The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 844

Chapter 844 You Are Fired

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Su Yu was looking at the playful youth, Qin Ze.

“This is your wage for two months.” Su Yu took out a worn pouch from his pocket, then threw it at Qin Ze casually.

Qin Ze was delighted, as he thought of 40 crystals, which was normally a wage for two years! However, when he held the light pouch in his hand, his heart couldn’t help but sink, as when he opened it and took a look, he saw that there were just four crystals in it, and not 40.

He was angered, and he threw the pouch at the ground instantly. As he raised his head, he wore a ferocious look.

While looking at Su Yu like a wild beast, he rebuked him. “What the heck? Where is my wage?”

Su Yu replied calmly, “Isn’t your wage four crystals?”

Qin Ze was so infuriated that he laughed maniacally. “Are you trying to cheat me? Didn’t you just say that the store’s employees wages would be 20 crystals a month? Why did you grant that amount to them, then pay me according to the past rate?”

Su Yu was calm and composed, as he asked him in reply, “Well… The 20 crystals is my employees’ wage, but didn’t you just say that you are going to resign? If so, you are no longer one of my employees, so why should you get the same treatment as them?”

Su Yu looked at the pouch on the ground, then added expressionlessly, “It was only because you still worked hard, even though you didn’t make any real contribution, that I even paid you your wage for the past two months. However, since you feel like it’s too low, then you should just ask for more from the headquarters in the inner city.”

After he spoke, he waved his sleeves and took back the pouch that contained the four crystals. He then put them into his spatial ring.

Qin Ze was infuriated, and he pointed at Su Yu as he said angrily, “How dare you try to bully me? Since you want me to leave, then I will surely not leave, and you should give me each 20 crystals each month from now on, unless I feel like leaving this job one day! As of now, I will stay here and never leave!”

The idea of him leaving really seemed like a joke! After all, no one would be stupid enough to leave behind such a cushy job with such a high wage!

Su Yu turned around, and examined him. “What if I drive you away?”

Qin Ze laughed when he heard his words. “All of the people from sanctums, like you, are really just fools! Shouldn’t you have at least made inquiries about me before coming here? Let me inform you who I am… I’m a member of the Outer City Three Murders Gang, and the gang’s boss is my close relative, so if you dared to try to drive me out, then we will destroy this worn-out store! Don’t assume that the Red Blood Palace is something great, as no matter who comes at the Outer City, he will be forced to lower his head to me!”

He was also a gangster. This made sense, as the poorer a place was, the easier it would descend into chaos, and places of chaos always gave birth to gangs.

“The Three Fools Gang?” Su Yu repeated as he stroked his chin.

“It’s the Three Murders Gang, you idiot.” Qin Ze raised his head proudly.

Su Yu nodded. “The Three Murders Gang… Okay, I I’ll keep that in mind.”

Qin Ze snorted coldly after he saw Su Yu giving in. “All of the past shopkeepers were like you, arrogant and haughty at first. But in the end, they all lowered their heads to me. Let’s stop talking now. Just give me my wage, 40 crystals and no less.”

Su Yu clasped his hands behind his back, then asked calmly, “Have you finished your speech now? If so, then get out! You are officially fired, and you have just three breaths’ time to leave!”

Qin Ze was startled, and he looked at Su Yu incredulously. He was stunned speechless for a moment before he replied, “I will say it once again… If I don’t want to leave, then even the heavenly emperor couldn’t force me to leave!”

Su Yu replied calmly, “Three breaths’ time has passed, so now I will drive you out by myself.”

He then waved his right arm, while a great power bombarded Qin Ze’s chest and sent him flying away before he even managed to respond.

Crack! Crack!

Cracking sounds echoed from all of Qin Ze’s bones as he flew through the air and spouted blood. His miserable wails were like those of slaughtered pigs, resounding throughout the whole area.

His body streaked a graceful arc in the air as he flew out of the courtyard and slammed against the ground with a loud thud. Just like that, a casual attack had almost crippled his whole body!

“It’s finally somewhat peaceful again,” Su Yu said as he took back his hand. He didn’t have any reason to be lenient in the face of such a local ruffian, who had tarnished his store’s image and reputation.

Upon seeing this scene, shock appeared on Qing Liu’s face. He then murmured, “A Fairy expert…”

The past shopkeepers were, at most, just Half Fairies, yet this time, a Fairy expert had unexpectedly come! He became somewhat apprehensive, and the former arrogance that was in his eyes disappeared. Now, he wore a respectful look and didn’t dare defy Su Yu.

Su Yu looked at him when he heard his murmur. “What did you just say? Did you say that you still owed me something? Do you owe me some wages?”

Qing Liu’s whole body shuddered, while beads of sweat appeared on his forehead and his heart rose up to his throat. He then spoke hurriedly, “No… I don’t owe you anything.”

What kind of cruel joke was this? How could he dare defy him, especially while Qin Ze’s awful state was just before his eyes?

Su Yu nodded. “Okay, it’s fine, as long as you don’t owe me anything.”

Qing Liu’s knees let out a breath of relief. He rejoiced secretly in the fact that Qin Ze had attracted Su Yu’s attention. It it was not for him, then he would have had the same fate!

“Senior, I’m Qing Liu, and she’s Ying Luan. May I ask what instructions you have for us?” Qing Liu’s attitude had just undergone a drastic change.

Su Yu waved his hand at him. “I can’t really be considered your senior, so you can just call me Shopkeeper Su, and as for instructions… You need just to do what you usually do.”

Qing Liu was quite bewildered, as he had assumed that their new shopkeeper would assign them some difficult work, since he was giving them such high salaries. He didn’t expect that it would be this easy!

“Just do your job, while I go get some rest,” Su Yu added.

Qing Liu immediately went forward to guide him to his room. “The middle room was the past shopkeeper’s room. Let me clean it for you.”

“There is no need.” Su Yu waved his hand at him in dismissal, then went into the room, closed the door, and sat down in a cross-legged position.

Then, Su Yu’s soul entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, and he appeared before the plant nursery. The Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid’s ingredients’ seeds, which had been found by Elder Liao, had already been planted in the nursery by Su Yu earlier that day.

Thanks to the Supreme Growing Soil’s miraculous effects, as long as it wasn’t a worldly treasure like the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, then everything that was planted within it would become ripe within five days. They were eight types of ingredients, the most precious of which was the Heartbroken Zither Grass seed, which was an extinct spiritual plant from ancient times, and only its seeds were left in the world.

It was quite precious now, while in ancient times, it was just a commonly seen ingredient, which was vastly inferior to rare objects like Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboos, which were difficult to cultivate. Su Yu was currently staring at two three-inch-long purple blades of grass, which were perfectly straight and looked like two chopsticks that were stuck in the ground.

There was a flower bud at the end of the blades of grass, and it was filled to the brim with black seeds, many of which had already fallen on the ground and landed in the Supreme Growing Soil. When he observed the ground carefully, he saw that some of the seeds had already germinated, and in five days, they would grow into thriving Heartbroken Zither Grass!

Su Yu revealed a faint smile, while he used a magical treasure made of jade to dig out the seeds. After he counted them, he found that they were 30 seeds. He then buried them deeper in the Supreme Growing Soil.

As for the other ingredients, they were much more ordinary than the Heartbroken Zither Grass, and even if he didn’t have their seeds, he could still find them easily in Tianya City. However, since Su Yu could save a large sum of money, which he could then use to purchase more ingredients, he was still happy to have them.

Su Yu then gathered two batches of ingredients to make the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, so he could start making it. Before leaving, Su Yu teleported to the bottom of the valley.

At the moment, Sheng Ge had put a Ghost Envoy Badge on both of her knees and was cultivating the inherited cultivation technique in the Ghost Envoy Badges quietly. Upon seeing her, Su Yu nodded contentedly, and as his eyes flickered, he looked to the side.

There, he saw the small kylin. It was imitating Sheng Ge, sitting cross-legged. It had put a black scroll on its knees, as was studying it earnestly, while its whole body was emitting a faint purple light.

Its current appearance would make most people burst out laughing. It was striving hard to learn the Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Secret Technique, as once it succeeded in doing this, it could help Su Yu with refining his silver swords.

Su Yu could then use the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation’s Nine Suns Sword Formation, which was a Sword Formation that Su Yu was greatly looking forward to mastering! Su Yu smiled, but didn’t disturb them. Instead, he returned to the outside world and prepared to start making the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid.

He had two batches of ingredients, and he also had the spiritual grade Elixir Furnace that had been brought by Elder Liao from the Soul Seizing Palace. Now, he just needed one thing… A flame!

In the Red Blood Palace, Su Yu had access to the Raging Flame Cabinet’s cultivation room. As such, he could use its earth flame to make the elixirs.

As for Tianya City, Su Yu wasn’t familiar with it, and he needed to find a safe and reliable place within it to work. Otherwise, he might be forced to take a trip back to the Inner City and look for a place that was suitable for elixir production.

“Shopkeeper Su, there is someone here… They are looking for you.” A faint stuttering voice came from outside. It was Ying Luan.

Su Yu opened the door, and asked in a mild tone, “Who is it?” He had just arrived in Tianya City, and he didn’t know anyone in it, so he wondered who would come to look for him…

“It’s the gr… Great shopkeeper,” Ying Luan said, while stuttering.

The great shopkeeper? The elixir industries’ great shopkeeper?

Su Yu suddenly recalled the middle-aged man, who wore a gloomy look, who he had seen earlier today in the hall. That middle-aged man was the shopkeeper of the greatest elixir store that was owned by the Red Blood Palace. According to what the middle-aged man, surnamed Jue, had said, he had great authority, which meant that all of the low-grade and middle-grade elixir industries’ shopkeepers had to obey his orders.

Su Yu was puzzled by this, and when he went to the front of the store, he saw a boy in colorful clothes. He was waiting there impatiently, while chatting with Qing Liu, who had accompanied Su Yu to the store.

The boy curled his mouth when he noticed Su Yu approaching. He then said, “What took you so long to come out? I’m an employee of the Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store, and I received an order from the great shopkeeper to come here to notify you to go to there to participate in the Elixir Meeting. You mustn’t miss it.”

After he finished speaking, he immediately turned around, and said as he walked away, “I must notify the other stores, so I don’t have time to keep you company on the road. You must go there by yourself.”

Qing Liu watched him as he left, then said resentfully, “He’s really arrogant! He’s just a third grade employee, yet he dared to talk to you in such a way!”

The Heavenly Fragrance Elixir Store had many employees, and they were divided into several grades. High grade employees would stay in the store to welcome customers, while only the third grade ones would be sent around to run errands.

Su Yu replied calmly, “Stay here and look after the elixir store, while I go to participate in the Elixir Meeting.”