The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 839

Chapter 839 Giant Scorpion Divine Seal

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If Su Yu continued cultivating, he would be able to comprehend two Demon Clan’s characters on this day. However, he was forced to stop because he detected the presence of some experts in the vicinity.

This dark region was silent and quiet. There weren’t even any sounds from birds or insects here. The only explanation for such silence was that a powerful living being was here, and it was because of him that all other beings had been quieted.


A golden blur flickered in Su Yu’s sleeves, which he shot toward the jungle.


A metallic collision sound echoed as the small golden sword was deflected by a weapon. Then, three black-clothed people came out from the darkness at the same time. They were all masked youths, who had both women and men among them.

“As expected of Su Yuxian, the expert capable of defeating Shao Qingfeng. You managed to easily discover us,” The man, standing in the middle of the three people who were walking out from among the darkness, spoke in a calm tone.

The person on his left was also a man, while a woman was standing on his right. They had all disguised themselves well, so one couldn’t discern their identities by just looking at their outward appearances.

Su Yu raised his finger and casually took back the golden sword that had just been deflected. He then said calmly, “So, it turns out that it’s you… Senior brother Bai Zhang, who is ranked ninth in the outer sanctum, senior sister Qiao Ling, who is ranked eighth, and senior brother Duan Qian, who’s ranked sixth. I really didn’t expect that you would all take such jobs in secret. It’s really surprising!”

Apparently, didn’t matter how much they covered themselves, as nothing could escape Su Yu’s Soul Eyes. Upon hearing this, Duan Qian halted in his tracks, while each of the three people’s auras changed slightly. The auras were still sharp as before, but it could be faintly detected that they had become a bit blurred and messy.

Qiao Ling shouted, “How did you manage to recognize us? Who informed you that it was us?”

They were all suspecting that they had been sold out by someone. Otherwise, they had no idea how Su Yu could have managed to see through them.

Duan Qian shouted anxiously, “Don’t let yourself be fooled by him!”

He then stared at Su Yu and said, “I don’t understand what you are talking about! We are just assassins, and we don’t know your senior brothers or sisters you just mentioned.” He said this because he knew that they mustn’t expose themselves before killing Su Yu.

Qiao Ling returned to her senses, and her eyes flickered in a cold glint as she scoffed. “Humph! He’s just someone who will die shortly! So, what do we need to have qualms with him about?”

Su Yu clasped his hands behind his back and revealed a playful look. “In my eyes, it’s you all who will die shortly. However, before you die, can you please tell me who sent you here?”

“You are really talkative! Have a look at my sword!” Qiao Ling held up a black sword, which had a purple glint to it. This was clearly a sword that had been dipped in poison!

“Wait! Don’t attack him rashly!” Duan Qian wanted to stop her, but it was already too late.

Qiao Ling snorted and replied, without even turning her head back, “I have already witnessed his power, so I know that he’s only capable of defeating Shao Qingfeng. He has only cultivated the first level of a middle-grade legendary technique, so he doesn’t amount to much.”

After she spoke, she rushed quickly like a ghost toward Su Yu, her sharp sword pointed directly at his chest. Just when she was about to kill reach Su Yu and kill him, a ferocious beast’s roar transmitted from his chest!

Qiao Ling was caught by surprise, and her whole body shivered. Even her sword was stopped in its tracks.

She realized that the development of this situation was far from encouraging, so she pulled back her sword and put it in front of her to defend herself. At the same time, she tapped the ground several times with her feet, trying to quickly retreat. However, she was too close to Su Yu, so it was impossible for her to do so quickly enough.

At that moment, a black fog started emitting from Su Yu’s chest. Then, a thirty-meter-long giant dragon came out from among the fog, then turned into a black blur as it penetrated Qiao Ling’s body!

Her sword was only able to block the giant demonic dragon for just a second, which made her feel like a mortal, who was facing a collapsing mountain. She felt weak and powerless in front of such an overwhelming power, and she was shocked by it.

Her palm tingled in pain as she faced this tremendous power, and her sword was sent flying away. As the demonic dragon continued proceeding forward, it penetrated her body, then exited out through her back.

Qiao Ling just stood there motionless as all of this was happening. Surprise appeared on Duan Qian’s and Bai Zhang’s faces as they quickly flew over to support Qiao Ling.

Duan Qian stared at Su Yu, while asking his companion, “How are you? Are you alright?”

He waited for a few seconds for Qiao Ling to reply, but he didn’t hear anything. So, he couldn’t help but turn his head back and look at her. At that moment, horror appeared on his face.

Although Qiao Ling was still standing there, her whole body had started disintegrating, like burning paper, as the wind blew around her. The demonic dragon had penetrated her body, then turned her whole body into ashes! Qiao Ling would have already been dead before they even had the chance to get to her!

Duan Qian was overwhelmed with shock and felt his scalp becoming numb. He tapped the ground with his foot, then quickly flew back.

Bai Zhang’s face was deathly pale, and he also drew back to Duan Qian’s side and stood beside him. They both stared at Qiao Ling, who had now been turnedinto just a pile of ashes. They both felt their blood running cold.

“What kind of demonic technique is this? Why is it this tyrannical?” Duan Qian’s heart became heavy and started to thump faster.

He had assumed that this deal would be just a cinch. He surely never expected that Su Yu still had such a terrifying and powerful demonic technique!

“You will all die shortly, so why do you care about this?” Su Yu asked as he took a step forward.

Duan Qian’s and Bai Zhang’s hearts skipped a few beats, and they took a glance at each other before they both turned around and started running away, while still shouting in unison, “Division Vice Master, save us!”

That demonic dragon was too terrifying! Qiao Ling was a Level Nine Fairy and could be considered one of the most powerful people in the outer sanctum, yet even she was instantly killed by Su Yu! They had both lost their fighting spirits upon witnessing such a shocking scene.

Su Yu wore a faint smile as he said, “Senior brothers, it isn’t like you to just come and leave this quickly.”

He then started weaving hand signs with both of his hands. As he did so, a demonic dragon flew out of his chest and roared as it chased after Duan Qian and Bai Zhang.

It instantly overtook them and was about to penetrate their chests and kill them. However, a thin old man suddenly appeared behind them, like a ghost. He was clasping his hands behind his back and had an apathetic look on his face.

Upon witnessing the demonic dragon flying at him, he simply reached out toward its head with a single hand, and that demonic dragon, which possessed tremendous power, was unexpectedly held at bay by him!


However, just after, surprise appeared on the old man’s face. This was because the demonic dragon was far more powerful than he had expected!

Upon this realization, he couldn’t help but draw back a few steps, while stretching out his other hand. It was only by using both of his hands that he managed to finally capture the demonic dragon.

“Die!” A magical seal emerged from the old man’s forehead as he yelled.

A scorpion picture was carved on the magical seal. After the magical seal appeared, it seemed like the scorpion picture came to life! It then turned into a three-hundred-meter long phantom image, which stretched out its giant pincer and thrust it ferociously at the demonic dragon’s neck!


The giant pincer possessed tremendous power and managed to forcefully tear the demonic dragon into two pieces. The demonic dragon could only whine weakly as it disappeared.

Su Yu’s eyes flickered in recognition… It is a Divine Seal!

Divine Master experts were capable of condensing Divine Seals that possessed dreadful mights. This power was the main reason why Almighty Divine Masters were capable of crushing all Fairies.

Su Yu stared at the old man. He was still slightly surprised by this, but he still found it reasonable.

Su Yu then said, “I was just wondering who had arrived. I see now that it is our Red Blood Palace’s Mission Hall Division’s Vice Master! Why did you chase after me for more than ten thousand miles? Do you want to talk about life and dreams with me?”

Su Yu had already felt early on that this old man was hostile toward him, but he never expected that he would lead three Level Nine Fairies to hunt him down! Su Yu had only met this old man twice, and he didn’t have any feuds with him. So, he shouldn’t have any reason to take such a risk and hunt Su Yu down.

It was obvious that he was just incited to do so by someone else. As for who was behind it, the answer was obvious… It was either Lao Ai or the Shao Family’s Master!

Division Vice Master Qi took back his palms and looked at Su Yu in surprise at Su Yu, while thinking inwardly… What demonic technique is this lad cultivating? Why is it so tyrannical? Even a Level Nine Fairy couldn’t block that demonic dragon’s attack!

Regardless of how hard he mulled it over, he still couldn’t discern the demonic dragon’s origins. This was because there wasn’t anyone who could cultivate the Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art besides its creator.

Upon hearing Su Yu’s mockery, Division Vice Master Qi spoke angrily, “You are on the brink of death, yet you still act so arrogantly! This day next year will be your death’s anniversary! Duan Qian, Bai Zhang, you should just take charge of blocking the road and leave this lad to me!”

Upon hearing this command, those two people clenched their teeth, detoured around Su Yu, then got behind him and blocked his way out. Su Yu didn’t move at all because he didn’t plan on trying to run away.

He only looked calmly at Division Vice Master Qi and asked, “You are already old, so why didn’t you just pass your remaining life in peace? Why do you need to take such risks? Lao Ai and the Shao Family’s Master should have surely offered you a tempting offer, right?”

Division Vice Master Qi replied by mocking him, “It was really a tempting offer, which I couldn’t refuse. Now that you mention it, I really didn’t expect that your head was that valuable! I heard that you also have some friends in the sanctum, so after I take your head, I will ask the Shao Family Master whether their heads are equally valuable!”

Su Yu squinted his eyes and revealed a smile at the corners of his mouth as he chuckled and said, “Hehe! No matter how alluring the offer was, you should still keep your life and enjoy it! But, it’s a pity that you have already dug your grave!”

Division Vice Master Qi didn’t get angry when he heard this, but just laughed. “You mean… Just because of you? Fine… From which sanctum’s elder did you snatch that demonic technique? If you hand it over to me obediently, I will give you an easy death. Otherwise, I have many means for dealing with you, which you can’t even imagine!”

Su Yu shrugged his shoulders. “If you want this technique, why don’t you try it several times?”

Su Yu’s gaze became ice-cold as he started weaving hand signs with both of his hands. A thirty-meter-long demonic dragon flew out once again from his chest, roaring angrily as it charged at Division Vice Master Qi.

Division Vice Master Qi sneered at him. “You have already exhausted all of your limited abilities. Now, just watch as I extinguish your technique…”

Su Yu just chuckled evilly in response. “Is that the case? Since you are this confident, why don’t I slightly increase the difficulty for you?”

Another angry roar transmitted from Su Yu’s chest, while a second thirty-meter-long demonic dragon charged out from it. The two demonic dragons charged at Division Vice Master Qi together in a shocking and imposing manner!

Division Vice Master Qi’s expression shifted, shock appearing on his face as he exclaimed, “You still had another demonic dragon?”

He assumed that Su Yu had already revealed his whole power in his fight against Shao Qingfeng during the exam. However, it turned out that Su Yu possessed a tyrannical demonic technique that was capable of summoning demonic dragons!

Then, just when he thought that he was capable of dealing with this one usage of the demonic technique, Su Yu had used it once again! Division Vice Master Qi felt a pent-up frustration as he thought about this power that Su Yu had hidden… How can a Level Three Fairy Realm lad possess this many unpredictable techniques? Moreover, why is he this shrewd and scheming?

Even though he was shocked, he still quickly activated his Divine Seal and bravely faced the two demonic dragons. The giant scorpion phantom image appeared once again, using its two powerful pincers to catch the neck of one of the demonic dragons.

It exerted all of its power on its pincers, wanting once again to shatter the demonic dragon as it had before. However, at this time, the other demonic dragon charged at it, while pounding its side heavily with its head. The giant scorpion body was flipped over and sent flying away several hundred meters.

The body of Division Vice Master Qi, who was weaving hand signs and controlling the giant scorpion, swayed, and the Divine Seal floating atop his head shivered lightly. This was no surprise, as if a Divine Seal suffered an attack, its owner would also be affected.

Anger appeared on Division Vice Master Qi’s face. After all, he was a solemn Divine Master, yet he was still overwhelmed by a Level Three Fairy Realm lad!