The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 817

Chapter 817 Getting The Sword Technique


Su Yu was slightly startled by what he had just heard. Apparently, there were still two Left and Right Palace Masters in the sanctum, both of whom held great power and authority.

Moreover, Su Yu still understood the alluring Cabinet Mistress’ unspoken implication. Since the alluring Cabinet Mistress and Xue Qi were both in the Left Palace Master’s camp, the outer sanctum’s black market, along with its representative Ruffian Long, probably belonged to the Left Palace Master’s camp.

In other words, the black market faction that Shao Qingfeng represented must belong to the Right Palace Master’s camp. It was just the Left and Right Palace Masters’ branches, which spread to the outer sanctum’s black market, whose true power came from the inner sanctum.

Wei Zheng waited for a moment before he took a Heart Oath Scroll out leisurely, opened it, then pushed it at Su Yu. He didn’t take a single look at Su Yu, but he just took a drop of his blood essence, dipped it on the ancient scroll, and pointed at another nook as he said, “Leave a drop of your blood essence here.”

He didn’t ask for Su Yu’s opinion, as if he was giving him charity. As Su Yu wasn’t really a hot-tempered person, he didn’t get angry after being ignored.

However, Su Yu knew that he must still consider this matter carefully. Regarding resources, he now had a Demon Path’s Fairy Artifact, and if he sold it someday, he would most likely never need to worry about resources again.

Moreover, there were many geniuses in the inner sanctum, so he had to consider how many resources and how much assistance an outer sanctum’s disciple like him could get by joining the Left Palace Master’s camp. Su Yu wasn’t really in urgent need of resources now, so he surely didn’t want to sign a restrictive Heart Oath Scroll, thus binding himself to the Left Palace Master’s camp!

“Senior brother Wei, many thanks for your kindness, but I don’t plan to join any factions. Farewell.” Su Yu cupped his hands at him as he declined the offer softly.

Wei Zheng’s finger stiffened. It seemed like he had never even considered the idea that Su Yu would reject him. After all, many outer sanctum’s disciples would do their utmost to get an opportunity to join the Left Palace Master’s camp, but would still fail. Yet, Su Yu had refused it!

The alluring Cabinet Mistress was startled by this, and she said anxiously, “You still don’t understand who the Left and Right Palace Masters are! They are…”

Su Yu waved his hand at her and interrupted her, saying, “I understand, but I already stated my opinion. I’m not willing to take part in those two factions’ dispute. I just want to cultivate peacefully. However, Cabinet Mistress, I still appreciate your kindness.”

After he spoke, he swaggered off and headed toward the Depository of Scriptures. Wei Zheng hesitated for a moment, but he still didn’t urge him to stay.

He just collected the Heart Oath Scroll and revealed a faint smile, while shaking his head. He then said, “Well… It’s fine that he didn’t accept, as it’s just what I wished for. In any case, I’m not really satisfied with him regardless.”

He then added, “He seemed acceptable at first, but compared with the inner sanctum’s disciples, who have many hidden experts among them, he’s just a mediocre person. As such, he would just get free meals and some mediocre resources if he joined the Left Palace Master’s camp.”

“Xue Lian, it was only for you sake that I accepted him. I did so reluctantly and even made an exception for him, but since he has refused my offer, I wash my hands of the matter.” This was Wei Zheng’s true opinion, as he didn’t ever like Su Yu much.

The alluring Cabinet Mistress looked at Su Yu’s retreating back and stamped her feet angrily. She had managed to get such an opportunity for him with great difficulty, yet he had still rejected it!

“I’m sorry that I let you come here in vain,” the alluring Cabinet Mistress said.

Wei Zheng chuckled and revealed a bright smile. “Since it was at your request, I was more than willing to come here in vain, and would do so again ten more times! Moreover, it’s almost time for the seasonal exam, and I also plan to have a look at that. I heard that several pretty good geniuses appeared during the internal recruitment, so they will surely participate in the exam. There are probably many guys among them with excellent potential.”

He then added, “However, it seems like the Right Palace Master’s camp’s people will also go there to observe it, and in that case, we can finally see which one of us is sharper.”

After Su Yu left the residence, he went to the Depository of Scriptures and went straight to a specific sword book. He was oblivious to the fact that just after he left the residence, two people had come out from a hidden corner.

One of them had a pale face, which didn’t seem like it had even a drop of blood in it. As he walked, he asked coldly, “Did Wei Zheng really come here to observe the seasonal exam? It seems like many outstanding newcomers will fight in it. It will be interesting!”

Meanwhile, Su Yu was staring a the book, which was covered in dust on the lowest bookshelf. The excited Su Yu took out his identity badge and stuck it in a notch beside the bookshelf. Immediately, many lines of exquisite small words appeared around it. Among these words were the names of countless cultivation techniques.

As long as he chose a specific book here, its seal would immediately disappear. Su Yu took a look at his badge’s merit points, seeing that it had around 290,000 merit points. Su Yu found the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation’s book at the end of those lines of words and immediately chose it.

As he did so, a crisp sound echoed out from the bookshelf and another line of words appeared… The Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation’s grade is unknown, and through an assessment, it was determined that its might is tantamount to a middle-grade legendary technique. But, since just half of it was present, it’s considered as just a low-grade legendary technique. You must pay 100,000 merit points in order to borrow it.

Once Su Yu confirmed the operation, 100,000 merit points were immediately deducted from his badge, while the protective seal on the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation’s book disappeared at the same time. Su Yu then waved his hand, sucked it toward him, and took it in his hand.

Su Yu, whose heart was filled with expectation, then opened the book in his hand. The results of this technique’s inspection by the inspector were recorded in the title page. The record introduced the technique in detail and even mentioned the might that it had exhibited when it was inspected.

The Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation is a special sword technique, which is divided into two sword formations. The second volume’s name is ‘Nine Suns Sword Formation,’ while the first volume’s name is ‘Cosmos Sword Formation.’ The first volume was already lost, so only the ‘Nine Suns Sword Formation’ is left. Su Yu was startled when he read this. He had assumed all along that the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation was just a single sword formation!

He kept reading… We speculated that the Nine Suns Sword Formation and Cosmos Sword Formation can be fused together to form the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation. Its concrete might isn’t recorded in any records, and we didn’t find any information about this sword formation’s history and origin. The the Nine Suns Sword Formation’s cultivation requirement is possessing a powerful soul…

When he read up to this clause, Su Yu was startled. The fact that the soul power needed to use the real Nine Suns Sword Formation surpassed his expectations.

He continued reading… The principle behind the Nine Suns Sword Formation’s operation is that one’s Soul Power will stick to the swords. Thus, a powerful Soul Power, as well as exquisite control over one’s soul, is needed to control nine swords to fight enemies. Otherwise, it will be impossible to form a sword formation. Moreover, If one’s soul is too weak, it will be impossible for him to control the sword formation with ease.

After reading this, Su Yu had a sudden realization. He was surprised to have figured turned out how it all worked.

He kept reading… The might of the Nine Suns Sword Formation depends upon the swords’ power, and the sharper the swords are, the more powerful the formation will be. According to what I assessed, if the formation was formed by nine middle grade spiritual artifacts and one was capable of controlling nine swords at the same time, it would be possible to kill all early stage Divine Masters. As for how the examinations went…

The journal then went on to explain the principles behind this sword formation, as well as the techniques that were needed to set it and where it should be set . After he read it all, Su Yu found a summary in the end.

So, he read the summary as well… This technique is only suitable for early stage Divine Masters’ cultivation, and this is especially the case for Level One Divine Masters, as it will be less effective for Level Two Divine Masters and will be almost useless to Level Three Divine Masters. Moreover, manufacturing nine swords will consume a great amount of resources, so people who aren’t wealthy should avoid cultivating it.

When he read this last line, Su Yu understood finally why the powerful sword technique, which he coveted greatly, was covered in dust and sitting a corner of low bookshelf. It was because this sword technique was quite weak and almost useless!

Since one’s soul would need to attack the nine swords, one’s soul would need to leave his body. Thus, was only Almighty Divine Masters could cultivate it.

This was because Fairies’ soul were incapable of leaving their bodies. Thus, it would be impossible for them to cultivate it.

Moreover, nine middle grade spiritual swords were required for it to exhibit a might that was great enough to kill just Level Three Divine Masters. If a Level One Divine Master possessed it, its might would be extremely powerful.

Hence, even though it was quite good for a Level Two Divine Master, it was useless to a Level Three Divine Master. After all, it wasn’t difficult for them to get a technique powerful enough to kill people at the same level as them, so it may no sense for them to spend such a large sum and cultivate this sword formation.

Moreover, it was extremely difficult for early stage Divine Masters to get even a single middle-grade spiritual artifact, and it would be almost impossible for them to get nine spiritual swords. Even if they succeeded in doing this by chance, its might would be ordinary, and if they managed to advance into the Level Two Divine Master Realm, its might would become even more mediocre, while it would become utterly dispensable after they reached the Level Three Divine Master Realm.

After learning all of this, Su Yu wondered… Why in the world would ordinary people be willing to take it?

There was still one last requirement, which was that only people with innate soul talent could use it. This requirement alone eliminated almost everyone. Moreover, it would be more beneficial for people with soul innate talent to cultivate soul attack techniques, which were more powerful than this useless sword technique.

At this moment, Su Yu wasn’t dejected, but instead, he rejoiced. The reason why this sword formation seemed sloppy and mediocre was because its might rivaled, at most, just a middle-grade legendary technique’s.

But, they had arrived at this conclusion only through testing it with nine middle grade spiritual swords. So, if the nine swords’ grade was higher, its might would surely become more powerful!

Su Yu planned to use the world’s greatest divine bamboo to craft the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Swords, which were known for how sharp they were. If at that time, those nine swords flew out at the same time, then all magical treasures would be as frail as mud in front of them, and they would surely be crushed by them!

However, Su Yu didn’t forget this sword formation’s severe requirement, which was a powerful soul. Su Yu could also let his soul attach itself to a sword. However, the inspector had summarized that a soul at the level of a Level One Divine Master was required to control nine flying swords at the same time.

Su Yu’s current soul’s power was just barely tantamount to a Level Four Fairy’s, which meant that he wasn’t capable of controlling nine flying swords at the same time. Moreover, the higher the grade of the swords, the more powerful the soul would need to be in order to control them.

Su Yu planned to use nine Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Swords. Thus, he would need an outrageously powerful soul. Hence, he knew that he must quickly start strengthening his soul for it.

As Su Yu held this sword technique, he had a feeling that it possessed a terrifying might. But, it was a pity that other people underestimated it.

Su Yu collected the sword technique properly, but he still didn’t leave the Depository of Scriptures. He had already finished cultivating the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters Technique, which he was cultivating recently, and he didn’t have any useful technique besides that. So, it was time for him to consider cultivating another legendary cultivation technique. Luckily, he still had 100,000 merit points, which was enough for him to get another one.

Su Yu passed by the bookshelves that he already observed in the past as he continued exploring further, eventually reaching the demonic techniques area. Su Yu was quite curious about demonic techniques, as he had yet cultivate one. However, he still came into contact with demonic cultivators, so he knew that demonic techniques weren’t just tyrannical, but they were still strange and unpredictable.

He figured that not was a good time to give it a try, but as he had only 100,000 merit points, he could only get low-grade legendary techniques. As such, it would be difficult for Su Yu, who had once cultivated middle-grade legendary techniques, to take a liking to such subpar techniques.

Su Yu went through most of the bookshelves, but he still didn’t find any that caught his interest. Their mights just weren’t capable of meeting Su Yu’s current needs. All of a sudden, he saw a Buddhist monk’s robe hanging on a bookshelf.

Su Yu was slightly started by this, and he wondered… Why is a Buddhist monk’s robe hanging on a bookshelf?

When he observed it carefully, he discovered that it was covered by innumerable lines of small letters. It was unexpectedly a cultivation technique! However, because it was sealed, all of the words on it seemed fuzzy and were hard to read. After Su Yu considered it for a moment, he stuck in his identity badge, causing a part of the words to become clearer.

The Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art was passed down from a Buddha, who became a demon. He cultivated the Buddhist Path first, then used it to make a way in the demon path. This person created this demonic technique. One would need to absorb demonic energy and condense it into a demonic dragon. Then, along with each condensation of a dragon, he would have broken through another level of the technique.

It was rumored that two demonic dragons could fight a Divine Master, five demonic dragons could rival a middle-stage Divine Master, and eight demonic dragons could fight even a late-stage Divine Master. As for nine demonic dragons, one would be cursed by heaven, then would end up easily triggering a Heavenly Tribulation.

The Buddha, who created this demonic technique, ended up triggering the descent of a Fire Tribulation when he condensed the ninth demonic dragon. He was burned to ashes by it, leaving behind just this demonic technique, which has been passed down ever since.

This demonic technique was appraised as a high-grade legendary technique. However, it was still put in the Depository of Scriptures for people to borrow at the price of a low-grade legendary technique. This was because this technique’s cultivation requirements were even more strict than the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation.

The inspection results were recorded at the beginning, which Su Yu began to read immediately… This cultivation wasn’t tested yet because there isn’t anyone in the Red Blood Palace qualified to cultivate it. This cultivation technique was created by drawing on Demon Clan’s techniques. The people who want to cultivate this technique must possess a demonic dragon bloodline. The ancestor of the Buddha was a hybrid of a human and a demon. Thus, his body possessed a faint inherited dragon bloodline.

The analysis continued… This cultivation technique has been passed down to this day, yet we still didn’t find a second person qualified to use it. We are offering it here at the price of a low-grade legendary technique so that people can use it as a reference. If one doesn’t have a draconic bloodline, he mustn’t waste his time in trying to cultivate it.

When he read those lines, Su Yu couldn’t help but click his tongue in wonder. It was hard to imagine that even a hybrid between a human a dragon existed. It was really surprising!

Su Yu started thinking about it carefully. He wasn’t the descendant of a human and a dragon, but his body had Real Spirit Dragon Veins, as well as Tao Tie’s eye, which was formed through sacrificing Real Dragon’s blood. So, it could be technically be said that his body had faint traces of draconic blood flowing in it.

The elder who created this technique in the past was just a descendant of a dragon and human, which meant that his bloodline was also quite thin. Yet, he had still managed to cultivate it, which meant that Su Yu should also be capable of doing so.

This was a high-grade legendary technique, and it was only because there wasn’t anyone suitable for it that it was being treated like a low-grade legendary technique. As Su Yu thought about this, he couldn’t imagine how he could allow himself to miss such a chance!

Su Yu took a deep breath and spent his last 100,000 merit points, exchanging them for this Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art. The middle-grade legendary techniques’ might was far weaker than high-grade ones, so Su Yu was filled with expectation regarding this technique!

Moreover, no one had tested this technique’s might, so even if Su Yu cultivated it successfully, there wouldn’t be anyone capable of recognizing it! This meant that he could catch everyone off guard with it!

However, when Su Yu just got ahold of the cultivation technique, a sharp sound of something flying through the air reached his ears. Su Yu didn’t give this matter a single thought before lightning flickered around his whole body and he instantly teleported 10 meters away!

The dazzling lightning that was now covering his body couldn’t hide the glint in his ice-cold eyes. The place where he was just a moment ago was swept by a powerful Vital Energy. It wasn’t extremely powerful, but it was still quite swift, and if it had ended up hitting him, he would have suffered greatly!

When he raised his eyes and looked over to that place, two people appeared before his eyes. The one on the left side was a youth, who was wearing a robe that was decorated with blue patterns. He seemed to be around twenty and had a fake smile on his face.

“Shao Qingfeng!” Su Yu’s gaze became sharp as he yelled out the name. He recognized this guy on the spot.

The person on the right side was now just taking back his pale finger. He was clearly he one who had attacked Su Yu just now. When Su Yu saw this man’s face, his gaze became ice-cold as he yelled, “Lao Ai!”

Lao Ai’s face was pale, and it seemed like it didn’t have even a drop of blood in it. This guy, who seemed like a dead person, was none other than Lao Ai!

“Lad, your reaction is as swift and sharp as usual. It seems you are lucky, as I can only use my powers to taunt you at the moment!” Lao Ai chuckled mockingly. Since fights were forbidden inside the Depository of Scriptures, he merely wanted to make Su Yu suffer slightly.

Shao Qingfeng was standing behind him, wearing a bright smile as he asked, “Junior brother Su, who knows which person will come to help you get out of your troubles this time?”

After Su Yu returned to his senses, he relaxed and spoke in an mocking tone, “I was just wondering who it would be! It turns out that it is a rat, who is always ordering people around from behind the scenes, as well as a poisonous snake that is fond of sneak-attacking people. You two are really a perfect match. The ancient people stated that snakes and rats came from the same hole, and it seems like they were really telling the truth!”

Su Yu really didn’t expect that Shao Qingfeng and Lao Ai were in collusion with each other, but it did seem like they were close to each other at the moment. Upon hearing this, Shao Qingfeng’s smile stiffened, and he snorted coldly.

He then said, “Lad, how dare you be so bold, even in the presence of Sir Lao Ai? You are really too much!”

Su Yu chuckled, then said, “My courage is obviously greater than that of a bunch of rats and snakes! Senior brother rat… No… Senior brother Shao, it’s really admirable for you to recognize your own shortcomings!”

Upon hearing Su Yu’s retort, Shao Qingfeng’s expression became gloomy and his smile disappeared. Flames of anger even started rising in his eyes. After all, he came here to infuriate Su Yu, yet he had ended up being the one infuriated instead!

“Su Yuxian!” Shao Qingfeng’s rage was becoming even greater as he pointed at his own eyes and asked coldly, “What do you see in my eyes?”

This was clearly a brazen threat! Su Yu blinked his eyes and wore a startled look as he said solemnly, “I see flames. Senior brother Shao, do you plan to cook a meal with them?”


Upon hearing his mockery, Shao Qingfeng’s killing intent became even more intense as he thought… What a repulsive lad!

When he was just about to attack Su Yu, Lao Ai, who was next to him, gestured at him with his hand and stopped him. He then said, “Don’t fall into his trap. If you hurt someone in the Depository of Scriptures, you will be driven out of the sanctum! They may even cripple your Dantian!”

After hearing this, the infuriated Shao Qingfeng returned to his senses, took several deep breaths, then came and stood behind Lao Ai, while looking at Su Yu coldly. Lao Ai seemed to be the more composed and calm one.

Lao Ai looked at him, then said apathetically, “It seems like you have good luck, as you have somehow managed to return from the Elegant Spirit Mountain alive.”

As it was just the three of them alone here, they were able to freely discuss such matters. It was obvious that he was talking about the fact that Su Yu had managed to survive while facing the two Divine Masters who were sent after him.

Su Yu chuckled. “I was always blessed with good luck. As for your two senior brothers, it’s really a pity. After they dug out some treasures, they ran away and ended up getting lost in the Elegant Spirit Mountain. After that, it would be impossible for them to come back again.”

Upon hearing this, Lao Ai squinted his eyes and said, “I don’t know how you managed to achieve it, but it seems like you made an extremely stupid mistake. By killing them, your name will be removed from the Right Palace Master’s prepared candidates, which means that his camp will never accommodate you. Moreover, you will even become the Right Palace Master’s camp enemy!”

This was actually an extremely insignificant matter to Su Yu, as he had many enemies. Even the central prefecture’s king was his enemy!

“It’s really a joke! You have even sent two Divine Masters after me to kill me, yet I’m not allowed to fight back! Is killing them in your eyes a stupid choice, while just waiting for them to kill me is a wise one?” Su Yu sneered, finding the idea quite ridiculous.

Su Yu then collected the Buddhist monk robe and looked at them calmly as he said, “If you are skilled, just go ahead and come at me, but if you aren’t daring enough, I will be on my way.”

Shao Qingfeng’s expression became gloomy once again as he said, “Su Yuxian, stop being so insolent!”

Su Yu smacked his lips and shrugged his shoulders, then said, “I don’t understand what you mean by this. You two are the ones who came at me aggressively and blocked me here in the Depository of Scriptures. You didn’t just sneak-attack me, but you are even threatening me now! So, why am I considered the insolent one?”

Shao Qingfeng was infuriated by his commentary. Su Yu was sharp-tongued, and each of his words made him gnash his teeth in anger.

If he had known earlier what would happen, he wouldn’t have waited for him in a place where fighting was forbidden, like the Depository of Scriptures. Instead, he would have picked somewhere on the outside and beat Su Yu while no one was paying attention to them!

Shao Qingfeng knew that his power wasn’t too great, but he was still a Level Eight Fairy and was ranked among the strongest 20 in the outer sanctum. As such, he figured that he should at least be capable of easily giving a Fairy like Su Yu several slaps!

However, he was the only one who believed this…