The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 811

Chapter 811 Fifth Grade Spirit Pil

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After they returned to the camp, Ji Yu looked at Su Yu with her pretty eyes. She was quite jealous of him and wondered… Why does everything good come to him, while everything bad seems to come my way?

She still hadn’t found the two missing members of her group, and if she didn’t guess wrong, they had probably already been devoured by the Ghost Clan’s surviving member! She knew that those two members belonged to a certain great faction in the inner sanctum, so she would surely be implicated in their disappearances!

As she thought of this, she felt quite bitter inside, but she still couldn’t state her troubles aloud. She simply wore a sad look as she bid farewell to Su Yu and the others before she led the other people away to return to the Red Blood Palace.

“Let’s leave too. If the surviving member of the Ghost Clan comes back stealthily, we won’t be this lucky and being saved by Senior Lan again,” Bai Shanliang said.

The other people nodded. They knew that, this time, their mission was quite dangerous.

However, Su Yu suddenly said, “Sirs, you should just leave now, without me. I still have some matters to take care of. I will return by myself in a few days.”

Bai Shanliang furrowed his brows and wondered… Won’t Su Yu be in danger if he stays here all by himself? After all, the All Creation Realm ghost hates him!

However, since he knew that Su Yu was already aware of this, yet had still made such a decision, Bai Shanliang assumed that Su Yu must have his own plan. So, Bai Shanliang didn’t attempt to stop him or change his mind.

Afterward, they went to the exchange site and exchanged all of the previous day’s treasures. This time, the other four people have different amounts of gains. Bai Shanliang and Tian Renyao both got another Ghost Clan treasure that was at the level of a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact.

As for Bing Wuxin, she didn’t get anything on the first day, but this time, she got two objects, which she exchanged for 6,000 merit points. As for the last person, her face was flushed and she clenched her teeth tightly as she said, “It’s really infuriating! Why didn’t I get any?”

The others smiled as they looked at the exasperated little demoness. This little demoness was always up to something mischievous, and it seemed like she had finally got retribution for her behavior!


At this time, Su Yu threw a Ghost Clan’s treasure that was at the level of a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact at her. This was the object that he had promised her.

The little demoness was startled by this, and a smile quickly blossomed on her face as she, “Brother Yuxian, you are really the best! You are also the one I love the most!”

As she spoke, she went to exchange it for merit points happily. Her change in mood was drastic and sudden, as if she had just became an entirely different person!

Bai Shanliang’s eyes flickered slightly. “Su Yuxian, you dug out many Ghost Clan objects this time, while we didn’t even make up for the capital that we spent…”

They had all paid 10,000 merit points each, yet in the end, each of them had gained only 6,000 merit points, which meant that that had ended up losing 4,000 merit points in total.

“Hehe, I don’t have much… Just four or five,” Su Yu said, while he turned around his spatial ring.

As he did so, more than 10 objects of varied colors fell out of it and landed on the stone table. Six of them belonged to the Human Clan and were worth just 1,800 merit points, while the remaining four belonged to the Ghost Clan. This was still after Su Yu had gifted one to Gongsun Wuxie.

He exchanged them all for 14,000 merit points, and if he added the 16,000 that he gained in the first day, he had made more than 30,000 merit points just from excavating in the Elegant Spirit Mountain alone! The corners of Bai Shanliang’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch, and at that moment, he really had a strong impulse to rob Su Yu, as his gains in this Elegant Spirit Mountain mission were really outrageously high!

He got 40,000 merit points from them and had gained another 30,000 merit points here. Moreover, he had been bestowed with 100,000 merit points. Hence, in total, he had gained more than 170,000 merit points. As such, any outer sanctum’s elder would be tempted by such an astronomical number of merit points.

“Let it be. Let’s just leave. This guy’s luck is better than all for ours put together.” Bai Shanliang smiled bitterly, waved his hands at them, then led them away.

Before Bing Wuxin left, she looked at Su Yu and said coldly, “Don’t die, as after my injuries recover, I will pay you back for attacking me!”

Su Yu furrowed his brows as he thought… This woman is really loathsome!

After they left, Su Yu quickly left the Spirit Elegant Mountain as well. However, before he left, he instructed the remaining people that if Zi Yuan came back, to inform her that they had already gone back to the Red Blood Palace.

He really didn’t know why had Zi Xuan left suddenly. According to what the four demons has said, it seemed like she was trying to hide from something.

Su Yu surveyed the surroundings as he flew quietly toward a region that was filled with forests. After half a day had passed, he had already left the Spirit Elegant Mountain and reached a desolate riverbank. The river was covered by a layer of ice and was extremely cold.

A frozen river? Su Yu was startled by this.

He was once hunted down by All Creation experts near a frozen river, and he also ran into Zi Xuan near a frozen river. It was an eerie coincidence.

It seemed like the Spirit Elegant Mountain wasn’t far from this frozen river. However, this frozen river obviously spanned across the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, and he had never been in this region of the river before. So, he knew that there must be a large distance between this place and where he was once before and had these encounters.

After he confirmed that no one was here, Su Yu waved his hand and the small kylin came out from the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. It then yawned lazily.

Then, it stretched itself, raised its head, and said in a reproachful tone, “I didn’t get enough sleep yet!”

“Let’s make elixirs,” Su Yu said as he revealed a faint smile.

The small kylin’s purple eyes shone, making them seem like dazzling crystals. “Making elixirs? Okay! Good! Let’s make elixirs.”

It didn’t just possess an inborn memory about elixir production, but it was also passionate about it. So, it helped Su Yu prepare two completely purified batches of the Primordial Chaos Vital Pill’s ingredients, as well as helped him ready a furnace.

In the past, the small kylin had made third grade spirit pills from unpurified Primordial Chaos Vital Pill’s ingredients. Now, since the ingredients were completely purified, it should be theoretically capable of making, at the very least, fourth grade spirit pills.

After it got the ingredients, the small kylin licked its lips excitedly. It seemed eager to give it a try. So, the small kylin started the production of the elixirs, while Su Yu took the scroll that had the Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Technique on it.

In the past, he got two legacies in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. One of these was the Mysterious Heavenly Elixir Manufacturing Technique, and the other one was this Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Technique.

As he held the Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Technique scroll, Su Yu couldn’t help but recall a tearful face from his past. He had taken this woman’s first time and her most precious object. A long while had passed since then, and he wondered at that moment… How is she now?

He felt that she was surely living well because she was, after all, the fiancée of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ number one genius, Gu Taixu. Moreover, she was still another pride of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. In fact, she should have already advanced into the later stage of the Divine Master Realm by now.

It would be better for me to worry about myself rather than care about others! Su Yu laughed at himself. After all, he was only just a Level Two Fairy himself.

Even though he knew that he would get the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation soon, he still had another issue to consider, which was how he could craft spiritual swords out of the mature Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo was this world’s strongest divine bamboo. It was firm and indestructible, so without profound crafting techniques, it would be impossible for someone to craft anything out of it.

He had placed all of his hopes on this crafting technique, and he hoped that Tian Jizi had a way to achieve his goal. With this on his mind, Su Yu decided to enter into a time acceleration state.

As he did so, the flow of time around him became faster than the outside world by 200 times. As such, if just two hours passed outside, he would have already passed 20 days in meditation here.

After Su Yu read the scroll completely, as he was folding it, he had a dizzy spell. This was because artifact production was even more complex than elixir production. This was because he didn’t need to just fuse the materials and control the flames, but he also needed to be proficient in carving formation symbols.

In other words, he had to learn the basics of formations. A magical treasure’s grade was, in fact, mostly decided by the the grade and quantity of the formation symbols that were carved within it. The greater the number of formation symbols carved on it, the higher the grade of the magical treasure.

In other words, a formation master wasn’t necessarily a crafting master, but each crafting master was surely proficient in formations. So, if Su Yu wanted to learn artifact craftsmanship, he must first study formations.

However, according to what he knew, the formation path was broad, and many people could spend 100 years just to learn a small part of it. If Su Yu wanted to master it quickly, he would still need to spend several years focusing just on it alone, even though he had the assistance of time acceleration power. This matter just wasn’t what he had planned at all.

As Su Yu was lost in his thoughts, the furnace next to him started shaking intensely, and as the small kylin raised the furnace’s temperature, the pill production reached the last step, pill fusion. He could hear many crackling sounds coming from the furnace, and it seemed like the pill inside it was ramming against its sides intensely.

The pills momentum was greater than the pills had been when they had made the fourth grade Fairy Expansion Pills. Su Yu was startled by this, so he paid close attention to it.


All of a sudden, the furnace’s lid burst open. This was the first time that such a matter had occurred while they were making elixirs. It could be seen from this just how great a pressure the furnace could bear.

At the same time that the furnace lid burst open, two ash-gray blurs jumped out of it. Their speed was extremely quick, as quick as a middle-stage Fairy’s. This was especially the case for the one in front, as its speed reached an astounding level!

It was fortunate that Su Yu had ample experience, so when they flew out, he was able to intercept them and put them both in a jade box.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After the pills were placed in the box, they rammed against its sides unceasingly, and Su Yu, who held the box, felt like it would fly out of his hands at any moment. It was only after 10 seconds had passed that this disturbance gradually came to an end.

When Su Yu observed the pills carefully, his pupils couldn’t help but contract. This was because he saw that the Primordial Chaos Vital Pill on the left side was covered with four vein-like patterns. It was a fourth grade spirit pill, which was what Su Yu had expected.

However, what did surprise him was that the spirit pill on the right side had five patterns, which meant that it was a fifth grade spirit pill. This was the first time they had made a fifth grade spirit pill! The fifth grade spirit pill was bigger than the other one, and it also contained greater and purer energy.

He didn’t expect that the small kylin could even make fifth grade spirit pills! Upon seeing this, Su Yu became even more curious about its elixir production memory.

“You did well. It would be difficult for just a single fourth grade spirit pill to help me advance into the Level Three Fairy Realm, but if a fifth grade pill was added, it would be more than enough!” Su Yu stroked the small kylin’s head and praised it.

It seemed like the small kylin enjoyed this treatment, as it leaned closer to Su Yu, while enjoying his petting. All of a sudden, it noticed the big scroll on Su Yu’s thigh. So, it opened its eyes curiously and started reading it.

Su Yu was taken aback by this, and his eyes lit up slightly as he asked, “Do you want to craft artifacts?”

Craft artifacts? The small kylin was at a loss for words and got lost in its thoughts, while its eyes gradually shone more brightly.

It then stood up on its hind legs, like a human, then clapped and said, “I want to craft artifacts! I want to craft artifacts!”

It was really interested in crafting artifacts, and when Su Yu saw this, he couldn’t help but wonder… Does it also have a memory about crafting artifacts?

As he thought of this, Su Yu became excited. He had just been fretting because he was incapable of refining the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, and now, the small kylin’s presence let him see a glimmer of hope.

“Okay then, you should read it in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl!” Su Yu said, full of expectation.

He then put the small kylin and the scroll back into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl before he looked at the jade box and licked his lips excitedly. In that moment, he wondered… These two pills are amazing! They will be of great assistance to my cultivation! I wonder if they could even let me advance into the Level Three Fairy Realm in one go?

When Su Yu was just about to try them, he furrowed his brows suddenly and his right eye fluctuated.

Spatial fluctuation? Shock appeared on Su Yu’s face as the thought crossed his mind. He then collected the jade box, jumped into the frozen river, and hid at its bottom.

After he jumped into it, spatial fluctuations appeared in the sky above him, while a beautiful youth with handsome features also appeared there. There was a faintly discernible crown of suns and moons atop his head.

However, he wasn’t alone, as five spatial vortexes appeared around him. Immediately after that, five people, each shining in golden light, walked out from them. Each one of them was as dazzling as a scorching sun.

When Su Yu saw them, he was overwhelmed with shock. They were Golden Light Guards! They were the five All Creation Old Monsters, who had hunted him once in the past.