The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 837

Chapter 837 Great Commotion

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In the fighting room.

Su Yu was scared by the commotion, and he had already detected signs of activity in all four directions, which explained why he didn’t dare stay here any longer. So, he took advantage of the fact that no one had reached this place yet and left quickly.

However, even though he reacted quickly, there were still many outer sanctum’s disciples cultivating in the public fighting room outside of the illusory fighting room, so it was impossible for him to hide from them all.

“It’s Su Yuxian, the Supreme Central Demon! He came out from this private room!”

“I also saw him! I still remember him. He’s Su Yuxian, who defeated Shao Qingfeng in the examination meeting.”

“It’s him! He fought Jian Wusheng to a draw before the exam, and now, he has defeated her. It seems like he hid a large part of his power during the exam.”

This news spread quickly via the gossip grapevine, and in just a few hours, all of the outer sanctum’s members became aware of it. In the alluring Cabinet Mistress’ residence, Wei Zheng and Xue Qi had just bid farewell to the alluring Cabinet Mistress.

The outer sanctum’s exam had already come to an end, so they now knew which new disciples were the creams of the crop. Now, all they needed was to hand over the materials to the Left Palace Master, then it was the upper-level members to choose who they would invite into their camp.

“Aunt, if you need anything, you can just go ahead and ask. I will quickly come back to the outer sanctum and help you in any way that I can!” Xue Qi advised her aunt once again to go back to the inner sanctum, but it was a pity that she rejected this advice, just as she had before.

Wei Zheng then said, “Xue Lain, I’m sorry for troubling you these past days. I will take my leave now. If Su Yuxian goes back on his decision and wants to join the Left Palace Master’s camp one day, please ask him to come to the inner sanctum to meet me. Then, I will examine him once again.”

In his eyes, Su Yu would surely go back on his decision one day, as after one lived in the outer sanctum for a long time, he would surely understand that he would need to depend upon great factions to continue his cultivation. However, at that time, if Su Yu wanted to join the Left Palace Master’s camp, he would have to seek him out and be tested once more.

When he mentioned Su Yu, the alluring Cabinet Mistress couldn’t help but sigh. She felt that it was a pity for Su Yu to had made such a decision.

All of a sudden, a dazzling light beam shot into the sky, and the whole world was engulfed by a white light.

“It’s coming from the public fighting room!” a Divine Master expert shouted upon seeing the light. All of the onlookers were Divine Master experts, so they instantly recognize the direction from which the dazzling light was coming from.

The alluring Cabinet Mistress was surprised. “Jian Wusheng’s phantom image was extinguished. It’s rumored that once someone defeated her phantom image, the runes on the wall would destroy themselves!”

Wei Zheng’s pupils contracted upon hearing this. “Jian Wusheng was defeated!”

He was aware that the phantom image that Jian Wusheng left would adjust its cultivation to the same level as the challenger, but regardless if it was a Level One Fairy, a Level One Divine Master, or even an All Creation expert, no one could defeat Jian Wusheng at the same level! After all, she was an undefeated legend!

If someone could defeat her, it would demonstrate that he was stronger than Jian Wusheng at the same level, and if he could continue growing stronger at the same pace, he might even be capable of rivaling Jian Wusheng as he evolved in the future!

Wei Zheng’s breathing became rough, and he asked in shock, “Who is this gifted? Who was able to defeat Jian Wusheng at the same level?”

All of a sudden, a person’s image emerged in the minds of the alluring Cabinet Mistress, Xue Qi, and Wei Zheng. It was Su Yuxian!

“Don’t tell me that it’s him?” Xue Qi spoke in disbelief. After all, there was a great difference between just fighting her to a draw and defeating her.

Delight appeared in the alluring Cabinet Mistress’s gaze, and she muttered, “If it’s someone from the outer sanctum, it won’t be anyone besides Su Yuxian.”

Wei Zheng’s body shivered, and his gaze became blank as he uttered, “It’s him…”

If he could really defeat Jian Wusheng, his formidable natural aptitude would surely become renowned throughout the entire Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. It might even spread throughout the whole Jiuzhou Continent! Then, all of the factions would spare no expense for roping in such a talented person!

If the Left Palace Master learned of his existence, he would surely try to win him over as well. But, if he found out that this person had slipped from his hands…

Wei Zheng’s face couldn’t help but turn pale upon thinking of this, and his forehead became drenched with cold sweat. He really wanted to cry at that moment, but he couldn’t shed even a single tear.

He couldn’t help but blame Su Yu as he wondered… Since he possessed such great potential, why didn’t he show it early on? If he had, I wouldn’t have put on such airs in front of him in our first meeting!

However, even though he grumbled about Su Yu inwardly, Wei Zheng still reacted quickly. He tapped the ground with the tip of his foot and rushed toward the fighting room, without waiting for the two people next to him.

In the inner sanctum, several black blurs were quickly flying through the sky. It could be discerned that they were three people, and they were all going all out, as if they were chasing something.

“Senior brother Lu, Jian Wusheng’s phantom image was defeated just after we returned to the inner sanctum. Is that person opposing us on purpose?” Junior sister He wore a dark expression on her face, and her irritation was clearly apparent.

The light beam had soared into the sky just after they had arrived back at the inner sanctum, and they were ordered once again by their junior sister Bing to go back to the outer sanctum to inquire about the person behind it. As a matter of fact, they were all aware of what was going on. The only person in the outer sanctum capable of achieving this was the outer sanctum’s disciple, Su Yuxian!

Surprise was apparent in senior brother Lu’s gaze as he spoke in a deep voice, “Junior sister He, this isn’t important now. We must quickly hurry there before the others and seek out Su Yuxian.”

When junior sister He followed his gaze, she saw two groups of inner sanctum disciples, who were following closely behind them. Junior sister He’s eyelids shivered, and she said with a grave voice, “Those are the upper level members of the Left and Right Palace Masters’ camps. I’m surprised that they have all unexpectedly showed themselves.”

Senior brother Lu nodded. “That’s right. This matter has caused a great sensation, and even the Inner Palace’s Great Palace Mistress Mo may pay attention to it. We should go there before they do and figure out who was behind it. Also, it would be ideal if we can invite him into the inner sanctum, then hand him over to junior sister Bing.”

Junior sister He’s expression became even more grave upon hearing this. She nodded, then started rushing toward the outer sanctum at full speed.

At the same time, in the outer sanctum, the Three Palace Masters, Four Demons, and Wei Zheng and his two companions all rushed to the fighting room.

The Great Palace Master, who stood before the private room where everything had occurred, wore a gloomy expression. He stared at the destroyed runes on the wall and asked in a deep voice, “Did anyone see which disciple came out from here?”

The crowd looked at each other with blank stares. The fighting room was now packed with people, but most of them had just arrived a moment ago.

At this time, an excited and shivering voice came from the crowd, “I saw him!”

Immediately, many sharp gazes looked to see what disciple had spoken these words, and they quickly discovered a Shangguan family’s disciple among the crowd. The Great Palace Master’s eyes flickered, and as he waved his sleeves, a formless power pulled that Shangguan family’s disciple toward him.

“What’s your name?” the Great Palace Master asked as he surveyed him carefully.

The Shangguan family’s disciple didn’t dare to even gasp for breath loudly before him, but simply lowered his head and said, “I’m Shangguan Fei. I’m a disciple of the southern region’s Shangguan family.” This person was none other than the Shangguan family’s Shangguan Fei!

“Okay, Shangguan Fei, you just said that you saw him. Did you personally witness that person come out of that room?” the Great Palace Master asked, while still staring at him.

Shangguan Fei’s knees almost buckled beneath him. He was extremely nervous because he was in front of the Great Palace Master. “That’s right! I saw him with my own eyes.”

“Who was it?” The Great Palace Master’s eyes were shining, and his voice was filled with excitement.

Shangguan Fei’s body shivered, and he almost fell on the ground as he replied hurriedly, “It was Su Yuxian! I’m sure of it!”

Upon hearing this, the crowd went into an uproar, and everyone started talking at once…

“It’s really him, the Supreme Central Demon! I already said that it was him!”

“It’s really him! He fought to a draw against Jian Wusheng before, and now, he defeated her. There isn’t anyone in the outer sanctum who can achieve such a feat besides him.”

“Gah! A devilish monster has appeared in our outer sanctum. He’s just a Level Three Fairy now. So, if his cultivation continues increasing in the future, won’t he be capable of rivaling an Almighty Divine Master?”

The Great Palace Master’s pupils contracted. Even though he was surprised by this, he still found it reasonable. After all, they were talking about Su Yuxian, who did indeed have the greatest chance of achieving such a feat out of everyone in the whole outer sanctum!

The Two Lesser Palace Masters were also both surprised, and they were left at a loss for words for a long while. They couldn’t believe that the talented lad, who they had picked unexpectedly, had hidden such terrifying potential!

He was just a Level Three Fairy, yet he had managed to defeat the Level Three Fairy Realm Jian Wusheng! If he continued preserving such a great fighting prowess, which allowed him to defeat Jian Wusheng at the same realm, he would become another one of the Red Blood Palace’s legendary characters!

The Four Demons all wore varied expressions. Bai Shanliang was wearing a faint smile, as he wasn’t surprised by this at all. As for Tian Renyao, his eyes were shining brightly.

The little demoness was rolling her eyes, while muttering in a soft voice, “Is that hateful guy really this amazing? Fine… At least I didn’t end up asking uncle Lan to protect him in vain.”

Bing Wuxin couldn’t help but hold the sword in her hand tightly, while her fighting intent became quite intense. “Fine! I haven’t run into a worthy opponent for a long time. So, Su Yuxian and I must surely have a fight!”

The crowd started discussing this matter spiritedly upon hearing Bing Wuxin’s challenge. They were all surprised and startled by it, and the name ‘Su Yuxian’ was carved in all outer sanctum’s disciples mind instantly.

The Great Palace Master’s eyes flickered. “Where did he go after he left the room?”

Shangguan Fei smiled bitterly and said, “I didn’t witness that. After such a strange phenomenon occurred, he dissipated on the spot!”

Did he run away? As the crowd was all wondering the same thing, they quickly dispersed and started looking for Su Yu.

Even if they couldn’t befriend him, it would still be beneficial for them to just get acquainted with him. Moreover, many male disciples had brought several beautiful women with them on purpose.

While everyone was looking for Su Yu, he had already arrived at the Mission Hall. This was the second time that he had come to the Mission Hall.

The first time was because he had taken the Elegant Spirit Mountain’s mission, and now, he would use the Fishdragon Badge’s special privileges to accept Tianya City’s shopkeeper mission. When he arrived at the Mission Hall once again, he found it to be even more deserted than before. In fact, there wasn’t a single disciple here besides the people in charge of maintaining the hall!

However, all of the outer sanctum’s members had rushed out to see Su Yu. He immediately said, “Come now, isn’t this a bit dramatic?”

After all, he had come here to get away from being so conspicuous! He had thought that it would be better for him to leave the sanctum for a while, and it just so happened that he needed to take a mission, which required him to leave the sanctum. So, here he was.

The Mission Hall’s Mission Lists were divided into the Human List and the Ghost List. The Human List had just ordinary missions on it, which could be carried out by anyone who got to them first. Usually, there would be more than a thousand disciples waiting here daily, all of them fighting over the best missions.

As for the Ghost List, it was a special list, and all of the missions on it were either extremely dangerous, extremely difficult, or had some special requirements that were needed in order to complete them.

Su Yu remembered that there was a mission on the Ghost List, which still hadn’t been completed, even after 10 years had passed since it was assigned. Its reward had already reached three million merit points!

Many inner sanctum’s disciples tried carrying it out, but none had managed to finish it. Many of them didn’t even manage to come back alive!

As Su Yu came and stood before the Ghost List, he looked at the thin old man who was sitting before it. Su Yu then took out his Fishdragon Badge and said, “I want to carry out Tianya City’s mission and work as a shopkeeper there.”

The old man opened his eyes and surveyed Su Yu calmly. He then took the Fishdragon Badge and inspected it closely. When he stroked the badge lightly, the number 50 appeared on it.

“The 50th layer special privilege! You really are qualified to go to Tianya City and work as a shopkeeper for a month there. But, the number of layers you went through is too low, so you can only work with low-grade stores,” the old man said.

He then added, “There are a hundred low-grade stores, and just three of them are vacant now. Which one do you want to choose?”

The old man then gave Su Yu some materials that had detailed introductions about the three stores. Su Yu immediately started reading them.