The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Retaliation in a hopeless situation

As Su Yu hugged Xia Jingyu throughout the entire escape, he did not let down his guard a single time, constantly checking their surroundings as they ran.


Su Yu took out nine elixirs, stuffing five of them into Xia Jingyu's hands.

"What are you doing?" Xia Jingyu asked in bewilderment.

Su Yu stared at Xia Jingyu. "Jingyu, should I fail to make it out of the Evil Forest, please make a trip to Fenghuang Valley on my behalf," he said softly.

Xia Jingyu had an ominous premonition, but Su Yu did not give her a chance to speak.

Feeling deeply apologetic, Su Yu continued, "If I die, The Holy King would definitely not pick on you. He will sense your potential. By then, if you feel strong enough, please go to Fenghuang Valley on my behalf and tell Xianer that, till death, I, Su Yu, never once let her down!"

Xia Jingyu felt a sharp pain in her heart. For as long as she could remember, Xianer had been her closest friend. However at some point, she had begun to dread hearing Su Yu voice Xianer's name.

It was like every mention of Xianer hacked a piece away from the pillar of support Su Yu had become in Xia Jingyu's heart.

She felt the same pain as that night in the Duke's palace under the moonlight, when Xianer snatched away Su Yu's hug.

"Okay." Xia Jingyu grabbed her shirt tightly. Although she felt bitter, she agreed.

Su Yu had originally belonged to Xianer... Xia Jingyu sighed softly.

Su Yu smiled gratefully, "In that case, let's part ways. Jingyu, live on."

Not waiting for Xia Jingyu's response, Su Yu's eyes suddenly shot out a pitch black ray of energy.

Demonic Eyes could send someone into a coma, should the user choose to do so.

Xia Jingyu struggled, unwilling to close her eyes. Amidst the struggle, her expression was bewildered.

The last image reflected in her beautiful eyes was Su Yu's apologetic smile and his quiet farewell.


Su Yu flew down and hid the unconscious Xia Jingyu inside a secluded cave. Then, he ran for his life.

Moments later, Su Yu arrived in a valley. As he turned back and looked behind himself, Su Yu smiled sadly.


In his gray clothes, a middle-aged man wore a ridiculing smile on his face. He approached in a laid-back manner as if he was walking on clouds.

Following behind him was Long Xiaoyue and Yan Chu, their faces immensely pale.

The Slayer King swept his gaze across the valley, but he could not find Xia Jingyu. Upon realizing she was not present, he smiled wider, sizing up Su Yu with slight interest.

"You are smart. Among everyone, you were the first to discover my presence. Realizing that it would be difficult to escape my pursuit, you decided to hide the girl in advance." The Slayer King said in admiration.

This was merely a cat's admiration toward a sly mouse before the cat chows down.

Su Yu's eyes sharpened as he silently took a deep breath, consoling his quivering heart.

The Slayer King was Level Nine Upper Tier, he was only a few steps away from being a martial arts legend.

But, Su Yu still had confidence in his abilitiesit was still too early to tell who would survive this battle!

As Su Yu gradually squinted his eyes, he carefully observed the Slayer King's actions!

The Slayer King chuckled. Since he arrived at the entrance of the valley he had not advanced a single step. Still standing at the entrance, he smiled mockingly and surveyed his surroundings. "Let me guess. The valley is, clearly, a dead end. Yet, you resolutely chose to enter it. My guess is, you must have set up traps of some sort inside, right? For example, beneath my feet," the Slayer King laughed coldly as he looked beneath his feet.

Three centimeters in front of his toe was a transparent silk thread, which was difficult to spot with the naked eye.

The silk thread was coiled around two ends of a stone wall. Should anyone charge forward at a high speed, both their legs would be sliced off before they knew what hit them!


The Slayer King lightly laughed. With a slight nudge from his toe, the entwined dragon silk snapped!

Upon destroying the trap, the Slayer King took a step forward.

Su Yu's pupils dilated.

The leg which the Slayer King had extended slowly retracted in midair; he did not take a full step forward.

He appeared slightly shocked. "Interesting, consecutive traps. You almost got me!"


The Slayer King materialized some vital energy between his fingers and proceeded to bombard the ground beneath the entwined dragon silk.


A pit, which had been dug long ago, was suddenly revealed. At the bottom was countless sharp spikes!

This was a consecutive trap. Should the entwined dragon silk be discovered prematurely, Su Yu had hoped that the Slayer King, overly confident, would then fall into the pit.

Su Yu had planned each step of this meetingbut, as he watched the Slayer King disarm both traps, his expression turned dark.

The Slayer King was quite crafty!

Long Xiaoyue secretly felt sorry!

Wearing a cold smile on his face, the Slayer King crossed over the pit without sustaining any injury. "The three of you, how do you think I should deal with you all?" he asked mockingly.

Long Xiaoyue and Yan Chu flew to where Su Yu was, their faces filled with despair. This valley may end up being their burial ground!

What surprised them was the fact that the Slayer King had yet to attack them. Perhaps the cat was enjoying playing with his food.

"I'll give you all a chance to live. If you kill one person, you may leave." With his hands clasped behind his back, the Slayer King's eyes were playful.


Almost in an instant, the three of them immediately dashed away from one another, revealing their distrust of each other.

Su Yu and Yan Chu were the wariest of Long Xiaoyue!

As a Level Eight Peak, killing them both simultaneously was well within her abilities.

However, Long Xiaoyue did not attack them. Instead, she said in a stern voice, " Rest assured, I will not attack you. If you both die, he would lose interest and have me killed me in an instant!"

Hearing this, Su Yualthough he did not completely let his guard downsecretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Long Xiaoyue had always been a woman of her word. She disliked deception. Also, her logic made complete sense. Once the Slayer King lost interest, it would spell death for Long Xiaoyue.

To actually believe the Slayer King's words would be no different from moths flocking toward flames, seeking their own deaths!

However, in times of extreme peril, people want to believe any and all illusory potential for hope.

People like... Yan Chu!


As Yan Chu clenched his jaw and his expression greatly changed. He suddenly attacked Su Yu!

A wave of vital energy was launched toward Su Yu's heart!


Su Yu had been prepared. As he dodged the attack, he furiously looked at Yan Chu, "Do you seriously believe that by killing me he will let you go?"

With his deeply fearful eyes, it became apparent that he had lost the ability to think calmly. "It doesn't matter if I believe it or not. This is my only option!" Yan Chu shouted.

What if... what if the Slayer King kept his promise?

Among the three of them, Yan Chu stood no chance against Long Xiaoyue's. However, he believed that he was strong enough to kill Su Yu!

As the first strike ended in failure, Yan Chu shouted again and attacked Su Yu!

"Gigantic Cloud Hand of the Western Sky!" Yan Chu's palm molded vital energy. The air shifted and a great power in the form of a giant hand surged forward.


The wind thrashed violently.

His eyes were filled with deep pity. "Su Yu, just resign yourself to fate. You are not my opponent. To prevent being subjected to pain, I can grant you a quick death!" Yan Chu said regretfully,

Yan Chu was expressing pity to the man he was trying to kill? Su Yu let out a furious laugh towards his crocodile tears.

"Do you really think you can defeat me?" Su Yu's eyes gradually turned cold. His prior battle with Yan Chu had been stopped by Long Xiaoyue in the nick of the time.

He did not think a battle between them would be ultimately inevitable.

Yan Chu's gigantic palms were nearby. His face was indifferent and overconfident, revealing the extent of his contempt for Su Yu.

Shaking her head lightly, Yan Chu fixated his eyes on Su Yu and let out a sigh, "Even before death, you still have not repented. Looks like even after experiencing so much, you are still stuck in the illusion of being the empire's most talented martial artist. Without your puppets, you are extremely fragile!

"What I regret the most is not showing you how cruel reality is during our battle a few days ago. Now, your end will be too fast to properly show you. This is all my fault..." Yan Chu sighed pitifully, but he secretly gloated.


Su Yu counterattacked calmly with his palm!

Both of their palms came into contact silently!

Yan Chu's look of fake sympathy faltered and turned stern, before contorting into one of pain and fright. Finally, he shrieked in pain.


There was the sound of cracking ice as his entire body froze.

Within the ice sculpture, there was not a sliver of life. What was left on Yan Chu was a freezing cold corpse.

Su Yu stood at his original spot, slowly retracting his fist, which was surrounded by cold mist. Su Yu shook his head. " The fragile one is you, senior. This is the true cruel reality."

Long Xiaoyue pupil's dilated!

One move was all it took to kill Yan Chu!

Regarding Su Yu's ability, she had her suspicions it went far beyond his cultivation base. However, it had never crossed her mind that he could kill Yan Chu in one move!

To Yan Chu, this was indeed a cruel reality!

His playful face slightly stiffened, the Slayer King took in a small breath, "A Deity level cultivation technique!"

His playful expression then deepened, "Interesting! A genius capable of comprehending a Deity level cultivation technique. From the looks of it, it's even in the Upper Tier! Interesting!

"Then, let the two of you battle. Whoever wins, lives," the Slayer King said. He could not wait to see a good show.

Su Yu and Long Xiaoyue, however, did not start to battle.

According to what the Slayer King had said, if they killed one person, they would live.

However, despite Su Yu being forced to kill Yan Chu, they had not been granted leave.

There was no doubt that the Slayer King was not a man of his words.

Even if Su Yu and Long Xiaoyue fought each other to the death, the Slayer King would also not let anyone leave.

Hence, Su Yu and Long Xiaoyue did not fight.

Rather than being played with by the Slayer King, they would rather sacrifice themselves!

Seeing that they refused to fight, the Slayer King's expression gradually stiffened. His eyes, previously playful, were now cold and murderous. "Uninteresting rats, die!"


A wave of cold, murderous energy gushed towards the sky!

All living things in all four directions ran away in fright!

Taking a step forward, the Slayer King, who had lost his patience, finally decided to kill them!

Su Yu remained calm as ever. He was even sarcastic.

"You really think you are a cat toying with rats?" Su Yu laughed coldly as he stepped lightly on the ground.

Only with close observation could one discover that Su Yu had not moved his feetone foot secretly rested on an invisible silk thread.

As the Slayer King extended his foot, Su Yu exerted pressure on the entwined dragon silk beneath his foot.


A loud explosion could be heard! A black liquid with a foul stench erupted from beneath the Slayer King's feet as a foul-smelling rain drenched him head to toe!


The Slayer King let out a miserable, pained scream!

The foul-smelling black rain contained immensely lethal toxins!

The toxins caused the Slayer King's entire body to rot!

His originally handsome face was now disfigured. Parts of it were so rotten that his bones poked through.

As his legs were in direct contact with the source of the immensely toxic rain, the flesh on his legs instantly melted into liquid, and his legs were reduced to mere bones in an instant.

The gray robe he was wearing instantly decayed, alongside with a big portion of his body; his blood and flesh were indistinguishable.

Long Xiaoyue gasped in astonishment. What was that immensely lethal and terrifying poison? When had Su Yu set up so much lethal poison?

Su Yu's trap had not been a double consecutive trapit was a triple consecutive trap!