The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 806

Chapter 806 Ghost Cry Three Moves

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It seemed like Su Yu was already prepared, and his whole body flickered with lightning, while he turned into a bolt of lightning before escaping. He instantly crossed tens of thousands of miles and reached the edge of the manor’s territory.

He could already faintly see the camp and the manor. However, a wind, which had a fishy smell to it, blew at him at such a moment, while a wisp of a sharp and cold aura assaulted his heart.

He didn’t need to turn his head around to know who it was. The ghost at the middle-stage of the Divine Master Realm had pursued him, and he knew that it would be impossible for the speed of a Fairy like him to rival a middle-stage Divine Master’s speed. Moreover, Su Yu could feel that the sharp and cold aura possessed an extremely terrifying power, which wasn’t something that he could confront head-on.

Su Yu’s gaze flickered slightly as he looked at the manor, which was almost within his reach. He didn’t retreat, but turned his hand over and threw a half yellow and blue pearl from his sleeves. The pearl, which was just the size of an eye, quickly enlarged as it flew in the air, then bombarded the person behind him.


A faint sound echoed as the cold wind was crushed forcefully by the pearl.

“You still have such a magical treasure?” The ghost spoke in surprise via a human language. After all, his attack should have been more than enough to kill 10 Fairies like Su Yu!

Su Yu sucked back the Underworld Pearl into his palm, while he shook his sleeves at the same time. He then took a wisp of silk, which even Divine Masters might not be capable of detecting, and waved it.

The ghost had sharp senses, and although he couldn’t see the wisp of silk, his instincts still detected a danger and warned him. At that moment, the black fog around him flickered, while a pair of wings formed on his back, and as he flapped them, he traversed hundreds of meters instantly. In the instant that he left his former place, a spatial fissure appeared there.

As Jiuzhou’s space was powerful and firm, it would be difficult for even an All Creation Power to shatter it. Hence, Su Yu’s strike had managed to frighten the ghost.

“Who are you? There isn’t anyone like you in the Elegant Spirit Mountain.” The shocked ghost spoke in a grave voice.

Su Yu noticed the unspoken implication of his words, which caused him to wonder…

What’s this about? Is this ghost quite familiar with the Elegant Spirit Mountain and the people within it?

It seemed to Su Yu that Sheng Ge hadn’t been mistaken, and that this ghost had indeed hidden all along in the Elegant Spirit Mountain’s Manor! It was for this reason that he had managed to discern with a single look that Su Yu, who had just taken back his youthful appearance, had never once appeared in the Elegant Spirit Mountain!

“You don’t need to know that information.” Su Yu’s gaze became grave.

Then, he snapped his fingers several times, waving the wisp of silk in his hands like a whip. The ghost’s expression became gloomy as he evaded it repeatedly, somehow managing to dodge its dangerous attacks over and over again.


Suddenly, the ghost’s sleeves were cut off by the silk, which shocked the ghost. He was already quite afraid, and as he took a look at the Elegant Spirit Mountain’s manor, which already showed some signs of activity, then glanced at Su Yu, he clenched his teeth and chose to give up.

“Lad, it won’t end here!” After he spoke, he turned around and fled.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several powerful auras, each emanating from Divine Masters, appeared at the same time within the Elegant Spirit Mountain’s manor. At that same time, five Divine Masters soared into the sky, then flew toward this place, along with the four demons.

However, it seemed like they were too late, as it looked impossible for them to overtake the ghost. After creating a large distance between him and Su Yu, the ghost turned his head around and looked at Su Yu coldly. “Just wait… I will look for you again before too long.”

Su Yu curled up the corners of his mouth slightly. “Why do you need to wait until later? I will give you an opportunity now.”

As Su Yu spoke, a scarlet radiance shone out of his eyes, while a spatial power instantly shot toward the ghost and quickly engulfed him.

“Wait, what are you doing?” The expression of the ghost changed as he recalled that the same technique was once used to save the female disciple that he had once captured.

He wanted to struggle and resist, but it was already too late. As the space fluctuated, he appeared in the sky above the Elegant Spirit Mountain’s Manor.

However, what really infuriated him was that he had been teleported into the middle of the group of Divine Masters! Apparently, Su Yu possessed an even higher degree of control over spatial power, so achieving such a matter was no longer difficult for him. What Su Yu had just done was like throwing the ghost into a den of wolves!

The people in the Elegant Spirit Mountain were startled at such a moment, and they stared at the ghost blankly. However, after they returned to their senses, they immediately started attacking him.

Even if the ghost was extremely powerful, it would be nearly impossible for him to face five Divine Masters alone, let alone when one of those five Divine Masters was also a middle-stage Divine Master!

“Ahh!” A miserable scream echoed throughout the air as the ghost spouted a mouthful of black blood.

As he was being bombarded by them, he was so frustrated that he almost went crazy. As for the five elders, they were quite overjoyed.

Su Yu quickly flew over to them, while holding a yellowish blue pearl in one of his hands and a wisp of silk in the other. He revealed a faint smile as he said, “You have really done something admirable, as you are willing to become a punching bag on your own accord, and help the Elegant Spirit Mountain’s old men practice for a while! I really respect such dedication and devotion!”

The ghost was so angered by his cheeky commentary that he started cursing. It was obvious that it was Su Yu who had teleported him into the middle of the Divine Masters, reducing him to such a pitiful state. Yet, he still dared to utter such mocking words at such a moment!

“I will tear you to shreds!” The ghost bared his teeth and cried out sharply.

He then thrashed aside the two early stages Divine Masters before him and rushed toward Su Yu. However, just as he flew out of their encirclement, a chain flew up from behind him and twined itself around him.

When he turned his head around and looked over, he found that it was a baby-faced old man, who had just shot out a rusty chain from his sleeves to catch his legs with it! The chain was extremely special, as not only could it bind his body, but it could also suppress his Ghost Energy. Moreover, the old man was also a middle-stage Divine Master!

“You have stirred up a great amount of havoc in the past year, and now you are finally willing to show yourself. So, you should be executed!” As the old man shook his hand, the ghost was sent flying like a stone, then slammed heavily against the mountain beneath them, crushing it entirely.

Upon seeing this, the five elders set up a formation quickly, then trapped the ghost firmly in the middle of it. They then started attacking him with all kinds of magical abilities.

The ghost, from amid the smoke, roared unceasingly as he was attacked by them. He possessed an astonishing life force, and even though he was encircled and being heavily attacked by them, he still managed to survive.

“Ahh! Not one of you will be left alive!” It seemed like he was thoroughly infuriated by them, and a powerful stream of air rose from the smoke, scattering it away and revealing the ghost’s badly mangled body.

What was before them now was a three-meter-long stocky monster. He had a thick and broad build, a sturdy chest, and thick and powerful limbs.

At first glance, he looked like an apeman, yet he possessed a hideous-looking face, which would frighten anyone. Even though his whole body was filled with wounds, not one of them was fatal.

“Ghost Cry First Move… Wind Comes from an Empty Cave.” The ghost opened his mouth and shot out a black stream of air, which formed a powerful wind that swept throughout the surroundings. The wind possessed an intensely evil power, which had a corrosive nature.

As an old woman, who was at the early stage of the Divine Master Realm, was struck by it, her whole body trembled and blood flowed out of her nose. Such was also the case for many other people when they came into contact with it.

The old man’s expression became grave. “Use your divine seal, as this is an evil wind, which can corrupt Vital Energy, so only a divine seal can resist it.”

At that moment, a magical seal appeared above the heads of each of the five elders. It seemed like a signet, and each of them had different characters depicted on their seals.

Upon seeing this, the ghost just revealed a mocking smile at the corners of his mouth and asked, “How could a trifling divine seal obstruct me? Ghost Cry Second Move… All Holes Are Penetrable!”

At that moment, the stream of air turned into iron needles, which were finer than threads of hair, and they all flew toward the five people to stab them. The radiance emitted by the divine seals managed to stop them for just a moment before it was shattered.

“Ahh! Ahhh! Ahh!” Continuous miserable screams were heard when the four early stage Divine Masters were stabbed by the iron needles. Instantly, the Vital Energy within their bodies started quickly being corrupted and weakened.

“Ghost Cry Third Move… As The Shadow Follows the Body!” The ghost emitted a nasty laugh as the needles that filled the sky turned into ghost phantom images, which immediately attacked the old man.


In the end, even the old man, who was a middle-stage Divine Master, couldn’t help but spout out a mouthful of blood. In just ten breaths’ time, the five elders were all suppressed by him.

Even though the ghost and the old man were both middle-stage Divine Masters, the Ghost Clan’s members fighting prowess was many times greater than the humans’.