The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 816

Chapter 816 Factions Recruitment

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Su Yu was somewhat angered as he asked, “It’s me who should ask such a question! Why did you suddenly disappear?”

After all, he had brought Zi Xuan with him in order to use her as a shield to protect him, as well as to kill the people who had been sent by the Shao family. But, who would expect that, at the most crucial juncture, she would leave?

Zi Xuan shrugged her shoulders as she spoke, “Some of my companions, who were also looking for Su Yu, came there, and since I didn’t want them to find me, I ran away.”

These companions were the five Great Bright Light Guards. After hearing this, Su Yu understood that she didn’t secretly run away from the central prefecture’s king place and come here to look for Su Yu by herself in order to take revenge…

Su Yu wore a thoughtful look as he said, “Next time, don’t forget to leave a letter for me before you go away, as people will worry about you.” Su Yu tapped her forehead angrily.

Zi Xuan rubbed her slightly pained forehead, while her eyes became filled with curiosity as she asked, “Why would you be worried about me?”

Su Yu was startled, as he couldn’t understand his own thoughts on the matter. It seemed like he had never really viewed her as his enemy, so he had to wonder…

Is it because she had pure and honest eyes, which are still so ignorant of the true colors of the world?

Su Yu’s gaze became somewhat warm as he looked at Zi Xuan. He then sat beside her and asked, “Can you please inform me whether you have any other ways of taking revenge, apart from killing Su Yu?”

Zi Xuan spoke earnestly, “I don’t. My teacher taught me that the best way to take revenge is murder, and although I don’t this idea, I must still take revenge for my uncle, the Blood Emperor.”

Su Yu’s eyes became filled with sadness. He really didn’t want to become Zi Xuan’s enemy one day.

“Did you ever think about whether your uncle was the king of person who deserves someone to avenge him?”

After all, he had exterminated all of Zhenlong’s living beings a hundred years ago, thus destroying the Zhenlong World. He had slaughtered many living beings, and his hands were soaked with blood!

Then, a hundred years after such an occurrence, he came back to repeat the same slaughter and tried to exterminate all of Zhenlong’s living beings once again. But this time, he ended up being obliterated by them instead!

“I don’t know… And I don’t want to know. I just know that he treated me nicely, so I must take revenge for him.” Zi Xuan’s gaze was firm.

Su Yu saw that it would be useless for him to continue trying to enlighten her, so he said softly, “Fine, I hope that your heart can be free from worry after you kill Su Yu.”

Zi Xuan nodded as she looked at Su Yu and said, “Thank you for helping me. I won’t trouble you with any of this from now on, as I have already found some clues about him. Apparently, he appeared in the Elegant Spirit Mountain and killed a ghost!”

Su Yu’s eyes flickered. “How do you know that it was really him?”

Zi Xuan replied, “It’s him. I know because Su Yu used the yellowish-blue pearl while he was killing my uncle, as well as time power. Those two are Su Yu’s unique techniques, and there isn’t anyone in the whole Jiuzhou Continent who possesses them apart from him. So, the white-haired youth who passed by the Elegant Spirit Mountain is surely Su Yu.”

She then added, “If I had known earlier that he would appear there, then I wouldn’t have left the Elegant Spirit Mountain!” Zi Xuan spoke in regret. “So, I’ve decided to go once again into the Elegant Spirit Mountain and search it carefully. I will surely find him. I just came to bid you farewell.”

Hearing this, Su Yu’s heart became somewhat more relaxed, as now, it seemed like he could be at ease while operating in other places besides the Elegant Spirit Mountain.

“Fine, I hope that you can quickly succeed in your plan.” Su Yu patted her shoulder.

Zi Xuan revealed a faint smile and nodded. “I will leave now, and if I manage to kill him, I will surely come back to thank you.”

After she spoke, her body flickered, then she soared into the air and left. Su Yu looked at the empty Demon Mountain, while loneliness welled up in his heart.

After a few moments, Su Yu cheered himself up, stood up, then went to the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures. He had been looking forward to browsing through the sword manual, Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation, for a long time.

After leaving the Demon Mountain, after going halfway up the mountain, when he was about to enter the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures, a sweet fragrance assaulted his nostrils. When he looked toward its source, he saw a charming woman, who had an alluring body.

She wore fine scarlet clothes, which seemed like flames, that covered her voluptuous and beautiful body. She had a snow-white neck, which shone like resplendent gems because of the bright-colored clothes beneath it. If someone just took a quick glance at her, she would seem to him like a beauty flying among sunset clouds.

“Hehe, our Central Demon finally came back?” A charming chuckle, which seemed like wonderful music, rang near Su Yu’s ears, instantly bewitching him.

Su Yu revealed a faint smile. “Cabinet Master, I haven’t seen you for quite some time.”

The person beside him was none other than the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master, and even though he hadn’t seen her for half a month, she was still as charming and alluring as ever.

“Walk, let’s go to my residence.” The alluring Cabinet Master strode forward and took hold of Su Yu’s arm.

Su Yu was somewhat dumbfounded. “Didn’t you cause enough misunderstandings last time?”

The alluring Cabinet Master wore a faint smile as she spoke, “Are you talking about the jealous ice beauty? Hehe, I don’t fear her. Besides, I’m willing to fight against her for your affection.”

Su Yu rolled his eyes at her. She was really a vixen! He would surely not believe that she really loved him, as such a charming woman seemed like someone who would fall in and out of love easily, but never really be moved by someone.

“Speak! Why do you want to invite me to your residence? The Elixir Division has already started making a large amount of Primordial Chaos Vital Pills, which caused their price to become lower, so we won’t get any great profits if we continue making them.” Su Yu tried to evade her arm as he spoke.

The alluring Cabinet Master was quite agile, so she still held his arm firmly, as if she was glued to him. She then asked, “Brother Yuxian, did you forget this quickly? Before you left for the Elegant Spirit Mountain, I informed you that I would introduce someone to you after you returned… A person who would be of great help to you in the future.”

The alluring Cabinet Master chuckled charmingly. It was only now that Su Yu recalled her saying this. She really had mentioned such a matter, but Su Yu didn’t really care about it at the time.

“Cabinet Master, what kind of person do you want to introduce me to? I have some important matters to take care of now, so I don’t have much time.” Su Yu furrowed his brows.

He suspected that the alluring Cabinet Master and Xue Qi were part of one of the Red Blood Palace’s factions, so he wasn’t willing to involve himself with the palace’s internal fights. Instead, he just wanted to cultivate quietly.

The alluring Cabinet Master extended her fair finger and tapped Su Yu’s nose with it, while she let out a fragrant breath. She then asked, “Brother Yuxian, won’t you know who it is when we get there?”

After he pondered her mysterious words for a moment, Su Yu nodded his head and agreed. He would go meet that mysterious person, but only for the alluring Cabinet Master.

When they reached the Cabinet Master’s residence, she stopped in front of it, her expression turning solemn. Her flirtatious behavior was replaced by an earnest demeanor, which was the complete opposite of her usual one.

“This person who I will introduce you to is someone who possesses an influential position in the inner sanctum, and if you can get his appreciation and approval, then regardless of whether you were in the outer sanctum or inner sanctum, you would get great benefits. Then, you may even have the possibility of reaching the Divine Master Realm in the future,” she said.

She then added, “As you are already one of the disciples, being taken care of properly by the outer sanctum, even though you already have bright prospects, if you want to advance further on, then it will all depend upon whether you can grasp such an opportunity or not.”

It will be of help to me in reaching the Divine Master Realm? Su Yu was slightly astonished, and he wondered… What kind of person has such great power?

The alluring Cabinet Master led him into a refined room to meet the person. He was a youth, who seemed to be just twenty-five years old. He wore a simple white robe and had fair white skin, refined facial features and was holding a teacup that was as white as jade.

“Xue Lian, you came back.” The youth turned his head around and revealed a smile. His gaze just swept over Su Yu for an instant before he put his whole attention on the alluring Cabinet Master.

“Wei Zheng, this is the outer sanctum disciple I recommended to you, Su Yuxian. You should have already taken a look at his information, and I believe that he’s qualified to join the Left Palace Master’s faction.” The alluring Cabinet Master’s put on a proper expression and didn’t have her usual flirtatious look.

Wei Zheng replied, “First come here and sit down.”

The two of them went over and sat down, while Wei Zheng picked up a teapot and poured them tea leisurely. He then offered it to the pair.

As she took the cup, the alluring Cabinet Master spoke calmly, “I invited you here to observe Su Yuxian and to check whether he’s qualified or not. If he is, then say so, but if he is not, then just say so. Let’s get to the point.”

Wei Zheng wasn’t angered by her curt reply, as it was obvious that he had a mild temper and was a refined man. “Fine,” he said.

It was only now that Wei Zheng took a good, long look at Su Yu, and it seemed like he was sizing him up. “Taking first place in the outer sanctum’s exam, reaching the 50th layer of Carp Leaping Over the Dragon Gate, and making third-grade spirit elixirs… You could be considered as quite an outstanding outer sanctum disciple. As such, you can join the Left Palace Master’s faction.”

Su Yu furrowed his brows as he asked, “The Left Palace Master? Who’s he? Palace Master Mo Tianxuan?”

Wei Zheng chuckled and shook his head, but it didn’t seem like he was going to explain such a matter to Su Yu. Hence, the alluring Cabinet Master explained it for him, “As you just joined the sanctum recently, it’s obvious that you wouldn’t be aware of its power structure. Generally speaking, the sanctum is divided into three factions that are led by three people. The first is the inner sanctum’s Palace Master, Mo Tianxuan, who is also the master of the whole Red Blood Palace. She governs both the inner and outer palaces.”

She then continued, “There are still two other palace masters in the inner palace, and they are the Left Palace Master and the Right Palace Master. They are in charge of helping the Palace Master take care of the sanctum’s affairs. As the Palace Master cares just about her cultivation, she rarely gets involved with the sanctum’s matters, so they are mainly taken care of by the Left Palace Master and the Right Palace Master.”

She took a sip of tea, then said, “They hold great power in their hands, and they are, in fact, the true rulers of the Red Blood Palace, as there isn’t anyone from the eight great factions governed by our Red Blood Palace who dares to disrespect them. The fights between them are quite intense, and they also rope in the sanctum’s talented geniuses and experts into their faction in order to strengthen themselves.”

She then added, “All outstanding geniuses who show promising potential are fought over by them, and even the people such as your four neighbors in the Demon Mountain were invited by them, but it was a pity that they refused to join the inner sanctum.”

She shook her head. “Wei Zheng is now representing the Left Palace Master, and he is inviting you to join his faction. You wouldn’t’ need to worry about cultivation resources after joining them. Also, you could get, at the very least, 300,000 merit points each year, and you would even get many spirit elixirs. Moreover, your cultivation speed would become one fold faster… It’s a great opportunity for you!”

She continued to urge him, “I was also one of the Left Palace Master’s faction’s people, and it’s only because of some private reasons that I left and started making a livelihood in the outer sanctum. I hope that you will consider such an opportunity and not miss it!”