The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 840

Chapter 840 Saint Blood Soul Nourishment

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Division Vice Master Qi snorted loudly, then started weaving hand signs quickly. The giant scorpion’s phantom image, which was formed by his Divine Seal, became faster by half a fold, while also becoming more lively and agile.

The two demonic dragons pounced at the scorpion quickly, then the three started trying to tear each other apart. The giant scorpion was quite agile, and it dodged them while attacking them with its two giant pinchers.

However, the demonic dragons were also quite nimble, and they teamed up to bombard the giant scorpion’s body. The trio soon found themselves in a deadlock, and it was difficult to determine who had the upper hand.

However, while Su Yu was quite relaxed, Division Vice Master Qi needed to consume a large amount of his energy to continue using his Divine Seal. After a long time, the giant scorpion’s movements started to slow, and soon, Division Vice Master Qi became incapable of sustaining it any longer.

The two demonic dragons took this opportunity to pounded at the scorpion and penetrate its body with their powerful bites. Just after that, each of the two demonic dragons pulled at a different side of it, trying to tear it apart.

The giant scorpion emitted a miserable shriek, while Division Vice Master Qi groaned and pain appeared on his face. At the same time, the Divine Seal at the top of his head started flickering like a lantern, signaling that its light would soon be extinguished.

At such a critical juncture, Division Vice Master Qi shouted in a low voice, “Lad, you are bullying me too much!”

He then started weaving hand signals to form several seals, which were more profound and complex than the ones before. At that moment, a miserable wail was heard as the demonic dragon, which was tearing at the giant scorpion’s right side, shattered apart!

Su Yu saw faintly the blur of something that had just penetrated the demonic dragon’s head. However, at that exact moment, the demonic dragon on the left side used a surge of power and finished tearing the giant scorpion into two pieces before the blur flickered once again and penetrated its head!

At this time, Su Yu saw everything clearly. It was none other than the giant scorpion’s tail! Its stinger was extremely sharp and was as fast as lightning. As such, it didn’t leave anyone enough time to respond before utterly annihilating them!


At that moment, a muffled noise was heard as an explosion sound echoed from inside the Divine Seal that was on top of Division Vice Master Qi’s head. It immediately became dim and lusterless, as if it had just lost all of its spiritual nature.


Division Vice Master Qi spouted a mouthful of blood, while his aged face became pale and his whole body shuddered. It appeared as if he had just received grave internal injuries. This made sense, as since his Divine Seal was shattered, he had also been affected!

Duan Qian and Bo Zhang felt a chill run down their spines at such a moment, as even after a Level One Divine Master had used his powerful Divine Seal, he still couldn’t defeat a Level Three Fairy! They had to wonder… What kind of outrageous cultivation technique did he cultivate?

Division Vice Master Qi’s Divine Seal was destroyed and his body had sustained heavy injuries, while Su Yu was still safe and sound. If Su Yu used the Nine Dragons Devil Subduing Art once again, then it would be impossible for Division Vice Master Qi to obstruct it, which meant that he could only use his body to face it head-on.

His aged eyes flickered as he fell back slowly, while resentment appeared on his face. “Lad, you destroyed my Divine Seal and injured my body heavily. I won’t let it end here! You just wait… I will get my revenge!”

Since he had stayed in the sanctum for so many years, he had many connections within it. So, even if he didn’t dare to kill Su Yu brazenly, he could still cause a lot trouble for him and his friends!

Su Yu replied calmly with a question of his own, “Who said that you could leave?”

Division Vice Master Qi scoffed coldly. “Lad, I admit that you are quite powerful, but if I want to leave, then it will be impossible for you to prevent me from doing so!”

After he finished speaking, he soared into the sky and flew away quickly. He had unexpectedly decided to escape, and moreover, he had abandoned Duan Qian and Bo Zhang!

Su Yu watched him leave calmly, but didn’t chase him. This was because Division Vice Master Qi wasn’t mistaken, and it was indeed impossible for a Level Three Fairy like him to pursue a Level One Divine Master.

“Hehe, who decided that one needed to have swift and great movement techniques to chase and kill people?” Su Yu revealed a faint smile as he looked into the sky.

The dark clouds in the sky dispersed slowly, revealing a bright moon. If one took just a single glance at it, then it would truly seem to him like it was a moon, but if he observed it more carefully, he would discover that it was really a shining eye!

The moon was covered by this strange, shining eye. An awe-inspiring prestige filled the eye as it overlooked the land, and it seemed like it had come straight from Heaven. Everything that was being overlooked by the eye could be annihilated by it, and all beings would have to prostrate themselves and shiver with fear in front of it.

Division Vice Master Qi, who was flying away, raised his head suddenly and looked around at the sky, his whole body shuddering. He was instantly overwhelmed with shock as he exclaimed, “The Heaven Eye!”

Anyone would be intimidated at the sight of such a shocking phenomenon. But, what was even more shocking was that its eyeball was moving around, and when it swept over Duan Qian and Bo Zhang with its gaze, they were so scared that their souls almost left their bodies, and it seemed to them like they were just gazed upon by the god of death!

The giant eye then looked at Division Vice Master Qi, then slowly closed itself before it snapped open once again mere seconds later. Upon seeing this, Division Vice Master Qi could only shout in fear as he was turned into ashes, “Don’t!”

In this way, a solemn Level One Divine Master was killed on the spot! Duan Qian’s and Bo Zhang’s hearts shuddered with fear. Su Yuxian unexpectedly had an even more terrifying killing move left!

“Junior brother Su, please spare us.” Duan Qian’s face was pale as he looked in fear at Su Yu. He was like a helpless lamb, waiting for Su Yu to decide his fate.

This was also the case for Bo Zhang, as he entreated Su Yu hurriedly, “Everything was just a misunderstanding, we didn’t know that you were…”

He had just spoken up to here before he stopped abruptly, as he didn’t dare to continue his speech. Instead, he just looked at Su Yu, terror filling his eyes.

Su Yu turned around and asked him calmly, “What didn’t you know? You didn’t know that I was this powerful? Hehe, if I didn’t have such power, then wouldn’t I be the one laying on the ground? No matter how I look at it, I can’t find any reason for sparing either of you.”

They had already seen many of Su Yu’s secrets, and they had even witnessed with their own eyes how he had killed a sanctum’s Division Vice Master. So, he simply could not allow them to live.

After deciding this, Su Yu waved his hand, causing the eye in the sky to look at the two. It then closed and opened itself once more, which caused the two people to turn into ashes immediately. The Heaven Eye dispersed just after that, leaving just a moon behind it.

Su Yu looked at Duan Qian’s and Bo Zhang’s ashes with his eyes, seeing that they had left nothing behind them. Even their spatial rings were destroyed by the Heaven Eye.

Su Yu strode forward and went over to Division Vice Master Qi’s ashes. He found a pebble that was as big as a thumb among his ashes. It was smooth and glossy, and there were many blood-red patterns on it, which were similar to a leaf’s veins.

“What is this object?” Su Yu was astonished, as it was rare for anything to be left undamaged and intact after facing the Heaven Eye’s destructive heavenly might.

Su Yu was interested in it, so he sucked it into his palm and discovered that it was warm, like Fire Jade, and it gave him a comforting feeling. When Su Yu was just about to examine it more closely, he raised his brows suddenly, as a great sense of crisis had just welled up in his heart.

He immediately threw the pebble far from him. However, he was too late, as an ash-gray ray had already shot out of it and entered the place between Su Yu’s eyebrows before heading straight to the deepest part of his soul!

“Lad! You are still too young to be trying to kill me!” A familiar-sounding voice transmitted from the deepest part of his soul at that moment.

It turned out that Division Vice Master Qi still wasn’t dead! Apparently, his soul had left his body and hid inside the strange pebble!

“Since you destroyed my body, then I will take yours as compensation!” Division Vice Master Qi spoke with great resentment.

However, Division Vice Master Qi couldn’t help but be astonished when he noticed how calm Su Yu was, and a playful smile even appeared at the corners of his mouth as he yelled, “Soul Space!”

The Reincarnation Cycle’s symbols immediately appeared in Su Yu’s eyes. These symbols possessed a mysterious suction force towards souls, and they engulfed Division Vice Master Qi’s soul, which then entered Su Yu’s body.

Division Vice Master Qi felt his head spinning as he was sucked into a space that was filled with boundless darkness. He never even had a chance to react!

When he observed his surroundings, all that he could see was pitch black darkness. “What is this place? Su Yuxian, what did you do to me?” Division Vice Master Qi shouted in a worried voice.


At that moment, a person appeared in front of him quietly, and he clasped his hand behinds his back as he spoke calmly, “Yoohoo! Dinner has come, so why don’t you show yourself?”

As his voice resounded in this quiet place, a strange laughter transmitted from the boundless darkness. “Human lad, did you send me more nourishment? Not bad, not bad! It’s just been two months, yet you have already sent me three Divine Master Realm souls. Lad, I can’t help but say that you are really a man of your word!”

The evil god apparently had a deal with Su Yu, which stated that Su Yu would provide him with a Divine Master soul to devour each month. In return, the evil god would help Su Yu cultivate the First Dragon Body.

When Su Yu examined the drop of blood, he saw that it was at least one time bigger than it had been before, and it seemed glossy and plump. “It seems like you have recovered!” Su Yu observed.

Su Yu then added, “This is the third one that I have brought. I am trusting that you remember our agreement.”

“Pah! I’m a Divine Sovereign! Would I ever go back on my word? Be at ease, for as long as you get the Real Spirit Dragon Veins, I can ensure that your First Dragon Body’s cultivation will progress quickly,” the drop of blood promised him.

Su Yu observed his surroundings before he spoke earnestly, “Well… It seems like the great Divine Sovereign has had a great time here, so I will leave now. The next time I come here, I will bring with the Real Spirit Dragon Veins with me.”

Just as he was about to leave, the drop of blood was suddenly startled and yelled, “Wait! What kind of aura is in the outside world?”

Su Yu was surprised by this question, and he took a blood-red pebble into the Soul Space.

“Saint Blood Soul Nourishing Stone?” The drop of blood spoke with delight as its eyes lit up and it pounced at it.

As Su Yu’s will stirred, the pebble disappeared from the Soul Space and was sent back into the palm of Su Yu’s body, which was still in the outside world. The drop of blood ended up falling on nothing, and it wore a ferocious look as it bared its fangs.

It then said, “Lad, give it to me quickly… Or… I will weep in front of you!”

Su Yu replied calmly, “Even if you cry yourself to death, it would still be useless. So, why don’t you tell me about this Saint Blood Soul Nourishing Stone?”

Su Yu was interested in it, especially since it was capable of causing the drop of blood to completely lose its composure! He had to wonder… Is it some kind of peerless treasure?

If the drop of blood had eyes, then it would have surely been rolling them at Su Yu now!

“Well, it isn’t really anything precious. Actually, it’s just a strange Energy Stone. Lad, it would be of no use to you, but it would be quite useful to me. So, quickly give it to me!” the drop of blood demanded.

As Su Yu was quite experienced and shrewd, he immediately sensed that the drop of blood was hiding something from him. That object was surely a marvelous treasure!