The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 821

Chapter 821 Tracing The Problem Back To Its Origin

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“Wait!” Xue Qi’s eyes lit up slightly as she quickly chased after Su Yu.

As she ran after him, she said, “The Right Palace Master’s people always keep a high-profile in the outer sanctum these days. It seems like we must force them to see that the outer sanctum doesn’t belong to the Right Palace Master alone.”

She then added, “I will go there first and notify Ruffian Long and the others. We will muster all of our outer sanctum’s black market’s members!”

Su Yu understood that she was expressing her goodwill to him and hoped for him to join the Left Palace Master’s camp one day.

He now had a multitude of enemies and just a few friends. So, he would surely not reject Xue Qi’s kindness.

“You should go with Xue Qi to get reinforcements, while I go to deal with another matter,” Su Yu’s eyes flickered for a moment as he spoke.

Xue Qi stamped her foot, then nodded at Shangguan Fei and said, “Let’s leave.”

Shangguan Fei was overjoyed, while also slightly shocked. He knew that Xue Qi was an inner sanctum’s disciple, who was responsible for the outer sanctum’s black market. It was also rumored that she belonged to the Left Palace Master’s camp and had a very high status.

As such, he really didn’t expect that Su Yu would manage to be associated with such a woman, as two months still hadn’t passed since he had joined the outer sanctum. Moreover, it seemed like Xue Qi treated Su Yu politely, which showed that there was really a great disparity between the current him and the past him, as he was a nobody before, completely dependent upon the Shangguan family to get an opportunity to participate in the outer sanctum’s exam.

“Senior sister Xue Qi, many thanks for helping us.” Shangguan Fei was quite grateful to her, so he thanked her as he followed after her to get reinforcements.

Su Yu left the Demon Mountain as well, but he didn’t go to save Shangguan Yunque in a frantic rush. Instead, his eyes emitted a faint silver light, while he flew in the sky of the outer sanctum, sweeping over it with his gaze.

He knew that if he went there rashly, he wouldn’t be able to save Shangguan Yunque. This is because the enemy had a Heart Oath Scroll that had been signed by Shangguan Yunque, and unless he paid 500,000 merit points, Shangguan Yunque’s Dantian would be crippled according to the oath’s decree!

Even the outer sanctum’s three Palace Masters weren’t necessarily capable of defying the black market’s rules, so whoever started this problem had to be the one to put an end to it. Hence, since the three disciples who had borrowed the money had run away, Su Yu knew that he must find those three people, take them there, and force them to pay back the loan. Then, Shangguan Yunque wouldn’t need to pay anything, and this problem would finally be resolved.

While thinking of this, Su Yu activated his Soul Eyes and swept the whole outer sanctum with them. None of the buildings were capable of obstructing his sight.

He needed to find those three people quickly, as he knew that there was a great possibility that Shao Qingfeng had sent them to harm Shangguan Yunque. Su Yu didn’t know where Shao Qingfeng’s residence was located, so he used his Soul Eyes to sweep through the whole outer sanctum.

After two hours had passed, he still hadn’t found any clues about them, so he had to wonder… Were they killed? Or… Did they leave the sanctum?

As he thought about these possibilities, Su Yu’s heart sank. But, after he considered them more carefully, he found these ideas to be implausible.

Even though Shangguan Yunque was careless and ended up being deceived by these three people, he wasn’t a total fool! So, he surely couldn’t have overlooked the fact that they had left the sanctum if they had done so.

Thus, they were surely still in the sanctum. Hence, as long as they weren’t killed, they must be hiding somewhere! Moreover, it appeared that they were hiding in a place that his Soul Eyes couldn’t reach!

The only places in the outer sanctum that his Soul Eyes couldn’t penetrate were the three Palaces Masters residences and the illusory fighting rooms. The illusory fighting rooms were the most isolated places in the sanctum, and even though Su Yu had caused a great disturbance there in the past, there wasn’t any wisp of demonic energy that had leaked out of them. From this fact alone, it could be seen how extraordinary their isolation effects were!

As he thought of this, Su Yu quickly flew to the fighting house. When he was just about to enter it, Su Yu suddenly caught sight of someone.

This person’s name was Second Tiger Yang, and he was once one of Ruffian Long’s subordinates. But, he had defected later and joined Shao Qingfeng’s ranks, helping him manage the outer sanctum’s black market. Su Yu knew for a fact that Shangguan Yunque’s three drinking buddies had taken a loan from this very man!

As he knew that Second Tiger Yang was quite vigilant and wily, before he entered the fighting house, he surveyed his surroundings and made sure that no one was following him. It was only after doing this that he finally entered the fighting house and went toward the illusory fighting room in the middle.

He then made a secret signal with his hand and knocked on the door three times. The stone gate was immediately opened, and a face that wore a wary expression appeared before him. The face belonged to none other than one of Shangguan Yunque’s drinking buddies!

“Senior brother Yang, you finally came,” the person said with a vigilant and careful tone.

Second Tiger Yang furrowed his brows and scolded him in a low voice, “I asked you to not show yourself! Quickly close the door behind us and let’s have a talk inside.”

As a creaking sound echoed, the person closed the door behind them as they both went into the room. The illusory fighting rooms had powerful formations that had been set within them, so Su Yu’s Soul Eyes couldn’t penetrate through them to see what was happening inside. Hence, he could only wait patiently outside.

After less than five minutes had passed, Second Tiger Yang pushed the stone gate open and came out. He had a wary look on his face.

After Su Yu saw him leave the illusory fighting room, Su Yu’s eyes flickered. He stopped watching the room and followed Second Tiger Yang, who had clearly chosen to take remote roads on purpose in order to keep this whole matter secret. The more he traveled, the more remote his route became, until eventually, Second Tiger Yang had reached a completely desolate land.

All of a sudden, Second Tiger Yang furrowed his brows and turned around, while wearing an ice-cold expression. “Sir, you have already followed me for a long while. State your business!”

From a corner that was about three hundred meters away from Second Tiger Yang, a white-haired old man walked out. Su Yu wasn’t surprised by the fact that he had been discovered, as he hadn’t tried to hide at all.

“Su Yuxian?” Second Tiger Yang’s pupils contracted and alarm appeared on his face upon seeing Su Yu.

However, he quickly calmed down, then snorted coldly and asked, “Why are you tailing me? What we black market’s members hate most is being tailed by someone!”

Su Yu replied calmly, “It doesn’t matter to me whether you hate it or not, as I have something to ask you, and I hope that you can give me a satisfactory reply.”

Second Tiger Yang turned around, crossed his hands over his chest, then looked at him coldly and said, “State your question.”

He seemed quite imposing, and his look would be enough to scare any ordinary outer sanctum’s disciple. This was because his cultivation was at the Level Six Fairy Realm.

“I just want to ask whether those three people are still alive,” Su Yu asked calmly.

Second Tiger Yang’s pupils contracted as he scolded him, “What rubbish are you spouting now? How could I kill them…”

His speech came to an abrupt end as he suddenly realized that Su Yu was just trying to get information from him, not really thinking that he had killed them at all! So, he then shouted with a frown, “I don’t understand at all what you are implying! If you don’t have anything else to say, I will take my leave.”

Just as Second Tiger Yang turned around and was about to leave, Su Yu took a step forward and said coldly, “I didn’t say that you could leave…”

Second Tiger Yang was so infuriated by this that he laughed. It was ridiculous to him that a mere Level Three Fairy dared to threaten him!

“It seems like defeating trash like Shao Li has caused you to become quite full of yourself.” Second Tiger Yang laughed coldly and looked at Su Yu like he was looking at an idiot who had forgotten his place.

Su Yu found this a real pity. This was because if he knew the real reason why Shao Qingfeng wanted to get rid of Su Yu, he would surely not be laughing! After all, as Su Yu had managed to fight the phantom image of Jian Wusheng in the illusory fighting room, this was enough to demonstrate how great his fighting prowess was.

“It seems like I must teach you once again how great the disparity is between people’s power!” A blue light came out from Second Tiger Yang’s forehead as he spoke. It was similar to a giant elephant’s phantom image and contained explosive power.

“A Barbarian Elephant Level the Land!” Second Tiger Yang shouted, while the giant elephant’s phantom image came out from his forehead and took a step forward.

Each of its feet possessed a intense and intimidating power. However, Su Yu still didn’t fear it, and he immediately thrust his right fist at it.


The powerful giant elephant’s phantom image was torn apart easily, as if was made of paper, while Su Yu’s fist continued onward and struck Second Tiger Yang’s chest.

When such an explosive power bombarded him, Second Tiger Yang was sent flying away, while spouting a mouthful of blood. As a thumping sound echoed out, Second Tiger Yang, whose gaze was filled with shock, fell on the ground and yelled, “How are you this powerful?” He couldn’t understand how a trifling Level Three Fairy’s brute power was higher than his.

Su Yu didn’t waste his breath conversing with him any further. Instead, he stamped his chest and surveyed the surroundings calmly with his gaze.

After a long while, he said, “There isn’t anyone here. Also, since this place has magnificent scenery, you shouldn’t have any regrets about dying here…”

“Wait! We don’t have any feuds between us. So, why do you want to kill me?” Second Tiger Yang’s mind was racing to find more excuses to give Su Yu.

Su Yu replied calmly, “You are right. We really have no feuds between us, and if you want to resent someone for your fate, you should blame yourself for choosing to follow the wrong master.”

Then, as Su Yu exerted his power on his foot and was about to kill Second Tiger Yang, Second Tiger Yang, while feeling as if death’s shadow was engulfing him, begged, “Wait! Don’t kill me! I will do anything you want!”

Su Yu loosened his foot slightly, then replied coldly, “I will ask you once again… Are those three people alive or dead?”

Fright engulfed Second Tiger Yang, but he still gritted his teeth and replied, “I obeyed senior brother Shao’s orders and disposed of them.”

As he spoke, he raised his index finger and three mutilated corpses were thrown out of his ring. Upon seeing this, Su Yu’s heart sank.

It was already too late. The vicious and cruel Shao Qingfeng had obviously not spared them.

Since those three people were already dead, Su Yu knew that Shangguan Yunque would have to assume full responsibility for the loan. As such, it would be impossible for him to save Shangguan Yunque, unless he somehow managed to get 500,000 merit points!

All of a sudden, Su Yu got an idea, and his eyes flickered as smiled mysteriously. He then looked at Second Tiger Yang again and chuckled. “Do you want to live?” he asked.

Second Tiger Yang’s heart rose up to his throat as he nodded repeatedly, then said, “Junior brother Su, I will abide by all of your orders. Please, instruct me.” It was true that all traitors have no real loyalty, and since he could betray Ruffian Long, he could also betray Shao Qingfeng.

“I don’t need you to do anything. I just want you to loosen your mind’s defenses,” Su Yu said.

Second Tiger Yang hesitated for a moment, but as Su Yu was watching him intently, he obediently chose to loosen his mind’s defenses. Thereafter, a silver-gray ray of light shot out of Su Yu’s eyes and invaded Second Tiger Yang’s soul.

Second Tiger Yang’s face grimaced in pain before his eyes went blank. He stood respectfully behind Su Yu like a puppet, while Su Yu laughed and said, “Hehe, this is what you all get for plotting against me!”