The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 818

Chapter 818 Illusory Fighting Room

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“Let him leave. In any case, he doesn’t have more than several days left,” Lao Ai said calmly.

Shao Qingfeng calmed down, then shouted softly as he glared at Su Yu, “That is really the case, as the seasonal exam will come soon, so it would be better for you to use your time left to cultivate.”

The seasonal exam was an exam that was held every three months. It was an exam that was greatly esteemed by the outer sanctum. The very first seasonal exam was set to occur just two months after the new disciples entered the sanctum.

The inner sanctum’s Left and Right Palace Masters would send people to observe the matches, then pick out the most outstanding new disciples and invite them into their camps. From that time onward, these new disciples could enjoy an inexhaustible amount of resources, and they wouldn’t need to worry about gaining merit points. They could just cultivate peacefully and continue advancing above and beyond their peers!

Many well-informed new outer sanctum disciples would strive hard to have a good performance in order to catch the Left and Right Palace Masters’ envoys’ attentions. As the first seasonal exam was the most significant, it was comparable to the outer sanctum’s yearly ranking exam.

Ignoring Shao Qingfeng’s threats, Su Yu shook his head slightly and walked toward the fighting room. This was Su Yu’s second time coming to such a room. It was a place that was used for outer sanctum disciples to fight each other, yet it still had a dense Spiritual Energy within it, so many disciples spent 10 merit points to come here and cultivate.

When Su Yu reached the door to the room, he inserted his badge into the notch, which caused two choices to appear on the wall…

Public fighting room… 10 merit points.

Illusory fighting room… Already filled.

Su Yu’s curiosity was picked by the words “Illusory fighting room.” The last time he had come here, it was occupied by someone, and now, it appeared to still be occupied. So, he had to wonder… What is this illusory fighting room?

It was a pity that all 10 of the illusory fighting rooms were already filled, so he could only decided to try to check them out next time. When he was just about to choose the public fighting room, a crisp sound rang near his ears, while the words on the wall suddenly changed.

Illusory fighting room… One room vacant… 7,000 merit points for entry.

Su Yu was astonished by the amount of merit points, as early stage Fairies would need to work hard for seven years just to get a single chance to enter such an expensive fighting room! Such a matter piqued Su Yu’s curiosity even more, so he chose to try the illusory fighting room, quickly confirming his choice.

However, just when he confirmed it, a resentful voice transmitted from the fighting room, “Which blind guy stole the room that I was about to enter?”

At that moment, a plump youth with a muscular body and hairy legs, who had smeared makeup all over himself, appeared before Su Yu. It was the transvestite!

Su Yu had already learned that, because Tian Renyao had cultivated a special cultivation technique, he now possessed a quite strange body, which would experience changes from time to time. He was extremely handsome, so much that even women envied his beauty, and even though Su Yu was already accustomed to seeing his beautiful form, he still always had a feeling of inferiority any time he encountered him.

However, when Tian Renyao used his cultivation technique, his body would experience some changes, and everything from his bones to his internal blood energy channel and his flesh would change. This change would cause his body to take the obese form that he had taken just now. The difference between his two forms was like the difference between the sky and the earth.

“Ah! It’s you! Brother Yuxian!” Tian Renyao’s anger turned into surprise, and he revealed a flirtatious look as he swayed his hips and came over to him. “Why didn’t you inform me that it was you early on? If I had known that it was you, then I would have paid the entry fee for you, as I really love you that much, brother Yuxian.”

Su Yu’s body shivered all over, and he quickly got out of his way when he suddenly noticed that some blood was seeping out of Tian Renyao’s belly. Su Yu was quite startled by this, so he asked, “Are you injured? Were you fighting someone recently?”

Tian Renyao raised his brows and lowered his eyes, “Well… I failed once again.”

He raised his head, then looked at Su Yu, “Brother Yuxian, please make an extra effort for me and defeat her.”

What is going on? Su Yu, who was curious about such a matter, entered the fighting room, still wondering what the transvestite meant.

He looked around, finding that he was surrounded by a great number of martial artists. However, the path from which Tian Renyao had just passed was empty, and all of the disciples were hiding in a corner nervously, like frightened lambs.

When they noticed that Su Yu had just come in, many of the male disciples moved to protect the female disciples, swiftly placing the women behind them. After all, each of the five demons were, in their eyes, terrifying existences that would frighten humans and ghosts alike.

Su Yu shook his head helplessly, understanding that he was, to them, the central supreme demon, who dared to assault anyone. Such a title really dumbfounded Su Yu.

As Su Yu averted his gaze from them, he looked at the illusory fighting rooms. There was just one illusory fighting room that was open, while the other nine rooms were closed. When he entered into the open room, the gate closed by itself, while he was notified that he could cultivate within it for a whole day.

When Su Yu surveyed his surroundings, he saw that there were many complex patterns that were carved on the surrounding walls. Although these carvings would dazzle anyone’s eyes, they gave him an eerie and uncomfortable feeling.

All of a sudden, Su Yu felt like he saw a phantom image, who was holding a sword. However, just after that, it disappeared, as it it had never been there at all! Su Yu found such a matter to be quite weird.

“What is this?” Su Yu murmured, while he tried to concentrate and keep looking for it.

Sure enough, as he expected, the phantom image appeared once again, and the more he concentrated on it, the longer it would stay. It seemed like it was being confined here!

All of a sudden, the phantom image on the wall, spoke, “Do you want to challenge me?”

Su Yu was startled, and he suddenly understood what the illusory fighting rooms were made for. They used some mysterious patterns to leave a person’s phantom image here. Then, the people who were cultivating here could fight it at any time in order to improve their cultivations.

“No wonder the entry for these rooms was quite expensive. They didn’t have such a high price for no reason!” Su Yu mumbled, while he nodded slowly. However, he still really didn’t understand the significance of the phantom image before him.

After Su Yu understood the illusory fighting rooms’ significance, he lost most of his interest in them. His current objective was comprehending his new cultivation technique, the Nine Dragons Devil Suppressing Art. He knew he must do this quickly, as he could only try to fight against the phantom image after cultivating it.

After Su Yu declined to fight it, the phantom image disappeared by itself. Su Yu sat down cross-legged and put the Kasaya on his knees, then started observing its contents carefully.

The difference between a demonic cultivation technique and ordinary ones was that condensing demonic energy was necessary for the former. This demonic energy was needed for things like cultivation techniques, while ordinary ones just needed Vital Energy alone.

It was because of this that he needed an object that contained demonic energy in order to start cultivating a demonic cultivation technique. Such an object could be something like spirit elixirs, spirit treasures, or something of that sort.

However, it was difficult to find such demonic objects, and this was especially the case for early stage Fairies, as they could only use the low grade elixirs, which they would get from the sanctum each month in order to increase their demonic energy amounts. Fortunately, the Red Blood Palace didn’t put any strict restrictions on the outer sanctum disciples, so they were still allowed to cultivate Vital Energy cultivation techniques.

“Demonic energy?” Su Yu murmured as he touched his spatial ring, while a thread of black hair emerged from it. The hair was wholly black and was hard, like a steel needle. It was the thread of a Devil’s hair.

In the past, he had fought against a Devil in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, and when he killed it, it had left behind a thread of its hair. It was rumored that this thread of hair belonged to an Otherworldly Devil and that its power rivaled a Level Nine Divine Master’s!

Su Yu’s eyes flickered as he looked at the thread of the Devil’s hair. He could tell that it clearly had an intense and pure demonic energy, which was more powerful than the demonic energy of all demonic cultivators. So, he had to wonder…

Did this thread of hair belong to an Otherworldly Devil?

Su Yu’s heart was full of expectation upon thinking of this, and as he put the thread of hair in his palm, he started slowly absorbing the demonic energy that was seeping out of it into his internal blood energy channel. When such a powerful demonic energy entered his body, he felt an ice-cold and burning hot feeling, as well as an intense pain, which overwhelmed his internal blood energy channel.

Su Yu couldn’t help but furrow his brows, as the feeling he got while absorbing demonic energy for the first time was really hard to handle.

Moreover, as more demonic energy entered his body, Su Yu felt an odd and uncomfortable feeling, as if his body had just been filled with an alien object. When he carefully observed his skin, he saw that it had turned from its original white color into a faint black color. His heart became fidgety for some unknown reason, and it was difficult for him to calm down.

After the time that it would take to brew a half cup of tea, Su Yu’s eyes snapped open, while a tyrannical aura surged out of them. “It’s really capable of affecting one’s mind,” Su Yu murmured as he took a deep breath and strived to keep his head clear.

It was rumored that demonic cultivators were hot-tempered, violent, and bloodthirsty, and it seemed like there was truth behind such a rumor. The demonic path had existed since ancient times. Although its source and origin were unknown, people could affirm that it was related to a ferocious and vicious creature.

The demonic energy that had just filled Su Yu’s body was already enough for him to start using his cultivation technique. Su Yu looked at the scripture on the Kasaya as he started revolving his energy according to its instructions.

After two hours had passed, Su Yu finally managed with great difficulty to finish one large circulation and nine lesser circulations using the demonic energy in his body. According to what the cultivation technique said, his body should have experienced some changes at such a moment, yet it didn’t experience anything!

When Su Yu started wondering whether he was really eligible to cultivate it or not, a faint pain transmitted from between his eyebrows, while a burning hot current flowed out of the Tao Tie’s eye and flowed into Su Yu’s internal blood energy channel.

It was the Real Dragon’s blood that had fused with the eye! It quickly spread though Su Yu’s four limbs and several hundred bones.

At the same time, the black color that Su Yu’s body had taken on quickly condensed upon his chest, then formed a dragon picture there. The image was extremely fuzzy, as it had not yet taken its complete form.

He had really gone through exactly what the cultivation technique had described! Only those who possessed dragon blood could form this dragon image!

Such an occurrence was the telltale sign that he had succeeded. Now, he needed to just continue absorbing demonic energy, use the cultivation technique, consolidate the dragon image and cultivate his first demonic dragon!

Su Yu calmed down, then continued to absorb demonic energy from the thread of the Devil’s hair. This process continued for a long time. It was only after 22 hours had passed that Su Yu opened his eyes.

At that time, there was a crouching dragon’s image on his chest. Its whole body was black, and it had a ferocious and dignified appearance, which emitted a savage aura. The image was vivid and lifelike, as if it was really a true dragon! This was especially the case for its eyes, which seemed to be filled with intelligence.

“I successfully cultivated the first dragon!” Delight appeared in Su Yu’s eyes.

This cultivation technique was many times easier than he had expected. However, it was mainly because of his special body and because of the Devil’s hair’s pure demonic energy that he managed to cultivate so quickly in order to successfully master the first level of the demonic cultivation technique in just one day.

Su Yu’s eyes flickered as he stood up, turned his head around, and looked at the patterns on the wall. He could now test his new cultivation technique’s might!