The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 830

Chapter 830 Absolute Repression

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As Su Yu and Shao Qingfeng looked at each other, the people in the vicinity got out of the way, carefully leaving them with enough space to fight. The crowd had varying opinions about the imminent fight.

“Senior brother Lu, why don’t you guess how many moves Su Yu can bear from Shao Qingfeng?” Junior sister He looked at Su Yu as she wondered aloud.

Senior brother Lu was also looking at Su Yu fixedly, so he didn’t reply, as he was lost in his thoughts.

When she saw him lost in silence, junior sister He asked a bit louder, “Is it possible that you believe that this person actually has a chance of winning?”

Senior brother Lu kept silent for a long time before he looked at the outer sanctum’s Great Palace Master and shook his head slowly. “He doesn’t seem to have any chance of success, as there is a great disparity between their results from the fleshly body and Vital Energy inspection test.”

He then added, “But, I’m still wondering… Why did the Great Palace Master set up such a fight? There shouldn’t be any suspense in such a fight, and Su Yu will surely lose in less than ten moves.”

Junior sister He replied after giving it some thought, “It’s because the Great Palace Master wanted to give Shao Qingfeng a way out. After all, he was ranked tenth in the outer sanctum’s ranking, and it would be a pity if he was killed. That’s why he placed him against such a weak opponent as Su Yu.”

Senior brother Lu nodded. “That explication seems reasonable.”

Lao Ai and Wei Zheng were also paying attention to this fight, especially Lao Ai. After all, if Su Yu could display a great power, then the rumors of his tie against Jian Wusheng would be confirmed, and such news would surely reach the Right Palace Master’s ears.

This was the outcome that he didn’t want to occur, since if the Right Palace Master learned that he had offended such a genius repeatedly, thus pushing him into the Left Palace Master’s camp, then he would be punished severely!

As for Wei Zheng, he had an indifferent attitude, as he still didn’t believe that Su Yu had enough power to fight Jian Wusheng. After all, Jian Wusheng was a legend, who was pursued by many in the Red Blood Palace. Even the past masters of the Red Blood Palace couldn’t rival her.

Moreover, judging from the previous two tests’ results, it seemed like Su yu had only a Level Five Fairy’s Vital Energy and a Level Six Fairy’s fleshly body. Thus, he was really far from qualified.

“Fine, regardless of whether he can fight Jian Wusheng or not, I must still give him another opportunity, as with such skill as his, he is already qualified to join the Left Palace Master’s camp.” Wei Zheng stated his opinion.

The Left and Right Palace Masters were also observing the scene, and they both looked at the Great Palace Master meaningfully. In the end, the Great Palace Master was lenient, and he gave Shao Qingfeng a way out on purpose.

It was decided that as long as he could defeat Su Yu, he could leave the Red Blood Palace alive. The Great Palace Master was, after all, a person who cherished all talented people.

The alluring Cabinet Master looked at the Great Palace Master. She understood his intentions clearly, as she also didn’t have any expectations for Su Yu in this fight, as there was a great disparity between the two fighters.

However, even if Su Yu lost, she was still full of expectations and hopes for his future, as the past two tests had already demonstrated that he had great potential, as well as a small cultivation secret. Thus, if he was trained well, he could become one of the outer sanctum’s great experts in the future.

The alluring Cabinet Master calmed her mind as she announced the start of the fight solemnly, “The competition will start now, and all of you must challenge an opponent of your choice.”

The crowd immediately picked an empty space and prepared to start fighting, while Su Yu and Shao Qingfeng looked at each other from far away, releasing their auras. Shao Qingfeng’s face was filled with hatred. “My bright future prospects were destroyed by your hand! Do you know how much I hate you?”

As the outer sanctum’s tenth expert, he could become a Divine Master in the future and enter into the inner sanctum to continue cultivating in it. But, after Su Yu had plotted against him, he had lost everything. As such, it could be said that Su Yu had severed all of his future prospects.

“Hehe, who used Shao Li and tried to kill me with an explosion? And… Who sent the two inner sanctum disciples to kill me in the Elegant Spirit Mountain? Who used Shangguan Yunque and intended to cooperate with Lao Ai to kill me? Doesn’t it seem like you were the one who did everything bad?”

“I just paid you back for your deeds, yet you already hate me this much? What about me, who suffered from your plots several times! Shouldn’t I hate you to the core?” Su Yu spoke to him in a mocking tone.

Shao Qingfeng could only blame himself for such a situation. Although Su Yu had a feud with the Shao family, he wasn’t narrow-minded to the point that he would go to deal with all of its members in the outer sanctum!

But, Shao Qingfeng had plotted against him repeatedly and wasn’t willing to give up. So, he couldn’t blame Su Yu for anything now.

“Did I ever harm you? No! Yet, you brought great harm upon me,” Shao Qingfeng shouted.

Su Yu snorted disdainfully. “That is laughable!”

Shao Qingfeng’s expression became ice-cold. “Just shut up. I will defeat you with one punch in order to pay respect to the Great Palace Master’s kindness!” All of the people could see that the Great Palace Master had been lenient with him.

“Kindness? Hehe, you are really delusional! Why didn’t you ask me about it first?” Su Yu was determined that he would pay him back for everything now!

Shao Qingfeng didn’t utter another word, but snorted softly before he speeded along, pulled back his right fist, and thrust it out when he was just a meter away from Su Yu. His fist contained eight-tenths of his body’s power, so it would be impossible for Su Yu’s fleshly body to face it.

However, Su Yu was still calm and composed, and before the crowd’s astonished gazes, not only didn’t he retreat, but he took a step forward and raised his right fist to face Shao Qingfeng!

“Is he courting death? Even if he used all of his power, it would be impossible for him to face Shao Qingfeng!” someone shouted. The whole crowd was flabbergasted by Su Yu’s strange response.

“This idiot! He didn’t need to use such an extreme method, did he? Did he really assume that Shao Qingfeng wouldn’t dare to injure him heavily because he’s afraid of the Great Palace Master?” Wei Zheng raised his brows as he started considering once again whether he should really give Su Yu an opportunity to join the Left Palace Master’s camp.

Even Shao Qingfeng was startled for a moment before understanding Su Yu’s intentions. “I wasn’t going to injure you heavily on purpose, but since you have come at me and courted death, then the Great Palace Master can’t blame me if you end up with serious injuries!”

As Shao Qingfeng spoke, his fist continued flying forward and bombarded Su Yu’s right fist. He expected that Su Yu’s fist would be crushed by his overwhelming power, leaving Su Yu with serious injuries.

However, when they collided, shock appeared on Shao Qingfeng’s face, as he didn’t even manage to beat Su Yu back. Instead, a surging power erupted out of the latter’s fist, immediately bombarding Shao Qingfeng’s right fist.

Shao Qingfeng understood everything instantly, and he couldn’t help but shout angrily, “You hid your power!”

When he looked at Su Yu again, he found that his arm had a faintly discernible golden internal blood energy channel within it. This belonged to the First Dragon Body, which he had hid!

Such power, which erupted suddenly, caught Shao Qingfeng off guard, and even though he managed to gather more of his power, he was still beaten back and was sent flying for several meters, while an intense pain wracked his bones.

Upon seeing this, the whole audience went into an uproar…

“It’s impossible! He still hid some of his power?” someone from the crowd exclaimed in alarm, as he wondered how Su Yu had managed to cultivate such a strong fleshly body.

Wei Zheng opened his mouth widely in awe. He had assumed that Su Yu was just a fool, yet it turned out that he had hid a part of his power! Even the three Palace Masters didn’t expect such a scene!

“He had a body refining technique that he hid? It should be, at the very least, a low-grade legendary technique,” the Great Palace Master murmured.

The two Lesser Palace Masters glanced at each other and noticed the amazement in each other’s eyes. Su Yu’s performance was too dazzling, and it had greatly surpassed his past performance in the exam.

In the arena.

Su Yu lowered his right hand as he asked, “Is this how you will defeat me in one move, like you said?”

Shao Qingfeng was angered by his words. He had assumed that just eight-tenths of his power was enough to defeat Su Yu, and he certainly didn’t expect that his opponent had hidden part of his power! Because of this, he had suffered a loss during their confrontation!

“What are you getting complacent for? Only now will the true fight start!” Shao Qingfeng yelled.


A soft noise echoed out from a black longsword Shao Qingfeng’s palm. The sword was emitting a hair-raising Ghost Energy. The sword was slightly wiggling, almost like it was a living creature!

“This sword’s name is Penta Ghost, and it must be given blood to drink after being unsheathed. So, it would be better for you to concede now, as if we really fight, then I may not be able to control it…” Shao Qingfeng said.

Su Yu swept the sword with his eyes. He could sense that this sword emitted a great spiritual pressure, and that it was a low-grade spiritual artifact. Moreover, it was top-notch, and its might wasn’t any weaker than a middle-grade spiritual artifact.

“Shao Qingfeng will use his whole power, and he even brought the Penta Ghost. With this sword, he could even defeat some people who have advanced to the Level Nine Fairy Realm recently! After all, this sword is quite demonic!” someone in the crowd shouted.

“I also heard about that sword! It’s rumored that, in the past, it belonged to a ghost, and it was made from the bones of Divine Master Realm demonic beasts. It is said that once it is unsheathed, even its master may not be able to control it wholly!” another onlooker exclaimed.

Expectation appeared on the faces of Senior brother Lu and junior sister He when they saw such a scene. Junior sister He said, “It will be known today whether Su Yu can fight Jian Wusheng or not… If he can confront such a sword!”

Many people raised their heads and paid attention to this sword, and many people who were fighting in the other arenas stopped fighting in order to observe their fight. After all, Shao Qingfeng’s fate would depend upon this sword!

Su Yu spoke calmly, “Use your whole power so that you can die peacefully.”

Shao Qingfeng shook his head slightly and spoke with pity in his voice, “Your ignorance is really scary. Since that’s the case, then prepare yourself to shed your blood for such ignorance!”


As Shao Qingfeng waved his sword, an intense sword energy swept through almost half of the arena. It was extremely sharp and caused the space to fluctuate as it went through it.

However, Su Yu still stood motionlessly in his place, and when the sword energy neared him, a black light flickered through his whole body, while a hideous-looking armor appeared and covered his body. Moreover, as Su Yu instilled his powerful Vital Energy into the armor, a black light screen emerged from it.

When the powerful sword energy bombarded the light screen, it managed to make it cave in slightly, but didn’t manage to shatter it. After the two were deadlocked for a moment, the sword energy weakened, and it was then deflected back by the light screen.

Su Yu managed to easily block his strike, and he didn’t even bother to attack him back. In the past, the Eternal Stone King Armor was a high-grade spiritual artifact, but now that it had been greatly damaged, it could only be considered a semi-spiritual artifact.

In the past, he had needed crystals’ Vital Energy to activate its light screen, but now, Su Yu’s Vital Energy was already quite tremendous. In fact, it was greater than the energy provided by crystals, so it caused his defense to become even more powerful than the past.

“Is this a defensive magical treasure of the Ghost Clan?” one of the three Palace Masters asked in surprise.

All of the three Palace Masters’ faces were bewildered. They didn’t expect that Su Yu had such a powerful defensive magical treasure. Moreover, it seemed like it was of quite a high grade!

“He managed to block his sword strike!” someone from the crowd exclaimed as the shocked crowd went into an uproar.

Shao Qingfeng obviously didn’t hold anything back, yet he still couldn’t deal with Su Yu! Lao Ai clenched his fists tightly as killing intent surged in his heart. He must surely not let the Right Palace Master hear about Su Yu.

Junior sister He was startled, “What an astonishing defensive magical treasure! I am beginning to think that he really is capable of fighting JIan Wusheng!”

Senior brother Lu let out a light breath. “Then, doesn’t this mean that we can go to report it back? This lad must have really fought Jian Wusheng into a draw.”

Junior sister He’s eyes unexpectedly shone with a strange radiance. “Why are you in such a hurry? Why don’t we just continue watching and wait to see the final outcome?”

In the beginning, she had looked upon Su Yu in disdain, but now, she filled with expectation for the fight’s conclusion.

Senior brother Lu asked in surprise, “Junior sister He, do you feel like he can win?”

Junior sister He looked at Su Yu and grew quiet, not replying.

At the arena.

“I’m really sorry, but you aren’t the only one who has a good treasure!” Su Yu wore a faint smile as he spoke.

Shao Qingfeng’s eyes widened until they became very round. “Is this a damaged high-grade spiritual artifact? How did you get it?” He was incapable of understanding how a Level Three Fairy could possess such a great magical treasure.

“Do you think that I will actually tell you that?” Su Yu asked in reply.

Shao Qingfeng’s expression became gloomy. He then said, “Let’s try once again.”

Shao Qingfeng was finally serious, and when he observed Su Yu carefully, he discovered that there was a hole in Su Yu’s Eternal Stone King Armor’s belly region, which meant that it was his defense’s weak spot! Upon seeing this, Shao Qingfeng’s eyes lit up, and as he held his longsword, he went towards him and thrust his black sword at the hole!

Su Yu sighed. The Eternal Stone King Armor’s weak point was obvious to Fairies, and it would be a fatal weakness while facing Divine Masters, so he knew that he must repair it in the near future.

But, at that moment, he was busy! Su Yu took a golden small sword, flew forward, and blocked the black sword’s edge just in time!


A loud metallic collision sound echoed out. This Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword was a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact, which Su Yu hadn’t used for a long time.

“What a hard sword! There isn’t even a blemish on it!” Shao Qingfeng was surprised. After all, the Penta Ghost was a top-notch low-grade spiritual artifact, which would rarely run into a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact that it couldn’t destroy.

Su Yu’s hand became slightly numb, as although he had managed to block his sword strike, his hand was still slightly injured by Shao Qingfeng’s power.

“Well well… You really do seem to have many treasures! But, if you assumed that my Penta Ghost’s power was limited to just this, then you have underestimated it greatly.” The surprise vanished from Shao Qingfeng’s face, and a grin, like that of someone whose evil schemes had just prevailed, appeared on his face.

Many well-informed people sighed softly when they witnessed such a scene. One of them exclaimed, “It seems like Su Yuxian was fooled by him, and this fight has already come to an end.”

Wei Zheng’s heart became much more at ease for some unknown reason as he this scene, and he said calmly, “It has ended.”

The two lesser Palace Masters nodded lightly, while one of them said, “It was time for it to come to an end. It was already very impressive for Su Yu to manage to hang in this fight until now.”

Su Yu was startled, and a sense of crisis welled up in his heart.


The sound of something sharp, which was ripping the air apart, echoed out, while the black sword in Shao Qingfeng’s hand disintegrated and turned into countless sharp needles. These needles immediately joined to form a weapon that was filled with thorns, which resembled a whip, yet it wasn’t quite as long as a whip.

Moreover, this thorny weapon was unexpectedly alive, and after it was blocked by the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo Sword, it wound itself around it, then went downward to pass by the hole in the Eternal Stone King Armor.

Then, it stabbed Su Yu! Everything happened so suddenly, it caught everyone off guard!

“It seems like I am still the one who will win!” Shao Qingfeng revealed a victorious smile.

The outcome was already decided at this moment. However, shock appeared on Shao Qingfeng just after he spoke, as not only was Su Yu not surprised by this, he even curled his lips into a mocking smile at this moment and asked, “But, why do I still feel like it’s me who will win?”

What? Shao Qingfeng’s heart sank when he heard his words. He had a bad premonition about what was to come…