The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 829

Chapter 829 The Battle In The Exam

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“Su Yuxian, come up!” The alluring Cabinet Mistress looked at Su Yu with a gaze that was filled with curiosity.

She really wanted to know whether Su Yu’s real cultivation level was at the Level Three Fairy Realm like it seemed. After all, he was able to fight Jian Wusheng, who was at the same level, to a draw! Hence, he must not be ordinary or mediocre!

Shao Qingfeng didn’t take this matter seriously. Even though Su Yu fought Jian Wusheng to a draw, it didn’t matter to him because he was a Level Eight Fairy.

There was a great disparity between them, so nothing unexpected should occur. In fact, it seemed to him that the Great Palace Master had spared his life on purpose.

“What’s worth seeing here? It will most likely be just three sword scars!” an onlooker said.

Several people who wore different outfits than the others were among the audience. They were either outer sanctum’s elders or inner sanctum’s disciples, and they had come to observe the battle.

Lao Ai and Wei Zheng were among them. They both represented the Right and Left Palace Masters, and they had come here to assess the new disciples that had promising potential, then invite them into their camps.

Moreover, the rumor that Su Yu had once managed to fight Jian Wusheng to a draw had already made it to their ears. Hence, they both were paying close attention to him. There were also some other people with mysterious origins paying close attention to Su Yu quietly.

“Is he the outer sanctum’s disciple that we’ve been hearing so much about, who managed to fight Jian Wusheng to a draw? In the end, it really must just be a rumor, as he’s just a Level Three Fairy!” A fair-faced and proud woman was staring at Su Yu as she whispered to the person beside her.

A smiling youth next to her said, “Junior sister He, we both followed junior sister Bing’s orders and came here to study this outer sanctum’s disciple. It’s still just the examination stage, and we aren’t allowed to challenge him, which has saved us the trouble of attempting to do so.”

“Do we still need to observe, then? Junior sister Bing is too gullible. He’s just a trifling Level Three Fairy, so what do we even need to observe about him? We will get clues about it soon enough from his Vital Energy Intensity’s exam,” Junior sister He said with disdain.

The smiling youth took a deep look at Su Yu and spoke meaningfully, “I feel like this lad has some outstanding aspects to him, and we may get a surprise from him in the Vital Energy Intensity’s exam.”

“Huh? How high can his Vital Energy even reach? It would be, at most, just at the third scar.” Junior sister He shook her head to show her objection to this claim.

The smiling youth then said, “It doesn’t seem like it will be the case. This lad’s Vital Energy Intensity should be near a Level Four Fairy’s, and it’s only then that he might have had a chance of fighting Jian Wusheng to a draw.”

Junior Sister He furrowed her brows, but she still didn’t say anything else. Among the seats, Palace Mistress Kong Chan Palace Master Hua cast their gazes into the tenth area.

“This lad’s Vital Energy Intensity shouldn’t be low. If it was near three scars and a half, it will be considered pretty good. He would then need to cultivate just for a short period of time to advance into the Level Four Fairy Realm,” Palace Master Hua said with a smile.

Palace Mistress Kong Chan nodded slowly. “I believe that it will surpass three scars and a half.”

Upon hearing them, the Great Palace Master cast his gaze upon Su Yu and shook his head. He then said, “You both underestimate him. His Vital Energy Intensity won’t just reach three scars and a half. In fact, it has a great chance of nearing the fourth scar.”

Surprise appeared on the faces of the two Lesser Palace Masters upon hearing this prediction.

“Doesn’t this mean that he’s not far from reaching the Level Four Fairy Realm? He managed to advance from the Level One Fairy Realm and almost reach the Level Four Fairy Realm in just two short months. His cultivation speed is oddly quick, and he almost rivals the freaks in the inner sanctum!” one of the Lesser Palace Masters exclaimed, gratification appearing on his face.

Many ordinary disciples also looked at Su Yu. The power of the new Central Demon was still a mystery to them. Moreover, there was still a rumor circling regarding his fight against Jian Wusheng. So, naturally, they were all curious about him.

On the stage, Su Yu, who was the focus of the ten thousand people present, walked to the Sword Body, while pondering inwardly. It seemed like there wasn’t any need to reveal his whole Vital Energy, and if he hid part of his power, he could catch Shao Qingfeng off guard in the fight and injure him!

When he was just about to suppress his Vital Energy and hide his power, the gaze of the alluring Cabinet Mistress, who seemed like she had already seen through Su Yu’s plan, flickered.

She then said, “The disciples passing the exam must use all of their power. The Sword possesses acute senses, and if it detects that the examiner is hiding a part of his power, it will emit an alarm. The examiner will then be disqualified from participating in the exam, and he must then face the wall for over a year as a punishment.”

Su Yu furrowed his brows when he heard this. He had no idea that there was such a rule! It was no wonder that no one before him had dared to hide his power and had choses to go all-out.

However, he had two Inner and Outer Dantians, so he wondered… If I just use a single Dantian’s Vital Energy, could the Sword Body still detect that?

After he mulled it over for a moment, Su Yu decided to abstain from taking such a risk. Instead, he roused both his Inner and Outer Dantians’ Vital Energy, condensed it in his right fist, and struck the Sword.


Three sword scars lit up on the spot, which demonstrated that Su Yu’s Vital Energy Intensity had reached the Level Three Fairy Realm. However, it didn’t stop there, as the sword scars radiance was still rising!

Shao Qingfeng snorted coldly. “I really didn’t notice that your Vital Energy was this pure. It has almost reached three scars and a half…”

At that moment, the radiance surpassed three scars and a half, then continued to head toward the fourth!

“His Vital Energy’s purity is probably at a level that is near the fourth sword scar!” Shao Qingfeng was surprised by this.

He remembered clearly that this lad had advanced to the Level Three Fairy Realm only after he came back from the Elegant Spirit Mountain. So, the fact that he could raise his cultivation near the Level Four Fairy Realm in just several days was astonishing!

Junior Sister He, who was in the audience seats, nodded. “Senior brother Lu, you hit the nail on the head. He really has almost reached Level Four Fairy Realm! But, even if that is the case, it’s still unlikely for him to be able to fight Jian Wusheng.”

Surprise appeared on the faces of Palace Mistress Kong Chan Palace Master Hua. “Isn’t this lad’s cultivation speed outrageously high?”

The Great Palace Master looked at Su Yu and nodded slowly. “It’s not bad. He has almost advanced into the Level Four Fairy Realm… Wait! What’s going on?”

Many people among the audience gasped at once, while some of them exclaimed in alarm. They were all staring at the sword. This was because the radiance still hadn’t stopped rising, and it had already surpassed the fourth sword scar!

“What the h*ll? Su Yu’s cultivation is obviously just at the Level Three Fairy Realm. So, how could his Vital Energy be as strong as a Level Four Fairy’s Vital Energy?” someone cried out in alarm.

One’s Vital Energy Intensity demonstrated one’s current cultivation. Once the Vital Energy quantity in one’s Dantian reached a certain amount, it would start compressing. The Dantian wouldn’t be able to bear such pressure, so it would start expanding, which would increase one’s cultivation by a whole level.

There shouldn’t be any valid reason as to why Su Yu’s Vital Energy was at the Level Four Fairy Realm, even though his Dantian still didn’t expand at the same level. So, everyone had to wonder… Does he possess an inborn Dantian, which is different than the others? Is this the reason why it still hadn’t expanded?

Surprise appeared on all three of the Palace Masters’ faces. The two Lesser Palace Masters’ faces were also filled with confusion, as it was their first time witnessing such a strange matter.

The Great Palace Master muttered to himself, “This is strange! Is his Dantian’s expanse bigger than ordinary people’s, thus allowing it to accommodate more Vital Energy?”

One couldn’t deny that the Great Palace Master’s guess was almost near the truth. However, while he was lost in his thoughts, the radiance still didn’t stop rising, and it continued on until it passed the fifth sword scar!

“It’s impossible!” Shao Qingfeng was shocked.

It was theoretically impossible for a Level Three Fairy to accommodate Vital Energy at the Level Five Fairy Realm. Everyone wondered… Is his Dantian bigger than ordinary people’s by a whole fold?

If that was really the case, Su Yu’s whole belly region wouldn’t have room for anything else besides his Dantian! It shouldn’t even have enough space for his internal organs! This was absolutely impossible, unless he wasn’t even human!

The whole crowd went into an uproar. They were all shocked by the test’s results, as well as by Su Yu’s abnormal Dantian. The Great Palace Master was equally astounded, and even he didn’t know what was going on.

Theoretically, a human’s Dantian couldn’t reach two fists’ size. This explained why so many doubts and questions were appearing in the people’s minds, and they couldn’t dispel them, even after a long while.

The smiling youth, who was among the audience, laughed involuntarily as he said, “He’s really a weird existence. Now, I believe that the rumor is true! He really must have fought Jian Wusheng to a draw.”

Junior sister He snorted coldly. “Level Five Fairy Realm’s Vital Energy is still not enough to defeat the Level Three Fairy Realm Jian Wusheng. Let’s continue observing him.”

Even after all of the areas’ tests had come to an end, the tenth area’s test was still the most astounding one. All of the people who were paying close attention to the Central Supreme Demon were astounded by the intensity of his freakish Vital Energy!

“The second exam will examine one’s body’s basic essence.” The alluring Cabinet Mistress looked at Su Yu with her shining eyes, which were filled with expectation.

The body’s basic essence exam was basically just a test that inspected one’s fleshly power. Martial Artists cultivated both their inner Vital Energy and their outer fleshly body, which is why such an exam was so important.

The fleshly body’s test was quite simple, as one needed just to carry a rectangular rock, each rock being as big as a fist. But, since the sanctum specially made those rocks for the inspection, they were quite unique.

Even if a Level One Fairy went all-out, he couldn’t carry more than ten of them at a time. In other words, it meant that carrying each rock required one-tenth of an Elephant’s power. Thus, this test could accurately evaluate the examiner’s brute power.

The tenth area started carrying out the test, and unlike one’s Vital Energy’s intensity, one’s fleshly body power wasn’t restricted by one’s current cultivation level. So, some people with stellar body refining techniques possessed outrageously powerful bodies.

Many impressive disciples appeared in the tenth area. One of them was a Level Seven Fairy Realm’s outer sanctum disciple. He managed to carry 81 rocks, which meant that his power had reached eight Elephants and a tenth. This meant that he was stronger than even people who just advanced into the Level Eight Fairy Realm!

Eight Elephants’ power was a power that only Level Eight Fairies’ fleshly bodies possessed. This explained why the performance of this person caught so many disciples’ attention.

There was still another person who caught people’s attention. He was Shao Qingfeng. His cultivation was almost near the Level Nine Fairy Realm, while his fleshly body was capable of raising 91 rocks, which meant that it was comparable to a Level Nine Fairy.

Many people couldn’t help but sigh when they saw him, as Shao Qingfeng was really a genius! In fact, if he was given enough time, he would have a great change of reaching the Level Nine Fairy Realm, and maybe even advancing into the Divine Master level!

However, it was a pity that he had made a grave mistake and was punished severely by the Great Palace Master. So, even if he defeated Su Yu on this day, he would still be driven out of the sanctum.

The Two Lesser Palace Masters sighed, while their hearts got heavy as they thought of this. Even though Shao Qingfeng’s actions were vile, in the end, it was the outer sanctum that would suffer a loss through punishing him like that.

Time elapsed quickly, and soon, it was Su Yu’s turn once again. And, once again, he caught everyone’s attention. Everyone was shocked at how great a power Su Yu exhibited!

“Su Yuxian, go on the stage.” The alluring Cabinet Mistress looked at Su Yu. “You must display your whole power, just like in the previous test. Otherwise, it may be detected by the sword.”

Su Yu nodded, then looked at the big pile of rocks. He mulled it over for a moment, then grabbed a large number of rocks. To be precise, he grabbed 39 rocks.

“It’s near four Elephants’ power!” someone in the crowd yelled.

It would be shocking for a Level Three Fairy to possess such a power, but since it was Su Yu, they weren’t surprised by it at all. Afterward, Su Yu started grabbing one rock after the other with his right hand, until he was easily carrying 49 rocks!

“It’s near five Elephants’ power.” A satisfied expression appeared on Palace Mistress Kong Chan’s face.

Palace Master Hua revealed a warm smile. “Hehe, he’s a pretty good disciple. He has powerful Vital Energy and has cultivated even his fleshly body until its power has reached Five Elephants’ level! If he trained meticulously, he could become a great genius.”

Only the Great Palace Master remained quiet at this moment. He was observing Su Yu calmly.

Just like the crowd had expected, Su Yu shortly raised the fiftieth rock, and many people couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration. However, what shocked them the most was that Su Yu still didn’t stop there, but continued grabbing even more rocks!

“Fifty-three pieces.”

“Fifty-four pieces.”

“Fifty-five pieces.”

“Oh my God! His fleshly body’s power reached five Elephants and a half, and it’s stronger than his own cultivation base!”

After shouting in surprise, the audience gradually calmed down because they discovered that five Elephants and a half still wasn’t the fullest extent of his power!

“Fifty-seven pieces.”

“Fifty-eight pieces.”

“Fifty-nine pieces.”

A voice drifted from the crowd. It was the sound of someone counting what Su Yu had achieved thus far. Many people couldn’t help but swallow their saliva upon hearing it. He had almost reached six Elephants’ power!


Su Yu grabbed another rock. At this moment, the crowd roared, and someone shouted, “Six Elephants’ power! He’s just a Level Three Fairy, yet he managed to reach Six Elephants’ power through cultivation and practice! How’s this possible?”

However, they were all shortly dumbfounded again, as Su Yu still didn’t stop! It was only after he carried 65 rocks that he furrowed his brows and gave up on the idea of grabbing more.

The alluring Cabinet Mistress, who was the judge, couldn’t describe her current feelings. All she could think was… How could this person be just a Level Three Fairy? He is obviously a monster! If a Level Six Fairy unaware of Su Yu’s true power ran into him, he would surely be taught a lesson!

“Six Elephants and a half! How did he manage to train to such a level?” a man exclaimed, while everyone in the crowd sucked in a breath of cold air.

Moreover, they were still unaware that Su Yu still hadn’t used his First Dragon’s body power! Otherwise, his power would have surely reached seven Elephants and a half!

Shao Qingfeng’s expression became slightly grave, but it eased shortly. “It’s really a pity, as there is still a large disparity between us.”

The smiling youth’s expression became slightly grave. He then took a breath and said, “He’s really a monster! Just what he revealed alone is enough for him to fight Jian Wusheng! It seems like there isn’t any need to continue observing him. Let’s go back and report the completion of the mission.”

Junior sister bit her lip and spoke obstinately, “Let’s wait for a while. There is still another challenging contest, and it’s rumored that he will fight with Shao Qingfeng. That will be a good chance for us to witness his true fighting prowess.”

The smiling youth was left without a choice, so he could only stay and observe.

The Two Lesser Palace Masters were shocked, and they both wondered… How is Su Yu cultivating? How did he manage to become this powerful?

The tenth area became the center of attention once again due to Su Yu’s test. The alluring Cabinet Mistress, whose face was glowing, announced the end of the second test.

Afterward, she wore a grave expression as she spoke solemnly, “The last exam will be carried out through real battles. Half of you, whose sequence number is an odd number, can challenge someone from the other half. You will simply throw your identity badge at your opponent to issue a challenge.”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Several thousand identity badges, all shining with a jade-like luster, were thrown out at that moment. However, what was odd was that more than a hundred badges were thrown at the same location.

“Central Supreme Demon! I will challenge you.”

“Get Lost! I’m the one who will challenge him!”

“You should all get out of my way. I’m challenging the Central Supreme Demon in the name of my love for Bing Wuxin.”

Many people were shouting angrily, and they all started vying for the chance to fight Su Yu. All the while, a big pile of identity badges had formed a small mountain in front of Su Yu’s feet.

Su Yu’s mind started racing when he witnessed those countless people’s gazes, all filled with fighting intent, locked onto him.

“You should all get lost!” At this moment, a cold snorting sound transmitted from among the crowd. “I still didn’t challenge him, and it isn’t yet the turns of trash like you all!”

The challengers all quieted when they heard a familiar sounding voice. Then, they all immediately made way for Shao Qingfeng, who had his hands clasped behind his back and had just appeared before Su Yu.

Su Yu’s eyes shone with a cold glint as he nodded and said, “That’s right, it’s only after disposing of you that I can have free time to keep the others company and fight with them.”

Su Yu didn’t forget his greatest task in this exam, which was taking care of this treacherous and poisonous snake!