The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 809

Chapter 809 The Manor Master's True Identity

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Ji Yu took a deep look at Su Yu, then uttered several more words before she stood up and bid farewell to them, “Junior sister, I will take my leave now and let you recuperate.”

After she spoke, Ji Yu and the other four people in her group flew away. It seemed from their pace that they were pressed for time.

Gongsun Wuxie then asked, “They came hastily and left hastily! Were their butts on fire, or did they lose some objects?”

Bai Shanliang sat beside Su Yu and cast a meaningful glance at him. He the said, “They probably didn’t lose any objects, but they did lose two people. Their group had seven people, and two are missing.”

As he spoke, Bai Shanliang couldn’t help but look at Su Yu as he added, “Junior brother Su, do you know where those two people are?”

Upon hearing his question, several people got lost in their thoughts. When Su Yu had left, he was confident and full of himself. He had stated that he could surely save Xue Qi and had even reminded them to invite the elders here after a short while.

Afterward, everything had occurred just like Su Yu had expected, and a ghost appeared! So, all of the people had to wonder… Did he detect everything beforehand? Or, did he set all of this up?

It seemed like those two people who went missing were Divine Masters who were close to the Shao family. As such, it would be difficult for them to believe that their disappearance was unrelated to Su Yu. This was especially the case since Su Yu had taken such strange actions!

“Which two people?” Su Yu asked as he widened his eyes and a look of confusion crossed his face.

Gongsun Wuxie giggled, then said, “It’s the two inner sanctum’s disciples who wanted to take care of you. They both belonged to the Shao family’s camp in the inner sanctum, and they came here to deal with you. We are all aware of this.”

Su Yu suddenly understood what they meant, but he still just shook his head as he said, “I don’t know. I didn’t see them. They are probably digging out treasures somewhere.”

The four demons found it difficult to believe him, but they didn’t have any proof that it was Su Yu who had killed them, so there was not much that they could do about it at the moment.

They all exchanged glances, but didn’t look into this any further. If they really got some evidence of the truth, Su Yu would face grave troubles! If an outer sanctum’s disciple like him killed an inner sanctum’s disciple, then even executing him ten times wouldn’t be enough to atone for such a crime!

After the curtain of night unfolded, it was next day in the early morning…

“Su Yuxian, come with me to meet the Manor Master,” Bai Yan said after arriving here suddenly.

Did Manor Master Zhang come back? Su Yu was startled by this, and he wondered… Doesn’t this mean that Palace Master, Mo Tianxuan, came here, too?

Su Yu followed Bai Yang, went to the Elegant Spirit Manor, and met Manor Master Zhang in a side palace hall. There were eight great elders in the hall, as well as other elders who had all come here to welcome the Palace Master. But, Mo Tianxuan still wasn’t here yet.

Moreover, since Manor Master Zhang was sitting in the first seat, it was clear that Mo Tianxuan wasn’t here. Su Yu wondered… Did he disdain taking part in such a small meeting?

“Su Yuxian, tell us what you went through from the moment you discovered the cave until you found the ghost’s hideout,” Manor Master Zhang said solemnly.

Su Yu narrated everything to him, although he obviously made up most of it. When they finished listening to him, their expressions became grave.

“Now, tell us about the white-haired youth.” Manor Master Zhang leaned forward and looked at Su Yu. It seemed like he was concerned about this matter more than the ghost discovery.

Su Yu was slightly started by this, but he still told them the story, which he had made up earlier in preparation for this exact moment. In any case, he knew that there wouldn’t be anyone who could link the powerful Su Yu with a gray-haired old man like he was now!

After he told them everything, all of the people started whispering to each other and discussing this matter. It seemed like they were curious about the mysterious white-haired youth.

“Okay, you can go back and rest now,” Manor Master Zhang said.

Su Yu nodded, then left the hall nonchalantly.

After he left, Bai Yang wore a pensive look as he said, “Manor Master, since the Palace Master had an urgent matter to deal with at the last moment and didn’t come to the Elegant Spirit Manor personally, how should we deal with this matter?”

At that moment, Manor Master Zhang was lost in his thoughts, and it was only after a long while the he returned to his senses and said, “Well, the Palace Master’s whereabouts are unknown, so let’s keep this land’s news from spreading for a while. Let’s wait until we get wind of the Palace Master’s whereabouts. However, we must still pay attention to the white-haired youth.”

The elders were very curious over this matter. It seemed that in Manor Master Zhang’s eyes, the white-haired youth’s matter was more important than the ghost’s affair.

“Manor Master, does the white-haired youth have a special status?” Bai Yan inquired.

Manor Master Zhang nodded gravely and said, “Yes, and although I’m not sure of what exactly it is, we must still pay careful attention to him. News has spread recently regarding the murder of the central prefecture’s Bright Light Guard’s greatest guard, the Blood Emperor.”


All of the elders were overwhelmed with shock, and they felt like a thousand claps of thunder were rumbling in their minds.

“The Blood Emperor? One of the central prefecture’s ten great experts? That’s impossible! Unless a prefecture’s king attacked him, who would be capable of killing him?” an elder asked. None of the elders could believe this news.

Manor Master Zhang said in a deep voice, “I also didn’t believe this piece of news at first, but this news came straight from the upper layer members of the inner sanctum. One of the upper layer members who was hiding in the central prefecture witnessed it with his own eyes. The Blood Emperor was hunted down by someone for a billion miles, crossing many cities along the way. This matter was witnessed by countless people.”

Manor Master Zhang then added, “Moreover, the news of the Blood Emperor’s death spread from the central prefecture just after that, so it must be true.”

The whole hall immediately descended into complete silence. After all, All Creation Realm experts were at the peak of Jiuzhou’s pyramid, and only a few people could kill them, yet the Blood Emperor, who was an expert among experts and whose name vibrated in the central prefecture, was unexpectedly hunted down by someone and killed! It was unfathomable!

“Manor Master, may I ask which person did this?” Bai Yang’s heart shivered. The person who could hunt down the Blood Emperor was surely one of Jiuzhou’s peerless experts!

Manor Master Zhang said, “I don’t know, but it’s rumored that it was a white-haired youth who had numerous blood clouds around him. The weapon that he used was a bead, which crushed the Blood Emperor’s body into a paste!”

A white-haired youth and a bead? Upon hearing this, all of the elders felt their minds rumbling, and Su Yu’s image instantly appeared in their minds as they wondered… Was it him? But, they soon shook their heads, as the disparity between those two people’s powers was too great.

“This matter occurred two months ago, but it was kept secret until now. It’s fine for you to know, but you mustn’t divulge it to anyone else. Now, the meeting will come to end here,” Manor Master Zhang said.

The hearts of Bai Yang and the others trembled after hearing this. Bai Yang watched the Manor Master Zhang leave called out, asking in surprise, “Manor Master, there are still many matters that you must take care of. So, where are you going now?”

Manor Master Zhang’s eyes flickered as he turned his head and instructed them, “I must take care of a private matter, so just wait for me patiently until then.”

After he spoke, he strode forward and left. Then, after Su Yu left the side palace hall, his expression became gloomy and he quickly returned to the camp. When he got there, Bing Wuxin, Xue Qi, and the other three people were cultivating quietly in the camp.

“You have returned so soon?” Bai Shanliang was startled, and he stood up and said, “This is good. Today is the last day, so let’s hurry up and excavate the mountains! I’m still waiting to get back my capital!”

Gongsun Wuxie giggled, then said, “That’s right, brother Yuxian! You still owe me a Ghost Clan magical treasure!”

Su Yu’s expression was unexpectedly still grave as he said in a deep voice, “If you all don’t leave now, you will lose your lives! So, let’s flee! Quickly!”

Upon hearing him, the five people became tense. They all had a bad feeling when they witnessed Su Yu’s current facial expression.

“Junior brother, what happened? Can you explain it to us clearly?” Bai Shanliang’s smile disappeared and he wore a serious expression as he asked this.

Bing Wuxin snorted, then said, “If you dare to deceive us, I will split you open with my sword!”

“Brother Yuxian, explain it to us quickly. I have become too nervous because of you!” Tian Renyao came over and spoke coyly. It could easily be seen that they were all scared by Su Yu’s current look.

Fear was also apparent in Su Yu’s eyes as he said, “We didn’t get rid of all of the ghosts. There is still another one hiding. Right now, it’s in the Elegant Spirit Mountain, which is extremely dangerous now. So, we must leave quickly.”

Another ghost? The expressions of the five people became grave when they heard this news. They had all witnessed the fates of Bai Yang and the other four people who had jointly attacked the ghost.

Even though the five people had joined hands to face the ghost, they had still lost miserably. If a young expert hadn’t have passed by there, they would have all been turned into the ghost’s meal! Now, Su Yu had just stated that there was unexpectedly another ghost!

“Since that’s the case, we should just stay here and not flee. Also, we must quickly inform the Manor Master! Manor Master Zhang just came back, and with him here now, we can surely deal with a ghost that is as powerful as the previous one,” Xue Qi said, surprise in her voice.

After all, Su Yu should also have considered this matter. As such, fleeing was surely the stupidest choice that they could make, as once they were spotted by the hiding ghost, it just seemed like that would die even sooner!

However, even after hearing this, Su Yu’s expression remained gloomy as he said, “It’s because he came back that we must immediately run away! This is because… He’s the hiding ghost! He’s also a ghost that is using a Painted Skin!”

Su Yu had finally exposed the truth. It was Sheng Ge was actually the one who had informed him of this shocking news.

He had assumed all along that the ghost’s aura that Sheng Ge had detected belonged to Jiu An, but when he met Manor Master Zhang a moment ago, Sheng Ge stated that the previous aura was still present. Su Yu had already met the other elders alone, yet Sheng Ge didn’t warn him then. It was only after Manor Master Zhang came back that she warned him.

This matter alone was enough to deduce everything! As Su Yu thought back on the formation that was set in the altar, which was in the rock cave, he remembered that it could only be set by an All Creation ghost.

So, Su Yu felt more like Jiu An’s skin was just one of the Painted Skins that they possessed. He had a sinking suspicion that they had a greater Painted Skin… The skin of the Manor Master!

After all, he was the greatest ghost here, and he probably even possessed the All Creation Realm’s power. So, if they didn’t flee now, it would be too late for them to escape!

As Bai Shanliang and the others were still in a daze and startled by this news, the camp’s space coagulated suddenly. Everyone was immediately constricted by the space and couldn’t even move an inch!

“Space control! This is the All Creation power!” Xue Qi exclaimed in shock.


A cold wind blew over at that moment, and a middle-aged man suddenly appeared in the middle of the camp, just like a ghost. He was wearing a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, while he stood calmly among them.

“Hehe, Su Yuxian, why do you want to wreck my plans?” The speaker was none other than Manor Master Zhang!

They recognized Manor Master Zheng immediately, however, his eye sockets didn’t have human eyes any longer. Instead, they had a flickering purple flame within them. Moreover, his whole body was emitting en eerie ghost energy!

“Manor Master Zhang! You… You are a ghost!” Bai Shanliang exclaimed in shock.

The other people present were also shocked. One of the Red Blood Palace’s high-level members, the Elegant Spirit Manor’s Master, was unexpectedly just a ghost draped with a human skin over it! This matter beyond everyone’s expectations!

Their situation had just changed drastically, so it was difficult for them to accept this fact right away. But, Manor Master Zhang didn’t care about this as he looked at Su Yu with a faint smile and said, “I’m really fond of smart people. If you are willing, I can turn you into a ghost like Jiu An. You should have already witnessed how one’s strength increases after becoming a ghost. So, what do you say?”

Su Yu’s eyes flickered as he asked, “What will happen if I refuse?”

Manor Master Zhang shook his head, while still wearing a faint smile, then said, “You don’t have the right to refuse this offer, as you will shortly die if you do!”

Manor Master Zhang then added, “However, before your death, I still want to know how you discovered my true identity.”

As Manor Master Zhang examined Su Yu, his gaze suddenly fell on his wrist. His eyes shone slightly as he said, “Interesting… I can detect a faint aura of my clansman from you. It seems like you have subdued one of my clansmen. It’s no wonder that you managed to find Jiu An and discover my true identity.”

Then, a cold smile appeared at the corners of Manor Master Zhang’s mouth as he asked, “However, are you aware that you ended up wrecking my great plan?”