rush into the mountain and exchange the goods that we dug up quickly in order to prevent any unexpected accidents,” Bai Shanliang said as he stood up to do so.

The Ghost Clan’s goods had been buried underground for countless years, and since they had now been dug up, they would surely decay much faster. So, they knew that they must offer them to the sanctum, which would use special means to store them safely.

When they were all just about to stand up, Xue Qi, who was slightly startled, asked, “Well… Won’t you have a look at your Central Supreme Demon? He’s also from your Demon Mountain…”

The four demons were taken aback by this. They didn’t ignore Su Yu on purpose, but since they had all gone into the Eighteen Linked Mountains, they knew how hard they were to tackle. They were quite abnormal, so they figured that it was probably impossible for Su Yu, who was just a Level Two Fairy, to deal with them.

This was why they didn’t question Su Yu, as they did not want to embarrass him and make him feel ashamed of himself. After all, he was inferior to the rest of this group of powerful experts. However, since Xue Qi had just mentioned it, they could only brace themselves and ask him now.

“Junior brother Su, how was your luck? Did you manage to dig up a treasure?” Bai Shanliang casually asked Su Yu.

The other demons also took on a carefree attitude as they awaited Su Yu’s reply.

Su Yu stroked his nose and smiled. After all, he didn’t get just one!

“Well, I was quite lucky, and I managed to dig out two magical treasures, both of which were half stuck on the surface. I was just about to consult you all about them!” As Su Yu spoke, he took out the two treasures and showed them to the group.

One of them was a bloody Human Skin Drum, while the other one was a broken sword that was once used by a human, which still emitted a sharp aura.