The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 812

Chapter 812 Bringing Disaster Upon The Fish In The River

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Why did I end up running into them? Su Yu wondered. He was shocked, and his aura, which he had restrained, almost leaked out at that moment.

It was only because these All Creation Realm people put their whole attentions on their opponent that they did not discover Su Yu, nor did they pay attention to the river. Otherwise, they would have surely discovered Su Yu.

Su Yu calmed himself down, then looked up at the situation in the sky. The central prefecture’s five Great Bright Light Guards had encircled the youthful young master, who had a crown of suns and moons atop his head. He was also an All Creation Old Monster!

Such a scene shocked Su Yu greatly, as he was really incapable of comprehending how such a young All Creation Old Monster could exist. Although, the person before him might not really be that young, as it was rumored that, after one had reached the All Creation Realm, their life span would increase by a thousand years, which would cause their outward appearance to age much more slowly.

“There was a way to heaven, yet you didn’t take it, and there was no gate to hell, yet you still barged into it! If you were still in the Red Blood Palace, then we would be obliged to fear you, and we would also not try to provoke you. But, as you didn’t know what was good for you, you unexpectedly attacked us! No matter what happens now, we will surely kill you today!” The Bright Light Guards’ Leader’s expression was ferocious, and it was filled with anger and resentment.

If someone observed him carefully, he might notice that he had a scar, which emitted a wisp of black energy, on his chest, and it seemed like such a wound wasn’t capable of healing itself.

The youth chuckled softly, then said, “Since you have dared to sneak around in my Red Blood Palace’s territory, then you should be prepared to die.”


A strange weapon appeared in the youth’s palm at that moment. It was round and circular, filled with sharp teeth, and was quite dainty. Specifically, it was about as big as a palm. When the object appeared, dread filled the faces of the five Great Bright Light Guards.

“The demonic path’s supreme treasure, the Flying Guillotine!” Respect appeared on the Bright Light Guards’ Leader’s face instantly. “Fine. We also want to experience for ourselves this amazing demonic path’s supreme treasure. Set up the formation.”


Each of the five guards took his place, while they formed the formation. Su Yu had been trapped by such a formation in the past. It was a mysterious formation, which was capable of sealing the surrounding space!

At that time, Su Yu had managed to make a narrow escape through it, but only just barely! Sure enough, when such a formation was used, the surrounding space was confined and the youth was trapped within it!

The youth curled up the corners of his mouth in disdain. “Insignificant skills!” As the youth waved his palm, the fairy artifact within it flew away.


A pitch-black line streaked across the sealed space, directly tearing it apart. It had been a long time since Su Yu had first come to Jiuzhou, and besides the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly’s silk, it was Su Yu’s first time seeing another weapon that could tear apart space.

Since the formation that they had just made was destroyed, all of them suffered a backlash. The crowns atop their heads shook, while they retreated back several steps. Shock appeared on all of their faces, which became much paler.

The Bright Light Guards’ Leader’s expression became even more solemn. “Fine. This is just as I expected of the demonic path’s supreme fairy artifact. Set the formation once again. This place is close to the Elegant Spirit Mountain, so we should take guard against the arrival of their hidden experts.”

The eyes of the other four people flickered as they started weaving hand signs and using some mysterious techniques. Their whole bodies shone in a splendid golden light, which caused the five people, who were dazzling like suns in the first place, to seem even more bright, like scorching suns!

The five guards joined hands and turned into scorching suns, then surrounded the youth. At the same time, a golden light beam shot out of each sun, then rushed toward the youth.

“Five Suns Heaven Extinguishing Formation!” The youth exclaimed. “You unexpectedly cultivated such a technique? The central prefecture’s king really took great care of you and spent a huge sum on you!”

When the golden light beams were about to reach him, the youth threw out the demonic path’s supreme fairy artifact that was in his palm. The sound of the space being torn apart echoed out, while the golden light beams were torn apart by it. But, the five scorching suns continued unceasingly shooting golden light beams at him, while the youth controlled his fairy artifact, which unceasingly tore them apart.

A great disturbance occurred as the six All Creation Old Monsters fought here. In fact, the surrounding 10,000 miles were affected by their fight.

The Frozen River, where Su Yu was currently, shook greatly, while surging waves appeared upon it. Su Yu, who stayed within it like a water plant, was also swept to the left and right, and it was only with great difficulty that he managed to stay rooted at the bottom of the river.

He knew that he must quickly leave, as if just a part of their energy fell on the Frozen River, then it would be directly turned into ashes! As he thought of such a fact, Su Yu held his breath and concentrated, while he swam with the current, escaping far away.

As he felt the terrifying energy waves behind him getting farther from him, Su Yu relaxed slightly. He then used some of his Vital Energy to quickly swim through the water like a fish. After two hours had passed, even Su Yu himself didn’t know how far away he was from the battlefield.

Once he felt like he had swam far enough away so that he would not be affected by their battle, Su Yu relaxed thoroughly. But, doubts quickly welled up in his heart and mind…

Who was that youth? And… Why was he fighting the Great Bright Light Guards?

Moreover, the youth referred to himself as someone from the Red Blood Palace, but the Red Blood Palace revealed to the people that they had only had one All Creation Old Monster, Mo Tianxuan, who was a woman!

Is the youth the All Creation Old Monster, who was hidden in the outer sanctum and was mentioned by Zi Xuan?

Su Yu’s face became solemn as he thought of this. Since the five Great Bright Light Guards had started searching for him even in the Red Blood Palace’s territory, then he should be more careful from now on.

However, what was most important now was to quickly find a place to consume the pills and make a break though, as only by increasing his cultivation and power would he have a chance to survive.

However, Su Yu suddenly felt a spatial fluctuation above the Frozen River, and he also sensed that someone had just fallen into the river! When Su Yu raised his head and looked over, he saw that the whole body of the youth, who was fighting against the five Great Bright Light Guards, was drenched in blood, while his belly had been penetrated! Moreover, a mighty energy was still left on his wounds!

Su Yu had felt such an energy only on one other person’s body before, the central prefecture’s king! At that time, the clone that had been sent by him had left Su Yu incapable of putting up any resistance, and Su Yu could still clearly remember such a god-like mighty power!

Did the central prefecture’s king attack him? Su Yu wondered as his heart thumped intensely. It was obvious that they had used something like the past badge to summon the central prefecture’s king in order to injure the youth!

However, Su Yu didn’t have any intention of saving him, as he was the target of the five All Creation Old Monsters, and they needed just several breaths’ time to find him! As such, he might not only fail in saving him, but he might end up dying along with him!

However, when Su Yu was just about to dive into the deepest part of the water and flee, the youth, who had just a wisp of consciousness left, extended his palm and used his spatial power to confine Su Yu before him. He then held Su Yu’s wrist firmly.

Blue veins appeared on Su Yu’s forehead, while he shook his hand in an attempt to free himself. However, as the youth’s hand was still holding Su Yu’s wrist firmly, Su Yu was incapable of shaking him off.

“You…” Su Yu was so infuriated that he couldn’t speak properly.

This youth had unexpectedly held onto Su Yu before fainting, so if Su Yu wanted to flee now, then he must take him with him!

Seeing this, bitter emotions welled up in Su Yu’s heart… What did I do to deserve this?

However, as he was now pressed for time, he knew that he must make a move. So, he took the youth with him as he dove into the deepest part of the water.

Just moments after his departure, five spatial powers appeared above the Frozen River. They were the Bright Light Guards. However, they didn’t emit any dazzling radiance, like before. Now, their bodies’ radiances were dim, as they were in distressed states.

There was even one Bright Light Guard, who had a slit on his neck. It looked as if his head had been cut off once by someone!

As for the other four, their auras were quite feeble, while their faces were deathly pale. They had all sustained heavy injuries.

“We must get rid of this person! He’s too terrifying, and by using the demonic path’s supreme fairy artifact, his fighting prowess has already surpassed the late stage of the All Creation Realm. This means that his power almost rivals the central prefecture’s king’s! If we hadn’t have activated the badge and made use of our king’s power, then our heads would have been cut off by this demon!” Terror was apparent on the face of one of the flustered and exasperated Bright Light Guards.