The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 832

Chapter 832 Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid

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Su Yu had finally managed to infiltrate the Red Blood Palace to cultivate quietly. But, he began to wonder if all of his efforts had been be in vain.

When Su Yu was mulling this over, a faint, indifferent voice suddenly echoed in the surroundings from some unknown place, “I’m using the Bright Heart Mirror, and there is no need to inspect this lad, as it’s only because his life span suffered grave losses that his outward appearance changed. Hence, we have no issue with him.”

When they heard this voice, shock appeared on all of the disciples’ faces.

“It’s him! Elder Lan!” someone recognized the voice and cried out in alarm.

Upon hearing the name, respect appeared on the faces of many of the people who knew Elder Lan. As for the two Lesser Great Palace Masters, shock appeared on their faces as well, and their expressions became quite solemn.

The Great Palace Master looked in the direction of a place in the outer sanctum. He wore a respectful look as he cupped his hands, then bowed and said, “Elder, I will abide by your wishes.”

Su Yu suddenly recalled the words that had been spoken by Zi Xuan. She had said that there was a mysterious All Creation Expert, who was hidden in the outer sanctum. Su Yu wondered… Could it be Elder Lan?

Elder Lan had uttered just several words, then disappeared. After a long while, the Great Palace Master stood up and looked at Su Yu and the other people, then asked, “Since Elder Lan confirmed it personally, then, is there still anyone who has any doubts about it?”

The outer sanctum disciples remained silent and avoided his gaze, as with Elder Lan’s status, if he said that Su Yuxian didn’t have any issues, then that should truly be the case. They had no reason to doubt his word.

After the Great Palace Master observed the people’s expressions, he waved his sleeves in dismissal. “Since that’s the case, then the competition will come to end now.”

After he spoke, the disciples started leaving, one after another. In the end, only a few of them stayed here, looking at Shao Qingfeng’s corpse in the arena. When Su Yu passed by Shao Qingfeng’s corpse, he swept it into his spatial ring, along with the damaged Penta Ghost.

Such a scene made the disciples who had stayed shake their heads in dismay and curse their bad luck. They had also coveted Shao Qingfeng’s wealth.

After all, he was a Level Nine Fairy, so he surely had an abundance of riches. However, it was a pity that it had all been taken by the Central Demon. And… After he had displayed such a terrifying fighting prowess a moment ago, no one dared to fight over such wealth with him!

After Su Yu returned to the Demon Mountain, he still resided in the little demoness’ residence. Unfortunately, he hadn’t really gained any useful experience in his fight against Shao Qingfeng.

Although people knew that he possessed a terrifying fighting prowess, they had no idea that the power that he had thus far displayed was just the tip of the iceberg, and that there were already several Divine Masters who had died at his hands. Hence, a trifling Level Nine Fairy was nothing in his eyes!

Who he was mulling over now was the mysterious Elder Lan. He wondered…

Was he really using the Bright Heart Mirror now, or was he doing it just to save me? Could it be really just be a coincidence? Could it really just have been by chance that Elder Lan was using the mirror when I fell into danger?

After he pondered over these things for a moment, Su Yu shook his head. He wasn’t close with Elder Lan, so it was unlikely that Elder Lan would try to save him.

However, he was now sure that there was an All Creation expert in the outer sanctum. Hence, he must be prudent in the future, especially while cultivating and handling important matters, as his identity could be easily seen through by an All Creation Old Monster.

Since the seasonal exam had already come to an end, there wasn’t anything left for him to handle in the sanctum. So, Su Yu decided that he must go to Tianya City and start amassing merit points.

According to what the little demoness had said, the Glittering Jewel Wonderland was a great centenary ruin, which shook Jiuzhou. Also, it offered the opportunity for many fortuitous encounters, all of which could change one’s fate.

Su Yu surely did not want to miss it, but he needed an astronomical amount of merit points. After all, 400,000 merit points were needed for it, and he only had half a year left to come up with such a sum!

Amassing such a large amount of merit points in half a year’s time was extremely difficult, and because of this, he knew that he mustn’t miss any opportunity that would earn him a large number of merit points. However, Su Yu still had to enter the cultivation room once again before leaving, where he would need to strive hard to refine the thread of the Devil’s Hair, as well as cultivate the Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art to its next level.

When Su Yu was just about to set off, a crisp sound was emitted from the jade ornament at his waist. When he took it off and had a look at it, he found that the black jade ornament was now trembling and emitting a sonorous sound.

Delight appeared on Su Yu’s face. “You finally came! I have waited for you for such a long time!”

The jade ornament was a sound transmission jade ornament, which he had been given by the Soul Seizing Palace’s Elder Liao. It was a part of a pair of two ornaments, and as long as both of them wore one, then no matter how far apart they were from each other, they could still determine the other’s position.

After Elder Liao had finished gathering the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid’s ingredients, and he had just now arrived in the outer sanctum’s vicinity. Su Yu had been awaiting the arrival of these ingredients for quite some time.

They were to be put to use in creating a middle grade spirit elixir. Its recipe was an ancient recipe, and the elixir would be a great help to middle stage Fairies in increasing their cultivations. It could also temper one’s soul!

At the moment, Su Yu’s soul was equal to a Level Four Fairy’s, and according to the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation’s requirements, his soul must be, at the very least, at the Divine Master Realm’s level to be capable of controlling the nine swords. This was why the elixir was extremely important to Su Yu.

Su Yu immediately stood up, left the Demon Mountain, and went out to meet Elder Liao.

However, as soon as he left the Demon Mountain, he ran into Gongsun Wuxie. Her face, which was usually smiling, was now quite gloomy, and she seemed quite disheartened.

“What happened to you?” Su Yu asked.

Gongsun Wuxie looked at Su Yu and pouted her lips as she said, “I won’t tell you!”

She then raised her head proudly as she passed by Su Yu, who was incapable of understanding what had just occurred! Gongsun Wuxie had such eccentric temper, and was indeed really hard to figure out!

But, Su Yu didn’t have time to worry about her, and he left the outer sanctum and followed the jade ornament’s guidance onward. After traveling for two hours, he entered the Fairy Confining Forest, then stopped in a spacious and empty area.

When he swept his gaze throughout the place, he didn’t see Elder Liao. It was obvious that he had already hidden himself carefully.

As a silver ray flickered in Su Yu’s eyes, his surroundings revealed themselves to him. Not a single living being could hide from him at that moment.

After he observing everything for a while, Su Yu flew toward a boulder, landed on it, and said, “You don’t need to hide! It’s me.”

The boulder shook slightly after a moment, and an aged old man came out of the ground beneath it. It was none other than Elder Liao!

Elder Liao bowed respectfully, as he looked at Su Yu and said, “Greetings, young master.”

He was quite flabbergasted. He had hidden beneath the boulder to protect himself against the Red Blood Palace’s people. He was, after all, from the Soul Seizing Palace, and if he appeared suddenly in the Red Blood Palace’s territory, then he would surely be interrogated.

What flabbergasted him was that he was quite proficient in concealment, and he was confident that he could hide himself even from Divine Masters. Yet, Su Yu had still found him in moments!

“As is to be expected of the person who hunted down and killed the Blood Emperor, your power is really terrifying.” Elder Liao said, while his heart shuddered.

“Did you bring the materials with you?” Su Yu asked.

Elder Liao took out a white spatial ring and presented it to him with both of his hands. “I gathered all of them, including the Heartbroken Zither Grass seed. Please have a look.”

Su Yu waved his hand, then took the ring into his palm, while he sent a wisp of his soul into it. All of objects within the ring immediately revealed themselves to him. They were contained in nine jade boxes, each as big as a palm. As well as a single dark purple seed, there were also hundreds of all other seeds inside as well.

“Young master, the dark purple seed is the seed of the Heartbroken Zither Grass, and there are just 22 seeds of it stored in the Soul Seizing Palace. So, I could only steal two of them for you, as If I took too many of them, it would be surely detected by the Soul Seizing Palace. I am sorry I could not get more, so I understand if you need to punish me,” the elder said.

As two seeds were enough for Su Yu’s purposes, he did not see the need to punish him. Besides, since those seeds still had a faint life force within them, it was possible to plant them. Then, as long as he could cultivate them, he could have as many seeds as he wanted in the future.

“You did well enough, ” Su Yu assured him.

He had assumed that Elder Liao would take a much longer time in gathering them, yet he had managed to get them for him before he went to Tianya City. Thus, he had provided them when he needed them the most, which was quite timely.

Elder Liao’s expression relaxed as he said, “Young master, many thanks for your understanding. Also, I looked up some information about the Heartbroken Zither Grass, and I learned that it’s extremely poisonous, and if a Divine Master consumes it by mistake, then it may end up taking his life! Moreover, when it takes too long to create the elixir, it can actually become a deadly poison!”

“You are really considerate to do your research and share this with me.” Su Yu nodded as he spoke.

Elder Liao pondered for a moment before he took an object out of his sleeves. It was as big as a baby’s fist, and it possessed numerous spiritual properties. It was clearly a low-grade spiritual artifact.

“This is an elixir production furnace, which I found in my faction’s elixir production room. I hope that it can be of help to you.” Elder Liao presented it to him with both of his hands.

Su Yu looked at the furnace in surprise. This object was considered as top-notch, even among low-grade spiritual artifacts, and it wasn’t any worse than the Penta Ghost!

As Su Yu looked at Elder Liao, he couldn’t help but appreciate him, as he was clearly hardworking. He had asked him to just look for the ingredients, yet he had gone above and beyond and looked for an elixir production furnace. It just happened that Su Yu didn’t have one, so he really did need this furnace!

Su Yu collected the furnace and threw a spatial ring at him, saying, “You are really considerate, and you can take this ring as a reward for your hard work.”

Elder Liao was startled, and delight immediately appeared on his face, as this was a reward from the great Su Yu!

“See whether it fits your needs or not. I just disposed of a Level Nine Fairy, then took it from him.” As Su Yu examined the furnace, he spoke indifferently about the spatial ring.

A Level Nine Fairy’s storage ring? Elder Liao was overjoyed to hear this!.

As he was a Level Seven Fairy, he knew how much wealth would most likely be stored inside a Level Nine Fairy’s spatial ring. It turned out that it was really great to work for such a remarkable senior, as he could get such a great reward. If he had just stayed in his faction, he would have never gotten such an opportunity!

“I can’t thank you enough for such a reward!” the elder said, his soul power already having invaded the ring.

When he had just a glance at its contents, his whole body shuddered, as if he just gotten an electric shock. There were no less than 80,000 crystals in it, as well as many other treasures. The wealth that he had amassed by working as an elder in the Soul Seizing Palace for a dozen years was no more than this all put together!

There were also many elixirs suitable for late stage Fairies’ cultivations in it, and many of them were excellent high-grade spirit elixirs, which existed only in the Red Blood Palace and couldn’t be found in the outside world!

It also had the Flying Star Spirit Powder, which could be consumed only by late stage Fairies. This was known as the best high-grade spirit elixir in all of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands! Such an elixir couldn’t be bought in the outside world’s market, but could only be bought from the black market.

There were also all kinds of other materials, and the price of any of them wouldn’t be any lower than 3,000 crystals each! Moreover, there there were unexpectedly five or six low-grade spiritual artifacts! He had never seen such an astronomical amount of resources, and the wealth that this ring contained was one fold greater than what ordinary Fairies possessed.

“Is it sufficient, then?” Su Yu asked calmly, already knowing the answer, as he had already looked at the ring’s contents.