The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 838

Chapter 838 An Interception Midway

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Su Yu was audibly taking a small inventory of the stores…

“The Metal Stone Hall… It purchases and sells all kinds of mineral materials. It has a debt of 100,000 crystals.”

“Fragrant Tea Pleasant Garden… It’s a teahouse with female entertainers. It has a debt of 30,000 crystals.”

“Tonglin Elixir Store… It purchases and sells all kinds of elixirs. It has a debt of 300,000 crystals.”

Su Yu was quite dumbfounded when he finished observing all of them. “Why do they all have debts?”

The thin old man spoke apathetically, “The stores that had good business and were making a profit were already chosen by people in advance, and it’s only these that are left. It’s up to you whether to choose them or not.”

Su Yu’s squinted his eyes slightly. This old man really had a foul temper.

“Fine. Can you please explain to me these debts’ influence on me?” Su Yu asked.

The old man replied without raising his head, “Since you will become the new shopkeeper,you will be obviously responsible for each store’s debts. If you still have remaining debts after a month has passed, then the amount that is still owed by you will be deducted from your merit points.”

Su Yu’s eyes flickered slightly, then he asked, “If I pay them back and make a profit, earning more crystals, then will I get an additional merit points reward?”

The old man nodded, “Yes, but you shouldn’t hold such a hope, as you will be lucky if you are even able to get out of your debt, much less make any money! Hehe.”

Su Yu’s expression was still calm, even when he heard his mockery. “I will accept the mission of working as the Tonglin Elixir Store’s shopkeeper.”

The old man’s face stiffened, and he almost assumed that he had misheard him. “Will you really take charge of the store? After all, it has a debt of 300,000 crystals! Can you handle such a thing?”

Su Yu replied calmly, “You are just responsible for providing missions, and it isn’t up to you to make thoughtless remarks about whether I can complete them or not.”

The old man’s face became flushed, and he looked at Su Yu coldly for a long while before he nodded and muttered, “Fine. I will give the mission to you.”

He then took half of a wooden fish from his sleeves. It had many complex patterns on its broken edge, and a wisp of divine light was within it.

“This is the token. Go to the Red Blood Palace’s headquarters in Tianya City, then give it to the great shopkeeper who is responsible for all of the industries. He will then let you hold a post in the Tonglin Elixir Store.” The old man wore a gloomy look as he waved his hand and threw it at Su Yu casually.

He then snorted coldly and muttered, “I wish you good luck.”

Su Yu caught the token and replied calmly, “You too.”

After he left the Mission Division, Su Yu immediately left the outer sanctum and headed toward Tianya City, which was at the border between the central prefecture and the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. After he left, the eyes of the old man flickered, while a bee flew out of his sleeves and headed toward the Fairy Confining Forest. There were two old men standing there and discussing something…

“Shao Family’s Master, I really can’t do anything about the matter regarding Su Yuxian.” If Su Yu was here, then he would surely recognize the youth here, who had a face as pale as paper. The speaker was none other than Lao Ai!”

Lao Ai then added, “I sent two inner sanctum disciples at the Divine Master Realm to kill Su Yuxian, but they both died mysteriously in the Spirit Mountain. Now, Su Yuxian has already demonstrated his talent in the seasonal exam, and the Right Palace Master has already noticed him. If I tried to attack him once again, then the Right Palace Master would surely not forgive me if he learned of it!”

The person standing beside Lao Ai was the Shao Family’s Master, who had stayed and waited in the Fairy Confining Forest for a whole month. He wanted to take revenge quickly, as he couldn’t rest or eat in peace before killing Su Yu.

His eyes became flushed when he heard Lao Ai’s words, and he was like an infuriated wild beast as he asked, “What did you just say? Didn’t you say that you would surely kill Su Yuxian after I gave you a million crystals? Yet now, you want to go back on your word?”

Lao Ai didn’t fear the Shao Family’s Master, which was clear as he replied coldly, “Shao Family’s Master, you still don’t understand the outer sanctum’s current situation. Your Shao Family disciple, Shao Qingfeng, was put to death by the Great Palace Master because he exposed himself. I don’t want to follow in his footsteps. If it wasn’t because of Shao Chunguang, then I wouldn’t even consider accepting your mission!”

Shao Chunguang, who was ranked 10th among all of the Right Palace Master’s camp talented disciples, was also from the Shao family. Shao Qingfeng hadn’t managed to obtain such an important post in the outer sanctum for no reason. In fact, it was all because of Shao Chunguang.

He was valued by the Right Palace Master’s faction, and Lao Ai couldn’t even be compared to him. It was only because of Shao Chunguang, and the fact that he felt like killing Su Yu was a cinch, that he had accepted such a mission. He didn’t expect that Su Yu would be so thorny, and since he was now so greatly valued, he couldn’t attack him rashly.

The Shao Family’s Master’s face became filled with anger, but he still didn’t dare allow his anger to flare up. It was at this moment that a bee flew at them slowly.

The Shao Family’s Master’s face fell, and as he grabbed the bee and put it near his ears, he listened to it for a while. He then revealed an evil grin and said, “Su Yuxian… There was a way to heaven, yet you didn’t take it, and there was no gate to hell, yet you still barged into it! You unexpectedly dared to travel alone at such a time, so you are really seeking death!”

Lao Ai raised his brows, as a cold glint appeared in his eyes. “Did you just say that he left the outer sanctum alone?”

The Shao Family’s Master nodded. “Indeed. I already bribed the Mission Division Ghost List’s Vice Master to inform me once Su Yuxian accepted any mission and left. He just informed me that he accepted the mission of working as a shopkeeper in Tianya City. He is now on the road to Tianya City. This bee recorded his Carp Dragon Badge’s aura, and as long as we have it, we can follow him!”

Lao Ai started pondering over this plan, while hesitation appeared on his face. He then said, “It’s a good idea, but I can’t attack him personally, as once Su Yu manages to escape and transmit such news to the sanctum, then I would be done for.”

Lao Ai’s eyes flickered before he added, “Shao Family Master, why don’t you take care of him personally? It would be more delightful for you to kill your enemy with your own hands versus letting other people kill him for you.”

The Shao Family Master snorted coldly. “Do you think that I don’t want to? But, I got a piece of news yesterday, and I must quickly return to the Shao family and take care of an extremely urgent matter. Hence, I don’t have time to chase after Su Yu, so you must do it by yourself.”

However, Lao Ai had a sinister and extremely cautious character. “I’m sorry, but I can’t show myself. However, I can still convince the Mission Division Ghost List’s Vice Master to take care of him. With his Level One Divine Master Realm cultivation, it would be easy for him to dispose of Su Yu, and if I sent several other Level Nine Fairies to help him, then he could take care of him quickly.”

The Shao Family Master’s replied with some hesitation, “Well.. Do you really that that Division Vice Master Qi would be willing to do it? There is great risk involved, and if he was exposed, he wouldn’t be able to stay in the Red Blood Palace any longer. ”

Lao Ai smiled sinisterly. “Since he can accept your money and has divulged Su Yuxian’s whereabouts to you twice already, then it’s obvious that he’s a greedy person, and as long as we pay him a great price, then can surely convince him to work for us.”

The Shao Family Master’s quieted for a moment before he nodded and said, “Fine, I will leave this matter to you. I won’t take back the million crystals that were given to you, but you must bribe him and take care of it by yourself.”

“It’s only natural that I would do so.” Lao Ai chuckled.

After they bid farewell to each other, the Shao Family Master left quickly, and it seemed like he really did have some urgent matter to attend to. Lao Ai returned to the sanctum and went to the Mission Division. Then, after he verified that there was no one around, he moved his lips, compressed his Vital Energy, and transmitted his voice through it.

A thin old man, who was none other than Division Vice Master Qi, shook his head decisively and chuckled coldly. “Lao Ai, do you take me for a fool? Once this matter comes to light, then I won’t be allowed to stay in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands any longer. This deal’s too risky, so I can’t accept it.”

Lao Ai smiled calmly, as he replied, “Don’t you want to strike a deal for 500,000 crystals? Even though you have stayed in the Red Blood Palace for such a long time already, you still haven’t earned such a large amount of crystals!”

He was quite old, yet he was still just a Level One Divine Master. He was probably just an ordinary disciple, who had never once entered into the inner sanctum. Thus, the wealth that he had accumulated in his whole life might not even have reached this amount!

“So many crystals!” Division Vice-master Qi’s pupils contracted and his heart thumped faster, as such a deal tempted him very much.

After he pondered over it for quite some time, Division Vice Master Qi asked in a deep voice, “Would the Shao Family’s Master really pay 500,000 crystals for the life of such a junior?”

In his eyes, although Su Yu’s performance was quite good, he was still just a Fairy, and he would be like a trifling ant in front of a Divine Master. So, he had to wonder… Why would the Shao Family’s Master spend such a large sum for him?

Lao Ai replied calmly, “You don’t need to care about that. You just need to accept or refuse this mission directly.”

Division Vice Master Qi raised his head, killing intent appearing in his eyes. “I will accept it, but you must add 200,000 crystals to the price!”

Lao Ai’s expression became gloomy. However, he reluctantly agreed after pondering it for a moment. “Fine, but you must bring his head back to me!”

Division Vice Master Qi didn’t fear that Lao Ai would go back on their agreement, as he could expose him then, so he agreed quickly. “It’s a deal! I will set off at midnight, as there are many people present now, and I can’t leave my post for no reason.”

They discussed the details of the matter in secret for a while before Lao Ai stood up and left. Division Vice Master Qi feigned that nothing unusual had just occurred and waited quietly for night to arrive.

Ten million miles away, beneath a night sky that was filled with bright stars. Su Yu flew for half a day along the road to Tianya City. When he noticed that the sky had darkened, he looked for hidden ruin, where he cultivated quietly.

He took out the Five Elements Divine Prison, which had 900 splendid Demon Clan characters that were floating in mid-air around it, and used it to illuminate the dark night sky.

“Human lad, if you can comprehend 100 Demon Clan characters successfully, then you can start using some of the Five Elements Divine Prison’s might, and at that time, anyone below the All Creation Realm won’t be capable of rivaling you,” the artifact spirit inside the cage said.

It then added, “Moreover, comprehending the five elements’ mystery would be of great help in increasing your personal strength, as if you used the five elements to their extreme, then they would display an astonishing power in both your defense and offense, thus aiding you in killing your enemies.”

Su Yu nodded slightly, “If I managed to control it, it would be advantageous to you as well, right?”

The artifact spirit answered him meaningfully and sincerely, “We will both benefit from it, so you should cultivate properly. I won’t disturb you.”

Su Yu’s eyes flickered slightly, as he didn’t trust this artifact spirit. He still suspected that it had other aims. However, as the artifact spirit was still quite dependent on Su Yu, he could be at ease for the time being.

Su Yu started cultivating, while speeding the flow of time around him. When just two hours had passed in the outside world, Su Yu had already been immersed in comprehending the Demon Clan’s character concepts for 800 hours, which was equivalent to half a month!

Su Yu’s eyes snapped open slowly, and suddenly, while a special power concept was still left in his eyes, another one of the 900 Demon Clan’s characters before him was extinguished. He now had already comprehended two characters!

If someone was to observe him carefully at this moment, then he would see that the five elements aura that had condensed around Su Yu had become even more intense. At this moment, Su Yu put an end to his cultivation for now.

He then stood up slowly, moved sideways, and looked into the deepest part of the dark forest as he asked calmly, “Sirs, since you have already come here, then why do you insist on hiding?”