The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 814

Chapter 814 A Woman Who Dressed Like A Man

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Su Yu shook his sleeves as transparent silk shot out of them, then intertwined around the black gear, and as the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl shone, it was taken into it. It was only now that Su Yu could let out a breath of relief.

In fact, he was quite delighted, as he had unexpectedly managed to get a fairy artifact. It was really a nice surprise. Even if he was currently incapable of controlling this powerful fairy artifact, if he took it out and sold it, then he could sell it for a sky-high price.

Su Yu snorted softly as he looked at the unconscious youth. “I will take your fairy artifact as a compensation for your offense,” he murmured.

After all, the youth had almost implicated Su Yu and caused his death. So, he considered this to be really letting him off lightly by just taking his fairy artifact alone.

However, if Su Yu just left the youth like this, then his body would wither and die before long because his injuries couldn’t heal by themselves. Moreover, even at such a moment, the youth was still holding Su Yu’s hand firmly, unwilling to let go of him.

After he pondered this predicament for a moment, Su Yu found decided that the only feasible solution was for him to heal all of the youth’s injuries. So, he started inspecting his injuries carefully.

The main injury was a hole on his belly that was the size of a finger. The veins, internal blood energy channel, and flesh around the wound were all wriggling and trying to heal the injury.

However, each time they were about to heal it completely, a purple and gray gas would surge out of the wound and tear it apart once again. As this process was repeated intermittently, the injury had not healed until now.

Seeing this, Su Yu realized that, if he couldn’t get rid of the purple and gray gas, then it would be impossible for him to heal him. After he found out the source of his predicament, Su Yu extended his fair right hand, while a splendid and beautiful Milky Way appeared on his palm.

Su Yu intended to use the Milky Way Star Sand to absorb the gas in the youth’s injury. Su Yu extended his left hand, and at the same time, started stripping him off.

The Milky Way Star Sand was just a magical treasure, which meant that it did not have its own consciousness. So, if he used it while the youth was still clothed, then there was a great possibility that it would also take the clothes as a target. So, Su Yu figured that it would be better to use it on his flesh directly, as only then could it exhibit its greatest power.

Su Yu’s hands were quite skilled, but when he touched the youth’s collar, he found that his garment was a magical treasure that had a great defensive power, while emitted a great spiritual pressure that numbed Su Yu’s fingers. If his garment wasn’t bombarded and destroyed before, a process which had damaged the magical treasure greatly, then it would have been impossible for Su Yu to even touch him.

After Su Yu opened his collar, he started stripping him down. However, when he touched his chest, he was slightly startled. He put his hand on his chest blankly, finding that it was unexpectedly quite soft!

“He really has a strange body,” Su Yu mumbled in astonishment.

Men’s chests were usually hard and firm, but the chest of the All Creation Old Monster in front of him was different. Su Yu continued stripping him down quietly, and he was greatly dumbfounded to see that not only did his clothes possessed great defensive powers, but they were also capable of hiding his figure.

Su Yu’s heart couldn’t help but thump when he looked once again at the youth’s elegant and beautiful face, which rivaled the faces of most women!

“Is he a woman dressing as a man?” Su Yu murmured, while suddenly coming to such a strange realization.

This was unexpectedly a female All Creation Old Monster! It was really surprising and unexpected.

When he observed her carefully, he found that she had fine facial features, which had a heroic air to them, and even though she crossdressed as a man, it was still difficult to hide her womanish charm and elegance. She had an ample bosom and a slim waist, as well as slender thighs, and everything about her indicated that she wasn’t only a youthful All Creation Old Monster, but she was still a rarely seen and extremely beautiful woman.

Su Yu knew that he didn’t have time to be admiring such a beautiful woman, and after a moment, he continued attending to her wound. When he put his palm against the wound, a powerful energy surged out of it, which made him feel an intense pain. When he turned his palm and took a look at it, he saw that it was burning!

“What a terrifying energy! I really managed to escape from the central prefecture king in the past just by luck,” Su Yu muttered softly.

At that moment, he couldn’t help but start guessing which realm the central prefecture’s king’s cultivation had reached. He was clearly many times more powerful than All Creation Old Monsters.

As Su Yu stopped pondering it, a Milky Way started slowly revolving in his palm, while a terrifying energy surged out once again. The boundless-looking Milky Way engulfed the gas, which surged out and started to absorb it.

It seemed like the gas possessed a spiritual nature, and it started struggling. But, it was still incapable of resisting such a strong suction force, so it was absorbed into the Milky Way Star Sand.

“It seems like even the Milky Way Star Sand’s purification power has an upper limit, which means that it would be difficult for it to absorb impurities that contained powerful energies,” Su Yu mumbled, while eyes flickered.

Since he saw that such a way was effective, Su Yu continued using it. Soon, the whole wound was quickly engulfed by starlight. Many wisps of gas, which could be seen by the naked eye, were absorbed from the wound’s surroundings.

“Ahh!” The unconscious woman emitted a soft groan and pain appeared on her face.

Su Yu’s gaze became sharp, while he absorbed all of the gas into the Milky Way Star Sand. When he assumed that he had finished healing her injury, he was startled by the as he saw a wisp of black gas, which was as fine as a thread of hair, rising out of the injury!

Such a gas didn’t seem like it was left by the central prefecture’s king’s attack. In fact, it seemed like it had already been in the woman’s body for a long while. Su Yu’s heart palpitated the moment that the black gas appeared, and it was only with great difficulty that he managed to suppress the killing intent that welled up in his heart.

Su Yu was startled, as at the moment it appeared, it assaulted his consciousness. It was extremely overbearing and dangerous. Su Yu held his breath as he engulfed it with a large amount of the Milky Way Star Sand.

Su Yu felt like this gas was even more dangerous than the gas that was left by the central prefecture’s king’s attack. In fact, this was really the case, as the speed in which it was absorbed was extremely slow. If Su Yu took back the Milky Way Star Sand, then this gas would surely return to the woman’s body once again and hide within it.

“What’s the matter with this woman’s body? Why is such a terrifying gas hiding within it?” Su Yu was astonished, as just by taking a single look at such a gas, a strong killing intent had welled up in his heart, and since the gas was within her body, then her killing intent would be ten times more intense than Su Yu’s!

However, the fact that she still hadn’t lost her mind and started a full-on slaughter revealed that this woman was quite extraordinary. After the time that it would take to brew a half a cup of tea, Su Yu had absorbed the black gas slowly. While he was doing so, it caused the pain to become more apparent on the woman’s face, and her body even started convulsing, while sweat seeped out from every one of her pores.

It was only when Su Yu had managed to successfully absorb the black gas that the woman’s expression finally eased and her palm, which was holding onto Su Yu’s hand firmly, loosened its grip slightly. Su Yu took advantage of such an opportunity to take back his hand, then let out a breath of relief.

When he took another look at the woman, he saw that most of the bloody hole was healed. Now, it would need just the time it would take to brew a half a cup of tea to heal completely. There would not even be any scars left behind.

Su Yu smacked his lips in amazement. He could barely believe that the All Creation Realm people had already reached a level where they could be reborn by themselves, and they didn’t even need spirit elixirs to heal their injuries!

After he finished completing everything, Su Yu started covering her with clothes. As he did so, he couldn’t help but became somewhat embarrassed when he saw her ample chest out of the corners of his eyes.

However, when he was helping her put on her clothes, he also felt a wisp of killing intent, and when he raised his head, he was faced with a pair of eyes, which just snapped open. She had woken up as Su Yu was helping her put her clothes back on, and at such a moment, it must have seemed to her like Su Yu was sneakily trying to strip her naked!

Su Yu’s heart thumped. After all, she was an All Creation Old Monster, so even if she was in an even more weak state, just a glance from her was enough to injure Su Yu heavily, or even kill him!

“What… Are you doing?” The woman stammered, and even though she was extremely weak, her killing intent was quite intense.

It was obvious that she assumed that Su Yu was trying to take advantage of her current predicament to rape her. She was about to attack him, and seeing this, Su Yu slapped her forehead with his palm, causing the woman to faint once again.

Su Yu wiped the sweat on his forehead. That was really a close call!

“I should quickly leave this place, as with this woman’s high cultivation, she may wake up at any moment!” Su Yu murmured.

He would surely not wait for her to wake up, then try to explain it to her, so he immediately fled. It was only after he had traveled several hundred thousand miles that Su Yu found a grassland, where he made an underground cave and hid in it.

It was only at this moment that the woman who was knocked unconscious by Su Yu woke up again. She opened her eyes and looked at her surroundings blankly. She then lowered her head and took a look at her clothes.

Although she was properly clothed, it was obvious that her clothes were in a mess and had been tampered with. Such a fact caused her pretty eyes to contract, while a terrifying killing intent surged from them.

Such a killing intent contained a dreadful energy, which caused the life force of the entire nearby forest to wither. Its trees’ leaves started gradually turning yellow and falling, and the trees’ trunks became black, having lost all of their life force.

It was only after inspecting herself carefully that she discovered that, although her clothes were in a mess, her body hadn’t been violated. It was only then that her killing intent disappeared, but she was still angry.

She could faintly remember that, while she was fighting against the five Great Bright Light Guards, she detected that there was a human hiding in the Frozen River. She could still remember that, when she was heavily injured, she had used her spatial power to escape into the Frozen River’s vicinity, then had entrusted her fate to a stranger.

She never expected that, after just waking up, she would witness such an old lecher trying to strip her naked! Moreover, what really infuriated her was that she had been knocked unconscious by him!

However, although she was quite angry now, she didn’t forget about her current situation. After she observed the surroundings hastily, verifying that she was quite away from the Bright Light Guards, she finally relaxed and snorted coldly.

She then thought… That old lecher is still somewhat skilled, as even in such a situation, he still managed to get away from five All Creation Old Monsters!

She then said aloud, while looking into the distance, “Since you saved my life, then I can forgive your encroachment this time.”