The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 804

Chapter 804 Taking The Bait Willingly

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Su Yu’s heart thumped as he wondered… Will the ghost that died a hundred years ago be reborn?

After he confirmed that he was really a middle-stage Divine Master, Su Yu held his breath and started retreating. As he looked at the trapped Xue Qi, Su Yu clenched his teeth slightly.

Su Yu knew that he couldn’t fight a middle-stage Divine Master, and if he rushed in and acted rashly, then he wouldn’t be able to save anyone and would just die in vain. Hence, he decided that it would be best to go back, then return later with help.

After he left quietly, he crawled out of the underground grotto. As the wind blew all around him, Su Yu felt a chilliness transmitting from his forehead. It was only at this moment that he noticed that his forehead was filled with cold sweat.

He never would have imagined that the ferocious monster, which was behind many missing people cases during the past half year, would be found in the grotto in the mountain beneath his feet! Su Yu knew that he must quickly inform the Manor Master, then ask him to come and take care of it!

When Su Yu returned to the camp, he found that Bing Wuxin and the others had already returned.

“Why did you come back? What happened?” Bai Shanliang asked Su Yu. “Wait! I’m noticing that there is a faint toxic poison on your body. Did you meet the creature that kidnapped Xue Qi?”

When they heard his words, everyone present stood up and looked at Su Yu nervously. Su Yu nodded solemnly. “Let’s talk about this later on, as we must now go to report back to the Manor Master that I found Xue Qi!”

The expressions of the people became grave, as from Su Yu’s demeanor, they could guess that something major had occurred.

“Junior brother, you don’t need to go there, as the Manor Master has already left the manor to go to welcome the Palace Master and the others. Now, there are only several elders overseeing the manor.” Bai Shanliang shook his head.

Why would he leave at such a crucial juncture? Su Yu’s heart sank slightly, and as he surveyed his surroundings, he furrowed his brows and asked, “Where’s Zi Xuan? Has she still not returned?”

“She came back, but she left again soon after. It seemed like she was trying to evade something… Or someone.” Bai Shanliang replied, while he gazed at Su Yu. His instinct told him that Zi Xuan was different from ordinary people.

Su Yu was somewhat startled by this news, as he had to wonder… Why would she suddenly have left, without any reason? Did she sense some imminent danger?

Now that there isn’t anyone left to help me, how can I save Xue Qi?

“Junior brother, why don’t you tell us about Xue Qi’s current situation? Then, we can ask for help from the elders, as well as the other seven inner sanctum disciples,” Bai Shanliang suggested.

Just them? Su Yu shook his head after he considered it for a moment. After all, the four demons would be easily killed by the middle-stage Divine Master if they fought him, and only the manor’s elders could be of any help against it.

All of a sudden, Su Yu’s eyes lit up. “I found a way! So, you can just leave this matter to me alone, while you go inform the manor’s elders later.”

The four demons looked at each other in dismay and bewilderment. They were all wondering what Su Yu was up to. However, they still complied, deciding to just wait for a while before going to inform the manor’s elders.

After a short moment, Su Yu returned to the black mountain quietly. As he looked at the darkening sky, Su Yu sat cross-legged on the mountain, then started checking the day’s harvest.

After a long while, a group of people flew by the mountain. They were none other than the seven inner sanctum disciples! They were somewhat curious about Su Yu because of his performance yesterday, and they had come here to have a look at what he had managed to harvest today.

“Junior brother, did you just start to take a rest?” A soft and pleasant-sounding voice echoed throughout the air.

When Su Yu raised his head, he saw senior sister Jiyu, who was wearing multi-colored clothes, standing before him. Her pretty eyes were looking fixedly at the grand number of magical treasures before him.

Su Yu collected the treasures quickly, while he stood up hurriedly, then cupped his fists and saluted them. “Senior sister Jiyu, senior brothers.”

The gazes of the six inner sanctum disciples, who were behind Jiyu, became filled with shock as they saw the short mountain, which had just one-third of itself left! They were all Almighty Divine Masters, yet their excavation speeds were slower than this Fairy’s! This was a matter that greatly shocked them!

The gazes of these six people were obviously filled with greed, too. After all, such treasures they all desired to possess as well.

“Junior brother, you really have great means, as you have managed to erase two-thirds of the mountain in just two days! As such, it isn’t surprising that you would have such a great harvest.” Jiyu bit her rosy lips, as she was astounded by Su Yu’s success. She also envied him.

Su Yu replied modestly, “I was just lucky. It seems like this mountain isn’t as hard to handle as I had first imagined, so I managed to excavate it easily.”

“Junior brother, you are too modest. If you have an opportunity of coming into the inner sanctum in the future, then you can look for me to ask me for instruction on the martial path.” Jiyu seemed to want to say something else after this, but she stopped herself.

They also had just three days for excavating, which meant that this was their last day. So, they must go back to the inner sanctum tomorrow. Although their gains weren’t small, they were still quite insignificant when compared to Su Yu’s.

She wanted to ask Su Yu whether he had some secret technique, but as she wasn’t close to him, she knew that she wouldn’t get any secret information out of him, especially if she asked him rashly. In her eyes, since he had managed to take the number one place in the outsiders recruitment exam and had reached the fiftieth layer of the Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate, then he should have great potential and have a great chance of entering the inner sanctum in the future.

Su Yu revealed a faint smile, “Senior sister really likes to joke! After all, I have just entered the sanctum, so the inner sanctum is still quite far away from my reach.”

“Junior brother, I believe in you.” Jiyu smiled sweetly, and she seemed quite beautiful at such a moment. “It’s almost night now, so why don’t you come back with us, as these mountains really aren’t safe?”

Su Yu replied, “Senior sister, many thanks for your concern, but I still have a matter to take care of. Senior sister and senior brothers, you can go back without me.”

“Since that’s the case, then you should be careful, and remember to come back as soon as you can,” Jiyu instructed him, before she led the others and left.

As he watched them prepare to leave, Su Yu curled up his lips and revealed a faint smile. “Whether Xue Qi can be saved or not will depend entirely on all of you.”

Su Yu then stamped the ground with his feet, revealed the hidden tunnel, and quickly went into it, entering the underground grotto. Now, there was nothing left on the mountain apart from a cool breeze.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

At this moment, two people appeared suddenly, like ghosts. One of them had black-skin, which had a purple and golden luster to it. His eyes were extremely bright, and they seemed like a pair of torches amid such darkness.

The other person had two swords on his back, one white and the other black. He also had sword-like, sharp eyes. As he stood there, his whole body emitted an aura of aloofness.

“Hehe, the lad managed to slip away quickly and disappear in just the twinkling of an eye. Did he know that we would try to harm him?” The dark-skinned youth surveyed the surroundings as he chuckled.

The youth who carried the black and white swords on his back didn’t speak, but swept his gaze through the surroundings. He suddenly felt something unusual about the mountain beneath their feet, and when he carefully observed it, he noticed a tunnel entrance, which was covered up slightly and had been hidden in the darkness.

“Brother Wen, look over there! It’s a tunnel.” The dark-skinned youth noticed the tunnel entrance too, and as he swept it with his feet, he got rid of the stones that covered a part of it up, revealing the whole entrance.

He squatted down and stroked the entrance lightly, a cold look appearing in his eyes. “There is a remnant trace of his aura at the edge of the entrance. It seems like he entered it. So… That’s why he didn’t want to come back with us to the camp! It was because he discovered this underground tunnel and wanted to seek treasures by himself!”

The dark-skinned youth curled his lips and revealed a mocking smile. “It can’t be denied that he’s really a crafty lad!”

The expression of the youth with the black and white swords was still composed and calm. “The Eighteen Linked Mountains are a part of the strangest region of the Elegant Spirit Mountain, and it’s extremely strange that such a tunnel appeared here. So, don’t be careless. Let’s just wait for him to come out, as this is the safest choice.”

“Brother Wen, it doesn’t seem to me like this tunnel was made recently, which means that the lad must have already gone into it before. So, if it had so many dangers, then how could he still dare go into it?” The dark-skinned youth was somewhat anxious.

He then added, “Moreover, the lad doesn’t seem stupid, and if he discovered that we were beside the tunnel entrance, then he would surely hide inside it and not come out. Since we are obliged to leave the Elegant Spirit Mountain tomorrow morning, we don’t have time to waste with him.”

The dark-skinned youth licked his lips. “Brother Wen, don’t you want to go in there to try your luck? Since this tunnel was already opened, then it will surely be taken over by the manor tomorrow, and we won’t have any opportunity of going into it in the future!”

His last words touched the dual swords youth and tempted him. After all, the martial path was hard and difficult, and a fortuitous encounter could change one’s whole life! It all depended on whether one was willing to take such risks or not.

“Then… Let’s follow the lad’s aura and pursue him.” The dual swords youth closed his eyes for a moment.

When he reopened them, a resplendent ray shone in them. It was capable of faintly discerning the traces that had been left by Su Yu’s aura.

The two people then sped along the complex tunnel like a formless wind. After the time it would take to brew a half cup of tea, they stopped in front of a giant stone gate.

“Brother Wen, why is there such a man-made stone gate here?” The dark-skinned youth furrowed his brows. He had a bad premonition as he looked at the pitch-black stone gate.

The dual swords youth’s heart sank slightly. “We were probably duped by him. I can feel a terrifying aura inside this stone gate.”

They finally realized that they were lured here by Su Yu! “Then what about Su Yuxian? Such a big person couldn’t just disappear into thin air?” As the dark-skinned youth surveyed the surroundings, he was quite flabbergasted.

At this moment, an old man walked out of the pink fog that was permeating the vicinity of the stone gate. He was none other than Su Yu!

But, the eyes of the person who had just appeared before them were crystal clear and pure, like that of a child. This didn’t coincide with the age of the person before them!

“Su Yuxian!” The dark-skinned youth shouted in a low voice. They didn’t notice anything odd about the current Su Yu because they were nervous and were focused on the danger that was lurking behind the gate.

“Hehe.” Su Yu chuckled as he turned once again into the pink fog and disappeared.

Instantly, a bolt of lightning flickered before the tunnel entrance, while Su Yu walked out of it. The current Su Yu had taken back his youthful appearance. He had long white hair and a youthful face, which was as handsome as an ethereal immortal’s.

He had a devilish-looking mark between his eyebrows, and his deep eyes seemed like those of immortals’, the kind of which were depicted in ancient scrolls. He seemed quite mysterious.

Su Yu wore a smile on his face. “Enough time has already passed, so they should have already reached the stone gate by now. Hehe, I will have to trouble you to help me block the ghost.”

While he was speaking, Su Yu’s left eye turned into the penetration eye, which could see-through everything, while his right eye became the scarlet spatial power’s eye. His left eye penetrated the grotto, looked at the stone gate, then looked through the fine fissure on it, while peeping into its inside.

At the same time, his right eye’s spatial power instantly passed through the gate and engulfed Xue Qi, as well as the scarlet sphere that was beside her. The two people outside the gate, who were both bewildered by Su Yu’s sudden disappearance, suddenly felt a baffling spatial power, which caused their expressions to change abruptly.