The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 827

Chapter 827 The Severed Fairy Cliffs Command

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Su Yu’s eyes lit up as he held the badge. He made use of the darkness to leave the sanctum, then went stealthily into the Fairy Confining Forest’s Hundred Beasts Valley.

After half a day had passed, the careful and prudent Su Yu reached the valley’s entrance. There wasn’t anyone near it, but when Su Yu was just about to search the surroundings, the lines that were written on the purple badge suddenly changed once again.

The lines now read… The meeting place was changed. Travel for 30,000 miles toward the west. You should leave to go there in less than five minutes.

“The Severed Fairy Cliff’s members are really prudent,” Su Yu murmured before he adhered to the instructions and traveled for 30,000 miles toward the west.

The badge changed several times, and it was only after another half a day had passed that he finally reached the meeting place. As Su Yu followed the instructions, he ended up coming back to the Hundred Beasts Valley’s entrance once again.

There was a man wearing a silver mask standing there, while clasping his hands behind his back. Su Yu remembered this person because it was the same masked man who had recruited people to help the Situ family.

“Hehe, lad, we met once again!” The masked man revealed a faint smile as he spoke to Su Yu.

Su Yu cupped his fists at him and said, “Senior, I have really had some trouble looking for you, and after running around in circles for half a day, I have only now found my way here.”

“All of the members of the Severed Fairy Cliff must be careful and prudent. I sent you running in circles so that I could verify that you didn’t bring anyone with you!” the masked man explained.

Su Yu sighed. “Are you now satisfied that it’s just me?”

The masked man revealed a faint smile and chuckled as he said, “Hehe, take out your badge. Congratulations in passing the test! Your name will be now carved in the badge, and from now on, you are an official member of the Severed Fairy Cliff.”

Su Yu became slightly curious, so he asked, “Why is the task completion being verified only after two months?”

“We already verified that you completed the mission long ago, but we still needed time to verify your identity and origins. Two months can still be considered as a short period to wait for this, as there are some people who have waited for two years!” the masked man said.

He then added, “The investigation verified that you didn’t come from any big faction, so your identify doesn’t have any issues. Hence, I will now carve your name in the badge, and from now on, I will be your supervisor.”

Investigation of one’s identity? Su Yu’s eyes flickered slightly as he thought about this. It seemed like the Severed Fairy Cliff didn’t really manage to discover Su Yu’s true origin, but just verified that he was a humble vagrant!

Su Yu took out the badge and passed it to the masked man, who then took out a strange and luminous pen. When Su Yu cast a glance at it casually, he was quite shocked. This was because the luminous pen emitted a spiritual pressure, which almost took form!

A Fairy Artifact’s fragment? Su Yu was startled by this, and he wondered… Wow… Even a Divine Master possesses a Fairy Artifact’s fragment!

It seemed like the masked man noticed Su Yu’s confusion, and he spoke without raising his head, while still carving Su Yu’s name on the badge, “It’s just a Fairy Artifact’s fragment, nothing extraordinary. If you can become a blue member of the Severed Fairy Cliff, you will be gifted a semi-manufactured Fairy Artifact.”

I will be gifted a semi-manufactured Fairy Artifact? Su Yu couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement upon hearing this. The Severed Fairy Cliff seemed to be really powerful!

“How can I become a blue member?” Su Yu was now started to get interested in the Severed Fairy Cliff.

The masked man raised his head and chuckled. “Hehe, you should calm down for now. I’m your supervisor, and I will surely inform you about everything in detail when the time is right.”

After a long while, the masked man threw the badge back to him and collected the luminous pen. When Su Yu looked at it, he saw that the three words ‘Su Yuxian’ were carved on the purple badge.

The masked man the explained, “This will be your identity badge in the future, and you can achieve two matters through it. These are accepting missions and issuing missions. Each month, a random mission will appear in the badge, and if you accept it, you must carry it out according to the badge’s instructions.”

He then said, “Later on, the person who issued the mission will contact you and verify whether you completed the mission. I will then give you the mission reward, which includes the mission’s own specific rewards, as well as a single Fairy Bean for completing the mission.”

Su Yu immediately asked, “What’s a Fairy Bean?”

The masked man explained patiently, “There are two rewards that you will get for completing missions. The first comes from the mission issuer, and it can be something like crystals, while the other one will be given to you by the Severed Fairy Cliff. That reward will be a Fairy Bean.”

He then continued, “Fairy Beans can be used to increase your membership grade and to promote you from a purple member to a blue member. This answers your previous question about how can you become a blue member.”

The masked man then said, “As for how many of them you need for a promotion, it’s quite simple. You will need 10,000 Fairy Beans. You are able of only getting a single Fairy Bean for each mission you carry out.”

Su Yu felt like a bucket of cold water had just been poured on him as he wondered… Do I really need to carry out 10,000 missions in order to become a blue member?

“Are there other ways of getting Fairy Beans?” Su Yu asked.

The masked man said with a smile, “Are all youngsters as impatient as you nowadays? You should first listen completely to what I have to say. I have just informed you about how you can accept missions. Now, let’s talk about issuing missions.”

He then explained, “You can’t also your purple badge to issue missions. If you want to issue a mission, you need to dip a drop of blood on the badge. I will then detect it and guide you to a place to meet me. You will then have to describe the mission in detail to me, and I will then issue that mission to all of the members I supervised. If someone among them accepts it, they will carry out the mission for you.”

Su Yu nodded slowly.

“But… You must remember that you will consume a Fairy Bean each time you issue a mission,” the masked man said.

Su Yu furrowed his brows upon hearing and wondered… Doesn’t this mean that I must just carry missions nonstop in order to gather 10,000 Fairy Beans?

“However, there is an exception to this, where you won’t need to consume a Fairy Bean. In fact, you can actually get an additional Fairy Bean.” The masked man’s voice became grave. It was obvious that this matter was quite important.

He then said, “This happens if the reward of the mission that you issued surpasses 100,000 thousand crystals. For example, if you want to kill someone and issued a mission for it that has a reward of 100,000 crystals, you won’t consume any Fairy Beans and will be gifted an additional Fairy Bean by the Severed Fairy Cliff.”

He took a deep breath, then said, “The Severed Fairy Cliff is encouraging its members to use large sums of wealth to issue missions because the Severed Fairy Cliff will always get a fifth of each mission’s reward. Therefore, the higher the reward that you offer, the more Fairy Beans you will get.”

He then added, “If you issue a mission that has a reward of 200,000 crystals, you will get two additional Fairy Beans. Hence, you will get a Fairy Bean for each 100,000.”

Su Yu couldn’t help but smile bitterly upon hearing this. If he needed to issue missions with 100,000 crystals as a reward just to get a single Fairy Bean, that meant that he would then need to use a billion of such missions to get just 10,000 Fairy Beans.

Only then could he become a blue member and get the semi-manufactured Fairy Artifact reward. As he thought of all of that work, it didn’t seem worth it at all.

Upon seeing Su Yu’s dubious expression, the masked man assured him, “Lad, you mustn’t overthink it. It took me 200 years to become a blue member and the supervisor of all of the purple members in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. It’s far too early for you to consider becoming a blue member! You must just concentrate on accumulating as many crystals as you can for now.”

He then added, “Moreover, if you need to issue a mission, you can just set your mind at ease and hand it over to me for now. After all, I supervise countless experts among the purple members, including more than ten late-stage Divine Masters and even one All Creation expert. As long as you can afford to pay a price that is great enough to tempt them, they can take care of anything for you. They can even help you kill your enemies!”

Su Yu’s pupils couldn’t help but contract when he heard this. He could hardly believe that there was still an All Creation Realm purple member among them!

If he invited him over to work as a killer for him, it seemed like Su Yu would be capable of killing anyone that he wanted! It seemed that the Severed Fairy Cliff’s power was really dreadful!

“Senior, may I consult you about something? I want to issue a mission, but I still need to wait for a while to do so because I’m short of money,” Su Yu said.

The masked man nodded, then said, “Okay, let’s first have a look at it. I can help you record it for now, then we can wait until you have enough crystals or wealth before I issue the mission for you.”

Su Yu nodded, then asked, “Senior, may I ask you whether or not I can get some Real Spirit Dragon Veins if I needed some?”

The masked man was shocked by this request, and he couldn’t help ask Su Yu, “Are you sure that you didn’t just ask me about the wrong object? All Real Spirits related objects are extremely precious, and the price of any one of them may rival a whole city’s worth, let alone the rare Dragon Clan’s. A piece of a Real Spirit Dragon Veins in the market may cost, at the very least, 10 million crystals.”

That was a sky-high price even to the eighteen great faction’s members. But, Su Yu did not seem flustered upon hearing it, and he simply said, “Senior, you don’t need to worry about this. I have a way to get enough money.”

After hearing Su Yu’s calm reply, the masked man was startled yet again, while a glimmer of longing appeared in his eyes. This was because, since he was the supervisor of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ purple members, he could get a hundredth of any wealth that was offered as a reward for missions that were issued by members who he supervised.

Moreover, after he got enough money through such means, he could still get additional Fairy Beans in this same way, thus allowing him to continue to promote his membership grade. Hence, he greatly valued members like Su Yu, who had access to wealth.

“Hehe, I’m looking forward to that! I will first record the mission for you, then I will immediately issue it after you get enough money.” The masked man chuckled, and his tone instantly became more polite.

Su Yu cupped his fists at him, turned around, then left.

As the masked man watched Su Yu leave, he muttered to himself, “This lad seems quite confident, so it seems like he’s really capable of getting 10 million crystals. I just have to wait and see whether it’s true or not.”

All of a sudden, a ray of light flickered at the masked man’s waist, and he reached down and took a purple badge from there and murmured, “Well! Someone just issued a mission!”

After he returned to the Demon Mountain, Su Yu pretended that nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. After he returned to his room and was had just started cultivating, his purple badge emitted a strange reaction.

Su Yu immediately took it out and was startled by what he saw. He read a new mission on the purple badge… I’m looking for a diarrhea power, which can’t be detected by anyone. The reward is 100,000 crystals.

“Is this from the little demoness?” Su Yu wondered aloud, while the corners of his mouth twitched.

It seemed like that lassie wasn’t willing to give up, as she even wanted to look for a better diarrhea powder! Su Yu was quite surprised by the fact that Gongsun Wuxie was also a member of the Severed Fairy Cliff. However, he decided that he would still just pretend that he was oblivious to this fact in front of her.

Four days passed in the twinkling of an eye, and they finally welcomed the seasonal exam’s day. This was just a routine exam, which all outer sanctum’s disciples were quite familiar with, yet people were still looking forward to it with great anticipation.

This was because several days ago, the Great Palace Master had orchestrated a fight between Su Yuxian and Shao Qingfeng. If Shao Qingfeng lost, the Great Palace Master would take his life as a punishment for his crime of framing an outer sanctum’s disciple.

However, if Shao Qingfeng won, he could preserve his life. With such life and death terms, anyone could imagine that Shao Qingfeng would be like a rabid dog, who would do everything in his power to gain the victory.

Moreover, his opponent was Su Yu, who was only a Level Three Fairy. So, no one thought that Su Yu could possibly match Shao Qingfeng. There was just too large a disparity between the two of them.

Regardless of whether Su Yu was looking forward to the match or not, it was finally time for the exam. Many people wanted to witness Shao Qingfeng’s fate, including Su Yu himself.

After all, he had plotted against Su Yu many times in the past, and Su Yu knew that he must put an end to this vendetta between them once and for all. At that moment, Su Yu, who was in a private room, snapped his eyes open, while the muffled roar from a giant black dragon transmitted from his chest. He had been awaiting this battle for a long time.