The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 833

Chapter 833 The Five Element Mysteries Art

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Shao Qingfeng possessed an astronomical amount of resources because he was the person in charge of the Right Palace Master’s black market in the outer sanctum. However, he still had to transfer these resources to the Right Palace Master.

But, secretly keeping some of them for himself wouldn’t be a difficult matter for Shao Qingfeng, and as a long time had passed since he would have starting doing this, it wouldn’t be strange for him to have accumulated a great amount of wealth.

However, most of those resources were useless to Su Yu, and even if he sold them all, he would gain just 100,000 crystals. The most crucial thing was that it would take him a long time to deal with them all, which meant that his gains wouldn’t be worth the effort required.

The Real Spirit Dragon Veins’ mission that he had issued needed several million crystals, so a trifling 100,000 was useless to him. It would be better for him to just gift them to Elder Liao as a reward in order to win his favor.

“It doesn’t have any issue. Young master, many thanks for your reward.” Elder Liao was so delighted that his face became flushed. At that moment, all of his frustration over being enslaved disappeared.

It seemed like he had just gotten an extravagant and generous master, as he had just received such a great reward for simply getting several seeds! If he worked honestly for him in the future, he assumed that he would get even greater rewards in the future.

“Okay, you did well this time, but I still have another task for you. Are you willing to take it on? This task is troublesome, and it may take several months or several years to finish,” Su Yu said.

Elder Liao nodded, without even giving it a second thought. He then said, “Master, I’m willing to walk through fire for you!” After receiving such a great reward, Elder Liao was understandably enthusiastic.

Su Yu nodded. “Okay, I want you to send a letter to the northwestern region. You should look for a group of people there. It isn’t a large number of people, just around a trillion. They should have just settled in the northwest and will have formed a small city there. The strongest expert among them is just at the Divine Master Realm. You should deliver this letter to him.”

Since he already got a footing in the Red Blood Palace, Su Yu knew that he must start making inquiries about Qin Xianer and Xian Jingyu, as well as the Zhenlong World’s people. He hoped that they had already successfully settled in a region in the central prefecture.

His letter would have some instructions for the King of Darkness, inquiries about Qin Xianer and Xia Jingyu, as well as inquiries about their current situation. He would also ask them to not worry about him within this letter.

Deliver a letter? Elder Liao was startled by this task. He had prepared himself to face all kinds of difficulties, yet in the end, it was just a simple task of delivering a letter!

“I don’t know their concrete location, so you must run around everywhere and make inquiries in order to find them. As such, it is an arduous task, which will take a large amount of time. However, you must still remember to keep a low profile while carrying it out, and you mustn’t catch anyone’s attention,” Su Yu instructed him. “After you finish this mission, come back and report everything to me.”

Elder Liao heaved a sigh of relief, then immediately agreed to the mission with a nod. Su Yu quickly wrote the letter on the spot, then handed it to Elder Liao.

“Young master, you can set your mind at ease. I swear to finish this task at any cost.” Elder Liao cupped his fists at him and left.

He was quite clear that he would have better prospects by following Su Yu than by living a boring life in the Soul Seizing Palace until his death. Even if he ended up being deprived of his position as an elder because he would leave the palace for a long period to deliver this letter, he would still be in Su Yu’s good graces!

After Su Yu sent him off with his steady gaze, he stood still for a long while before he disappeared silently from the forest. By the time he came back to the sanctum, it was already nighttime.

When he took a look at the time, Su Yu decided to bid farewell to the four demons, then go into secluded cultivation in a private room before leaving the sanctum. When he went back to the little demoness’ residence, he discovered that two people were sitting calmly within it.

They were sitting opposite the smiling little demoness, and the three were chatting. She seemed quite at ease, however, the two people were clearly tense, and they looked as if they were facing a great enemy.

Su Yu went over to them and exclaimed in surprise, “Brother Yunque! Junior sister Qinger!”

These two people were unexpectedly the Shangguan family’s siblings, Shangguan Yunque and his sister, Shangguan Qinger! Upon hearing Su Yu’s voice, the two people finally relaxed.

Then, Shangguan Yunque quickly stood up and welcomed him, “Brother Su, it’s good that you came back.”

If one observed Shangguan Yunque carefully, he would discover that his whole body was drenched in sweat. It was clear that he was frightened by the little demoness.

Shangguan Qinger turned around. She had now composed herself and looked calmly at Su Yu.

“Brother Yunque, did you come here for me?” Su Yu asked in confusion.

Shangguan Yunque nodded, while he cast a glance at Gongsun Wuxie carefully. He then asked in a low voice, “Brother Su, can we go have a private talk?”

Before Su Yu replied, the little demoness squinted her eyes into a pair of crescent moons and said with a smile, “This isn’t good! You come to my house to look for my brother Yuxian, yet you want to talk behind my back?”

Shangguan Yunque’s heart skipped a beat. He was really afraid of the little demoness.

Su Yu looked at her angrily, then chided her, “You are acting willfully again! We will leave and have a talk together. Since brother Yunque came here for me, it’s surely regarding an important affair.”

The little demoness waved her fists at him angrily. “B*stard! I won’t forget this!” Just after this, she tossed her pigtail to the side of her shoulder and left in a huff.

Shangguan Qinger’s eyes flickered when she saw this scene. She then looked at Su Yu and said, “I really didn’t imagine that the same lad, who stayed with our family in the past, would one day become the Demon Mountain’s Central Demon! Now, you possess so much power that it seems like even Gongsun Wuxie is afraid of you. If my father hears about this, he will surely be tormented with regret.”

Shangguan Yunque rolled his eyes at her, then asked, “How can you talk to brother Su like this?”

Upon hearing this, Shangguan Qinger stamped the ground, crossed her arms before her chest, and glared at Shangguan Yunque.

“Brother Su, you should be aware of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ current state, right?” Shangguan Yunque asked, while wearing a stern look on his face.

Su Yu nodded. “It’s in chaos. All of the factions and families besides the eighteen greatest factions have suffered attacks.”

In the past, he went to the Shangguan family’s residence with Shangguan Yunque, and along the way, they suffered a mysterious Beast Tamer’s attack. They had almost died there, so this whole affair was still vivid in his memory.

Moreover, news of the destruction of some factions would reach him occasionally, and even the past Ximen family, which was ranked third, was destroyed in one night. There wasn’t even a single descendant left!

All of these signs indicated that there was a terrifying dark faction in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, which was gradually devouring all of the small factions. The Shangguan family was ranked second among all of the clans, which explained why they were all so afraid.

“That’s right. It’s because of this that all of the factions were trying to look for a backer in order to get protection. All of the other factions found different backers, while only my Shangguan family has yet to make a decision,” Shangguan Yunque explained.

Su Yu raised his brows and asked in surprise, “Brother Yunque, are you implying that you want me to introduce the sanctum’s experts to you, then ask them to protect the Shangguan family?”

As Su Yu had just joined the sanctum recently, Shangguan Yunque was surely acquainted with more experts than him, and as for Shangguan Qinger, who was still an unofficial disciple of Palace Mistress Mo, she should have been in contact with even more experts that the two of them combined!

Shangguan Qinger was infuriated, and she said angrily, “He doesn’t want you to introduce some supporters to us, and he wants you to become our backer. My brother’s surely lost his mind! How can he choose you?”

Shangguan Yunque rolled his eyes at her, then said earnestly, “She isn’t mistaken. Brother Su, I hope that you can protect our Shangguan family amid the chaos that will surely unfold in the future.”

Su Yu was puzzled by this, and he wondered… Why does Shangguan Yunque assume that I am capable of protecting his family?

As a matter of fact, with Su Yu’s power, he could indeed protect the Shangguan family, as long as there weren’t any middle-stage Divine Masters attacking it. However, it was still impossible for him to protect it completely with his current power.

After he mulled over it for a moment, Su Yu said, “I won’t become your backer, but if the Shangguan family runs into any danger, you can just look for me, and I will surely do my best to help you.”

After all, he was his friend, so if his family really ran into danger, Su Yu would try his best to save them if i possible. But, if the enemy was too powerful, he could only apologize for being incapable of helping.

“Brother Su, I knew that you were an upright person.” Shangguan Yunque revealed a faint smile. “Brother Su, you can set your mind at ease for now, as it seems like that faction will still need to prepare for a while before attacking again. The Shangguan family will use this time to reinforce its defenses, and you can also try to strengthen your cultivation. I believe that even if that faction invades us, it wouldn’t really endanger the Shangguan family.”

As he spoke, Shangguan Yunque took out a five-colored exquisite tower. When it appeared, the aura of the five elements in the room became denser by thirty percent.

“I don’t have anything to repay you with, so I can only ask you to accept this object instead. This tower contains the five elements’ mysteries, and it will be beneficial for your cultivation to study it often.” Shangguan Yunque pushed it into Su Yu’s hand.

He then said to him, “Brother Su, I hope that you won’t divulge this information to anyone else. This is my sole request as your brother.”

When Su Yu raised his palm, the wisp of tribulation fire that was left in Su Yu’s body unexpectedly started pulsing, and it seemed like it was about to go out of control. Su Yu was frightened by this, and he quickly covered the five-colored small tower with his Vital Energy.

He then exclaimed in amazement, “What a shocking tower!”

At this time, Shangguan Qinger curled her lips and said, “It’s obvious that this is our Shangguan family’s secret canon, Five Element Mysteries Art, which has been passed down since ancient times. It’s our Shangguan family’s secret, which mustn’t ever be divulged to an outsider. Yet, my brother wanted to hand it over to you. Let’s see how my father will deal with him when we go back!”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu wore a solemn look and handed the five-colored tower to him, saying, “Brother Yunque, I don’t deserve such a gift. I can’t accept such a precious object.”

Shangguan Yunque didn’t accept it, but just chuckled. “This object was passed down to me, so it’s up to me to decide who I hand it over to.”

His expression became bitter and sad as he continued, “Moreover, no one in the past several hundred years has managed to successfully comprehend this technique. This jewel was just sitting there, covered in dust. So, by handing it over to you, it may possibly shine brightly once again. Brother Su, you should accept it, and you can do anything with it as long as you don’t divulge its existence to someone else.”

Su Yu still couldn’t accept it, as accepting a family’s inheritance is of great significance. Upon witnessing Su Yu’s hesitation, Shangguan Qinger said angrily, “Since my brother asked you to take it, just take it! In any case, this object mustn’t be exposed, and we can’t hand it over to a stronger expert. We can only pass it to you. So, please don’t let my brother down.”

After she spoke, Shangguan Qinger stamped the ground and left angrily. Su Yu still hesitated for a moment before he bowed at him gratefully and took the exquisite tower.

“Brother Su, you shouldn’t care about what my sister just said too much. Even though she has been in a bad mood recently, she still accepted my decision to hand over the Five Element Mysteries Arts to you.” Shangguan Yunque looked at his sister’s retreating back and sighed.

Su Yu asked in surprise, “What happened to put her in such a bad mood?”

Shangguan Yunque replied, “It’s rumored that it’s related to a person named Su Yu. This person once fought alongside my sister in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. It’s only recently that we heard that this person came to the Jiuzhou Continent. Apparently, just after he appeared here, he hunted down the Blood Emperor and killed him!”

He then added, “Many of the inner sanctum’s high-level members looked for my sister because of this, wanting to discuss this matter with her. They all blamed her for not striving harder back then to get more information about Su Yu.”

Shangguan Yunque then changed his tone and stated, “Now that you mention it, according to what my younger sister said, that guy called Su Yu is even younger than me, yet he was already powerful enough to kill even someone like the Blood Emperor. I really can’t believe it, even now!”

He then smacked his tongue and said, “I’m afraid that even geniuses like Gu Taixu and the others aren’t worth anything in front of this genius!”

All of a sudden, Shangguan Yunque noticed that Su Yu had an odd look on his face, so he asked him in surprise, “Brother Su, what’s going on? Why do you have such an odd look on your face?”