The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 807

Chapter 807 Su Yu Shows His Might

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“Old B*stard, did you really assume that I’m afraid of you? Since you dared to get in my way, don’t blame me for being merciless. I will use you all as blood nutriments!” the ghost snorted coldly as it spoke, while it waved its hand at the elder who was closest to it.

It was at this moment that a mocking voice was heard in the sky, “Are you interested in the blood of even old men? If so, it seems like have really been starved! Why don’t you have a taste of your own blood?”

As the ghost raised its head, an intense killing intent appeared in its blood-red eyes. Then, its body flickered and it was about to turn into a phantom shadow and tear Su Yu apart.

It was at this moment that a mystical purple light shone in Su Yu’s eyes, while a purple dragon flew out and twined around the ghost. The ghost discovered in shock that it wasn’t capable of budging even an inch. It was as if the flow of space and time around it was completely frozen.

However, in the five elders’ eyes, it seemed just like the flying ghost had suddenly become slower by several folds. Su Yu’s eyes flickered and he threw the Underworld Pearl in his left hand. The extremely heavy Underworld Pearl struck the ghost, suppressed it, then slammed the ghost against the ground.


This was an all-out strike from Su Yu, thus, its momentum was extremely strong and fast. When the ghost fell on the ground, it left a giant pit in the ground. Moreover, the ghost was still sinking further into the ground.

The pit continued to get deeper until it had extended almost a hundred meters. This caused the ground surrounding it to crumble, and it was only then that it stopped.

Furthermore, it must be known that this was an ancient battlefield. Thus, many of its regions were as solid and firm as the Eighteen Linked Mountains.

After three seconds had passed, the ghost emitted a miserable scream. Its whole body was crushed by the pearl and torn apart. Its bones and flesh were turned into powder, and only half of its body still left intact.

However, even though it was already in such a state, it was still alive because ghosts were all tenacious, and their life forces were vigorous. The ghost shouted in a low voice, turned its remnant body into fog, then drilled into the ground in order to escape.

However, at that moment, a person landed in that very spot. He then waved his sleeves, and an indiscernible thread of silk streaked across the ghost and cut off its head!

The ghost’s body was thoroughly destroyed, but an illusory soul fled out from it in fright and quickly drilled into the deepest part of the ground. However, the ghost felt a terrifying suction force halfway through this, as it realized that it was being absorbed by it!

The ghost was barely able to make out a pair of revolving ash-gray eyes, and then it shouted at the top of its lungs, “Who are you?”

It didn’t believe that Su Yu was just a mere Fairy, as he had countless magical treasures and many terrifying techniques. Even a Divine Master might die while facing him!

However, the only response was just a stare from a pair of revolving eyes, as well being faced with a silent Soul Space. After he killed the ghost, Su Yu took the pearl and looked at the badly mangled corpse that had been left behind. The ghost’s spatial ring had also been crushed along with its body.

Su Yu was somewhat helpless at this moment. Although the Underworld Peal was powerful, it still crushed everything, and even the enemies’ treasures would usually be crushed by it. This was really a pity.

After he killed the ghost, Su Yu relaxed slightly, and he quickly flew out of the deep pit. When he had just landed in the vicinity of the pit, he felt many pairs of frightened gazes upon him.

The five elders were all looking in awe at Su Yu, and fear was apparent in their gazes. They all had personally witnessed Su Yu killing the outrageously powerful ghost quite easily in just a few moves. Moreover, he had even swallowed the ghost’s soul!

Suddenly, countless strange magical abilities and techniques engulfed the white-haired youth before them within a mysterious halo. The five elders all felt a great pressure upon them while they were standing before him.

“Little friend, may I ask who are you? And… Why have you appeared in our Red Blood Palace’s domain?” The iron chain elder cupped his fists at him and treated him like an equal, even though this white-haired youth was just a Fairy.

Su Yu was taken aback by this, and he smiled and said, “I was just passing by here and witnessed the ghost running amok. So, I knew that I must help. As for my identity, my name is Su Yu.”

“Su Yu…” the iron chain elder muttered as he exchanged several glances with the other four elders before they all shook their heads blankly. They didn’t know anyone with that name.

However, this still didn’t affect their awe of him. He was just a Level Two Fairy, yet he had easily crushed a middle-stage Divine Master.

It was really unimaginable! In all of Jiuzhou, besides the nine prefectures’ kings, no one else was capable of achieving such a shocking feat besides this youth!

“Fellow Daoist Su, Many thanks for intervening and killing the surviving ghost. I’m Bai Yang, and I thank you on behalf of the other elders for saving our lives, ” Bai Yang said.

Su Yu chuckled and waved his hand at him as he said, “Elder Bai, you don’t need to be this respectful. It’s only because you all entangled the ghost that I got an opportunity to kill it.”

This wasn’t just a modest reply. If Su Yu had really fought it alone, it would have been impossible for him to get an opportunity to kill the ghost. Hence, it was only because those five people attracted its attention that he managed to do so. Moreover, if he had fought it alone, Su Yu might even have died!

“Fellow Daoist Su, you are too polite. I and those four old men, weren’t really of any help.” Bai Yang chuckled in shame before he wore a solemn look and added, “Fellow Daoist Su, why don’t you come to our manor and be our guest? After the Manor Master comes back, he will surely reward you generously.”

Su Yu refused this invitation firmly, “Fellow Daoist Bai, many thanks for your concern, but I have to do something else, so I can’t stay here for long. I do hope to see you again.”

Su Yu then flew away. When he passed by the four demons, he looked at them and revealed a faint smile. The four demons wore solemn expressions as they looked at Su Yu as he flew over them. They all followed Su Yu with their gazes, and even after he disappeared, they were still solemn, not lively like they usually were.

Bai Shanliang wore a calm look and took a deep breath after a long while had passed. “I really didn’t expect that such a peerless young expert existed in the world! It seems like we have stayed in the Red Blood Palace for too long, becoming as ignorant as a frog observing the sky from the bottom of a well!”

Bing Wuxin held her sword hilt firmly with her right hand, which was shivering. She bit her rosy lips and said, “There is now another great genius I must surpass.”

Even Gongsun Wuxie, who was usually cheerful, wore a pensive look as she muttered, “Which faction trained such a powerful young genius?”

Tian Renyao also became very serious now, and he clenched his fist as he looked at Su Yu’s retreating form. Even though they all had eccentric characters, they were all still prideful people, so they all assumed that they were apex geniuses.

However, when they witnessed the white-haired youth crushing and killing a middle-stage Divine Master, they were shocked and amazed by the presence of such an astounding youth in Jiuzhou!

After they were quiet for a long while, Tian Renyao asked in alarm, “Hey… What about brother Yuxian? How did we forget him? Quick! Let’s quickly go and look for him!”

After Bai Yang and the others had rested for a while, they all looked in the direction where Su Yu had left from. Bai Yang then said, “Let’s go over there. That ghost came from the Eighteen Linked Mountains.”

When they reached that region, they found the cave easily. As for Su Yu, he had already taken on his aged appearance once more, then gone in front of the giant gate.

This place was the ghost’s secret room, and it probably still had some treasures left in it. So, Su Yu could not simply leave them there!

After he stepped inside, Su Yu surveyed the surroundings and his gaze fell upon the altar. He then tapped the ground with the tip of his foot, flew to the altar, and observed it closely.

When he had a clear view of it, Su Yu’s pupils couldn’t help but contract slightly. This was because he saw a familiar face. No, accurately speaking, it was just a pile of skin!