The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 820

Chapter 820 Demolition Meet

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“Xue Lian, please inform us which genius it is, as such a genius must surely be roped into our Left Palace Master’s camp!” Wei Zheng wore a firm look as he spoke.

The alluring Cabinet Master wore a faint smile as she replied, “He’s none other than Su Yuxian, who isn’t even qualified to enter the Left Palace Master’s camp. Well, Wei Zheng, since you didn’t take a liking to him, then shouldn’t it be impossible for him to fight Jian Wusheng, who is at the same realm? That surely is just a rumor… Hehe…”

Wei Zheng was petrified upon hearing this and wondered… How is that possible?

“I don’t believe it!” After he returned to his senses, Wei Zheng became gloomy and he shook his head. “I have an accurate ability to judge people, so I wouldn’t be mistaken. That person’s talent is quite mediocre, so such a rumor of him fighting Jian Wusheng needs to be verified.”

“Hehe, wouldn’t you already know about everything that happened at the seasonal exam?” The alluring Cabinet Master was in a good mood, and she almost burst with joy as she sipped her tea.

Xue Qi was also dumbfounded and found this hard to believe. “It’s out of the question! I will go to meet him now, as regardless if this is false information or not, we still mustn’t let the Right Palace Master’s camp stall us.”

Lao Ai and Shao Qingfeng also received the same news, and they were both quite shocked by it. “Him? Impossible!” Shao Qingfeng shook his head, as he wasn’t willing to believe such a rumor.

Lao Ai got lost in his thoughts as he spoke in a deep voice, “There is a high possibility that it’s true, as many people witnessed it. Hence, it shouldn’t be just a false rumor.”

“If I had known early on that this lad had such power, then I would have been more temperate regarding Wuxin’s matter, but now, it’s impossible to stop halfway.” Lao Ai regretted this slightly.

However, as they were now like fire and water, it was nearly impossible for Su Yu to join the Right Palace Master’s camp. If the Right Palace Master heard that such an astonishing genius had been missed by them just because of their personal grudges, then they would end up suffering an unimaginable punishment! As he thought of such a matter, he became anxious and fretful.

“We mustn’t let things continue on like this! If the fact that he possessed such power is confirmed, then he will surely be recruited by the Left Palace Master, and at that time, how could the Right Palace Master not be angered? We must not let him join the Left Palace Master’s camp!” Lao Ai spoke excitedly.

Shao Qingfeng asked in a deep voice, “What should we do?”

Ruthlessness appeared in Lao Ai’s eyes. “We must injure him heavily or kill him before the exam, as only in such a way will we render him incapable of participating in the seasonal exam.”

Many people still didn’t believe that Su Yu had enough power to fight Jian Wusheng, so they would all be paying close attention to the imminent seasonal exam. It was for this reason that wanted to dispose of Su Yu before the exam, thus preventing him from ascending the stage and being examined by the crowd.

Although they might end up being questioned about such a matter, if it meant getting rid of such a hidden danger, then it would be worth it.

“But, the sanctum forbids murder, so how can we achieve this?” Shao Qingfeng asked in confusion.

Lao Ai chuckled coldly. “Do you even need me to teach you how to achieve this? Didn’t you already lay a trap for that dissolute young master? It’s now time to put him to good use.”

Shao Qingfeng suddenly realized everything when he heard his words. A mocking smile appeared at the corners of his mouth as he laughed and said, “Hehe, I almost forgot about that trash…”

At the inner sanctum.

“Mistress, please let me go out. I want to challenge someone.” A beautiful and slim woman, who had a graceful body, knelt quietly before a stone gate.

A supreme expert, who could shake all Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, was behind the stone gate. It was Mo Tianxuan.

“Is it the outer sanctum disciple who fought your mother?” An indifferent voice transmitted from the stone gate. “There is no need to do this. Just go back for now.”

The woman hesitated for a while before she went back unwillingly. A dignified woman in a blue robe was behind the stone gate. She was quietly cultivating.

A layer of black ghost energy suddenly appeared on her palm. If Su Yu had been here, then he would surely have recognized it, as it was the same as the wisp of extremely vile ghost energy that he had absorbed.

“Where did that old lecher go? And… Who has my guillotine?” Mo Tianxuan wondered aloud as she sighed softly.

She was the woman, who dressed as a man, who had once been saved by Su Yu. She was the Red Blood Palace’s ruler, Mo Tianxuan.

She still hadn’t announced the fact that she had lost the demonic path supreme fairy artifact. Instead, she just sent people to make inquiries about it in secret, hoping that they could find it and return it to her quickly.

She also had entrusted these same people with another important mission, which was to look for the old lecher, as whether her old problem could be solved or not would depend entirely upon him.

Su Yu didn’t have any idea about all of this, while he was returning to the Demon Mountain slowly. He intended to cultivate there for a while before participating in the seasonal exam.

However, just he had sat down in his house, he felt a sword energy flying at him from outside of the house! Shock appeared on Su Yu’s face, and as lightning flickered around his body, he teleported away by sixty meters, then appeared in the sky above his house.

When he looked down, he saw Bing Wuxin holding her longsword as she ran amuck in his central residence. She cut the whole central residence into pieces with her sword, reducing it to ruins.

When he saw this, Su Yu couldn’t help but get angry. “Have you gone crazy?”

Bing Wuxin turned around and pointed her sword at Su Yu as her fighting intent became even more intense. “Su Yuxian, I want to challenge you to a fight!”

Su Yu was quite bewildered by this, “Are you sick? Why do you want to challenge me all of a sudden?”

“I heard that you fought Jian Wusheng, so I want to challenge you to a fight. Don’t worry, I will suppress my cultivation down to the same realm as you.” Bing Wuxin clearly longed for this fight to happen.

Jian Wusheng? Su Yu was quite dumbfounded. He had just tried to test his new cultivation technique, so he was perplexed as to how he had ended up bringing such trouble upon himself!

“Well… It appears that the couple is fighting each other. I must quickly move a stool over here to spectate.” Gongsun Wuxie, who always hoped for the world to descend into chaos, chuckled as she quickly came over with a stool and sat in one of the house’s rooms.

She rested her chin on her hands as she observed their quarrel excitedly. The disturbance also attracted Bai Shanliang’s and Tian Renyao’s attentions, so they also came over.

“Sirs, it would be better to fight outside, as if you destroyed all of these houses, we would be forced to sleep in the streets!” Bai Shanliang urged them to consider a different venue.

Tian Renyao looked at Bing Wuxin fiercely. “Brother Yuxian, don’t fear her. I will help you! Let’s beat this woman together! Nothing can stand between an affectionate couple like us!”

They are really a group of weirdos! Veins were popping out of Su Yu’s forehead as he looked at Bing Wuxin with annoyment and said, “Isn’t the seasonal exam happening soon? Can’t you wait for a few days? I just fought a great battle, so if you want to take advantage of that, then let’s fight now.”

“I want a fair and just battle, so how could I want to take advantage of you?” Bing Wuxin sheathed her sword as she spoke coldly, “It’s fine by me. My injuries have almost recovered. In the fight in the seasonal exam, I will pay you back for the palm strike that you dealt me as you sneak-attacked me that day!”

Su Yu blushed with same, as this woman really wouldn’t let go of a grudge!

“Ah! It’s turning out to be really boring.” Gongsun Wuxie pouted with her small mouth as she spoke.

Su Yu looked in awe at his residence, which had already been turned into ruins. He was officially homeless this night.

“Junior brother, why don’t you stay with me tonight?” Bai Shanliang asked after noticing Su Yu’s predicament.

Su Yu would obviously not reject this kind offer, but when he was just about to agree to it, Tian Renyao spoke resentfully, “Brother Shanliang, you are up to no good once again. Do you want to let brother Yuxian try your poisons?”

Su Yu was startled, so he looked at Bai Shanliang in expectation of his reply.

“Nonsense! How could I let my dear junior brother try poison? Don’t say such words once again, as you will only tarnish my name,” Bai Shanliang shouted righteously.

All of a sudden, several bottles of various colors fell out of his sleeves, which he was waving around. They all clattered and sprinkled on the ground.

When Su Yu looked at them, he saw that there was a label on each bottle…

“Five Poisons Intestines Shattering Powder.”

“Intoxication to Death Pill.”

“Last Breath Pill.”

“Nine Deaths Life Poison Liquid.”

Blue veins popped out of Su Yu’s forehead. Bai Shanliang was clearly embarrassed, and as he collected all of the bottles, he suddenly vomited a large amount of blood!

He then put his hand on his chest hurriedly and said, “Awful! I must quickly go back to rest!”

After he left, Tian Renyao asked flirtatiously, “Brother Yuxian, why don’t you sleep with me tonight?”

Su Yu’s whole body shuddered as he said, “Get lost.”

The fighting intent in Bing Wuxin’s eyes rose once again. “Su Yuxian, why don’t you come to my house?”

Su Yu got a headache when he saw her gaze. It was pleasing that this woman was quite pretty, but he couldn’t understand why she was so seductive.

At this moment a pleasant-sounding chuckle transmitted to him, “Haha… Brother Yuxian, why don’t you come to my house? I’m docile and obedient…”

Docile and obedient? How could Su Yu not understand the little demoness’ character? However, she still seemed less dangerous than the other three demons.

“Fine, I will trouble you for the night, senior sister Wuxie,” Su Yu said.

The little demoness chuckled, and it was unknown what kind of wicked schemes she was concocting. At this moment, Xue Qi came in from outside, and she was quite startled when she had a look at the mountain.

She then asked, “Will they start a Demon Meet?”

“It’s a demolition meet,” Su Yu said as pointed at his house, which had been turned into rubble.

“Senior sister Xue Qi, why did you come looking for me?” Su Yu got right to the point.

Xue Qi chuckled sweetly as she revealed a charming look. “Junior brother, can’t I look for you for no reason?”

After she teased him, she put on a stern look as she spoke, “I came here to thank you for saving me that day. I’m really extremely grateful to you, so please let me pay off the 10,000 merit points debt that you owe Ruffian Long.”

Su Yu didn’t forget such a matter, but he waved his hand at her in refusal as he said, “I won’t let people pay back my own debts, but I still appreciate your kind intentions. As for saving you, it was my responsibility, so you don’t need to worry about it.”

Xue Qi looked at Su Yu in awe, as she really approved of his good character.

“Senior sister, is there still something else on your mind?” Su Yu asked.

After Xue Qi returned to her senses, a solemn look appeared on her face. “I just wanted to verify one matter. I heard that you fought Jian Wusheng. Is such a rumor true?”

“It’s really true.” Su Yu said.

Xue Qi eyes widened as she responded in awe, “It’s really true…”

After she pondered this for a moment, she said, “Junior brother, are you willing to…”


Before she could finish her words, a person rushed into the mountain and started pacing back and forth in front of the entrance. He then started surveying his surroundings, and when he saw Su Yu, delight appeared in his eyes.

He said, “Brother Su, please save Shangguan Yunque. You alone can save him.”

“Shangguan Yunque? What happened to him?” Su Yu asked the person, who had come to inform him.

It seemed like he was the Shangguan family’s genius, Shangguan Fei, who Su Yu had once in the Fairy Confining Forest. At the moment, Shangguan Fei had blood seeping out of the corners of his mouth and a red palm print had clearly been left on his face by some attack. His clothes were also covered in dust, so it was obvious that someone had beaten him.

“Brother Yunque was captured by Shao Qingfeng, and he wanted to cripple his Dantian,” Shangguan Fei spoke hurriedly, as he was quite anxious.

Su Yu was startled to hear this. “Shao Qingfeng? Did he dare to capture people in the sanctum so casually, while also crippling their Dantians?”

The sanctum’s rules were strict and severe, and besides the Law Enforcement Team, no one dared enforce any punishment upon someone in private!

“It was Shao Qingfeng! A month ago, Shangguan Yunque became the guarantor of three of his friends, who had borrowed 10,000 merit points from the black market with a high interest payback. Who would expect that his three friends harbored malice in their hearts and fled after they borrowed 100,000 merit points? It was time for them to pay back their loans, yet they had already escaped! Now, brother Yunque must pay everything back for them!”

He then added, “If brother Yunque can’t pay it all back, then his cultivation will be crippled according to the Heart Oath Scroll’s agreement!”

A guarantor? Su Yu suddenly recalled that Shangguan Yunque had become the guarantor of three of his friends. At that time, Su Yu had even warned him about so easily trusting his drinking buddies. However, Shangguan Yunque still couldn’t refuse them in order to save face, so it had now escalated to such dire straits!

“Don’t be anxious, as brother Yunque is quite wealthy. Shouldn’t he be capable of paying back 100,000 merit points?” Su Yu asked casually.

Shangguan Fei smiled bitterly as he spoke, “If it was just 100,000 merit points, then it would be easy for him, but after a whole month has passed, the interest has accumulated. He must now pay back more than 500,000 merit points!”

Hearing this, Su Yu’s expression became gloomy, as this issue of high interest rates was a terrible aspect to loans. When it was time to pay the loans back, the interest paid was often much higher than the money borrowed!

“How could he be this muddleheaded?” Su Yu shook his head. He was, after all, the young master of a great family, and he didn’t have adequate experience, so he looked down upon the black market’s people.

Shangguan Fei was so anxious that he almost wept, “Brother Su, please save my brother Yunque. I have already sent people to notify sister Qinger, but she would need at least one day to reach this place from the inner sanctum, and by that time, it would already be too late. So, only you who can save him now.”

Shangguan Yunque was a righteous person, who had always been quite kind to Su Yu, so now that he was in dire straits, Su Yu would obviously not abandon him. Moreover, Su Yu’s instincts were informing him that Shangguan Yunque had simply fallen victim to someone’s scheme.

His three drinking buddies must have been bribed by Shao Qingfeng, so they duped Shangguan Yunque into letting Shao Qingfeng take control of him. This Shao Qingfeng really wouldn’t give up!

Su Yu’s gaze became ice-cold. “Shangguan Fei, who advised you to come look for me?”

Shangguan Fei replied hurriedly, “I heard one of the people in the area mention that you got a large number of merit points in the Elegant Spirit Mountain, and they said that you should be able to lend some of them to brother Yunque.”

Su Yu’s eyes flickered slightly as a cold smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. “I was really wondering how such a coincidence could occur, yet it now seems like this person Shao Qingfeng wanted to deal with me all along!” Su Yu sneered as he spoke.

After all, only the people who were there on that day knew that he had received an astronomical number of merit points in the Elegant Spirit Mountain, as news of such a matter hadn’t had time to spread yet. But… An ordinary passerby had run into Shangguan Fei and advised him to ask Su Yu for help. It could be seen from this that Shao Qingfeng’s objective all along was to lure Su Yu out!

“Hehe, so… You are targeting me?” Su Yu’s eyes became ice-cold. This poisonous snake, which had sent several ice-cold arrows at his back, was really reckless and had already provoked him several times. It was time to get rid of him and bring an end to such troubles!

“Where are they? And… Which people were there?” Su Yu asked in a deep voice.

Shangguan Fei was overjoyed to divulge the information. “It was Shao Qingfeng, as well as some of the black market’s people. There was also an inner sanctum disciple providing support to them.”

He didn’t need to ponder it any further to know the identity of the inner sanctum disciple. He would be none other than the one who was fond of sneak-attacking people, Lao Ai!

Su Yu’s gaze became even more ice-cold, “Fine! Let’s go meet them.”