The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 813

Chapter 813 Snatching The Fairy Artifact

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The youth had almost managed to kill the central prefecture’s king’s most powerful All Creation Realm subordinates all on his own. If Su Yu was here, he would surely have been shocked.

“The spatial fluctuations that guy left are still in the vicinity, so we must separate and look for him. He’s already heavily injured, so he can’t be far away,” the head of the Bright Light Guards said in a deep voice.

The five people immediately separated and started looking for him, going in five different directions. Three of them looked for him in the fields, while one of the other two searched by the riverbank and the other one went upstream.

The Bright Light Guard, whose neck was injured, looked for him as he went upstream. It was there that Su Yu was seen swimming. As he sensed the guard coming, Su Yu’s mind was racing. He was pondering over how he would deal with this.

Once the All Creation expert overtook him, it would be impossible for him to hide from him by depending upon his concealment technique. This was especially the case since the guard was searching for him meticulously.

Moreover, he still had an unconscious youth next to him, so it was practically impossible for them both to hide from them. Once Su Yu was exposed, the other four All Creation Old Monsters would surely come quickly. At that time, he would surely die!

What should I do? How can I force the All Creation Old Monster that is chasing me to give up its search for me? While he mulled this over, Su Yu’s eyes suddenly lit up.

After several seconds had passed, the All Creation Old Monster continued looking upstream. All of a sudden, he witnessed someone searching the river upstream.

“Chief? Why are you searching this place?” This Bright Light Guard was startled by this, but he understood what had happened just after that. Apparently, they had only assigned directions to each other simply, so the chief must have detoured and come over here from the other side!

The chief didn’t turn his head around as he said solemnly, “I’m looking for him in the river, so you should go somewhere else.”

Upon hearing this, the Bright Light Guard was flabbergasted. It seemed like the chief’s voice was slightly different than before. He got skeptical and couldn’t help but examine the chief carefully with doubtful eyes.

“Why haven’t you left yet? If you delay such an important matter any longer, I won’t forgive you,” the chief said.

The expression of the Bright Light Guard, who was doubtful, became grave. He knew that if they allowed that terrifying guy to escape, it would bring great troubles to them in the future.

He was already anxious, even before this, and he was quite afraid of the terrifying youth. So, he ignored his suspicions and started looking for him in the fields.

After a while, the chief, who was searching the river’s surface, turned his head around. As he did so, his big eyes were pure and seemed like they belonged to a child who was oblivious to all of the world’s matters. At the same time, a purple light flickered around his body as he turned into a small kylin, which immediately went back under the water.

Su Yu, who was controling all of this quietly, finally heaved a sigh of relief. His tactic was a success, just as he had expected it would be.

The small kylin’s transformation technique was capable of deceiving even All Creation Old Monsters, especially since they were quite anxious and restless already. However, the small kylin was obviously incapable of imitating the chief’s dignified voice. Thus, it was actually Su Yu, who was underwater, who had spoken just now.

However, they still managed in the end to bluff their way out of the sticky situation. After that, however, Su Yu didn’t dare to stay here, so he quickly advanced through the water.

After an hour…


As the five great Bright Light Guard assembled at their former place, the chief’s expression was gloomy as he asked, “None of you found him?”

Upon seeing the other four people nod in response, the chief muttered and shook his head, “It doesn’t make any sense! He’s suffering from serious injuries, and the central prefecture’s king’s power is still in his body! So, he shouldn’t be able to heal himself, which means that it would be impossible for him get far on his own!”

The other four people were also flabbergasted by this. Even if the outer party possessed a concealment treasure, he still wouldn’t be able to use it in time. And… Even if he used it, his All Creation Power would still leave fluctuations behind.

But, the outer party disappeared suddenly, like a ghost, leaving not a single trace. This is what they all found to be so inconceivable.

“Are you sure that you searched for him meticulously and properly, within the specific regions that I assigned to you?” The chief gazed into the four people eyes as he questioned them.

Surprise appeared in the eyes of the Bright Light Guard, whose neck was once broken, and he asked, “Chief, did we end up searching the wrong locations because we exchanged positions at the last moment, which caused the outer party to find a gap to slip away?”

The chief furrowed his brows and asked, “What rubbish are you spouting now? I went in the southwestern direction! When did I exchange my search region with you?”

The Bright Light Guard, whose neck was once broken, was startled by this and said, “You have obviously…”

Shock appeared on his face just after that, and he said, “Wait! That wasn’t the chief…”

He was already skeptical of him, and now, as he stood before the real chief, he immediately realized that their enemy had taken on their chief’s appearance and taken advantage of his respect for the chief to prevent the guard from searching that region!

The five Bright Light Guards were all startled by this, and they quickly went back to the place where everything had occurred. However, a whole hour had already passed since then, and Su Yu had already left, bringing the youth with him as the two disappeared without a trace.

“Despicable!” The face of the Bright Light Guard, whose neck was once broken, was flushed. He couldn’t believe that he had been deceived by such a lowly trick and allowed them to escape!

The chief’s expression became gloomy as he stared at that guard and yelled viciously, “Trash! Why don’t you start searching for him instead of just standing there?”

The five Bright Light Guards separated once again and began looking for Su Yu. However, even after a whole hour had passed, it was still unknown how far Su Yu was from them. Moreover, he had changed directions several times by now, so it seemed that it would be impossible for them to track his concrete location at this point.

Su Yu continued fleeing for another six or eight hours until the sky darkened. He then looked for a lush forest and hid in a cave within it. As he had been running for a long while, he was exhausted and his face was deathly pale.

He let out a long breath and looked at the youth, who was still holding him tightly. His gaze couldn’t help but become ice-cold, as he had almost been killed because this person had implicated him.

However, when he looked at his injuries, his expression eased. Regardless of everything, this person was also an enemy of the central prefecture’s king, which meant that he and Su Yu had a common enemy. Besides, although this youth was quite roguish, it wasn’t like Su Yu couldn’t forgive him.

Su Yu suddenly cast his gaze upon the youth’s left hand, which was holding a black gear-like Fairy Artifact. His pupils couldn’t help but contract slightly when he caught sight of it.

He had already heard them with his own ears, stating that this was the Demonic Path’s Supreme Fairy Artifact. So, he knew that it could tear even space apart, and it was as sharp as the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly’s silk! Moreover, it was a complete Fairy Artifact, and its power wasn’t limited to just how sharp it was.

Su Yu became excited and tried to pry open the other party’s clenched hand. As he did so, he discovered that even though the youth’s right hand held Su Yu firmly, his left hand had lost all feeling, so Su Yu managed to open it easily.


The black gear fell on the ground and emitted a crisp sound, which delighted Su Yu. He then took the black gear into his palm and felt an intense demonic power surging into his brain.

Immediately thereafter, he felt an intense pain transmitting from his head and his soul became a mess. At this moment, he felt like he couldn’t control his desire to kill, and an intense desire for it sprang up from the deepest part of his heart.

His eyes became bloodshot, like the eyes of a demon. They were terrifying and appalling! As Su Yu’s heart was now engulfed with a desire to slaughter, he lost all reason.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

It was at this moment that the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron detected this crisis. It shook slightly, while many blood-red drops fell off of it, which helped Su Yu’s soul calm down again.

The blood-red luster in Su Yu’s eyes disappeared gradually, and his eyes returned to their normal states again. His desire for slaughter had also died down before it disappeared altogether.

Su Yu’s whole body shivered, which caused him to let go of the black gear as fear appeared in his eyes. Su Yu knew exactly what had just happened to him a moment ago. He had succumbed to his inner demons and entered a demonic state!

He had only touched the black gear, yet he was turned into a demon by it instantly, losing all reason! If he had held it any longer, his intellect would have been thoroughly erased by it. At that time, he would turn into a demon with a heart that was filled with only evil desires!

As Su Yu looked at the black gear, he reproached himself. He felt that he was really too careless a moment ago, and he wondered…

How could a Fairy Artifact be a simple matter? Moreover, it’s an artifact that is known as the Demonic Path’s Supreme Fairy Artifact, which means that it is extraordinary! So, my touching it rashly was really reckless!