The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 805

Chapter 805 Luring Divine Masters Away And Killing Them

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Xue Qi, who was inside the room and bound by the blood-red sphere, was resisting with the sphere’s devouring power with great difficulty. All of a sudden, she felt a powerful spatial power engulfing her, which shocked her greatly.

The spatial power didn’t care about her resistance, so it teleported her away immediately. Ghost energy was still tumbling on the altar, and the black corpse that was laying there immediately noticed what had happened.


An inhuman roar was heard at that moment, and the black corpse stood straight up, its yellow eyes shining. The space around it shivered, and so did the pitch-black stone gate. As this was happening, a powerful aura spread from the altar throughout the surroundings.

The two people behind the gate felt like they were facing an erupting volcano. They felt weak and powerless in front of it. Even though they were both early stage Divine Masters, they were like mere ants in front of this mighty aura.

“A middle-stage Divine Master!” the dark-skinned youth’s pupils contracted as he exclaimed in alarm. He didn’t utter another word, but turned around decisively and ran away.

As for the dual swords youth, he had already started to flee. As he ran, his expression was extremely gloomy as he yelled, “That d*mn guy! We fell into his trap!”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

They were now facing a middle-stage Divine Master, so they didn’t dare hold anything back and immediately used all of their secret escaping techniques. When they had come here, it had taken them five minutes to reach this place, but on the way back, it only took them ten seconds!

The two people then charged into the tunnel decisively, planning to escape from the underground cave. However, it was only after entering it that they discovered that the opening from which they first entered it had been blocked by a yellowish blue bead. It now covered the opening fully, preventing anyone from entering or leaving the cave!

“That d*mn b*stard! How dare he plot against us?” The dark-skinned youth was anxious, so he shouted as he thrust his fist at the object that was blocking the exit.


However, when he struck it, he didn’t manage to push aside the object. Instead, he only hurt his arm, which was now tingling in pain due to the impact.

“Let’s cut open the surrounding stone. We must quickly leave this place before the middle-stage Divine Master behind us overtakes us. Otherwise, me might not survive!” The dual swords youth’s brows twitched as he spoke.

His heart was brimming with killing intent. They had planned to kill Su Yu, yet had ended up being blocked in this underground cave by him!

What was even more critical was that they were blocked here with a terrifying ghost that was at the middle-stage of the Divine Master Realm! Moreover, the ghost was infuriated and in a rage!


The dual swords youth took out his two swords and thrust them at the stones that were surrounding of the exit. He left a big dent, and it looked like he would need just another ten sword strikes in order to open another tunnel at this spot.

So, the dark-skinned youth didn’t dare slow down now. His fists took on a dark purple luster, while his palms turned completely dark purple. He seemed quite monstrous.

“Ah! Open!” The dark-skinned youth shouted as he struck the wall with great force, causing most of it to crumble.

At that point, if they joined forces, the two of them could surely make a big enough opening to escape if they hit the wall just three more times.

“Brother Wen, let’s persist!” the dark-skinned youth said as he thrust another fist at the wall.

But, brother Wen, who was behind him, didn’t attack the wall again. Upon realizing this, the dark-skinned youth lowered his head and looked behind him. He saw that his brother Wen had disappeared completely in those few short moments!

“Brother Wen!” Horror appeared on the dark-skinned youth’s face, and he quickly flew downward.

When he had just left the tunnel and returned to the cave, he noticed a person out of the corner of his eye.

The dark-skinned youth heaved a sigh of relief, then turned his head around and asked, “Brother Wen, what happened? Ah! What… What are you?”

When he turned his head around, his speech came to an abrupt halt. What appeared behind him wasn’t his brother Wen, but a ghost with hideous features, which was clad in a black robe!

Dense ghost energy was permeating out of its tattered black robe, and what was hidden beneath that black robe was a very scary face! It had green skin, sunken eye sockets, and yellow pupils, which had a ghost fire flickering in them. Its nose was rotted out, and its mouth was filled with sharp fangs!

As the ghost stared at the dark-skinned youth, a chilly wind came out from its mouth as it said, “It’s fine. He saved just a single Divine Master, while two came at me. It was worth it.”


Then, the ghost disappeared suddenly. The dark-skinned youth was overwhelmed with shock. His whole body turned dark purple, and it seemed to be extremely hard and firm.

He didn’t detect at all that a black giant ghost phantom image had appeared behind him and had almost stuck to his back. In fact, it almost seemed like his shadow. Then, all of a sudden, its big mouth, which was filled with sharp fangs, snapped open and bit his neck!

“Ah!” At that moment, a miserable scream echoed throughout the spacious and empty cave.

The dark-skinned youth quickly withered like a plant, and after just three seconds, all that remained of him was a pile of skin. His flesh, blood, and even his bones were devoured entirely!

The ghost licked its lips and chuckled. “His taste isn’t bad, but I still am not full.”

As the ghost laughed nastily, it looked at an empty fissure in the wall and waved its hand at it.


The giant rocks there were suddenly shattered.


A person then flew out quickly from among the shattered rocks. It was the dual swords youth, who had disappeared suddenly just moments ago. He had detected the ghost’s arrival early on and had hidden quietly.

He assumed that the ghost wouldn’t discover him, but it was unexpectedly sharper than he had expected, as he had just witnessed his junior brother being sucked dry and turned into a pile of skin! The dual swords youth’s scalp became numb, and as he thought about how terrifying the ghost was, he quickly turned and fled.

He clenched his teeth and charged into the tunnel, determined to risk everything there. The underground cave was now sealed, and if he stayed inside of it, he would be like a sheep that was trapped with a tiger, and it would be impossible for him to run away unscathed!

He rushed to the end of the tunnel, while holding both of his swords and waving them crazily as he shouted, “B*stard! Open the tunnel entrance!”

Su Yu was now standing atop the bead. A pink fog flickered beside him as a person whose appearance was exactly the same as Su Yu’s appeared.

It grinned at him before its body dissipated, leaving a pink creature that was as big as a puppy behind. It was the small kylin!

It was innately proficient in transformational magical abilities, so it had taken on Su Yu’s appearance in order to lure the two people to the stone gate!

Afterward, it had turned back into its illusory state, passed through the black mountain easily, then returned to Su Yu’s side. Everything had gone exactly like he had planned!

When he heard the shouts and curses echoing beneath him, Su Yu curled his lips into a smile and asked, “Senior brother, isn’t that place quite good for you? It has magnificent scenery, an elegant environment, and you can still occasionally find some treasures there. Even I don’t have the chance to enjoy such a good fortune!”

The dual swords youth burst out with rage, “Su Yuxian, let me out now! If you don’t, I swear that I will hunt you down to the ends of the earth!”

Su Yu chuckled, then replied with a tone of mockery, “Haha! You can only hunt me down if I let you out! If you stay there forever, no one will hunt me down!”

“Okay. Su Yuxian, as long as you let me out, I will never cause you any trouble again.” The dual swords youth took a solemn vow, while his eyes were filled with hatred. He wouldn’t cause any more trouble for Su Yu, as he would just kill him and end his troubles for good!

Su Yu shrugged his shoulders, then replied, “Senior brother, it will better for you to just stay there peacefully.”

The dual swords youth was just about to rain down curses upon him, when he suddenly felt a chilly wind that reeked of the smell of blood blowing on his neck. His face turned pale, but unlike the dark-skinned youth, he was decisive, and he waved his black and white swords at his neck and chopped off his own head!

He had chosen to put an end to his own life! However, even though his body had perished, a transparent phantom, which couldn’t be seen by the naked eye, flew out from his headless corpse. It disregarded all obstacles and easily passed through all matter as it flew out of the tunnel.

Letting one’s soul leave one’s body was one of the Almighty Divine Masters’ techniques. He had now left just an empty shell behind as he had escaped.

However, since his body had perished, his martial path’s cultivation was completely wasted. Hence, he had to look for a new body and start cultivating all over again.

The feud that he now had with Su Yu could be considered as deep and irreconcilable, and as he glared at Su Yu with rancor, he shouted, “Su Yuxian, just you wait!”

When Su Yu unexpectedly replied to him, the dual swords youth was greatly shocked.

“Is that so?” Su Yu turned his head around and wore a fake smile as he gazed at the Soul Body in front of him.

The dual swords youth’s expression became grave as he asked in alarm, “You can see me?”

Su Yu revealed a faint smile and said, “I can’t just see you, I can also send you to another place!”

After he spoke, a vortex appeared in Su Yu’s eyes, which emitted a mysterious and irresistible power.

The dual swords youth’s soul was swallowed by it. It then fell into Su Yu’s Soul Space, the eighteenth layer of hell.

As the dual swords youth looked at the boundless darkness, which stretched as far as his eyes could see, he couldn’t help but panic.

“What’s this?” The dual swords youth’s soul was quite restless.

It was at this moment that an aged voice echoed out from the darkness, “Haha, the lad still kept his promise. He quickly got another Divine Master’s soul!” At that moment, a revolving drop of blood appeared.

Upon seeing it, the dual swords youth’s expression became grave as he asked, “Who are you?”

The drop of blood spoke vigorously, “You don’t need to know who I am, as it’s enough for you to know that I need to use you.”

After the drop of blood spoke, it didn’t leave the dual swords youth any chance to escape. It drilled into his forehead and swallowed his soul completely!

The drop of blood became rounder and seemed to be even more vigorous than before. At this moment, Su Yu’s voice echoed out from the dark space, “I already fulfilled my commitment.”

When he fought the Blood Emperor in the Zhenlong World in the past, he was forced to use the drop of blood’s Evil Ghost’s power, absorb all living beings’ power, and use it for himself. The condition that the drop of blood put forward at that time was gifting it a Divine Master’s soul. Now, he had finally fulfilled that promise.

“Lad, are you interested in striking another deal with me?” The drop of blood chuckled.

Su Yu raised his brows and asked, “A deal? I still don’t need to use your Evil Ghost’s power yet, so it’s still too early to discuss such a thing.”

The drop of blood chuckled, then said, “Don’t take this so seriously. Let’s talk about life, our dreams, and the future. Wouldn’t it be better to just chat about those things?”

The corners of Su Yu’s mouth twitched as he replied, “Something occurred outside, so I don’t have time to waste with you here now. If you have something to say, just say it.”

“You are really a boring fellow,” the drop of blood murmured as it wore a fake smile. “The deal I want to discuss with you is about my secret technique, the Evil Dragon Divine Body. You are surely interested in it, right?”

Su Yu replied without giving this matter a second thought, “I already studied most of the Dragon Clan’s language, so even without your help, I can still translate this scripture.”

“Hehe, is the Dragon Clan’s Sacred Cannon, which I got by risking my life, something that can be cultivated just after translating it? You have probably already used the First Dragon’s Body that I reformed, right? How is it?” the drop of blood asked mystically.

Su Yu replied after he mulled over the question a bit, “It’s quite strong, but still not as strong as I imagined it would be.”

At first, the First Dragon’s Body had raised his body’s power to the Fairy Realm from its original Half Fairy Realm level. Such a strengthening effect could be considered as quite abnormal.

But now, its effects were quite average, as it could only increase his power by a single level. This was quite mediocre and didn’t live up to its title as the First Dragon’s body.

The drop of blood laughed upon reading all of this on Su Yu’s face. “It’s only natural. Even the First Dragon’s body is divided into several levels, and you are just at the lowest level, the one-meridian dragon body, so it’s obvious that it would be mediocre.”

Su Yu was startled by this and asked, “One-meridian dragon body? This wasn’t written on the Evil Dragon Divine Body Technique..”

“Hey, did you take the dragons as fools? Do you think that they would really write everything on the scripture? Many crucial details are considered an inheritance and are passed down orally from each generation of dragons to the other. As such, they won’t write it down or record it anywhere. So, how can you know?” The drop of blood spoke proudly.

Su Yu’s eyes lit up slightly as he asked, “Doesn’t this mean that you knew a part of it?”

The drop of blood stuck replied with a question, “Do you still need to question me about this? In the past, I destroyed worlds, extinguished heavens, and killed both gods and immortals alike. So, what’s a trifling Dragon Clan to me? Do you think that they would dare to hide anything from me?”

Su Yu was still skeptical of this, and he said, “I will believe you this time. But… What do you need, and what can you give me in return?”

The drop of blood smiled craftily. “You just need to give me a Divine Master’s soul each month, and I will look for a way to help you reform your body. But, you have to possess enough Real Spirit Dragon’s veins, so I can reform your body into the Five Dragons Body. Then, your body can reach the Divine Master Realm.”

A fleshly body at the Divine Master Realm? Su Yu felt a rush of excitement as he thought about this. Divine Masters were extremely powerful, and their powers were immeasurable. Even though Su Yu now had many powerful treasures, he still didn’t dare to rashly face a Divine Master!

If he made any mistake, he would be killed by a Divine Master before he could even used any of his techniques. But, if he could train his body to the Divine Master Realm, he would be much safer.

“Okay, it’s a deal!” Su Yu agreed.

Now, all he needed to do was look for an adequate amount of Real Spirit Dragon’s veins. As for how could he get them, he already had a plan!

His soul went back into his body and his eyes snapped open. He then tapped the ground with the tip of his foot and flew high into the sky, while suckinf the Underworld Pearl toward him.

He then flew toward the manor. However, just after he started flying, a black shadow appeared behind him quietly and suddenly, like a ghost.

The black shadow then stuck onto his back and emitted eerie laughter as it said, “It’s you who saved and stole my blood food!”

When its words had just echoed out, it opened his big mouth and was about to bite Su Yu’s neck…