The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 810

Chapter 810 The Mysterious Lan Long

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Great hatred was apparent in the Manor Master’s words. “In the past, I suffered your human clan joint attack, and I died while still harboring great resentment. Just a wisp of my soul managed to survive by hiding among the blood before hiding underground. It was only by cultivating for a hundred years that most of my soul finally managed to recover.”

He then added, “It was only half a year ago that I managed to get this body by chance, then use it to hunt down human experts in order to use their blood and souls’ powers to recover my cultivation base. But, when I was about to finish recovering to my peak state, I ended up attracting the Red Blood Palace’s attention.”

He looked at Xue Qi as he continued to speak coldly, “It was fine if only reckless inner sanctum disciples like you came to investigate, but when even the Red Blood Palace’s Master came here personally, I was forced to concoct another plan and hide. I then planned to use Jiu An as a scapegoat. Jiu An was a greedy and avaricious guy, who had a great thirst for power, and after he swallowed my Ghost Blood, he was turned into a ghost!”

He smiled as he recalled it. “I planned to frame him and let the Red Blood Palace assume that everything that had happened in the past half year was done by Jiu An. As such, I thought that I could use him to pass such a crisis peacefully.”

He then shook his head and looked at Su Yu coldly. “But, who would expect that… You would unexpectedly raise a small ghost that could detect my aura as a ghost, nearly exposing my status!”

The people here were all greatly shocked when they heard this. It turned out that Jiu An’s capture of Xue Qi was just a play that was set up by Manor Master Zhang! He had wanted to use it to settle the sanctum’s suspicions! But, Su Yu had ended up discovering his true status, so he notified Bing Wuxin and the others, almost causing the plan to fail!

“All of you must be punished for this!” A ferocious look appeared on Manor Master Zhang’s face.

When his words echoed out, the hearts of Su Yu and the others shuddered. He apparently wanted to silence all of them!

At such a precarious moment, the eyes of Bing Wuxin, who was fettered by spatial power, flickered. “The sword follows the heart’s desire!” Bing Wuxin shouted in a low voice, while the long sword on her waist shuddered and emitted a buzzing sound. Then, a bone-chilling sword light was emitted out of it.

Such a sword light contained a mystic power, which shattered the spatial fetters. At the same time, a powerful sword energy swept through the surroundings and freed Su Yu and the others from the spatial fetters.

Su Yu was quite astonished by it, and he wondered what kind of technique it was. Such a sword strike made Su Yu’s heart palpitate, as its might wasn’t any weaker than the strike of someone at the peak of the early stage of the Divine Master Realm! But, this was to be expected of Bin Wuxin, as she was one of the most powerful people among the four demons.

As the spatial power was torn apart by her, all of the five people here fled in different directions at the same time. It was only in such a way that they would have hope for at least a few of them to escape successfully.

“Your sword techniques are really quite rare. You’re great achievements are also quite impressive.” As Manor Master Zhang made his comment, he extended his right arm, raised it, then lowered it forcefully.

A terrifying spatial power instantly surged out of each person’s body. It was about to tear them apart from the inside out!

The expression of Xue Qi and the others changed to ones of terror. Although Manor Master Zhang still hadn’t recovered his All Creation Realm cultivation base, he had already reached the peak of the Divine Master Realm, so he could advance into the All Creation Realm at any time.

As such, the great prowess that he possessed wasn’t something that they could confront. Just when they were about to be turned into mincemeat, Su Yu’s eyes became ice-cold as he wondered… Am I obliged to expose my true status as Su Yu now?

It would still be difficult for him to fight Manor Master Zhang, but it would be easy for him to make a spatial cyclone, which would help everyone escape at least. But if he really did it, then they would all see through his false status as Su Yuxian, which meant that he wouldn’t be able to stay in the Red Blood Palace any longer.

When Su Yu was just about to reveal his true identity, a cold snorting sound was transmitted from a distant place.”You have so easily shown yourself. It seems that I really overestimated you.”

There was a spatial isolation seal that had been set up around the camp, so it should have been impossible for someone’s voice to transmit through it. As such, the only explication for the occurrence of such a situation was that the cultivation of the person was higher than Manor Master Zhang’s!

“Who are you?” Manor Master Zhang was, as expected, greatly surprised to hear this voice.


The space was suddenly torn apart, while the spatial isolation seal that had been placed around the camp was torn apart by an extremely terrifying power. The spatial power inside the bodies of Su Yu and the others suddenly disappeared, as if it had been suddenly erased by something.

Su Yu and the others raised their heads in bewilderment. All of them knew the person who had just appeared in an instant. He was the man from the manor, who was responsible for all of the treasures’ inspection!

He wore a blue robe, while a solemn expression was plastered on his face. He was the person who managed to discover the Ghost Clan’s treasure in Su Yu’s spatial ring. At that time, Su Yu had been quite surprised, and he had wondered why he was capable of seeing-through his spatial ring’s contents.

“Lan Long?” Manor Master Zhang was surprised. “Why were you hiding in the Elegant Spirit Mountain’s Manor?”

Dread was apparent in Manor Master Zhang’s voice, as he was capable of detecting that his opponent’s power wasn’t any weaker than his. Clearly, he was also at the peak of the Divine Master Realm.

“I was ordered to keep an eye on the Elegant Spirit Mountain. Did you really assume that the Red Blood Palace would be relieved to leave such an important place to a Manor Master, without using any other methods?” The blue-robed middle-aged man replied, while he looked at him calmly.

He was the secret chess piece that had been placed within the Elegant Spirit Mountain by the sanctum. He was responsible of keeping an eye on all of the generations of Manor Masters. It seems that his special role was only now being put to use.

Manor Master Zhang’s expression became gloomy, while hate and resentment welled up in his heart. He was just about to silence Su Yu and the others, all of whom knew his status, yet Lan Long had come here at such a moment and interfered! It was only by killing all of the people here that he could get rid of all future troubles!

It seemed like Lan Long was capable of seeing-through his mind, and he spoke calmly, “I’m not like the manor’s elders, so you were already out of luck from the moment you ran into me!”

“Five Elements Heavenly Flame Palm!” Lan Long’s expression was calm as terrifying flames, which possessed an intense heavenly disaster power, condensed in each of his five fingers.


As he waved his palm, the five flames intertwined around each other like five dragons, then flew toward the ghost.

“This is an All Creation Old Monster’s tribulation disaster flames!” Manor Master Zhang uttered, while fear appeared on his face. At that moment, a powerful Ghost Energy surged out of Manor Master Zhang’s body, then turned into a thirty-meter-long ghost phantom image, which pounced at the flames.


It seemed like the disaster flames were the bane of this gaseous existence, and the thirty-meter-long ghost phantom image was directly routed by it. Manor Master Zhang, who was hiding within the giant ghost phantom image, screamed miserably, flew back, and spouted blood, while an inextinguishable disaster flame burned upon his body.

It was obvious who was the most powerful between the two of them. Although their powers were almost even, Lan Long was clearly capable of suppressing him. A moment ago, Manor Master Zhang had even wanted to kill Lan Long, but now, he could only flee.


Manor Master Zhang glared at Su Yu viciously, then extended his hand and tore space, while trying to pass through it and escape.

“Do you want to escape?” Lan Long tore the space apart casually, then immediately chased after him. In the twinkling of an eye, both of them dissipated, leaving just some spatial fluctuations behind.

“Is this what a battle between two Half-Step All Creation Old Monsters looks like?” Xue Qi’s eyes were filled with fright.

After all, fusing with the world and using spatial powers were matters that only All Creation Old Monsters could achieve, yet the two of them were quite proficient in using them. As such, it was obvious that both of them were already close to the All Creation Realm, and it was just a matter of time before they reached it.

“It’s really baffling! Who’s Lan Long anyway? Why have I never heard that our Red Blood Palace had such a peerless expert?” Bai Shanliang asked in amazement.

Su Yu was also somewhat bewildered by such a matter, but he still knew that there was another mysterious All Creation Old Monster overseeing the outer sanctum, even though the Red Blood Palace had announced to the outside world that they had just one All Creation Old Monster, Mo Tianxuan. Thus, the appearance of this Lan Long didn’t really surprise Su Yu that much.

It seemed like the Red Blood Palace had many hidden secrets. Moreover, Manor Master Zhang was the true surviving ghost, which had caused a disturbance in the Elegant Spirit Mountain.

Su Yu and the other,s all went through an inspection on the same day to check whether they had been turned into ghosts or not. Fortunately, it was just Jiu An alone, who couldn’t bear such a temptation and had become the accomplice of the ghost!

It was late in the evening when Lan Long finally came back. He brought with him a piece of disappointing news.

The All Creation Realm ghost was too crafty and had managed to escape from him. But, Lan Long had still managed to injure him, so the ghost’s cultivation had dropped down to the middle stage of the Divine Master Realm.

Currently, the ghost could recover his cultivation base by devouring human experts, and he would surely become a great disaster to them if they didn’t kill him today! However, such a ghost-hunting mission would obviously not be passed to Su Yu and the others. Thus, it would be given to the sanctum’s experts to handle.

At the moment, all of the Elegant Spirit Mountain’s people gathered together in a side palace hall. One person among them wore a solemn and ice-cold expression, while standing beside the past seat of Manor Master Zhang It was obvious that he wanted to take charge of the manor.

“All of you should have already learned about what has happened, so before the sanctum assigns a new Manor Master, I will take charge of the Elegant Spirit Mountain’s Manor,” the man announced.

There wouldn’t be anyone putting an objection against such a matter, and Bai Yang and the others were still shocked, as they never once had expected that such an ordinary person, who was in charge of the treasures’ inspection, would become a peerless expert close to the All Creation Realm!

“Announce my orders, and from today onward, all excavations will be stopped temporarily. The sanctum will task some experts to carry out a thorough inspection of the Elegant Spirit Mountain to ensure that no ghosts are alive within it.” After Lan Long spoke, all of the people felt like they had been relieved from a heavy burden.

Lan Long then added, “Moreover, the people who made a great contribution in such a matter will be rewarded generously.”

Lan Long then looked at Su Yu. “As you discovered the underground grotto and altar and exposed Manor Master Zhang’s status as a surviving member of the Ghost Clan, as well as got rid of hidden dangers for the sanctum, you will be awarded the highest issuable reward of the Elegant Spirit Mountain, which is 100,000 merit points.”

Upon hearing this, all of the people descended into silence. Many ardent gazes looked at Su Yu, and it seemed like they wanted to melt him with their fierce looks of jealousy.

Many Divine Master Realm elders had never once gotten such a great reward, and now an ordinary disciple had attained it! But, no one questioned his eligibility for such a reward, as he really had made a great contribution. In fact, if it wasn’t for him, then they would still be at the mercy of the vile All Creation Realm ghost!

If the ghost’s plans had succeeded, then all of the Elegant Spirit Mountain’s Manor people would have been in dire states. When considering this, 100,000 merit points even seemed too few for such a great contribution!

“Many thanks senior.” Su Yu was delighted. Now, not only could he get the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation, but he could even get another legendary cultivation technique as well!

“Okay. Now, the sanctum’s disciples should immediately go back to their sanctums, as this place isn’t safe.” After Lan Long spoke, he took a look at Su Yu, then turned around and left.