The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 834

Chapter 834 The Five Elements Divine Prison

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Su Yu quickly hid all of his emotions as he said, “It’s nothing.”

After they chatted for a while, Shangguan Yunque left, feeling content.

Su Yu held the Multi-colored Small Tower as he thought to himself…

If the Shangguan family really suffered any mishaps, then even if Shangguan Yunque didn’t give him their inheritance, he would still go to save them. After all, he didn’t’ have any reason for abandoning them if they were in danger.

Since he had some free time, Su Yu went to the fighting room. After they had gone through an intense exam, many disciples went to places of entertainment to blow off steam.

The fighting room wasn’t as bustling as it usually was, so there happened to be two illusory fighting rooms that were vacant. However, Su Yu only had 2,000 merit points left, which wasn’t enough for him to enter an illusory fighting room.

“Hehe, little brother, are you short of merit points? Do you want me to help you out?” As a sweet fragrance fluttered past him, a woman, who possessed an alluring and voluptuous body came over to him.

Su Yu recognized her immediately and extended his hand at once. “Lend me 5,000 merit points. I will return double that amount to you later.”

“Hehe, why are you being so reserved with me? Isn’t your wealth mine, and mine yours?” The alluring Cabinet Master blew into Su Yu’s ears lightly.

An intoxicating fragrance, which could enchant and captivate anyone, was fluttering out of her. But, Su Yu’s gaze was still as clear as ever as he asked her with displeasure, “What did you come here for?”

The alluring Cabinet Master took her identity badge and kissed it. She then smiled and asked, “Your badge?”

Su Yu took his badge and passed it to her. She clasped Su Yu’s badge between her two fair fingers, while her pretty eyes flickered. She then put the two badges against each other. Her actions were graceful, and everything she did left people with a mesmerized feeling.

Su Yu’s heart shuddered as he thought… What a powerful and charming technique! If he was even the slightest bit careless, then he might be entrapped by it! So, he bit his tongue hurriedly to force his mind to stay sharp!

“Well? Little brother, you really have a firm will, but do you really need to be on your guard against me?” The alluring Cabinet Master wore a faint smile as she teased him.

Su Yu took back his badge as he asked, “Cabinet Master, you wouldn’t come here for no reason, right?”

As this woman was using her charming technique to secretly cause Su Yu’s mind to become muddled, she surely had some hidden motives!

“Can’t I come and look for you for no reason?” The alluring Cabinet Master smiled sweetly as she spoke, but when she saw Su Yu’s eyes, which were still clear and pure, she was somewhat annoyed. “Are you made of stone? Can’t you feel my charms? You have hurt my feelings deeply!”

Su Yu spread out his hands and asked, “Can we start discussing proper matters now?”

The alluring Cabinet Master rolled her eyes at him. She really had a strong impulse to choke him to death.

Usually, she could easily seduce any man, yet Su Yu seemed like he was the sole exception, as if he had something like an immunity towards her! In fact, he was always aloof and indifferent towards her!

The alluring Cabinet Master, who was somewhat discouraged, wore a serious and solemn expression as she said, “I came here on behalf of Wei Zheng to ask you once again whether you are interested in joining the Left Palace Master’s camp. He’s inviting you sincerely.”

Wei Zheng? Su Yu’s sole impression of this person was that he was way too haughty.

“Regardless if he is being sincere or not, I’m still not interested in joining anyone’s camp,” Su Yu replied honestly. “I came to the Red Blood Palace simply to cultivate quietly, and I want to concentrate on the martial path wholeheartedly. If I joined any camps, then I would surely be bound by them, which would hinder my cultivating peacefully. So, I won’t be joining any camps.”

The alluring Cabinet Master sighed. “I’m aware of this matter, but do you know that you can get a large amount of cultivation resources by joining the Left Palace Master’s camp?”

Su Yu revealed a faint smile as he asked her in reply, “Cabinet Master, do you think that I’m in need of resources?”

The alluring Cabinet Master was startled. Su Yu was an alchemist, and he could get resources all by himself. The large amount of merit points he had gotten in just a single month was proof of that fact. Usually, a lack of resources was an issue that hindered many disciples, but that wasn’t really the case for Su Yu.

“Ah! Fine, since you are determined to be this obstinate, then I will reject him for you, but in the future, you better avoid provoking either side, or you will pass through difficult days in the Red Blood Palace, especially if you don’t’ have anyone to protect you!” The Cabinet Master finally gave up on the idea of persuading him.

Su Yu nodded. “Many thanks for your warning.”

The Cabinet Master then left in disappointment and returned to her residence. Xue Qi and Wei Zheng were already waiting there, and they became more spirited when they noticed that she had returned.

“Aunt, how did it go? Did he agree?” Xue Qi asked hurriedly.

The alluring Cabinet Master shook her head. “He was quite resolute in his decision to not join any camps, and he wouldn’t change his mind, no matter how much I tried to persuade him.”

Although Xue Qi had expected such an outcome, she still couldn’t help but feel disheartened. “Ah, as even you couldn’t manage to persuade him, then it seems like he’s really not willing to accept the invitation.”

As she spoke, Xue Qi looked at Wei Zheng with resentment. After all, if it wasn’t because he was so haughty and looked down upon Su Yu, then the situation might have had a different outcome.

Wei Zheng said resentfully, “He doesn’t know how to appreciate people’s kindness! Besides, what’s so great about him? The Left Palace Master has seen many geniuses!”

At the moment, Su Yu had just spent his last merit points at the Illusory Fighting Room in order to cultivate within it. Su Yu planned to focus mainly on cultivating the Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art.

He took the thread of Devil’s hair, then started cultivating according to his cultivation technique’s instructions. His cultivation technique just needed a special Dragon Bloodline, but it didn’t need someone to comprehend it, which saved him a great amount of time and effort. As such, he was able to cultivate it quickly.

However, although the advantage of this cultivation technique was that it could be cultivated quickly, it also had a downside, which was that it was quite dangerous! The more he cultivated it to advanced levels, the greater were his chances of succumbing to inner demons!

However, it was fortunate that Su Yu was still just operating in its early stage, so he didn’t need to worry about such a matter yet. Hence, everything proceeded forward steadily.

After cultivating it for a whole day and night, wild and imposing dragon’s roars began to echo out from Su Yu’s belly. Just those roars alone were enough to shake the whole cultivation private room!

Moreover, two thirty-meter-long giant dragons came out of Su Yu’s body. They immediately started flying in circles behind Su Yu. They appeared to be two demonic dragons, which were protecting their master.

Su Yu opened his eyes slowly, while a faint smile appeared on his face. He had managed to successfully cultivate the Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art’s second level much faster than he had expected!

However, as he looked at the thread of Devil’s hair that was in front of him, he couldn’t help but smack his lips. The thread had already dimmed, and there was less than four-tenths of its demon essence left within it. The amount seemed like it was only enough for him to cultivate to the third level.

Su Yu collected the thread of Devil’s hair, stood up, and looked at the wall behind him. As he revealed a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, he murmured, “Let’s try once this again…”

As he concentrated his whole attention on the stone wall, several symbols started appearing on it, and a proud woman’s phantom image came out from it!

“It’s you again!” Apparently, the phantom image was capable of having a memory of its own, and its words greatly startled Su Yu.

“Do you have your own consciousness?” Su Yu was quite surprised.

Jian Wusheng’s phantom image nodded. “The phantom image that was left by my main body had some of her spiritual intelligence in it… So what? Do you have a problem with that?”

Su Yu was dumbfounded. “No, I don’t have any problem with it.”

“Do you want to challenge me again?” Jian Wusheng’s phantom image asked.

Su Yu nodded. “Yes! I want to challenge you again.”

Jian Wusheng’s phantom image nodded slowly. “Fine, I really wanted another match anyway. If you can defeat me this time, then you will get my teachings. This is the reward that was left by my main body.”

“There is a reward? Why did I not hear anyone mention it before?” Su Yu was quite startled.

He never once heard Tian Renyao mention that he could get her teachings if he defeated Jian Wusheng’s phantom image! These teaching were precious, and many people would even risk their lives for them!

“There isn’t anything baffling about this matter. I didn’t inform anyone of it, as there wasn’t anyone who could defeat me before, ” Jian Wusheng said, her boundless confidence apparent in her words.

Jian Wusheng then held her long sword and placed it in front of her chest as she asked coldly, “Are you ready?”

Su Yu nodded, while he put his hands in front of his chest and started weaving hand signals.

“A Sword Came from the West!” Jian Wusheng said as she waved her sword, using the same move as last time.

However, it still amazed Su Yu, just as it had before, as her sword strike had an inexplicable charm to it, which transcended all other sword techniques and reached a higher realm. Su Yu quelled all of his emotions at this moment as two sharp roars were transmitted from his chest. At the same time, two ferocious and sinister-looking demonic dragons came out of his chest as well!

Both dragons and the sword started confronting each other in the private room. Although A Sword Came from the West’s power was present everywhere and was constantly extinguishing the dragon’s phantom images, it was still incapable of facing the two dragons’ constant assaults for any lengthy duration of time.

As the sword’s phantom image dissipated, the remaining demonic dragon penetrated through Jian Wusheng’s phantom image. The symbols on the wall started rotating and emitting a resplendent purple light.

“I lost, and you won,” Jian Wusheng’s phantom image looked at Su Yu as she muttered the words.

Su Yu cupped his fists at her and said, “Senior, you let me win! You used just one move, and a true fight wouldn’t be limited to a single move!”

Jian Wusheng’s phantom image shook her head. “This single strike was the strongest strike I have, and since you managed to defeat me, you deserve this victory.”

Jian Wusheng’s phantom image sighed. “Lad, I will abide by my commitment and teach you one time. This teaching is limited to questions about cultivation techniques, enlightenment, elixirs, magical treasures, or the legends of the Jiuzhou Continent.”

Su Yu nodded, then asked, “Then… May I question you about the Five Element Mysteries Arts, which I have just obtained? May I ask how I can cultivate it, and from which part I should start cultivating it? It’s just a tower, so please provide some guidance.”

Su Yu couldn’t understand the object, as it wasn’t a cultivation technique, nor was it an object that could provide enlightenment. It just represented the Shangguan family’s inheritance.

“Okay, I’ll have a look at it. I have all of the knowledge that is possessed by my main body, and as long as she has seen it before, then I should be aware of how to cultivate it.” Jian Wusheng’s phantom image agreed to his request calmly.

Su Yu nodded, took the tower, and put it on the ground. This startled Jian Wusheng’s phantom image somewhat startled, and she took it in her hands blankly and observed it for a long while.

Suddenly, a look of shock appeared on her face as she asked, “Where did you get this? It’s impossible! The Five Elements Divine Prison should have already disappeared during the ancient times! So… Why did it fall into your hands?”

The Five Elements Divine Prison? Isn’t it the Five Element Mysteries Arts? Su Yu was confused by her words.

However, he remained tight-lipped and didn’t inform her of its origin. “Senior, you don’t need to worry about its origin. You need just to tell me how I can cultivate this cultivation technique.”

Even after Jian Wusheng’s phantom image returned to her senses, her gaze was still fixed upon the tower, and it was only after a long while that she looked at Su Yu with a solemn look and said, “If I was in your position, then I would not take this object!”

After hearing her ominous words, Su Yu’s heart shuddered. “Senior, may I ask you what it is exactly?”

Jian Wusheng’s phantom image spoke gravely, “It’s a saint artifact… An imperial saint artifact.”