The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 828

Chapter 828 Vital Energy Test

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“Su Yuxian, come out.” A soft shout transmitted from outside the residence as Bing Wuxin held a sword, while frowning and wearing a cold look on his face.

When Su Yu came out and saw Bing Wuxin’s current state, he immediately felt that something was amiss. Then, when he took another look at her, he noticed the tearful little demoness beside her, who was weeping. She had a pitiful look on her face, as if she had suffered a great grievance.

“What is it?” Su Yu asked.

Bing Wuxin denounced him angrily, “Don’t you know what you have done to Wuxie?”

Su Yu didn’t deny it. “I just let her have a taste of her own Nine Heavens Earth Extinguishing Diarrhea Powder! So what?”

As the little demoness wiped away her tears, she clenched all her jaw tightly and stared at him viciously. She had spent the whole day in the toilet because of him!

“She already informed me of this matter, and as she was the who made the mistake first, you can’t be blamed for it,” Bing Wuxin said.

Hearing this, Su Yu was somewhat baffled and wondered… Since her anger isn’t over this matter, then why did Bing Wuxin come here so murderously?

“I’m asking you about what did you do to Wuxie after that!” Bing Wuxin seemed quite infuriated.

What did I do? Su Yu pondered for a moment, then spoke in confusion, “I didn’t really do anything. I just made her answer two questions and slapped her butt several times. Then, I passed the past five days in secluded cultivation, while she was trying to get rid of the poison. I haven’t met her since.”

Bing Wuxin glared at him even more angrily now. “You’re shameless! You slapped her butt, yet you still dare to say that you didn’t do anything wrong? Didn’t anyone teach you that men and women shouldn’t touch each other so casually?”

Su Yu was dumbfounded. “She’s just a naughty child, so what’s wrong with slapping her butt? You are making a big fuss over a trifling matter.”

The little demoness clenched her fists, and as her face became flushed, she shouted angrily, “You are the one being a child! In fact, your whole family is made up of mere children!”

Bing Wuxin was surprised by Su Yu’s words just a moment ago, and as she looked fixedly at Su Yu for a long while, she wore an odd look. She then asked, “Are you really unaware that Wuxie is actually nineteen?”

“What? Nineteen? Her?” Su Yu was surprised, and when he returned to his senses, he couldn’t help but begin sizing up the little demoness once again. She had a childish face and a flat chest, similar to those of a ten-year-old girl!

“Lecher.” The little demoness covered her chest hurriedly and spoke resentfully upon seeing his wandering eyes. “What are you looking at?”

Bing Wuxin wore a cold look as she said, “When Wuxie was ten years old, she ate a mysterious pill that caused her body to remain in its ten-year-old state. But, her true age is 19, so don’t you see that it was an affront to her when you hit her butt?”

Su Yu’s mind was in a mess at this point, and he didn’t even know how to respond.

“You are my lover in name, so you should behave better than this! After all, if you stain my reputation, I won’t forgive you.” Bing Wuxin’s murderous aura died down once she learned that it was just a misunderstanding, but she still warned him heatedly.

Su Yu couldn’t help but curl the corners of his mouth into a smile as he said, “As if I cherish being the lover of such a ferocious woman like you!”

“What did you just say? Are you trying to pick a fight with me?” Bing Wuxin asked, while raising her brows.

Su Yu really couldn’t bear her rude and unreasonable nature any longer.

“You two are already quarreling, even this early in the morning! You are really a special and passionate couple!” Bai Shanliang chuckled as he came out of the western residence.

Su Yu rolled his eyes at him, while Bing Wuxin glared at him.

“Fine. You should all go and participate in the seasonal exam, as you may end up running into each other on the stage, and at that time, you can express your love to each other or fight each other as you want!” Bai Shanliang quipped.

At this time, an extremely handsome and beautiful man walked out of the southern residence, wearing a flirtatious look. “If someone dares to bully brother Yuxian today, I will risk my life to fight him!” Tian Renyao looked at Su Yu affectionately as he spoke the words.

Su Yu’s whole body shivered. He really wondered what part of himself Tian Renyao was attracted to, as he was now in his aged appearance and there wasn’t any part of him worth such appreciation.

“Fine, then let’s set off. However, before we go into the meeting place, I must still emphasize one matter…” the head of five demons, Bai Shanliang, said. “For the past few years, we demons were the outer sanctum’s public figures, who had great virtue and character and were always admired and pursued by people. So, as we are such famous people, we must pay attention to our words and actions and not stain the glorious reputation of the Demon Mountain, understood?”

Apart from Su Yu, the other three demons nodded earnestly. The glorious reputation of the Demon Mountain? Su Yu couldn’t help but blush with shame upon hearing such boastful words.

The gathering place was a giant stage, which had numerous people on it. In fact, all of the outer sanctum disciples were gathered here to attend the seasonal exam.

The purpose of the exam was for the sanctum to evaluate all of the disciples’ progress in the past season, and if they found that some of them hadn’t made any progress for a long time, then they might be punished via deduction of merit points. Moreover, in some severe cases, they might even be kicked out of the sanctum! Hence, no one dared to take it lightly.

There was a great crowd gathered to witness such a lively and magnificent meeting, and as they were all standing abreast, the place was completely cramped. There was only one region that was empty, which was at the center of the audience’s seats. If one counted these empty seats, he would find that they were several hundred of them.

Su Yu was in seated this empty region, and his forehead was now filled with black lines. “Is this the glorious image of the Black Mountain you were talking about?”

At this moment, Bai Shanliang, Tian Renyao, and Gongsun Wuxie revealed amiable smiles as they looked at the people, while waving their hands at them. They then shouted in unison, “Junior brothers and sisters, come here! There are many observation seats here.”

However, the crowd’s reaction was contrary to their wishes…

“Let’s leave! Look at how sinister West Poison’s smile is! He probably wants to look for people to try his new poison pills on! It’s rumored that all those who are captured by him are taken as guinea pigs, so that he can test his poisons out on them!”

“East Evil is also wearing an evil smile, so she’s obviously concocting some evil scheme! Everyone, don’t forget to evade them, as we don’t dare to fall into their hands.”

Their amiable attitudes were not only unwelcomed by the crowd, but instead, they scared the crowd away. The people felt as if the demons were ghostly monsters. As such, another hundred seats were emptied instantly, leaving at least a tenth of the giant stage empty.

Gongsun Wuxie’s sweet smile stiffened, and as she clenched her fists, she said viciously, “You don’t know what’s good for you! After the competition has come to an end, I will surely poison you all to death!”

As the crowd was frightened by her words, they scrambled to put even more distance between themselves and the demons. The people were willing to squeeze against each other to the point of extreme discomfort rather than be near the four great demons. Many of the people whispered among themselves in a panic…

“Did you hear her? They obviously don’t harbor any good intentions, as she clearly wants to poison us!”

“The demons are really scary!”

“I really can’t understand why our Demon Mountain’s kind and charitable people are always being misunderstood!” Gongsun Wuxie snorted softly as she spoke.

“That’s really the case!” Tian Renyao agreed resentfully.

At that moment, Bai Shanliang coughed out a mouthful of blood as he lamented and grieved. “Ah! Our Demon Mountain’s glorious reputation…”

Su Yu rolled his eyes at them. He was thinking that they were really a bunch of weirdos.


A bell’s sound echoed in the air as three people rode in on the clouds. They were the outer sanctum’s three Palace Masters, the Great Palace Master and two Lower Palace Masters.

When the three Palace Masters took their seats, an elder announced, “The seasonal exam will start now. The exam will be held in ten areas at the same time, and it will be carried out according to the sequential order of your entry to the sanctum.”

Bai Shanliang, Bing Wuxin, Gongsun Wuxie and Tian Renyao had all been separated on purpose via placement in different areas. As for Su Yu, who was among the last batch of disciples to join the sanctum, he was placed in the tenth area.

Bing Wuxin had been paying attention to Su Yu all along, and when she learned that he was placed in the tenth area, she couldn’t help but say coldly, “It seems like we won’t have an opportunity to fight, so we should still fight after returning to the Demon Mountain.”

The seasonal exam wasn’t a formal competition that would set a ranking, so such matches were set just to evaluate whether the disciples’ power had made any progress in the past’s season. Hence, the disciples who were placed in different areas wouldn’t have the opportunity to fight each other.

“I will welcome a fight with you at any time.” Su Yu shook his head, as he had a headache because of her.

At that moment, all of the participants started going to their assigned areas. Su Yu found Shao Qingfeng in the tenth area as expected. He was being followed by a Divine Master elder at all times, so he didn’t have an opportunity to flee.

The expert who had the strongest cultivation in the tenth area was none other than Shao Qingfeng. Moreover, what was even more unfortunate for Su Yu was that the person in charge of the tenth area was none other than the Raging Flame Cabinet’s Master, the alluring Cabinet Master!

She was still as alluring and charming as ever, and she caught all of the people’s attention as she stood in the arena. In fact, almost a third of the males here were smitten.

When she suddenly saw Su Yu from a distance, her eyes lit up and she cast a flirtatious glance at him. She then smiled and transmitted her voice to him, “Heartless guy, you haven’t paid me a visit in a long time! You’ve really hurt my feelings!”

Su Yu was dumbfounded by her! What shocked him even more was that her flirtatious actions towards him seemed to make other people hate and resent him! There were many old disciples in the tenth area, who were already rubbing their fists and getting ready to give Su Yu a beating!

Among the great demons’ powers, it was only Su Yu’s power that was still relatively unknown to the people here. Hence, many of them set their eyes upon him, wanting to size him up.

“The first exam will test your Vital Energy’s intensity.” The alluring Cabinet Master wore a smile as she looked at Su Yu, who suffered the crowd’s jealousy. She seemed to take great pleasure in his misfortune, and when she noticed that it was almost time to begin, she announced the start of the exam.

There was a giant sword-filled boulder in the tenth area, which had nine sword scars engraved in it. These represented the nine levels of Vital Energy intensity.

A Level One Fairy’s Vital Energy could only reach the first sword’s scar, and as for a Level Two Fairy’s Vital Energy, that could reach the second sword’s scar. This pattern went on as such until it reached the Level Nine Fairies, who could reach the ninth sword scar.

As for the Divine Masters, such a sword-filled boulder couldn’t even be used to examine them. It could only be used to examine their cultivations, as their Vital Energy’s intensity was decided by their cultivation’s base level.

Soon, the people started undergoing the Vital Energy inspection according to their seniority. Some people had outstanding Vital Energy, which caught everyone’s attention. Shao Qingfeng was one of these impressive people.

Before this, the people had only known that he was a Level Eight Fairy, and it was only after he went through the test that they discovered that his Vital Energy had almost reached the ninth sword scar’s level! The results of the assessment surprised many people.

“Great Palace Master, it’s really a pity for this lad, Shao Qingfeng, as if he hadn’t made such a grave mistake, he could have been an excellent talent.” A trace of pity flickered in Palace Master Hua’s eyes.

Palace Master Kong Chan nodded slightly, as she approved of his words. However, she was paying more attention to Su Yu at the moment, as Su Yu’s performance in the battle was much more suspenseful!

“Let’s just wait and observe a bit longer,” the Great Palace Master said calmly.

After a short while, it was Su Yu’s turn. He was the last person to be tested.