The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 826

Chapter 826 Glittering Jewel Wonderland

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“Brother Yuxian, is it tasty?” A sweet smile was plastered on the little demoness’ face.

Su Yu nodded. “It is tasty.”

The little demoness’ smile became even more sweet as a crafty look appeared in her eyes. “Hehe, brother Yuxian, it’s really embarrassing, but I still must apologize to you.”

Su Yu was startled. “Why do you need to apologize?”

The little demoness finally revealed her claws and teeth as she spoke with a smile, “I poured brother Shanliang’s Nine Heavens Earth Extinguishing Diarrhea Powder into the tea by mistake. Brother Yuxian, I’m really sorry.”

Nine Heavens Earth Extinguishing Diarrhea Powder? That is the powder that caused one to end up on a bed for three months after consuming it, and which would force someone to abstain from eating or drinking anything!

As he thought of this, Su Yu’s expression became quite unsightly. “Wuxie, why are you causing trouble? Get the antidote quickly! Since Bai Shanliang could make such a poison, then shouldn’t he be capable of easily making an antidote for it?”

Sweat appeared on Su Yu’s forehead, while his face became pale and he held his belly with his palm.

“Well? Has it taken effect this quickly?” The little demoness was surprised and excitement appeared on her face as she laughed heartily. “Su Yuxian, you’ve finally fallen into my hands!”

Su Yu’s face became scarlet as he asked, “Wuxie, what do you mean? Why are you treating me in such a way?”

The little demoness clasped her hands behind her back as she jumped in front of Su Yu proudly. Her face became rosy as she asked, “Hehe, why would I tell you my reasons? The poison has already seeped into your body, so you will certainly be incapable of participating in the seasonal exam, won’t you?”

She smiled coyly as she said, “I heard that the Great Palace Master set up a match between you and Shao Qingfeng. It’s such a shame that he will have to punish you if you don’t participate in it…”

Su Yu’s expression became somewhat gloomy upon hearing her words. “What do you want? You surely didn’t poison me for no reason!”

“Hehe, you are clever, but if you want the antidote, then you must give me back my privileges!” The little demoness revealed her true goal.

Su Yu was astonished. “What privileges?”

The little demoness crossed her hands in front of her chest as she spoke angrily, “You are still acting stupid! You were the one who destroyed the phantom image that I left in the Carp Leaping Over the Dragon Gate’s 50th layer, right?”

Su Yu nodded. “Yes, and I got a Carp Dragon Badge for it. I was told that it possessed special privileges, so is that what you are talking about?”

The little demoness snorted and raised her neck highly as she wore a look that seemed to say, “Now that you know, why don’t you quickly return it to me?”

“How can its privileges be used?” Su Yu asked.

The little demoness glared at him, while trying her best to put on a seemingly angry look. “Why are you asking me about such matters? Do you want the antidote or not? You will end up sullying yourself in a short while without it!”

Then, the little demoness was startled as she witnessed that the sweat on Su Yu’s forehead had disappeared, while his pale face had recovered its color. He then took his hand off of his belly.

“Aren’t you pained?” The little demoness widened her eyes, as she couldn’t understand how he seemed to have recovered in such a short while.

Su Yu mumbled to himself, “It seems that it takes a long while for the medicine to take effect.”

At this moment, the little demoness was startled, and she put her hand on her own belly and groaned with pain! Her face became filled with confusion as she asked, “What has happened to my belly?”

Su Yu had already recovered and wore a faint smile as he said, “It’s obviously the effect of the Nine Heavens Earth Extinguishing Diarrhea Powder!”

The little demoness’ small mouth widened. “Impossible! I obviously put it in your cup, so how did I end up drinking it?” She was quite clear about her process of making the two cups of tea, and she was sure that the one that she had drunk was clean.

“You don’t need to care about such a matter, as you need to just focus on replying to my questions now.” It was now Su Yu’s turn to ask questions.

As the little demoness realized that her current situation was far from good, she clenched her teeth and escaped, while holding onto her belly and shouting, “Sister Wuxin, save me! Su Yuxian wants to assault me!”

However, before she even took a few steps, a palm that was as firm as metal detained her left shoulder, while another palm covered her mouth, and as Su Yu waved his leg, the door was closed with a gust of wind that had been created by it. With the residence’s good sound isolation effects, even if the little demoness had shouted at the top of her lungs, the people outside would still not have heard her.

“Ah! You b*stard! What do you want to do with me? You better watch out, or I will bite you to death!” The little demoness turned her head around and spoke to Su Yu viciously.

Su Yu’s palm let go of her mouth, but his other hand was still holding her shoulder firmly as he spoke to her calmly, “I just want you to answer several of my questions, and if you tarry on until the medicine takes full effect, then you will sully yourself in front of me.”

“Don’t even dream about it.” The little demoness’ whole body shook.

She was a Level Nine Fairy, so her Vital Energy and physical power should both be both many times more powerful than Su Yu’s! But, when she used her Vital Energy, her face convulsed, while beads of sweat appeared on her forehead.

Because of the medicine’s effects, even if she just revolved her Vital Energy slightly, she felt a sharp pain from her belly and was rendered incapable of using her Vital Energy. This was one of the Nine Heavens Earth Extinguishing Diarrhea Powder’s amazing effects. It could affect even her Vital Energy’s revolution!

Not only was the little demoness unable to use her Vital Energy, but she ended up causing her Vital Energy to flow backwards, which made her small body convulse before it fell down weakly. Seeing this, Su Yu extended his thigh and held her with it. Then, as he raised her small and round butt with it, he caused her body to lay against his thigh.

“Ah! B*stard! Let me off quickly, or I will…” The little demoness clenched her teeth and bared her fangs, while she waved her hands at him.

Su Yu chuckled, then asked, “How can the 50th layer’s privileges be used… And why are you so determined to get them?”

He had already witnessed the little demoness spending a 100,000 merit points just to challenge the Carp Leaping Over the Dragon Gate once again and get back her privileges.

“I won’t tell you, and if you don’t let go of me, then I will start shouting.” The little demoness had a stubborn temper.


However, when her words had just echoed out, her butt suffered a ruthless slap! The little demoness’ words came to an abrupt end and her whole body trembled intensely, as if she had just received an electric shock.

As her cute small face became scarlet, she was both angered and scared. “You! What did you just do? You dared to hit my butt…”


She suffered another slap, which caused her whole body to shudder, while her face became extremely scarlet. “You are shameless and lecherous, I’m a girl… Ah!”

Su Yu curled his lips into a mischievous smile. “You are just 10 years old, so in my eyes, you are just a child.”

The little demoness almost wept as she spoke resentfully, “Who said that I was a ten-year-old…”


Su Yu didn’t even bother to listen to her words as he slapped her once again, which caused the little demoness to almost burst with rage.

“Speak, or I will continue hitting you until the medicine flares up in your body. You surely don’t want to sully yourself in front of him, do you?” Su Yu spoke to her playfully. After all, this black-hearted young girl was always trying to harm people, and now she had even tried to harm him.

The little demoness was both infuriated and embarrassed. However, since she was in a disadvantageous position, she could only bear it.

“Fine, I will tell you. From the 50th layer onward, each layer of the Carp Leaping Over the Dragon Gate has special privileges, and by standing in the 50th layer, you got the its privileges, which allows you to hold a shopkeeper’s position in Tianya City,” she reluctantly explained.

“Tianya City?” Su Yu was confused by this, as he wasn’t clear about how such matters worked.

The little demoness clarified, “Tianya City is a city on the border between the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands and the central prefecture. It’s a great commercial city, which many martial artists and merchants frequent. The Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands have all kinds of demonic beasts and worldly treasures, while the central prefecture has an abundance of spirit elixirs and magical treasures.”

She then added, “It’s because of this that its business flourishes, making it the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ greatest commercial city. In fact, all of the eighteen great factions set up shops there.”

She then said, “The 50th layer’s special privileges permit you to enter Tianya City and be in charge of one of the Red Blood Palace’s industries there. You could be a shopkeeper for a whole month, and if your results reach the set target, then you will be awarded 10,000 merit points. If you surpass the set target, then you will get even more merit points.”

Su Yu was somewhat startled to hear this, and he asked, “Wow! It seems to good to be true! Are you sure about this?”

“You don’t need to care about such a matter.” The little demoness didn’t explain it further, which made it seem like she was still hiding something from him. However, Su Yu didn’t investigate it further at the moment, as he figured that it was merely her personal matter, so he didn’t want to meddle in it.

“I still have another question. Since you have a large number of merit points, then why do you still feel the need to get even more?” Su Yu was somewhat curious about this.

When she heard him, the little demoness looked at him, seemingly baffled by his question. “Don’t you know that everyone is saving up merit points for the Glittering Jewel Wonderland?”

“The Glittering Jewel Wonderland?” he repeated the name. It seemed to him like he had once heard Bing Wuxin mention that her reason for staying in the outer sanctum was the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

The little demoness rolled her eyes. “I really don’t know how you managed to enter the Red Blood Palace without even knowing about the Glittering Jewel Wonderland. This was a place that was left by the Jiuzhou Emperor, and he left his whole inheritance in it.”

She then explained, “It would only appear once every hundred years, and the next time it is set to open is in another half a year. If a Red Blood Palace’s disciple wants to enter it, then he needs to buy an entry into it for 400,000 merit points.”

She then added, “All of the powerful inner and outer sanctums’ disciples are doing their bests to save up enough merit points to enter it, and I still need several hundred thousand more merit points, so I’m trying every way I can think of to get them. Such is also the case for Sister Wuxin and the others, yet you are oblivious to all of this!”

Su Yu was greatly shocked by her words. A place left by the past Jiuzhou Emperor?

All of the past Jiuzhou Emperors were people who stood at the peak of the Jiuzhou Continent. As such, they were all peerless and matchless emperors. The cultivations of such people should have already surpassed the All Creation Realm to reach an inconceivable realm!

Shen Yichen was about to become the Jiuzhou Emperor, and he was a person who had managed to reconstruct Zhenlong to form a whole world, all while he was heavily injured and on the brink of death.

In thinking of this impressive feat, Su Yu had to wonder… How powerful were the true Jiuzhou Emperors? Su Yu’s heart throbbed faster, as such an inheritance should be unique in the Jiuzhou Continent.

“All of the world’s factions, as well as the nine prefectures, coveted it and wanted to enter into it and take the Jiuzhou Emperor’s seal. This is also the case for each prefecture’s king. It could be said that it’s a ruin that caused a great sensation in all of Jiuzhou,” she said.

She then added, “If someone managed to get the Glittering Jewel Fairy Emperor’s complete inheritance, then it would be a matter great enough to alter the whole continent’s destiny and change the power structure of the whole world!”

Su Yu was somewhat tempted after hearing her story, so he decided that he must surely go into this matchless ruin and explore it. Su Yu had a faint premonition that he could probably obtain a great and fortuitous opportunity in the ruin, which would be better for him than if he just cultivated in the Red Blood Palace quietly.

However, as he thought about the conditions of gaining permission to enter it, which was 400,000 merit points, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly. As of right now, he only had two thousand merit points, which wasn’t enough for even settling his debts! So, it seemed like he must use the special privileges that were coveted by the little demoness and take a trip to Tianya City.

“Quick, let me go!” The little demoness’ face was scarlet, and she was filled with shame and panic. She knew that the poison would shortly take effect and she would end up sullying herself.

Since he had already gotten his answers, Su Yu let her go. The little demoness, who was now freed,scurried to the latrine, while turning her head around and glaring at Su Yu viciously. “B*stard! You should bear in mind that it won’t end here!”

Su Yu chuckled, but just when he was just about to return to his room and rest, his expression suddenly changed. He took a look at his surroundings before he entered a room and closed the window, then took a purple badge from his spatial ring.

It was the badge that he had gotten from Yuan Wanbi’s maid, Xiao Tao, the Severed Fairy Cliff’s badge. In the past, an evaluation mission had appeared on it. It was the mission of helping the Situ Family’s Situ Yan enter the Red Blood Palace.

Su Yu had almost forgotten about the badge, yet now it had suddenly emitted a response, and not only was it glowing with a purple light, but it had become scalding hot and was emitting intense fluctuations!

When Su Yu turned it over and took a closer look at it, he found that a series of small words had appeared on it…

Congratulations for passing the evaluation. Please come to the Fairy Confining Forest to engrave your name and become a formal purple member of the Severed Fairy Cliff.